Various reactions to news of Abraham Lincoln's assassination

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Various reactions to news of Abraham Lincoln's assassination - ) r The Great Grime n COMPlEtE PARTICUIAIS OF...
) r The Great Grime n COMPlEtE PARTICUIAIS OF THE SORROWFUL TRlfiEOY! L\ST TNE OF THE 1DEST ! WHOLE NATION IN MOURNING ! Critical condition cf Fecreta*yj Stavard and Son! The Flight and pursuit the Murderers! of] OF PRESIDES! I MEETfNG OF THE CABINET Deubtfu! rumor of (be capture of J, \Vilkes Booth r Newspaper Offices mobbed in San Francisco! Embargo placed on ailtrare! ont of Washington! Tokens of sympathy from the British Provfhces! Excitement and arrests fj York! flew SIGS8 OF (UTIOlIlL HOURIIie IKDIAKAPOLIS, April 16.—The announce mcnt of president Lincoln's death caused- tbe most profound sensation. Business waa entirely suspended. In twenty minutes after after the news was made public, every business business -booee and public office^ as U by common common consent, closed its doors; the whole eity is draped in mourning; Sags on all public buildings are displayed at half-mast, and appropriately appropriately draped. At a public meeting held in the cspitol square at 12 o'clock, after prayer and sin ing, addresses were made by gov. Morton, ex-gov. J. A. Wright, senator Hendrieka and others. NAEIIVILLB, April 16 —News of president* Lincoln's death reached us as the procee- sion—postponed from yesterday—in honor of recent victories was being formed. When the news was read the procession broke up, and with arms reversed and bands playing funeral music they slowly returned to their camps. Intense horror at tbe untimely death of the president fills all loyal hearts. Great preparations had been made by quartermasters quartermasters and other government officers, as well as private citfiens, in decorating and illuminating illuminating their offices and dwellings. All are new sbroaded in mourning, basin ess is entirely entirely suspended} and the streets thronged with sad and anxioos faces. As the facts of the murder become more definite, bitter feel-i ings of reta iation seem to prevail againet the rebels. Minute gone are bei g fired ' from the eapitol. , CmoiniTATi, April 15.—News of the air eassination of president Lincoln produced here tbe most profound sorrow and great in* dignation. Business was entirely suspend. ei, flags displayed at half-mast, and tbe whole city draped in mourning. Tbe streets were tbronged all daj with sad and solemn facee. . JnninB Brutus Booth, brother of Wilkta Berth, was announced to appear at Pike's <prra house to-night. It is understood ba v^s compelled to leave the city. All places ci anvusemeot are closed to-aight. Seniors prevail of several persons havir/g b.en killed for expressions of joy at Lin- cc ID'S deatbf bat it is believed they are false. WHBSLIXO, April 16.—Tbe mournful intelligence intelligence of tbe assassination and deatb,ef president Lincoln caused tbe greatest excitement, excitement, and public business is everywhere entirely suspended. Flag* were displayed at half-mast from all the. public buildings, bellfl were toiled, and the whole city draped in mourning. ' • A masa meeticg of citiaens is called for to-night. Tbe city presents a most somber, solemn aspect. Tbe blow is felt to be a national national calamity* , . , f 0<w,P¥OT«, O-i April 15.—Ih« newi of «v«f' tbectty. city drap>d In i ft* _;•**• - r - , . 0. vfo Apttr 15.—Tb» news of the assassination* at Waahington Raised a profound sensation .h'er*.; ,The flags'on'the eultom bouse, American consulate, the- shipping 'in t b.e narbOV and In the city were, displayed at half mast Store* auiplaee* of basinets owned by Americans are closed;' Tbe feeling oi grief by ihe Canadianjpeople is intense, and: it is .coatemplatei/giviDg tome public expression. ," WASHI»OTO», April 16.—GovernorStone^ of Iowa, bos issuied the following address to the public of his elate: WASBINOTOR, April 36.