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Fred Koehler - of which thoro will be many, armed with their...
of which thoro will be many, armed with their twn compositions and a desire desire to discusx frankly and fully tlie future possibilities of American music. Xo composer will be heard who is not a. native or a naturalized citizen, the country being represented from Minnesota Minnesota to Texas and from New England to Wan Francisco. On the Sunday preceding preceding the dates of the congress every well known ihurch in the city wlll present, through the co-operation co-operation co-operation of -its -its organist organist and choir, American compositions only, in honor of the coming convention, which will emphasize so brilliantly the native, creative ability of the United States. Wednesday, before the outing at the Zoo. there will be a garden party at the Conservatory of Music In honor of thi" delegates, and Thursday will be devoted devoted to a motor jaunt about the city and its beautiful environs. Friday from 4 to t will be devoted to a composers' session, in which the music writers of the convention will hold a symposium over their own compositions, discussing openly openly and intimately the future of the Muse in this country. As a finale in this episode episode Mr. Howard Brockman will offer a program of his own works, which . are very lovely. It was a satisfaction to the committee to learn that following the idea of Ohio, which 10 months ago announced In the muslo journals of the country Its intention intention to ho'.d the first ail-American ail-American ail-American musical musical convention in the world. New York State, which assembles it Music Teachers' Teachers' Convention on the same dates a those chosen by Ohio. hasJust declared that It. too. will do tlie same thing, presenting presenting nothing during its Hour days' session session but the creations of native composers. composers. Yesterday at the Cincinnati Golf Club the present woman's champion. Miss Roberta Dohrmann. who has not played a much as usual this year, owing owing to her daily -labors -labors at the Red Cross headquarters, where she is indis pensable in the knitting department lost ber match in the semifinals, being four down lo her opponent. Mrs. C. K. Schell. who has been on the links all winter at Bellaire. Fla., where she won a gold medal In competition with some of the best women golfers of the coun try. Miss Klla Banning won from Miss Rhea Geilfus. 4 up and 3, and so will to-day to-day to-day contest championship honors with Mrs. Schell in the finals. This will be a very close game and will be watched with interest, both players being In excellent form. In the second flight Mrs. Frederick Schaefer waa the victor over Mrs. El liott. S and 1. and Mrs. Edmund Hen derson, who began the tournament so well, was defeated in her match with Mrs. Kustis. who won by one hole. In the third flight Mrs. Wm. Miller Out-calt Out-calt Out-calt outplayed her rival, Mrs. Lyon. 4 up and 3. and Mrs. Kent won by default default from Miss Klttredge. who was detained by an all-day all-day all-day meeting of the Red Cross unit at Christ Church Parish House. Miss Kleanore Gholson captured captured honors from Mrs. Stanley Burt. i up, in the fourth flight. Mrs. Clarence Clarence King.- King.- who is the champion of the women of the Ft. Mitchell Country Club, triumphing over Mrs. Charles Breneman, 1 up. This puts in the finals to-day. to-day. to-day. in the four flights. Miss Banning and Mrs. Schell. Mrs. Schaefer and Mrs. Kustis. Mrs. Outcalt and Mrs. Kent, Miss Kleanore Gholson and Mrs. Clarence King. During the afternoon on the charming putting- putting- green beside the women's clubhouse, the members will putt for a prize put up by Miss Banning, Banning, while they wait for final returns from the links. ' ' - Miss Kathei ins Ernst, who will have charge of the war candies and popcorn at the fete on June 11 for the benefit,, Of the Children's Hospital., yesterday selected Mrs. Frank Baldwin, Mrs. William Bahlmaffn, Mrs. Ernst Minor, Miss Angle Farran. Miss Sara Ernst. Miss Bertha Allen Miss Grace Allen. Miss Elizabeth Kroger. Miss Emily Muth. Miss Frances Howe. Miss Ruth Enger and Miss Esther Ransohoff to assist her in this pleasant duty. Mrs. Wallace Urajr also decided upon her chief aides in making the pony track, the donkey races and the balloon selling a feature' of the afternoon for the children, those in her group being Mrs. S. F. Pogne. Mrs. Eshelby Lunken, Mrs. TruxJton . Emerson. Misa Helen Holmes, Miss Elisabeth Cleneay, Miss Alexlna Ferguson and - Miss Leonora Hofer. - Mrs. Charles Moss. Chairman of the Supper Committee, and her Vice