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 - , 6-a 8-ft g-a: s : 2- 10-2 8-. 1 s ' 'd'-.M- -...
, 6-a 8-ft g-a: s : 2- 10-2 8-. 1 s ' 'd'-.M- - im sen-eon, JUrmlng- la- yiCDatiy and fa-t-rl 1 -nl tiror -"l the rorca and ciact5d Lis aria auout bin broth er s aaouldir, j"claring he would not see Oeorge bunuite I by a knockout. As the second's action waa a clear riuiation of the rulee vrexninz tho contest. Keferee ilcWonaia naa uieraaure then to decide - in rarer bmlth. W bile Larisne was getting the worst of the mix. ana in h. .nn.l w.a not on t of It, he might hat stared through had not hia brother interfr.! - - The fight waa a fast and ridous one from I! uru larlgne had the adrantago oy alight marrln nn tn tha Anal round. - bmlth nillla hi. nnMnn mt B. KS. Behind him were Alex, li retrains, - Tim Me- auo Billy idenneesy. - lie was coiiuy inuTHk xrigna' loilowea a moment a.w, and was rhwi with wiin .hMra. - Hia aecouds were Billy LaTlgne, Teddy Alex- uv un -xoung alitcneil. A. wrangle over bandaga on Kmith's left hand, bat La-rlgno gxra way and consented to 1U remaining. They agreed to break away clean. Time w cauea at v:ao p. m. : - - J -t-First Bound tstnith. who towered ' orer opponent, - was first to lead, , putting oat a left for tho nets and hammering tha Kid's rioa with hla right la the clinch, for which ha waa kissed. Larlma sot In a rood left on the Jaw. Smith need hia let t a train In the clinch, and was cautioned by the referee. Hon- wax- erea-ac cno ana of too rouna, ii omitn was hissed for hia disregard of tna agreement, .-- -, second Bound Larirna landad a rood left on the jaw. Smith coming back with a emlllar ; fltrmi cum rmiawei. u aia doing all the landing. Larigne put a hard right under Smith's heart as the bed sounded.-The rtsioret waa Kent tuiav mm t rtnin xmiib mm hitting In clinches. . n -,-. . - Third Bound Both man were on . the ae 1 greseira, --aad - slugged - away - without - much ; damage- to either. . ismlth aaad both hands is the clinch, . sad - waa again cautioned ' by Beferee McDonald.-. I'ha . nuind eloaad - with ugai sparring.---- - . - .v - - -. After thia round a challenge to the' winner waa read by O'Boorke on behalf of Welcott. v. fourth Round Mmith started In with a neck and a right on" the body. Larlgna got in a fair right on the body. Both were leading Wild and Clinchlnr. Tha Klri'a aids -was red from tha effects of Smith' a punching In tha cuorsea. xne round waa Bmith'a. -; Flf th Bound Larigno landed a light left on the neck, followari ' br a rlrht on tha breast, but hla leads were ail abort. They auxea matters, but the blows were harmless. Smith upper-cut the Kid -with n loft on tha jaw. ana swung ma right on tna neck.- ine Kid waa tmfflur. while """H anneared conn. urai ana coot. , ... tiixth : Bound Larigno : got In a good - left on tha month, drawing first blood. The Kid put n hard rixht on the dda and another on the ribs. Smith roughed it In tho clinches aaa receirea another caution. - va; 1 Seventh Bound A rush br - Bmlth ' waa atoppod by a left oa the ' face. They came xogetnor in Clinches, and - nDoearea to do growing tired. Tha Kid's left leads were anon, wnue enmtn tried with ms rtgnt to go around Larlgne'a nock. Tho round ended wiin nonea-a eren. , -,.- Kighth xtound Smith rushed and oiled cm on the Kid s shoulders. Ho tried again, and recbirea a nam right on the libs. larlxD appeared to be very strong In tho clinches. emitn was off his feet for a moment. The Kid missed hla loan in a rush. . sod Smith put two sara ngnte oa the kidneys as -La- : rlirna allnnal naar him . ' - Klnth - Boond Mmith tried for tha law. bat was blocked. He mads a rush and landed oa too Kid's ahotilWrm naarlv filUu am bin back. They sparred f sst and furious. lav. ngne oncxea orery rash and caught smith la the stomach with hla ahonlder. hinlth rialtad the kidneys again, and Larigno put 8 right on the shoulder aa tna gong sounded. . ; Tenth Bound Smith made a couple of rusnea ana hit : nam on tha Kld'a shoulder. Larigno pot - a' hard left oa tho Jaw and 8 ml to countered .with a . rlrht on tha neck.7 There were eereral bard exchanges, and , the rouna ciosea aeaaeoiy in taror ox smith. Klerenth Round