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Coffey Hall Railway Strike Mrg 09271897  - Will Try to Avoid a Strike by Urging the...
Will Try to Avoid a Strike by Urging the justice of . Their Cause. NEW UNION TO BE A LEVER All tha Pressure of Organized Labor in Chicago Will Be Brought Into Play. OFFICIAL STATEMENT IS ISSUED Executive Committee Promises to Act in a Manner Intended to Protect the Public and the W.ives and Children of the Men. HAVIG had reajaeata froas the street railway ats all over the elty to atve taeaa aa opportaalty to Jofa oar rraaliatl.s, we have deelded to srrssse a. aerlea of raeetlaara, rorertsg the eatlre elty, aad for the aest three or foar days, at leaat, we will apead oar tlase la holdlaa; theae ateetlaaja aad enrolliag Baeaa-hera Baeaa-hera Baeaa-hera la oar orsaataall.s. Oar eoaaasittee will hold a saeetlaa; eaeh day to disease the altaa-tioa. altaa-tioa. altaa-tioa. We shall avoid a atrlke. aad asake that oar last remedy, for we realise the tnaportaaee of a street railway atrlke to the sraeral pablle. Ksonlss, aa we do, that It affeeta every bub, woasaa, aad ehlld la this err eat elty, aad woald be Injorloaa to Its baaiaena latereota, aBt hy iBjariaaT them woald la the ead affeet all who labor, before reMrtlac to thia extreae aaeaaare atrlke we will roll apoa every- every- . erssBliatl.B aad frieadly aoelety la thia elty to ezhaaat all the anii at their eoataiaad to avert troable. Therefore oar eoaaatlttee will aot wait apoa the atreet railway eoaipaay toatorrow, bat will ao abaat the work of eoaapletlaa- eoaapletlaa- the or araalcatlea of employee. Preeldeat Mahoa haa received a teleraai from Omaha atatlaK that It la aatrae that mea are brlac hired there to eome to Chieaaro. The sea of Omaha state that they are with aa aad will g-lre g-lre g-lre aa all the aaatataaee la their power to earry oae- oae- ead. Prealdeat Mahoa has alao beea waited apoa by street railway mea from Mllwaakee, who atated that we aeed have ao fear of the aaea of that elty taklaaroar poaltioaa la ease of troable. T HE foregoing official statement waa Issued by the executive committee of the South Side branch of the Amal gamated Association of Street Rail way Men of America, after a meeting yesterday yesterday afternoon in Coffey's hall, at Sixty-Third Sixty-Third Sixty-Third and Halsted streets. The executive committee is corai ' t.. seventeen men who were discharged by General Manager Bowen because of their efforts efforts to form an organisation of the employes. They arc : Hugh Carr. John Beeoaiorc, J. A. Gibm. Prnk Polls. Charles C. Thayer, lien ry .eeoer, T. C. McBreen, M. T. Barnacle. C S Moore William Uurkin. H. Zimmerman. rairfc stcinerney. Charles Smith. W. B. Henneman. French Thompson, . Joaepn toney. N. Ktlgallen. W. D. Mabon. president of the national or ganization, met with the executive and the plan adopted was based on bis suggestions. "We propose to have every street car man In Chicago in our organisation." said President President Mahon lat evenlcg. "Tee. that means the men on the North 8Ide and West Side systems, as well as the South Side, and the men on the elevated roads as well as on the surface roads." Will you wait until the South Side men are thoroughly organized before beginning the work of organizing on the North Side and West Side?" No: we will commence immediately to organize the men on alt the street car lines of the city." When and where will these meetings be held?" The subcommittee appointed to arrange for them will meet at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning to select place and the date for the first meeting in various parts ofthe city. At 11 o'clock the report of the sub committee will be presented to the executive committee, which will also meet at Halsted and Sixty-Third Sixty-Third Sixty-Third street." Xo Haatr Aetloa Coatemplated. "When will the executive committee call upon the officials of the Chicago City Railway company in regard to the reinstatement of the men discharged and other matters V Well, not tomorrow," replied President Mahon, with a smile that was full of mean ing. . "Not mil the men feel able to enforce their demands?" Sot till It Is deemed advisable to confer." waa the amended reply of. President Mahoji. ."Are you satisfied with the outlook? "Kor organisation? Yea. Indeed." ."Do you antldr ate a striker ; Tbe executive committee ha declared that will be resorted to only after all other meana have failed to secure the rights of the men. there will be no hasty action on their part, and the-officials the-officials the-officials of the company will have ample time In which to consider their Interest" Interest" ' 'Do you expect to remain In Chicago?". 