Chairman, Mrs. Roger Rogan. will have the Invaluable assistance, of Mrs. Ed- Ed- ward Ernst. Mrs. Victor T. Price and Mfs. A. Clifford Phinkie. "With the supper there will be an ice cream table, which will begin its operation early in th afternoon, .Mrs. Henry Mulil-liauser. Mulil-liauser. Mulil-liauser. Jr.. being in charge. asislrd by Mrs. Fred Koehler. Miss Ollie Koehler, Mrs. Harold Muhlhauser. Mrs. Gordon Mougcy, Mrs. llnry Needles, Mrs. Jack Halters and Mis Kebluui. Cloaely allied with this department of the fete will be Miss Carrie Ualway's lemona,de booth, wliere Mrs. Alfred Caithei" and Miss Anne Sherlock will assist the Chairman. ' Mrs. John Richardson lias asked Mrs. W. W. Stone. Mrs. McVeigh and M-is. M-is. M-is. Lewis Dodd to help her; at the children's dellght--the dellght--the dellght--the dellght--the fish pond. Mr. Fdererlck Hinkle. whose Punch and Judy stunt at the fair at "Belcamp" was so cleverly turned, will display his famous French dolls on this occasion. All committees of the fete are reminded reminded that the supplies for their various various booths ' must reach Bishop's House not later than 10 in the morning morning of the 11th. Especially is this true of the flowers, fruits and vegetables. vegetables. All packages must be left at the general information and checking booth, where Mrs. C. I- I- La Boiteaux and her committee will see that each 's distributed at Its proper destination, thus- thus- removing the possibility of all confusion. , ' Mrs. Lewis Dodd lias agreed to make for this occasion some of the attractive attractive posters which she originated for the Zoo fair last year. These pictures are cut out of magazines and so ingeniously ingeniously put together that they look like colored prints. Each will denominate denominate the booth before which It is placed, thus calling- calling- attention to the wares displayed. Friday. June 7, at 8 o'clock, in the conservatory conservatory auditorium, the graduation exercises exercises of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music will take place, the following interesting interesting program by the Conservatory Orchestra, under Chevalier P. A. Tirln-delli. Tirln-delli. Tirln-delli. being presented: "Star-Spangkd "Star-Spangkd "Star-Spangkd Banner;" Military March, Salnt-Saens; Salnt-Saens; Salnt-Saens; overture. "I Prorriessi Sposi." Ponchlelll; "Molto Lento." Rubinstein; "French Serenade," Serenade," Rlcondi; "Xwo Norwegian Dances." Grieg. The address to the graduates will be delivered by Judge D. D. Woodmansee, and the invocation will be pronounced by Rev. Daniel Mc-Gurk. Mc-Gurk. Mc-Gurk. D. D. PAY TO BE STANDARDIZED In City Department if Civil Service Plan Is Followed. Graded scales of salary rates in all municipal departments, . similar lo the system employed in the Police and Fire Departments, is advocated In the' annual annual report of the Cincinnati Civil Service Commission, lubmitted yester- yester- j day to Mayor GIvin and the State J Civil Service Commission. j "Under the present plan." the report says. '"an employee receives the max im unf salary upon entrance into the service and the only manner In which his salary can be Increased, should he prove proficient and become more valu able after a certain period of service. is to have Council pass an ordinance presiding for the increase. "The commission is also of the opin ion that this metnoa would mean a considerable saving to the city in salaries salaries inasmuch as employees would not receive the- the- maximum salary upon entrance Into the city's service." Relative to alleged inequalities in the municipal service the commission says: - "It is the opinion of the commission that in some instances employees are underpaid, these employees doing- doing- the same quality and character of work as other employees receiving a consider- consider- i ably higher salary." . The report indicates that the com mission Is at work on a plan which ill place municipal , positions on the same standard as similar positions in private life... BISHOP GOES TO EXGLAKD. New York. June 4. Bishop Luther B. Wilson.- Wilson.- of the Methodist Episcopal Church, r-aa r-aa r-aa stlled for England, it was announced here to-day to-day to-day by the National Security League, "to make a series of addresses there in the interest of better fallAu-tkln fallAu-tkln fallAu-tkln hftlvn lh T'nltMt fltstM mnA that country." I C Free and Boats Snow; IKED Alice ews their They and to At J. one copy A forty-five and the Me - !. for today. ill s-sl s-sl

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 05 Jun 1918, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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