Ths Kid. did. most of tha I leading, bat coddenot ret In a blow. Ha kent swinging with hia right, bat Smith got inside we mow, - iengne pianiea n gooa icrr. on t m necx ana smitn crossea wit a a lert on tna dde. The bell found them both looking tired. - -x wen in noam-emitn roanea, out tna Kid stopped - bim with his . shoulder and they clinched. Bmith'a left was blocked aoreral times. Tha Kid kept after his man. Smith broke ground and Larlgna put a good right on tha kidneys. Tha Kid cat a hard ridit oa ths heart and left oa. the wind. Thia was La- Tignn'8 round. :, - Thirteenth Bonnd Smith got la a couple of good lefts on tho body- and a rixht on the I kidneys. Tha Kid pat a stiff left on tho Jaw and followed with a right on tho body. - Tho blood waa running from a scratch on Larlgne'a anoojoor-oiaaa ana rumtn's noss was nlsedlnx. XKKn-wera urea. - -:r. -,. i Foarteenth Bound- The Kid started In with a right on tho body. . Smith put a left on the ua aaa ue - nia aaa a nam on ua wiao. They ware wild and rather stow, Bmlth pat a hard right on tha neck, sending tho Kid's bead rocking and repeated It a moment later. ih jua put a Aard right oa uo jaw ana 8 . strong left on tho mouth, starting blood from Smith's nose. - Smith pot a light right on tha wish aaa a secona on van saw. sua reeled aad Smith poanded him .. with both hands oa tha Jaw. ' Xarlgaa waa groggy and hla seconds Jumped Into tho ring and claimed 8 fouL serlng that Bmlth bad kit In v the clinch. - Tho police Jumped through tho ropes i ana xno xexeree gars uo aocimon to Bmitn. I Smith was strona at tha end of tha fiarht. The au appearea to be oat. ' - -- Keferee McDonald . stated that, owtnc - to aatngno-a socooda Dieaxiog into tao nag, bo waa obliged to giro the decision to bmlth against hla own wllL To the apoctatora it appearea the Kid was all bat oat, bat It is doubtful If Smith had -atraarth to flniah- him. Tho decision was - Quietly recdred by ths spwetaxors. araxa men receirea an eqoai amouni oc nppiaa - : .--. -.- ; CH1CSS. : " ' AMEBXCAN3 HAVB GOOD T.ttaTV Now Tork, Idaxcb 1CL For tio f ourtk time la tho lUsttory of chess tho player ox this cniratry coatestod mnbek on tea ; boeurd uaXnat tho b8t rewsrnlfied pifiyen of Great Britain. Tbe contest, ss wore) tho urod proTtoas ones. U being pmyea lor . tnagmncent trophy Dreaeoted by Sir Oeorro NewTjem, preatdent o tho friusa Cbeas Cmb, London.' - . ; Tao first match In rsaa waa won hr tho Americana, but the second and third msaxmoa piayea in. AbV7 and osus were won by tna Britisthara. Tian mtrtow haw gma to-day was all the more iraoo riant- bocaowo aaotker Tictory for tao BrlOaaera "vow nut won lor taem ut cropay. Many metrcrooifatajl rnerta wra nrmut in tue aaIiltxl r-room - of tha Brooklyn. Academy of Music, wiicro than end of tae uatoa waa jwayea anaer cne aaspsces of the Brooklya CHeas Club. 'Xnere were at least 400 people - present. Tbe players wero aeated on a big riatorm faeuiaf tha audience, aad aooro tneaa wero artended tea giant cnesa-boarda : wVth morabla pieceev ,eua as soon as a more waa made either la Brooklyn or at the Hotel Cecil, London, wotrt the matcn is being played nnder tao auspices- of tao Bxatiaa Chess Club, it waa repeated oa these board to enaoao ae amectaiora xo louow tna nror- ress of tho same at erery more. Tho pwuic ana represemauree oi ut press wore phxoed in a room adjoining the big hall, olooe to - tho Dhtrera. . Ha time waa aost in repetuar xnm mores xor tno nresa and srneotatora. Homer ka nmoira for tha Aimertcaa la Lionuon. and rof. Inane I Rico - is r asnpire la Booklya. for tho oa tna tons tor the raoro cno decision was . that th American players at tho odd numbered boards 1. &. 6. 7 sad 0 wero to play black, the British haying he wane pieces ana piayin nrat on tneaa boards. On the err en numbered boards. uiv.aawrKam oare lua nru more. - This gare nnsbury the defense in sis game against his old antagonist, Black-borne. -..W:-,.- X- :-- .: . .-.vs...': The pairing; was as follows: ':r; -: vK United States L, H. 2i. Pilishnrri 11 f . uuu w t , - ar jutf i oirh, Hodges: - 6, - Edward Hymes; 6, H. O. Viogt; JiJisP. t JohnstonVs, F. J. Mar- ahali; 9, C. J. Newman; 10, jD." G. Baird. UT . I!l..