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GHESS ' BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTERNATIONAL GRANDMASTER Afldrut latter Chi Iditer, l.A, Timet lot Angela II, Calif. WEINBERGER WINS WESTCHESTER OPEN .Tlbor Weinberger of Glen-dale, winning a thrilling last round game against former U.S. champion Larry Evans, captured the first place trophy at the open tournament of the Westchester Chess Fiesta. :The game was Identical for the first 12 moves with one In which Bobby Fischer defeated Dr. Euwe of Holland in the Leipzig Chess Olympics. Weinberger found an Improvement for the black pieces. With both kings prevented from castling, It was a matter of who could develop faster. Weinberger's rooks took con trol, forcing the win of two pawns and leading to a clear win In the ending. Weinberger's final score was 4-t with four wins and draws against Kenneth Grover and Irving Rivlse. The same score was achieved by Leslie Simon of Los Angeles, who was awarded-the second prize. Weinber ger earned 23 points to 18 for Simon on the soikoir tie-break Ing system. ' . Evans tied at 4V4-1V4 with Zoltan Kovacs and Jerry Han ken. On the tie-breaking sys tern they scored 2314, 22 and 18 points, respectively. Rivise and Grover headed a group who tied at 4-2. Others were Jack Kliger, Eonald Gross, Eugene Rubin, Allen Troy, Robert Ja cobs and Saul Yarmak. After three rounds of the open tournament those players with one point or less were placed In a consolation section for the final three rounds. Winner of this section was F. L, Burke with i total score of 4-2 C. N. Haley finished in sec ond place with 3W-2V4. Tied at 3-3 were Donald xoung, K. w. Moore, Thomas Straus, Fred Hazard and C K. Mc.Manon. A separate reserve event, lira lted to players with no previ- ous tournament experience, was won by Ed Kennedy, with a perfect score of 6-0. John N. Kruplnski took second with 5-1, followed by Victor E. Krohn Jr. with m-m. The fiesta, staged at Loyola University, was organized by the Westchester Chess Club with, the cooperation of the Westchester Chamber of Com merce. The committee, headed by Fred Hazard and including Al Pannebakker and Fred Hc feld, plans to make this an an nual event. Your editor directed the tour nament, with the able assistance of Herbert T. Abel, Leroy Johnson and Richard P. Her-son. The time limit of 45 moves In an hour and a half meant shorter sessions than usual, a definite advantage with six games to play In a weekend. A field of 47 participated In the open tournament, with 31 starters in the reserve event This was an excellent turnout considering the short notice given by the enthusiastic or ganizers. They are already planning for bigger and better doings next year. following are games from the tournament: in. (, mi TIMES PROBLEM JMT By Dr. G. Dobbt BLACK U i " n t n ri v.--J fcwaj kmuS iuj ti -rl LsiJi Wflfv r t WHITE I . WHItt males In two. TIMES PROBLEM JJ4I By Dr. W. Maumann BLACK I Even White 1P-K4 1-P-Q4 S-PxP 4- P-QB4 5- N-QB3 -N-B1 7-PxP t-Q-Nj PxB 10- QxP 11- B-N5eh 1JQ-B6ch 13'QxN(N) 14-NxNeH T5-Q-K2ch 14-B-KJ 17-KQ lt-QRWl 19B-01 JO-B-64 31P-6R4 22-B-NJ CARO-KANN DEFENSE WtlnbergrlEvan Weinberger Simon m? 4- 00 5- N-B3 4-B-KJ 7-P-QJ I-P-KR3 N-Rl 10-P-B4 U-B-Kl 12- NxN 13- P-BS 14- PxP 15- N-QB1 14-Q-B3 17-B-NS 19- P-QR4 19 P-Ri 20- P-Rt J1-KRX '2-N-R4 Slick Whit Block P-QB3 23-R-QS P-Q4 P-Q434-R-B4 R-0R4 N-KB3 24-RxQ RxP N B3 27-B-B4 R-R7 B-N5 75-B-QZ RxP KNp:J9-Bx6cll RxB BxN30-K-Q2 RQ P-K331-R-0. -N7ch NxP3J-K-K P-0R4I NXBH-R-BJ K-Kch K-KJI34-K-B R(1)-K7 Q-33 35-R(l)xP - RxPch PxN 34-K-K P-N3 K-B3 37-R-NI R(N)-K7ch 1-N5ch JM3-K RxRP P-05 39-R R3 R(K)-KN7 40-K-B R-N8CM KR-QN 41-R-5 RxRch R-N443-KXR R-R4 R-KB4 Black won. K-BI SICILIAN DEFENSE Shfridan Simon Shartdan Buck While ' Black P-084 23-NxNPI PxS N-093i34-P-R7ch K-NJ P-3 25-RxB QxR B-N5 J7 QxPeh C B3 P-K3 7I QOth KxO N.P.Ra,olrh Rva Ri Jtt.R PxP B-N331-N-B3 KQ7 N-05 32-K-Bl K-K2 NxBchi33-R-NI P-B3 P-KR4 34-N-R4 K-B2 PxP3S-R-N7ch . K-K B-R2 36-RxP R-R2 OQ2i37.R-Nch K-BI O-O-Olil-R-aa R-N2 B-N 39-NxP R-N3 R-B 40-RxB RxR K-N 41-N-R6ch K B P-0N3 42-NxR KxN P-N3 43-KB J . Ratisnt P-Q4I f t s 1 Mil J n n WHITE WWta matt In three. ' Black U curiously helples to prevent mate In 3247, despite the ap- fiarent freedom of his piecei. There a neat point in the miniature uiree-mover. