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Lincoln Memorial approved - MONDAV MORNING, FEBRUARY 8. 1t14. THE FORT...
MONDAV MORNING, FEBRUARY 8. 1t14. THE FORT WAYNE JOURNA L - GAZFTTF SPLENDID $2,000,000 LINCOLN MEMORIAL ASSURED tmmj (5 JLErfiBf I ttflflK fflD Is. "i trssBasPVarV H ' p I iff J ggMeBBBBBBBsssiaBBBBW BK ftBKijusB' snsBBBBsTi v i SBBBSBBsfasVrit" &Bkx9hI yLrjBLfeiMB tHB lvj r tTl SesasBsw j9bbbbbbbeL iIk bbbbbbbbsbt$ BssssvsgBv fr'sr - s f iJcjaiw1 jl a BBtfAvtStBH - tKEsnfinJF KmMM& 7" jr" ir ' ' ' j''"r"' lgiBaBnsssssssssai jj9& Photoa by Anirlou rreee Aaeeeiatleai IE 1 If lt W ar a. fait A9BBBBBBBBBBBBsffistr la View ef Washington monument from Llnoaln memorial. 2 Statu ef Lincoln In memorial S Llnoela memorial oo It will look whon em plat ad. 4r Abraham Lincoln. Whoro Ublot will bo Biased. By JOHN J. BREEN. AFTER tho movement bad been m halted for yeare by a contra - Jaaf versy as to tbo form It should aV Uk and aa to Ha looatloa tho memorial to Abraham Lincoln la fairly started toward completion and the work la aura to attract hundreds of Tlaltora to tho national capital. Tho first contract calla for an expenditure of ILIC7 too, tho statue Haelt not loaa than (0 000 It la tho expressed wlah of congress that tho total coot at tho memorial shall bo kept within tX.000, - 00 8 tending near tbo Pototnao river tho memorial will have a relation with tho Washington monument and the capital Jthat - Vould Jta Impossible nnr ether alto and it will have a cloao relation with Arlington cemetery, where men who fought for tha Union are burled. On a great axis, planned mora than a century ago there will be at on end the cepttol, which, aa tbo commiaalon polnta out. ta tb monument of the government, and to the west, more than a mile distant from tbo capttol. will atand for all time th monument to Washington, one of tbo founder of th government. Then tbo Lincoln memorial. Tha commlaalan of which former President Taft waa th chairman, bad a etrenuoua time making th final selection of Jlta, In tb end tt bad to decide whether th memorial should tak th form of aa arch on Meridian hill, in tb northern part of tb national capital; a monument at Fort Stephens, nv mile north of th city of Washington whare. - Proato'ont . Lincoln waa under fir during tb raid of General Early In July ISt. a memorial bridge, connecting Potomac park with Arlington, a road from tbo national capital to Oettyaburg or a memorial of pantheon form In Potomac park, Tbo final decision of th commiaalon waa unanimously In favor of tbo Potomac park plan. Tb Lincoln memorial win b built on tho axle still farther to th wat of th Washington monument by tb shor of th Potomac, and, aa President Taft oald to tho commiaalon, W will ther have tb monument of tho man wb aaved tb government, tbua completing an unparalleled compooluoa wbjfih. cannot fall to Impart to each of It monuments n value tn addition to that which each standing alon would not possess. Four Featurea f Memorial. - Four f eatnres - Wslf atand; - u0 promt - nently In tb memorial a statu of tb man a manorial of hie Oettyaburg speech, a memorial o( bis aeoond Inaugural addreaa and eymbol of th union of the United States, which bo aald it was hie paramount object to save, ana which b did eav. It la proposed that each feature shall be rotated to th others by means of Its design and position n4 that each aball b so arranged that lt will become an Integral part of lb whole In order to attain a unity and simplicity In tb appearance of tbo monument. The statu of Lincoln will bo mad th most Important object ta th me mortal. It will b placed In th cantor. and thai part f tt memorial wfaer th statu 1 placed will not b occupied by any other object that would detract from Its ffectlveneaa. The visitor to th memorial wUl so only the statu bora. Tb smaller hall at sack side of th central space) will each contain a memorial one of tb second Inaugural and tha other of th Oettyaburg ad dress. Thee speeches will be shown by broaae letter arranged on a monumental tablet, and adjacent low reliefs or decorations win relate In allegory Lincoln great Qualities a evident la those speeches. While It will be possible to see these memorials from any part of tha hail, they will bs partly screened troen th central part where th statu ta placed by a row t Ionic columns, thus grrias a certain Isolation to tb apace they occupy Surrounding the walla Inclosing