-.k... r xn T. . . -r. Ureal Britain 1, J. 8. BUckbnrne; 2, M. Jackson: t. D. T. Mills; 6, Herbert Jacobs; 7, C D. Locock: 8, C E. Wsin- wrtght; b u. a., a. neuingnam;. 10, H. W. 'Xrenchard. - iv-- ws-. - ;.- :s-At the first board Plllsbnrr nlared ' tha two knights' defense against Blackbnrno. -i At . tho second, third, foorth, - fifth, seventh, ninth and tenth - boards thero were Buy Lopes openings. On the sixth a center counter gambit was played. Tho even-namber players of the American team had tho first more, and the odd-number players oa the British side also played the white pieces. - - -v .tnay began at io o'clock. Alter a few openings mores were made on all tha boards It was ascertained that the open. Ing and defenses,. conducted on all . the boards were those, as given In the pairing.. None ot the plays -were finished, but when adjournment .waa taken nntll to-morrow it was seen that, tho chance for the Americans to win the contest and the trophy were rery bright, and only a miracie - seems to do aDie to saye the British from disaster to-morrow. 3 THB LONDON END. London. March 10.Between 200 and 800 persons were present at the Hotel Cecil this afternoon at the DDenlnz. of t the fourth International cable chess match netween , the teaains players of the United States and Great Britain. Zless- eses were received aEl exebanred here and at the Urookljn Chess Cluc, nd a le'In? of great satisfaction preraile-i. Onntber-r piJ: I think the American te-?n is s.-jhtly strorjer." i'lay wa commencel promptly, without t y cerci-iorv, at 3 o clock, a;': t ti .. ? tobi Ivr r:ove, 'XL I.::"bury-i-.aci:.-.;rL ; rsne W8 3 tl e rreat center of :-rt --. nr 1 ai 8 r"t i i l..e rr-'ii-l ealn v -i . ; rt 1 r f- -"-atL.. it. Line;, --- . - I l 1 t t t - la t risy wti i - ' l c.-' t :' : taken la ti ..:?-t I tvt i U , and Jet-son. Locoo i's i :r L.c- s TticrmeLt ws rorat-erp i i l t t 4 tJa spectators cuxcL r rec .ca 1.-J v nee3 li f v.. L.a cueea to srd end c the raae. Llortlraer anl Goe. early reached tue conclu-oa tLat Brltlsa tad lost the rame. Hart tte all's ateaay piay was recojixeu , 53CT02IAS TO PIiAT. ' ' . The first cricket rams f tha aeaaon will be i played to-day at Anduboa park. , Captain 61- monda Will lead a T1Mri. fTliih , .tm against a Cotton Kxchaago team headed by taptaia jrenneuy. The umpires will be captain Lucaa E. Moore aad H. J. Forsyth. Com- fortahla aeata will K nMwM f tha ladlea and the public is Invited. The game is ex. 1 1 . xo prore . rery. interesung. the: wheel. - f I A. W. O0MMTXTXXS. Pittsburg, March 10. To correct misappre hensions which seem to bare arisen In cer tain cuarters. President Keenao. of tho I A, V to-dxy announced tho reappointment of Otto Dorner, of Milwaukee. "ynm.t " aa chair man of the Important committee on highway improrement. ' M,. K-yi-y--. --j, t- Following Is the balance of tho committee: H. B. Worrell. Philadelphia : ' A. B. Choate, Minneapolis; Dlxlo - Hinea, Kew York: - O. Ifxjrettev IndTJ Clarence w. Small. Portland, Dlkmnrit I. T... t .4 ..... . T '- W T n The apprfatsxeat of F. B. Taa Taikoabiirr chief consul of Wisconsin and Herbert W. Knight, - of Aewark, X. J.. completes . the committee on rights ana pnmeges. The eommittee on rales and regulations la entirely from the west and consists ef D. J. O'Brien, of Omaha: Doaglaa W. Roberta, of St. Lonis, . - aad Cbarlee W. Lloyd, of De troit. - Txtlatme Tnteatr. V..v-: At"- the -Tnlane Theatre to-day, at o'clock, the last matinee of Hoyt'a Day and a Night" wlU be and tbe successful tweek ' of; tttat play will' end wtth 'v to-night's - perfozmsnce. Mr. Otis Haraln . has Increased his ' circle or ad mirers here by. the excellent work he la doing -la--thia phty. 'i'''.