—The federal *ity ia shrouded in; mourning. In the midst of joy and triimph the nation is suddenly called to deplore the lots of its greatest and trueet friend, fcuily murdered by a traitor-? ou« ban J, ericken down in the fullnesstff life, and when e|LrorgeBt in the hearts of t'he pecple. Abraham Lincoln, president of ttie United States, an honest man, exalted patriot, patriot, the friend of tbe poor and oppressed; the deliverer of his country has been gathered gathered to a martyr's grave. Tbat tbe people of Iowa who admired and loved the fallen patriot, and so generously Sustained ^the holy cause he represented, may appropriately appropriately testify their sorrow over this national calamity, I invite them to assemble in their respective place/8 of worship on Thursday, the 27th day of April, at ten o'clock a. m., for humiliation and prayer to Almighty God, and also request the travel Fithin tbe state, and all secular employ men t be totally suspended suspended on that day, and that all public cffj ees be draped in mourning for the period of th'irty days. W. 8. STOKE, Gov. DBTB.OIT, April 15'^The announcement of tbe assassination of Pres't Lincoln has produced in this community the utmost grief mingled with a feeling that stern justice must be served to all tberebels-at an early hour- All business places were closed ; public buildings, stores, and many residences residences are draped Sn mourning. An immense meeting of ciliseos was held in front of the eity ball j after pr»yer by the Rev. Dr. Duffield, Duffield, resolutions appropriate to the tad oo- cision were ilopteJ. .; . Gov. Crape has issued a proclamation et- logistic of the illustrious dead ; be Bays it is becoming and proper tbat the people should devote a time t6 fatting and sorrow for tb* s»d,tmlooktd-for calamity, and only abstains from fixing a day for that solemn cbserf- anoe in the expectation that tbe authorities at Washington will issue a proclamation fixing fixing a time when the nation can express in a suitable manner the sense oi its lamentable bereavement. While we mourn over the dead and coadole with the beloved fa rally let us swear never to give op the contest until the hydra headed monster of slavery end despotism is effectually destroyed and buried beyond resurrection. Let the free and loyal men of Michigan stand firm in this hour of our country's peril. The blood of bur beloved martyr and death of oar noble and heroic soldiers, wi.l nerve ns with more than mortal energy ia acoomplUbing this great work. HALITAX. April 16.'-Upon tbe announcement announcement of president Lincoln's death, the par- jifiament of Nova Scotia adjourned, and the flags on the government bouse, the oitadel, the American consulate and tbe American vessels in port were at half-mast. A raoet deep sympathy pervades tbe'minds of tb* friends of the,Onion. Tbe blockade runner 4 CoL Lamb was gaily decked with OAK*. / AuBtnw, N. r., April 16.—The city is draped ia mourning and all the business places are closed. The most intense grief and indignation prevail among the people H»w You, Aprhl6.—The e!»y * vaded with almost* Sabbath's quietness. Stores and shops are closed, and crape is rapidly appearias; at all points. Broadway is bung with gloomy blackness, end on the principal avenaee the scene is the Wall «trtst, Broad it re ot, William South and other strictly business streets are Covered with mourning emblems. The ping In tbe barber bave flags at half-matt, and many areTin drapjery. All the newspV per buildings are (fchronded, and great crowds of sorrow Btj-icken people are gathered gathered in Jr6ntof their bulletin boards, Tbe greatj meeting t>f merobanla in Wall street was tbe moijt impressive ever beld bere. Prayer was Offered by the Bev. Dr. Yermilyea. Ex-Ooternor King ana Judge Pierpont addressed Ib'e JneeUrJg,' felling tbe utmost si ipport to tbe new president president under tbe trying circumstances under which be assumes bin new duties. Mr. Batter addres ied the meeting, a great and good mta bad gone to join: tbe •ages and pitrlbts of (be rctolnfion. He .drove out the life,and etrergih of tbe rebel lion. We^pjopt »ou crush pat the eopl of treason. Mir. JobriionJaaWe to deal with the rebellion, therefore let every man lake <•'>' ',, • • j 'i ' F; ; i Dan'1-8: rtylbg all tnat'rtmafcet &r- stawry to do show Its villainoW snd htirrib by this aUroeiou* eMattiaaticn. : Gen. "Peek ai*o addressed t^e Tbe resolutions pty high tribute to the patriotism, patriotism, high integrity and love of country, erinced^by the preddfat, express teartt/elt grl«f at'ihe;horrible event, but bow submia\ lively trjtoe Will : of God, 'i ••' •;_ • i ; G«o. 'Welles war arrested to-day for open* Yy rejoicing over the death ol* tb« president and sent to the penitentiary by JudgoDov- IDEfltm WITH THE ISSiSSM WASHUtorojr, April 16.