these memorials Is planned a colonnade forming a symbol of tbo Union, each ooluma representing a state, as th Union existed at th time of Lincoln death. Tbere wlU be thirty six of these columsa, "On lb walla appearing above the colonnade and supported at intervals ny eagiea wui be forty - eight memorial festoon, oa for each atate existing at the present time. Made ef Colored Marble. Tb memorial la td be constructed of Colorado marble By mean of ter race th ground at th alt of th memorial will be raised until tha floor of the memorial Itaelf will be forty - five feet higher than the present grade. In the center ef the plateau constructed, surrounded by a wide roadway and walks, will rise aa eminence supporting a rectangular stone terrace wall 14 feet high. ISO feet long and lit feet wide. Oa the rectangular terrace win rise tha marble memorial. The colonnade will be lit feet. Th utslds ef the memorial ball will be 10 feet wide aad 110 feet lone The colonnaded entrance to the me morial ball, which wlUbe 41 feet wide and 44 feet high, will be equipped with sliding brom grilles, filled with plat heee grilles during the day will be rolled back Into the apace provided tn the walla and wUl be closed at night for the protection of the me mortal. Tb central ball where the statue wlU atand will be 00 feet wide. TO feet long and 00 feet high. The ball where th memorial of tb epeecbea wlU be placed will be IT feet wide, IT feet long and 10 feet blgh The Interior Ionic columns will be 10 feet high. The memorial will be several years la building Ths commission has sot a yet given serious thought to the statue beyond a declsloa that lt shall be sculptured la marble. Henry Bacon, a New Tork architect, was selected by th An arts commission to design ths Lincoln memorial. Mr Bacon baa designed tha greater part of the memorials to famous Americans tn ths country aad has worked with ' Of qsudsna, Tltehaue - andother famous American sculptors. Hs do signed the Charle Stewart PsrneU monument In Dublin with Augustus St Qaudena who made the atatue th Governor Flower monument or memorial ta Watortown. N T. with SL Gau - denta th Wolcott monument In Boston with Daniel C French, the soulp - tor the Benjamin Harrison monument In Indianapolis with C. J, the Hanna monument In Cleveland with St. Qaudena the Mel via monument with Daniel C French In Concord, Marat the Oglethorpe monument In Savannah. Oa with French the Samuel 8 peers monument In Atlanta, Oa, with French, th Carl Schura monu ment with Karl Bitter ta MeTwtng - loe park at One Hundred aad Sixteenth street, the memorial to Ylee President Hobart In Paterson, N J I the Christopher MoOee memorial In Pittsburgh with SL Qaudena. and the Marshall, Field memorial in Chicago with French. Certain refinements Incorporated Ink the scheme of the Lincoln memorial carry one back to the architectural per fectlon of tb golden age of Greece, when not tha am sliest detail was allowed to escape the artist's critical at tentlon. The ooluanno are made to vary from the perfect vertical by being? slightly tilted la toward the bmUdlng. ths four corner columns being tilted than ths ethers. Tha plans also specify, that tho nutor face of tb aa. tablature be Inclined Inward, though a Uttle less than the axis of th i - - r": below, while the wall of tho memorial Itaelf la to bend Inward least of all. Though thee mdmatloas win bo Imperceptible to the eye, tt Is believed that thy wlU Insure to tbo bwUdla aa appearance of great stability and strength. The entrance to the memorial nan win be fitted with sliding brons grille filled with plate glass which may be kept - closed - at - night and - durtag cold weather Provision Is made for a ves tlbul at th bottom. In warm weatb er the grilleo will m the day time be be rolled beQk Into spaces provided tor the purpose. . The celling of the Interior memorial hall Is to be supported by massive bronse beama, glided, colored aad lae - quered. Light may be tntrodoced through the celling If tt la found to be to the best advantage. One of th great points In fsvor of tbo Idea, sf having tb statu la door is that ther th light may be adjusted so as to set It onT In the beat manner This is lax possible with a statu situated tarn aa open court or city square.

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 02 Feb 1914, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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