-r -' On Sunday - nlarht the tzroeh heralded and famous success' "The Little Minis ter" will ooen a week's engagement at the Tnlane. - Mr. Charles Frohman sends a apeclally selected company for the la- terpretauon oi cms piece, ana it is sure to crate a- splendid - Impression on the theatre-goers of New Orleans. The d-to create a splendid impression on - the box office and indicates a splendid week's Dosmess... -, . . r- - - . At tbe Crescent Theatre to-day, at 1 o'clock, : Soosa . "El r Capitan" " wlU be siren for; the last matinee performaace, and to-night at 8 will be Its final pre- aentatloa at thia cheatre..:--' . - ; . Joe Ott comes to the Crescent Theatre) Sunday night and. for a week, present ing nis newest snccess . -Looking xor Tronble. Mr. Ott has a large following and the company that he has surrounded mmseii witn in ms new renicie la aata to be a STecmlly rood one. Laughter la tne ooject ox ".Looking xor xrouDie" and there is so auestlon ot Its succesafnl week. v . . BBBSBBaaBaBasawst . T. .. . t - - Acutdexwvy of Matale.. Th Tanderilie bill for che week at the Academy of Music Is a. good one. - Fete Baker, Llxxle .B. - Baymond . and Caron and Herbert hare made bits. Next week Evan Lewla. the wrestler, will apoear. and . torn clerer apeclaity performers wui in seen xor xne nxst uma aara. - "The Danltea, presented by the Hop kins' stock cornpaxry. has been doing well at the Bt. Charela Theatre this week. The dramatic frering for next week will be Gillette's comedy, "All the Comforts of Home." Between the sets s number of new specialty performers will appear. ; .- The Eaustln -- Oanveewt., .' T3ke moclcal erent of the week' win be the concert gfren at the Athenaeum Hall to-night , by Miss Lydla E us tie, assisted by. Mina. SaxaneL -..,.--,.7,' ... . ; - ggAJmiPS llKTHJCL. The yonng tadles of the "Elisabeth Haddea . Band of Che 7 Prytanla Street Presbyterian church will- hare charge of the entertainment at - the Seaxnens jBetheV ' 2218 - Bt. ' ntomas street, this evening; a o e cioca. -xney wui DO aa-aisted by the ; high school band. ' Mrs. Beed. Mlaa Word and Mr. W. N. Snen. ner will sing,, and Mr. Adds will sing a song In the negro dlaiect and Mrs, Otoa u expected so recite. rror. liumnger, of the Y. M. C Ay will give an exhi-Mtlon la dob rwtnalna' aad tna Rot. W. J. Sechreat will make a short address. . The Sunday; evening aervlce, at 7-30 p. m., . will be condncted . by Ben JLouls Voss, of the First Street German Presbyterian church. Friends of the Bethel and the public generally are cordially invited to these meetings. ... :. v. . -- .- PR. TO sTKTTT: llKCElITOe:. Last evening a. reception, was tendered to Ber. C W. Tomkles, the newly ejected pastor of the Valence Baptist church, st the corner . of Magazine and Valence streets. In the Sixth, district. The Ladles' Missionary. Society and the B. X. P. U. arranged the reception, '- which ' was wan attended. and the pastor greeted hia con gregation with heartiness. An excellent rogramme had been . arranged, aa fol- Overture on the orran. by Miss Llxxle Bmlth; hymn; ., prayer; vocal selections, by the cbureb auartette (male). - unis was zouowea or tne intxoaucuon to the congregation of the pastor by Mr. xx. jl. seago, ana ue xeBponse oz tae pas tor. . .. . - - . . . Miss Via.' Adams oerformed a .- violin solo, after, which the ladles nartette sang a Deanxirai selection, ana the cere monies closed by' a benediction, ' 'v " Befreshments wero served bv ' tha la dles of the missionary society, and - tne evening passed moat pleasantly, j; ,A WTOMDTO BIJZtlKD. i It "Will :. Cans Heary Losaes : to ' - ' Stoclcxaexu " Denver. Colo March 10.' A sncdal to the Times from Cheyenne. Wyo ssy.n One of the worst storms, of the season Is raging nere to-day. stockmen say this bllsxard,. following the extremely severe weather of tbe oast six. weeks, will un doubtedly cause very heavy losses in cat tie ana sneep.- ut tne range stock some estimate the loss as high - as 60 per cent,, but with stock growers who still have hay - to feed . and shelter for their herds the loss will not exceed 1 per cent. The snow is droftln? badly and all trains are belated. The Cheyenne and Northern train from the north, now fifteen dava overdue, when last heard from was near iron Mountain station. There are forty-two passengers on this train. They were nearly out of provisions, having bought all tbe ranchmen could spare -and had resorted to slaughtering range cattle. Many efforts have been made to send out relief expeditions, but all were obliged to return for additional he!-! oa account of the extreme deep snow cr'its envrtnterea. - cld pi; - ; -

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