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 - AN lNTERNATldML . ': CHESS" MATCH. The Oostest...
AN lNTERNATldML . ': CHESS" MATCH. The Oostest "Will la for the Oil George Bfewnei Trophy. Great Britain : and America New ' Eeadj for lie Game by Cable. The British Victory of frut Year Hot Tet Forgotten, - v Amerlca will Hake a. DesperaU ESort ' to Eegaltt Lost Ilonor. - , - - The Interest of all who are skilled a that most difficult and fascinating cor games chess. Is beginning to center In the great cable chess match, .which ' U to be played early to March, between all England and the CWted States. The fact that cast wBl be a strictly; Tahkee-British contest, elnce only native born citizens of the respective countries are allowed ' to '.compete, adds .aest, to the struggle for national chess supremacy. So far the honors have been quite evenly divided between the : two nktions. to 1896 America won the trophy, but had it wresUd fronl her br ttie . BriUsh In 1807, This, year, should the British win again, the' trophy will be theirs to keep, hence the best players of ? both nations are bound to do their best- V; , The trophy for which the rival teams tre con tending la a solid silver chesscup. valued at 00a It Is "JfJSI-twenty-four Inches long, flf tee Inches wide, end weighs with, Its base-of pol-Ished sbony forty pouada.- The design represenU Amerlos, with-her jhlold and liberty cap and eagle, on one side of the baseband on the other Britannia, vwttt trident, shield and, lion. bove these figures all the chessmen appear, the rook being the standard and the bishop the ipex of the bowL Around thebowl caster the pawns, and the queen end king and knights .are; need as ornaments In relief. This splendid trophy was pre-sented by Sir George Newnes, president of the British Chess Club. - ' : -J ?heten- players who have been chosen to do -betUe for England ; this year ere all exceptionally strong players, and to worthy of their best eteeL ; Their names ereTj. H. Blackburne. Afflos Bort, H. JB. Atktos. O. H..BemgbanV E. M. Jeck-son. a D. Loweock, Y?Z-2 Jacobs, HL Car and H.; TTenchard. Taffeeof thescinen. Burn, Caro and Tren-cbjftrd, had no part In test year match. Amos Burn has Just won first prise In the emateur tournament In Wales, conquering Belllngham. the .tormerwtnner. He U now In splendid workmg form, and may , have thw opportunity of ' himself on ShowaRer, who defeated him la 1896. H. Caro is the young expert, who et Berlin last snmansr made his International debut, end, although , winning no prises, proved himself a ii 4 chess player. H. w; Trencherd played to the original cable match, , between the British and Manhattan chess dub several years ego, but has had ! no opportunity ince, nntrl the coming match, to show wtei he can do.; The six players who have been selected to defend the Newnes trophjf are all men wKh briBfiant reoorda. NoFone of fheta- sd ar ha been defeated, except Dowcock. BUckburne conquered PHlsbury with 11-2 potots to hi" credit. Atkins, the ' amateui champion of En g-tand. defeated BurriUe end drew ;- with Delinar. Belllngham made his flrst International fight lest mrnddrew wiUi Ex-TJirfted States Champion Hodges. r K. M. Jackson We clean score ed. conquering Balrd, of Manhattan Sdelms; of Brooklyn.. Lowcock was defeated by Showalter Hymes. Mills, the Scotch champion drew -wttb Hodges end with Hymes. H. Jacobs Ton a brilHant victory ver McCntcheon latt Aer. and his selection add tnwterml-lyVSstrength the English team. SnclT briefly, are the record of - the meS against Whom the Americans, are contend, and without douMJt will I" to be the etrongest team ever Ued Malntt America by Great Britain. Of the Ameriean chess players, H..N. Plllsbury Is the most, famous. Mr. Pill bury la a young man, only about 26 year old, and yet he 1 one .of the aWesrand best-known chess players to the world today. He received his ehess education In the Deschapelle and Boston clttbs, and early showed remarkable mastery of the dltftcnltiee of . the ' game. HU na great achievement was the winning of two games, at odds of pawn and move, from the celebrated gteinit. This was In 1892. and the feat gave. pubHelty te hi name. Sines that date his riss to fame tt been phenomenal. : He has conquered some of the best !hess players of this eountry and Europe, notably at. the chess congress : held at Hastings, . England, where he defeated with apparent ease such veteran players as Stelnlts, Lasker and Tarrasch. . Last yetr Je - won the championship of the United 1 States from Showalter. by the score of 10 to 8 and three draws. -''-: -. - l : v : ' - Jackson W. Showalter la another of Amerlcai notoble jbhes player. He flrst came into prominence as a chess player something like ten years ago.: -He U a strong strategist, and has met successfully some of ,the world's best players. A. B. Hodges Is a southerner by birth, and an exceptionally strong player. He