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 4t! N-Q5 SOLUTiON TO PROBLEM 3242: 0-K7 Threat, t RxPchi If PxR, t R-QB2. SOLVERS' LIST Fire point F. Akt, C. Foiter, I. E. Nordstrom. Four Dolnt M. Rosen, C. T. Tonsrko. Two point n. a. ciay, u. uressweu, J. iiiniaicy, j, f oiey, ur. 4. a. lieaiy, u. h Ketctum, c. u l-una, N. J. Murphy, G.F. Oglesby, E. E. Penter, W. L Rankel, M. Roth, MaJ. H. Trlwush, C. V. Wenborne. One point & A. neiaon. B-K2 : club team matches, with a rec ord number of 28 teams lined up. Each will contest eight matches with six players on a side. Matches to be played next week are Santa Jlonica at San Gabriel, Pasadena at Hungari an, Steiner at Anaheim, Van Nuys at Inglewood, Steiner Rooks at Santa Monica Ex perts, van Nuys Bishops at South Bay and Fasadem Cas tles at Monterey Park, Also: Systems Development at Estonian, City Terrace at Downey, Jet Propulsion Lab at Water and Power, City Terrace Patzers at Inglewood -Knights, Van Nuys Pawns at South Bay Kings, Downey Fighters at City Terrace Challengers and Nortronlc at Monterey Park Woodpushers. The league has published its 1961 calendar of chess events, including a list of Los Angeles chess clubs with their meeting places and dates. The calendar may be obtained free by writ ing to iMeiien Huitsrren. . secre tary SCCL, 390 N Madison Ave., Apt. 12, Pasadena. FISCHER EXHIBITION U.S. chess champion Bobbv Fischer, extending his visit to Los Angeles, will play simulta neously In the Hollywood Room of the Hotel Knickerbocker, starting 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. The charge for players will be $3.50 and for spectators $1.50. Players are requested to bring then-own sets. In a similar exhibition at the Ambassador Hotel last Wednesday Fischer faced 50 opponents and an equal number had to be turned down. The youthful champion won 40 games, lost three to Antonio Loera of Los Angeles, D. C McKenna of ciaremont and Robert W. Moore of Red Bluff. Draws were recorded by Robert Cooper, Herbert Goldham- er, Kenneth Hense, Robert Katz, Tauno Saila, Waslly Skri-abin and Kurt Smith. Harry Borochow was the referee. CHESS OLYMPICS. L1IPIIO CARO-KANN DEFENSE Fvani Whit J-P04 1 P-094 3- N-QB1 4- P-K4 5- P-B3 . 7B-N5 Q-Q2 P-CS 10- N-NJ 11- B-K2 12 0 0 13-PQRS UP M M-KR-N 36-BKi 17-P-QR4 1-N-8 If-P-RS KINO'S INDIAN DEFENSE Kaveei Evan B!CK wrnii N-KB3 10-RxP P-KM3 21-KR-R4 . B-N2 22-RxP P-03 23 R(5)-R1 0-0 24-P-B5 0N-C2 7.5-BxRP P-B4 24-B-BJ R-K 27-P-C Q R4 2 BB PR3 29-R-R7 N-B 30-Q-Q5dl P K4 31-Q-N7 0 B2 32-PxB P-N3 33-KxP P KR4 J4 R-RI N13J-R2 3J-P-R4 P-R5 34-PxN P-B4.i.K.R PxNPl Kovaci lack PxRP B-B3 BQ R-N PxBP P-KB5 P-R Q-KS2 RxB N-C! K-R BBJ PxP N-N4 0 S3 S-R4 OxNPeh Ratiena FUchar U.S.A. White l-P-M J-P04 3- PxP 4- P-Q8I 3-N-GB1 -N-B3 7-PxP 0-N1 Px8 l-QxP ll-B-NJch U-Q-Bch 13- OxNiN) 14- PxN 15- R-OM It-B-Kl 17-RxQ H-K-KJ Dr. Euwi Fischer Holland U.S A. Black i Whit P0B3I19-R-O P-O4l20-KxR PxP:21-R-N N-KB3;22-BxP N-B3 23 P-OR4 B-NS 24-R-N6dl KNxP,2i-R-N7 BxN 24-R-fil P-H3 27-R-Nich NxP ;a-R-Ncn NxB;29-P-RJ K-K2 30-B-M NxN 31-P-Rt O-OJ 3j-R-NSch R-0 3J-R-N7 34- RB7en 35- RxRch Jl34-B-M LEAGUE MATCHES START The Southern California Chcs League has completed Its schedule for the annual inter-, Nelklrch Bulgaria White 1-P-K4 J-N-K&J J-P-84 4-NxP J-N-081 4-B-&B4 J-B-Ni -K-R 1S-P-B4 11- P-KS 12- R-B3 13- NB 14- NxBch SICILIAN Botvlnnlk U.5 S.R Black P GB4 N-CB3 PxP Kt P-C3 P-K3 B-K2 P-ON3 N-K NB Q2 QxN DEFENSE iNeiklrcft i Bu'aana Wh.'e 14-PxOP 1I-R-R4 il9-N-t(4 20- R-RS 21- N-4J JJ-RxH 23- O01 24- OxR 25- QxPdl !-0-K 27-O-0I Resigna Or. Euwe Holland Black RxR K-B3 P-K4 B-NJ K04 B-B B-N2 K 63 K-Q4 P-B4 R-OB RP KBS B-05 K-04 KDK Resigns Botvlnnllt U.S S R. Slack P-B3 NiP N-B4 P-N5 B-N 2 MN (hiR R-K3i

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 05 Feb 1961, Sun,
  3. Page 43

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