'Yes, until every street -car -car man In the city la enrolled In our organization and their rights are secured." ' Respoaalblllty oa Bowea. The general feeling of leaders of organized labor in Chicago seems to be that a strike on the South Side street-car street-car street-car system must ensue if General Manager Bowen la maintained la his position by the director of the Chicago City railway. - He has declared that he' will resign before he will recognize' a union of employes or reinstate reinstate the men he discharged. because they undertook it formation. The sole topic of conversation among the South Side street railway men yesterday waa their new union. Those who did not attend the early morning meeting In Coffey' hall were fully Informed of it by those who were there, and urged to enroll their name In the organization at the next meeting. -r -r - . Within a week we'll have all the men In our union except some of Bowen's petaand rpies.". said John A. Gibson, general organizer organizer of the union, yesterday. 'The attendance at this morning' meeting was far beyond the general expectation, and President Mahon was especially surprised and pleased. I wa: not surprised because I knew so, well the feel-' feel-' Ing of the men. They had determined aot to submit any longer toxhe tyrannical rulo of General Manager Bowen. I heartily hopo' It may not be necessary to resort to a strike, but I fear that it will eome if the directors of the Chicago City Railway company continue continue their support of Mr. Bowen's' policy. "If the atreet -car -car men are finally compelled to strike for their right, they wMl have the moralv financial, and political support of all -classes of organized labor." said S. A. Wilson, general organizer of the American Federation of Labor and secretary or the Chicago Fedora- Fedora- tion of Labor. -it -it B my beiJef that a ,(rike is Inevitable." The directors of the Chicago City Railway company will meet this afterncon. The mass meeting of employes yesterday morning-aad morning-aad morning-aad their determination to ornnl nnniw. r j the threats of General Manager Bowen todls- todls- cnarge all who Joined a union, will be discussed discussed at length, it Is certain, but whether Mr. Bowen will be allowed to carry out hia threat and discharge the 600 men now en-rolled' en-rolled' en-rolled' in the union remains to be seen.' It any men are discharged today trouble may follow. DUCK HUNTER SHOT. Aatoaio Saeh Maadlea a Caa Careleaa. I and Looee Hla Life oa UkeTaliaet. WHILE hunting, ducks In a boat on Lake Calumet yesterday Antonio Such, a young Bohemian fruit peddler, peddler, accidentally shot and killed himself. In the boat with him were his wife and two friends, who witnessed the accident, but before they could make an effort to revive him he was dead. The accident occurred about 13 o'clock.. The party, started on the trip about S o'clock In the morning, Such and his wife being accompanied accompanied by Charles and Henry Robinek. who live at No. 797 West Twentieth street. -They -They rowed to the east side of the lake, where they hunted for several hours, but met with poor success. Finally Such decided to row back to the south side. He wa holding the oars when he saw a Bock of ducks flying over- over- -head, -head, and he excitedly reached for his shot- shot- -gun. which was lying In the bottom of the boat. The muzzle of the weapon was toward him, and, a he pulled the gun, out. the hammer struck against the side of the boat with suf- suf- -ficieat force to discharge the gun. The heavy ; load of -duck -duck shot struck the man full in te left breast. He fell forward, almost at the feet of his wife. . The body waa removed to Rolston'a Pullman Pullman morgue. Such lived at No. 623 Blue 11- 11- and avenue. GASH IN HIS FACE. Edward Grsst Drlaka Too Mara, The . Ciete Offeaalve aad la Cat - wlth aKalfe. - T"V AS'THE result of too much Indulgence in West Side firewater. Edward Grant lie, in the county hospital, the right , tide of hi face perforated with a deep gash eight Inches long. - , " Grant and three companion were walking along Curtis streeCnear Washington boulevard, boulevard, at- at- 7 o'clock last evening, cursing, reeling, reeling, and talking In an indecent manner. There were a number of ladle on the atreet. and a passerby objected, to the insults that were offered them. He waa a small man. but ho got right into the crowd and remonstrated. Grant, who 4s a large, burly fellow, took exception exception and struck hi adviser. They clinched and fell. Grant on top. The little man managed to get, hi knife out, and when, it waa all over. Orant had an. ugly cut and hi assailant had disappeared-down disappeared-down disappeared-down an alley... ;The injured man' wounds are not dangerous, dangerous, but he whl have several week to meditate meditate on the evils of over-intoxication. over-intoxication. over-intoxication. Grant I a tower man at the Green street crossing of the Panhandle tracks.

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