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 - President Flies to South Korea Wh at Adds Up...
President Flies to South Korea Wh at Adds Up -to -to For Japanese By WILLIAM H. EWING Star-Bulletin Star-Bulletin Star-Bulletin Managing Editor TOKYO, June 18 After a week of observing tumultuous developments developments erupting from the present crisis in Japan, it is possible to draw five major conclusions. These are: 1 The drive" against the Kishi government and the American security treaty is directed from Moscow and Peiping. Its aim is to eliminate Japan as a bastion of western power in the Pacific. 2 There is a deep-seated deep-seated deep-seated aversion to war in Japan to a degree perhaps as in no other country which plays into the hands of the Communists, trying to defeat the mutual defense pact. 3 The Japanese people don't understand democracy. 4 The Japanese are nonetheless basically a stable people and the odds are that they will emerge stronger than before from the present crisis. 5 You can't do business with the Communists as though proof were needed. The Communists, expressing their policies through the political parties, the trade unions and the intellectuals as represented by the students and university professors, professors, have succeeded so far in only one aim that of preventing President Eisenhower's visit to Japan. . This is a dialectic victory and since the Communists set great store by such things, they no doubt are impressed impressed by what they have gained. ! The Western world, which depends less on a diet of propaganda for intellectual sustenance, may not be so impressed. You would have thought from some of the statements statements being made in Tokyo the past week from the top down that the heavens would fall if the Eisenhower visit were canceled. The heavens haven't fallen and, unless you heed the prophets of doom, little seems to have changed. You almost might think reading the Japanese newspapers, newspapers, that the Japanese are anarchists at heart. Just about everybody is against the government. Prime. Minister Kishi can do nothing right. Either his actions are wrong or his motives. Student Exuberance When a wild mob of Zengakuren students tried to take over the Parliament building Thursday night, the Crisis Ewing By ROY ESSOYAN NAHA, Okinawa, June 19 (AP) President Eisenhower took off for South Korea today today after a two-hour two-hour two-hour visit to Okinawa during which U.S. marines with fixed bayonets held back nearly 5,000 demonstrators demonstrators screaming "Go Home Ike.M Eisenhower's brief but hectic good will visit to this American Island fortress off the , coast of Communist China was marked by no serious violence. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Star-Bulletin, Star-Bulletin, Vol. 49, No171 HOME EDITION President to Rest at Marine iw iSovoni&r (Related Stories on Page 14) President Eisenhower will arrive in Hawaii at 12:15 p.m. Monday, and throngs of Oa-hu Oa-hu Oa-hu residents are expected to line the streets to watch him travel from the airport to his quarters at Kaneohe Marine Air Station. Governor Quin has proclaimed proclaimed a half-day half-day half-day holiday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., which will allow State employes to take part in the celebration. STORES OPEN A spokesman for the A fistfight broke out in a knot of red-kerphief red-kerphief red-kerphief ed demonstrators demonstrators and a-group a-group a-group of American marines. A woman with a child strapped to her back was knocked to the ground but no one was seriously injured. And the President was in no real danger at any time. The President flew here from Formosa where he received received the enthusiastic cheers of Nationalist Chinese and a bitter artillery salute HONOLULU, HAWAII, Weather Forecast Honolulu and vicinity: Sunny and dry today and Monday. Moderate trades. Temperatures for 24-hour 24-hour 24-hour period ending 8 p.m. Saturday: Saturday: High, 85; 74. iomss mm Prod aims .mlf-HolM .mlf-HolM .mlf-HolM from the Chinese Communists. Communists. V The Chinese Reds poured thousands of shells -on -on the offshore Quemoy Island complex complex to nark Eisenhower's arrival and departure in Formosa. Formosa. Eisenhower's brief stop in Okinawa turned out to be more hectic than had been anticipated. A battalion of U.S. Marines Marines with full battle dress guarded both sides of the SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 1960 Today's News Today Base ti Mow. Im&mw; route his auto passed through here. They had drawn bayonets. As Eisenhower's motorcade motorcade drove into downtown Naha, the demonstrators whipped into a frenzy by slogan-shouting slogan-shouting slogan-shouting cheer leaders leaders broke through civilian police lines, but the marines forced them back with bayonets. bayonets. Innocent spectators yelled In pain and protest,, jhow-ever, jhow-ever, jhow-ever, as they were pressed Turn to Page 2, Column 5 Phone 57-911 57-911 57-911 PRICE 15 CENTS Kishi Home Stormed as Pact Ratified TOKYO, June 19 (AP) Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi Kishi scored a victory over his Communist and leftwing opponents opponents today with final parliamentary approval of a new military alliance with the United States. But thousands of demonstrators, demonstrators, who ha'd chanted and snake-danced snake-danced snake-danced through the city shouting opposition to the treaty up to midnight, surrounded the Prime Minister's Minister's official residence and threatened to keep him penned inside until he met with them. The ratification evened the score in a week of turmoil turmoil over the treaty. The leftwing' had claimed a victory victory when threats of violence forced Kishi to withdraw an invitation to President Eisenhower Eisenhower to visit Tokyo. . It failed in its drive against the U.S.-Japan U.S.-Japan U.S.-Japan defense defense alliance when the treaty was automatically ratified ratified at a moment past midnight. midnight. BLOCK ROADS Thousands of students clustered about the Prime Minister's residence close by the Parliament building and blocked all roads and exits. They vowed to remain un til Kishi met with them "in he same manner as deposed South Korean President Syngman Rhee met with stu dents" during the Korean up rising that finally drove' Rhee from office. Kishi had announced that ne did not expect to leave the residence. He ordinarily lives elsewhere. Time had run out for the Communists and their So cialist allies in the fight against the pact. The automatic automatic ratification came 30 days after approval of the . treaty by Parliament s lower nouse. Action by the upper house. where Kishi's Liberal-Demo- Liberal-Demo- Liberal-Demo- Liberal-Demo- cats have a 135-to-87 135-to-87 135-to-87 135-to-87 135-to-87 majority, majority, could have speeded the Turn to Page 2, Column 2

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