—Gen. Grant;! wb'o left yesterday for New Jersey, and wbo was informed of the assassination as be was gating Philadelphia/this morning, arrived hfrr« in a special train about noon and im-j mediately proceeded to tbe president's] house. Tbe fecond extra of Tie Evening. Star j says Col, lugrain, provost marshal of the 1 defenses of the north of the Potomac, it\ engaged in taVitg testimony' tc-day all of j which fixes the assassination on J. Wilkesj Booth. , Judge Olin of the • supreme court of the j District of Cdlumbia, and Justice Miller,] are alao engaged to-day at the police head* quarters on Tenth street, in taking the ted- timocy of a. large number of witnesses. Lieut. Tyrrel of Col. lograham's staff,] last night proceeded to the National Hull, where BooiL has been stopping-, and took ; .-possession of his trunk Eh which, was found a colon el'« military drees coat, two boxes of] cartridges and 4 plaa of letters, all of which are now in the possession of tbe military authorities. authorities. One of these letters bearing the] date of Hockstdvn, Md , seems to implicate! >Boofh- The writer speaks of the mysterious mysterious affair in which yea are engaged and' urges Booth to proceed to Richmond and ascertain ascertain the views of the authorities there! upon the subject. The writer of the letter endeavors to dissuade Booth from carry ing] his designs into execution at that time for the reason as the writer alleges, that the] government bad its suspicions aroused. The writer of tbe letter seema to have been implicated with Booth in tbe mysterious af- j fair referred to, as be informs Booth in tbe letter that he would prefer to express his views verbally, and then goes on to say that] be WFS oat of money, bad no clothes and would be compelled t* leave home as hie family were desirous (hat be should dissolve his connection with Booth. This letter is written on note paper in a small neat hanJ, and simply beara the signature of ''Sam." 1 At the cabinet meeting yesterday, whichj lasted over two hours, the future policy of | the government towards Virginia, was dig cussed, the beet of feeling prevailing. ItJ is stated that it was determined to adopt at very liberal policy as was recommended by' the president. It is said that this meeting' was the most harmonious held for two years i the president exhibiting throughout thatj magnanimity and kindness of heart which characterized his: treatment of re-! belliona states and which baa been so illy re-r^ qnittd on their part. One of tbe members of the cabinet remarked to a friend that be' met at the door, "the government was to-day ftroDger than it had been for three year* j past:" FROB NBW KBIT TOBK, April 15-—The steamship | JStna Bailed at 6:80 this afternoon with fail I official despatches to oar ministers at foreign [ports from Washington. jjf Bishop.Potter has issued and address-to [all clergymen appointing prayers to be read [to-morrow nnl recommending lh« clothing | of the churches in mourning. All courts of this city Brooklyn promptly [adjourned this morniog. Committee* of thf chamber of eommerc*, j city council, aldermen An other public bodies have been joined to arrange for p«b- . lio funeral obsequies. • is f; cw It ed ' not to for : Dr. medical | Unite* [.rail of suspended i i , HOBHSiiniifChCO. BAI FBAKCIBOO, April 16.—A mob jail j capered the publication oinoev of tbe Demo- (oratic Press, Hews Letter, Monitor and I Occidental, and emptied thefr edntente into f the streets amid ibe applause of an imtnense crowd. A -large body of armed police trat ordered oat, but arrived top lat« to prevent [these acts of violence. The destruction of (other democraticoffloee Is threatened. EDWIR1WT1L BoeToii, JLpri| ID — Bdwin Booth Ess ibte*. plunged Into ihe deepest grief bj the I desperate act of bis brother, is, lell Ipg fearflflUy-uponMsjWnBiUve nature. ,Ti- night he'was 1 to i B T« taken bis farewell >f | (be ^Boston public for a time, bnt It Is asid lie [has expressed 4 determination never to *p|pear *p|pear upon th»M«pe UBS. ItMSHBGBff REglfiffFD. i CAitift, April j(6^-Tbe Memphis Bnlletjn] eaya thaV Gen. Wwabora bsa reBlgncdr ''••'• ' H.lfiiiCJ * ; . -,•:.,., , .-. .,,'-V -

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  2. 16 Apr 1865, Sun,
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  • Various reactions to news of Abraham Lincoln's assassination

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