A Texas newspaper's editorial about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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A Texas newspaper's editorial about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln - ··»-On.th«r4lh-oiMlaroa Afcra»*oJ.Lincoln...
··»-On.th«r4lh-oiMlaroa Afcra»*oJ.Lincoln mftdB hia inr'tiig"i'»l address. He reviewed briefly the conaition-.pf the country »nd «on- »ra»ulateil.^ii people iipon a "apewly termina- tiWof'th'o-TebellionS" Not content with-the moc^st rejoiciij£t;h»twoiild haveetiiu Tju-WK«Kj.Y,.J8. *4 per year, above War- bwi bccumu clmufo boweyor, next; Hie R'FLY or -W A. SI. S. MUN'.. Cnuiities , Ji20lo G'SNTRY Br»*irta. (Jin- ED tho , with th« seH'-w'riiplaconcy of u. niti-rovt.apirie he nrrogute'd to himself the Intiguuge ol' scripture. " W o n to_a mition runson of it»'si«§! for It must needs'be pTor 'our HiifTeriries and visited HOOD our own uWds. "\Ve .were" the " ^ .." ' T 1 them icked iiiiin,"'itnd ho, .forsooth, wiis'.'th'e .instrument designed by Providence -for our .punishment. Lincolc wn» words sic slionkl however be, it l i e 'Soiith in the their' support loft,-and will'soon 'that tht "tlie.RBP.clmro, be true. for the h e n ' i t 'only- of the -'iaolized conQ- in.the-'La' since sent to e3itpr; to had made .writ of On/the 14fh of April 1 'Abi-ahnm Lin wiiitcrinz in his lit'n. blboil, and :tbe" y semper· iyrannis wen: ringing his..death knell. Ill' tbe plftititiiclu of h f o ' p o w o r he whs'str'uck'Oown', nrid'.his'sonl ushered.into eternity,.wit'i innumerable crimes and sins 10 answer for.;. At the hands of n n injured patriot he received hia death stroke; and the words.t'.iat lie.had tisenVin .th.iy«xn|tulinn of his inangilration, wero proph'etic'of'bi:t own fate, '·.liiit'woe;to' that .man ;by whom 'the offence conieth!'.' , Out of his own month lie was condemned; "tie had arrogated o n e - o f i t h uut« !pf. Divinity. He hnd seized the sword execute.what he presumptuously imagined to be his mipsinn, und liuil xprnn.d deao'iation und destruction ammig nn'tinollonding -people. In the height ol' hia fame u n d KIICCPS?, justice demanded 'an account of his stewardship and took hwsouMo the liar .of the High. We accept tin- result as on" of the scrutable'decrees nf Providence. "We accept it, .liecnii?c. we- know that tie Creator works His problems for wise, and great, and good purposes. We do nnt propo?e ; to ?peculate upon the'probalde results of Lincoln's death. No ono can estimate the -influence of ; a single man upon the destinies of n nation, and no one say wheWer Lincoln's death he for the weal woe"of onr nation. Providence takes care of these things, and to hia will we submit. We \votild not like to'tr.iink that onr govern-, ment wns|pnyy to .the' deed, or approved it. o-CciUi:d .assassination, is regarded with horror y all enlightened people, and nnr j;nvprnment; nils tbe too high-toned and ilk'nined to'descehd o such'rhe:i,ns; for ri'ildinsr itself of its enemies: Nevertheless we would " h a v e ' n o . pna the name of the man who 'committed eed; ! Inspired by ptitriptio' impulse, and be- ieving'.Uiat he was ridding the world of a ter,,his..name.will .be .inscribed on !he roll rue-hearled patriots.'along, with Brutus and 'harlpUe Cordiiy. Ctcsar was stinick down he hand of an assassin whose name glows he page of history,with even .more brightness ban that of the grent man he I n i d l he principle upon w.hfch' he 1 acteil.'that''.ha! 'anted' history, to point out Brtitus as the jf'a patriot and .the same principle will ;he name nf J. Wilkes Booth to.illtistrate type of pntriotism' in coming years. ' We ito'not.believe that,one Plan is o the existence of: a nation. Another may fill Lincoln's place; but, nevertheless, the work has.been clone, nnd its fruits will be luced in\lue season. Not. long since we were speculating upon, the probable results of Lincoln^ re-election,'and expressed the belief efore the expiration of his le'fm he would assume despotic power, unless cvenls intervened ;hat n-eie""impenetiable to h u m a n We again say, that-the results of his death rnpenetrable'; to, hurriaii.. foresight. ":We rhu.« wait and'see, - I t does look io u. however, an aven evitable nging Nemesis had brought swift and le retribution upon a mitu'stained with . many bloody crimes." ;He had hot,pnly.'rloatec over our suffering, btit.was'preparing new.mess- ures : of vengeance to meteout to us; . In very midst of his headlong career, he eq by. the..imperious'hand pf fate." .Heisowei the wind and has reaped the whirlwind..

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 27 Apr 1865, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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  • A Texas newspaper's editorial about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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