Editorial: Abraham Lincoln’s enters presidency of a "dismembered government"

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Editorial: Abraham Lincoln’s enters presidency of a "dismembered government" - E INAUGURATION. On Monday at noon, Abraham...
E INAUGURATION. On Monday at noon, Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as President of tho United Slates. Tho gloomy surroundings of this occasion arc in strikii contrast to any inauguration day that has proceeded it. We see Lincoln assuming the Presidency of a dismembered government. States defiant and rebellious reftiso to ncknowledgo his rule. Rumors of assassination and bloodshed give a darkening tingd to the scene, and the military in tho buck ground are prepared to enforce quiet and obedience by the. use of muskets and bayonets. Four thousand soldiers cast the shadow of a military despotism upon our republican form of government. The triumnhofa section of the 'Republic, has driven, wc be lieve without just'eauso another section into open hostility wo are hastening on tore-! produce upon American soil the anarchy and misrule ofoppossing sections, so terribly illustrated in misgoverned Mexico. These startling facts and results arc wholly unwarranted by causes that are now or have existed. It has all along been a contest about a mere abstraction, fruitful of nothing but evil to the well being of tho Republic.— On the ono hand it is the morbid manifestation of a sympathy which in tho vain attempt to confer rights upon the negro, which he is incapable of enjoying, involves the liberties of tho white and black in one common destruction. Montbars tho celebrated Buccaneer pirate of tho Caribbean sea, who with blood d}*ed hands committed inhumanities tho most attrocious, under tho pretext of revenging the cruelties inflicted upon the natives of America by tho Spaniards, was incited to his deeds of rapine by a more practical and noble sympathy for suffering, than animates tho breast of any fanatical Abolitionist in America. Montbars becarao a pirate and Abolitionists who possess the bravery will become bloody partizans of civil strife, and both will curse civilization and humanity, while the name of religion and humanity is their excuse. On tho other hand tho slave holders vainly seek to extend their institutions, thus abhorrent to tho moral sonse of the ago, where it can never go, or be forced to go, becauso tho laws of climate, and of emigration and tho self interest of tho settlers of territory to bo occupied forbid it. Men are rendering themselves mad and infatuated in fighting an issuo never practically to arise. It is a mere abstraction then, that is likely to sever the Union and destroy this republican form of government—by its example the great hope of mankind. This abstraction has elected Abraham Lincoln President, and his inauguration surrounded by tho military, his flight from Ilarrisburgh, tho premonitions of civil war, all indicate tho wretched character of the impending revolution. Ho comes to tho administration of the Government) and fortunately gives tho nation a relief in displacing from office the weakest and most vasodilating executive that fide or fortune has ever indicted upon Hie Pep ublic. Buchanan infirm in^urnoso, with the vindictniveness ota small mind,' incapable to rise equal to, his grave responsibilities, is doubtless as rejoiced of his discharge as is the nation, and upon the new executive is thrown the crushing wc'-dit of a matured revolution. ,i, with laws defied, and a treasury exhausted, for which his party and his predecessor are largely responsible. :e needs a lofty patriotism and breadth of statesmanship to meot ^the exigencies of his position. lie is laboring under grave disadvantages, for he is an untried man. To sustain him, if right, is the plain duty of every good citizen. To give him a fair trial and with an impartial judgment decide upon his acts, is an obligation we owe him as the constitutional President. This wc shall do, and impatiently await to learn tho policy ho sh?,ll foreshadow in his inaugural, which wc hope to give entire.

Clipped from
  1. Red-Wing Sentinel,
  2. 06 Mar 1861, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • Editorial: Abraham Lincoln’s enters presidency of a "dismembered government"

    staff_reporter – 14 Jun 2018

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