has held the championship Of the Xew Tork 8Uts Association, and 1 considered one of the' most brilliant' players In America.' r ' ' Eugene Delmar Is a veteran at the board. Format least twenty year he has been looked' upon as one of the great players of the coantry, but' he la not In any sense a back number, as bis recent victories tettlfy. ' . John P. Berry has won flrst prise In several club; tournaments and r matches against the finest players tn Boston, and Is considered one of the ablest chess experts of that Intellectual city. He la not jret 30 years old; but already takes rank In the -higher chess circles.;-; ' -.; Among the ether famous American chess players, who hare won an International, reputation, may be mentioned the tames V J .WS Ill A f bm ' V X J . &nyn 7 v. vi 7, XHB CHESS TRO PHY, AND THE) HEX WHO WIIA CONTEST FOH IT. of P. M. Teed, C. V. BurriUe, Hymes, Helms and McCutchcon. . ; The unique feature of this celebrated chess match Is the distance which Separate the opponents. ' The.e will be something like 3383. miles, mostly of . salt water between the opposing players; and yet ..the, move: of each player will -be known to his adversary In a few seconds. This wonder Is accomplished through the agency of the submarine" cable.' . The method of playing distant matches H interesting. Promptly at 9:30 o'clock a. to.. New Tork time, on the day selected for the opening of the match, the players of each team will take their place at tables numbered from I-to 10. One of two slips-of paper, numbered'. 'and 2, will now be drawn. If the number drawn Is odd, the odd-numbered tables of the British aids have the flrst move; .If even, then .the even-numbered tables of the same side move first. The result of. the drawing is at, Once cabled to the other side and the' names of the players to the order at which 'they have been seated. Time will be called et 10 o'clock, a. . m. The Instant move Is made it is sent flying across the ocean; and In less than fifteen seconds the opposing, player geta knowledge of It, and can move- accordingly.' Every player must make at least twenty moves an hour. He may divide up the hour to suit himself, that Is,' be can spend ten seconds on one move and ten minutes on another, but - the sum total of moves during the hour nrust equal twenty.. . , , .. ' Thus will the great cable chess match be played to a finish, with the' Britishers In London, the Americans In Brooklyn and the stormy Atlantic- rolling between.. Truly the nineteenth Century H beginning' to annihilate distance. - 'ssssassBMBMBSBBSBBBTassnaasssMsbM THE MILL STREAM. V. Tlekle, tackle,; to, r : - laoghlag as I go, I With a girgle and a giggle, With a sqalta, e reel, a wriggle; ,. leplng here aad there -Tbrough.tse balaty air, Tossing high my lacy spraying . Idks a UtooMS foaflfins jtlaring. See my plume-sprays, bow they steal Ths worlo's tinUnga as they reel; . tfow the aadle of t6ky, Where taranciM aa tuinioa via; - Now ths em.' raid cf the trees. . . , Sagely -sodding la ths fereeze; . A'ov the destb-ofck's erimaoa via. Beds my Crests like ruby wine. Utr Is ths shade t I6s to rest With the pals lnies on mr breast. -The secrets of heir golden heart . n " , In tender whisperings impart Here, whet soft fern wreaths gird the bank, : And tall weeds ranjid In royal rank, Uk warriors is martial raise. From out the drooping- fraues.rlse. Comes Sthelda. the miller's maid.' , ' . To dream within the quiet shade, ' Aad to her yearolng arms to lore '.' The lilies. . golden-hearted, pare. t . . & stoops -with arm iouiretcSed'sBd lips Expectantly. apart; the tips. , Of her fair fiogora lay lag hold The Ulles with their hearts of gold.- - Sor cbeek aglow ,-vrith Iots and yonth, -(Her eyes agleara with joy and trath. " Whlls carl the tresses of her' hair ' , About a throat snpernii fair. - - Aa. me! ab. net fib does not dreaoi SUN MUTUAL, Insurance Company OF NEW ORLEANS. SSSSBS SS ' , - '- -- J 1 '' ' " SSSSSSSSWSSSSJ ' - CASH CAPITAL - - - - $500,000.00 ASSETS - - - - - - 1,097,203116 NET SURPLUS - - - - - 304,700.01 CHARLES JANVIER, President. Ri E. CRAIO, Vice President. FERQUS Q. LEE, Secretary. m 0) 1 r? m 0 An appetizer, delicacy in drinks and carbonated waters.. Leading grocers, liquor dealers, druggists.:-";; ".:!; Renews the strength of overworked men, weak women, bicyclist "and ath letes. Regnlates the ftoraach. . - i 1 . v dl '7 lhSnVJr AND I GUARANTEED BY DEALERS AND MAKERS. i UGStStOVOS llcndcooo, Hccscnabb, Economical. HENRY RICES & SOI E?Vr ORLEANS. Ranges Mo. d7 'T To Thi1r I O CrVrwVwwwwVSswwwAAA'l . s ' ' Christmas Cards jand Calendnrs. - y-:i:'' - -: r -, lo great variety at srioas tresa e ss. OOolr.SEdition de Lax of all Standard Classics Nothing more acceptable r ' v.x-' as a Cbristma present. ' ' - . - : Wn have th larerASt and beat line of : " JUVENILE COOKS In ft ettj from 4i to $5 tz:h

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