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 - -'"-JfOHIC -'"-JfOHIC -'"-JfOHIC -'"-JfOHIC -A....
-'"-JfOHIC -'"-JfOHIC -'"-JfOHIC -'"-JfOHIC -A. -A. GALBHEATIT " Ssleeteat . the AaaerlesaOhesa : John a. galbbeath. v ; The selection of Mr, John A. Gaibreath, of New Orleans, a one of the ten' 'American 'American chess players, to play the" intern.-tionei intern.-tionei intern.-tionei cable match, witl. tbe r.ngaU pits' in Brooklyn on Monday, starch l3,:-ca l3,:-ca l3,:-ca altogether unexpected' to that rn tie-man, tie-man, tie-man, the first Intimation he Jttvu; cl the honor being the dlspatcbe)'i3r2 ttaornlng papers. : - Mr. Gaibreaicbi is a resident -f -f J-'ew J-'ew J-'ew Orleans. stod s. well-known well-known well-known newspapr rsna avnd telegrapher, and tod Haany friends tiers - eppreclaXe Che honor ' well as he doea baanself. He is a native of Mississippi, and has Jived a!U hla life at Jackson and VlckstHirgf and is weil-knewn-Ohrougnout weil-knewn-Ohrougnout weil-knewn-Ohrougnout weil-knewn-Ohrougnout weil-knewn-Ohrougnout che state. He cacne to Kw Orleatus ia 18W2, and had charge of, the Southern Associated Press buxeava -before: -before: Its consolidation - with the Associate i r-rees r-rees r-rees in April last.. -. -. - Mr. Galbrearh) was chess editor ff tv" Spirit of the Booth, when published te-and te-and te-and is now connected with the-, the-, the-, I Ktates. The match wtna the Br! which he will play, J one between r and British pjayors, foe tbe etj'i by 61r George In ewnes, and wlU 1 most lmportavnt chess event of li ; The first year it was. won by the - r-cans, r-cans, r-cans, last year it was won by tt lah, and now chf Americans will -y -y 1 get It back. Mr.- Mr.- Galbreath has - ,. - - j .been tan enthnsiaetio caieu pteyer, -. -. h-'ginning. h-'ginning. h-'ginning. ta l& he played on of -the -the most remarkable game on record, andv which . became famous the worli over. -It -It was a three-cornered three-cornered three-cornered game, by telegraph, -between -between -A. -A. K. Black. mar, c. 'A. Maurian, Walter Xaxran-t Xaxran-t Xaxran-t and W. C. fitrong, in. New Orleans; L Hardy, J. 1. Tinney, an VickKburgj W. . 'Xinney, in laches, andT Mr. 'Galbreath la Jackson. Th gentlemen-in. gentlemen-in. gentlemen-in. ttte Misslaslppi -towns -towns -were -were opposed -to -to -the -the gentlemen in New Orleans, -.and -.and tioaily -won -won the game. If was DubUahed in U1 the eportlng r-spers r-spers r-spers -at -at the ; tlnvC, end widely caznmentxi on. In ua mx. vraiDTeatn. piayea in a tour-nament tour-nament tour-nament here of : eighteen games, an J. though he-gave he-gave he-gave -odds- -odds- -odds- 'to every other . tn - the. game, he won the tonrik-ncr tonrik-ncr tonrik-ncr 'losing ouiy; two. of the eighteen ganea. ' He will paoceed in ample time to l.roo'--lyn, l.roo'--lyn, l.roo'--lyn, l.roo'--lyn, where the Americans will gather, s T 1 piay the game with -the -the Engiiih. by ca i .j across the waiter. " -,' -,' . - . : j : , : Team to Way the British,' tv ,- ,- - -;. -;. ."..'.,lt! .: -J1- -J1- -J1- -': -': X J ' X, X. F

Clipped from The Times-Picayune25 Feb 1898, FriPage 7

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)25 Feb 1898, FriPage 7
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