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subs4<jnsmU a t he no a and de- a of and oc tr—r • A ;v" ciau. But his health ing axperiesieed m from the limn, bj fath.r, abandeaed .... sion, an* in tha fall of 1S«, cams) HI Mwnea. He brought JetUnofuatroaaa»Iito tus lather's old friaod—B«v. Ebeoezer Bodgen, of Cppar Alton, betwswm whom and the witter there had exisUd a life-loaf friendship, ce meated by a eommen experience of the trials, privations aid ad ventures of pioaaer life, and •fcieh affooa.d a r»ady introduction to am early and most pleasant ocquaiatasoe with Mr. Badley. ' He we, in the family of Mr. Bodgars an-, til the ensuing Spring, when ha carried ou- his purpose of Baking a journey to tbe Rocky Mountains and to Mexieo. H. returned with hualth improved, and shortly after—in 1844—visited Englaad. But having concluded to make this country hit permanent residence, n« again crossed the Atlantic and ro.urned to Upper Alton. ' In April,' 1846, Mr. Bsdley was nniUd in marriage with S»ra\h Ann; the eldest daughterolBev Ebaneier Eodgers. Henow engaged in the pursuit of sericulture as an occupation most conducive to his health. In this chosen business, he was eminently ano cesulul. He continued, however, to bi a constant reader, and every year added many select volumes to his large »nd valuable library. Mr. Badley WM naver asnbilioai of distinction among his fellow-meB. H» desired not offite nor applause. H» greatest happiness wu sought and enjoysid in the bosom of his family circle. He was extremely •idest and retiring in his habits, and hence hii itirling worth wu unknown, a small nomber of --Intimate friends. Ha was a devoted husbsnd,. blessed by ' the reverential, respect and fond affection of his excellent wife. H> was a tender and indulgent father, but ever watchful to correct tha errorsbf nil children and te guide them in the path of duty. He was a kind neighbor and a faithful friend. H» was an honest, upright and conscien- tlons citizen. He was ever ready to succor the needy and to relieve tbe.iufftrins;, ai.d his generous public spirit was often illuslra- t«d by tbe liberality of his contributions in aid of the benevolent and educational inier- prises of the dav. And, to orown all, he was a most intelligent and consistent patriot. Though a foreigner by birth, and strongly attached to his native land, he was yet more attached to the free institu - tiiini of his adoptsd country. Every pulsation of his heart was in unison with the causa of national unity and universal freedom. He earnertly denounced secession as treason, and its ab.'.tors as traitors; and a! a logical conclusion from tbe premises, ne strenuously insisted upon a vigorous and unrelenting pro.eeution of tbe war by a I tho ra«ans justified by tha usage* of civilized warfare. Jlorins; the last ten years of his life Mr. B.dlny had sufiered frum disease of a cons- plicated character—principally consumption In 1859 he vi.iwd England, hoping the 'sen voyage and the change of climate •ni-ht improve his haslih but he derived uu'poraan.nt beDett !rom th« journey. Mr Badlev was a firm believer in the m- .piration of "the Sacred Scriptures and the dor.rines of ,r-re,led religion. Il was.his i.tora everv morning M read a chapter in , 5 Gr*-k le.t.mcnt Dunns; the last few w>e>cs ..f hi! sicknf", h« h.d his children -Maeullv siano by his bi-d»id» and r«»Q » o.tioa ..f the Bible, which ha eipl.mei to b^m ,n » simp;* and epj.ropri.u m»nner. to A B«ik E r thanks O All meet O his tatient Aunn; hi« •nfl*C!"UB l't hlB d.y lully T L bif bu»Ult;- i .••rr*o! : in tils 'aino ducre'l and m,r.B»r th»' *"• w..uld on sj.mrnei. His ouff->nn^ in-: ,=•- ;..w :l.vr .v-rc ii.tsjuie >•'-" l'« r^Ujii't! ^; u ":^; i ^tn;:. in H"«pri ! :.Tp,; Tc."-«' S |:n"ti -n tc nis !i«»<r*nly F«'.h«r\ ».,"l-Ui- unlT d *"" iil ^f 1 J V * ndW 'J 1 i"d>J n * °"r".' .?tiiK«ti«n in wt.ich he wa' h"M ».< ,h- «b«lB community is bwt atustad "y *• ,.ct tb.t nu luu.'al in fjpp.r Alton w, .v.r atlan.1..! hv a .arg»r coticour.e of cit - »nd n(-T«r WM any or.« followed to hi- bT aproCL-«u>n m-.r. deeply sol.uin - (-elintflj scnub!" ol ihmr j-e»t ^^^^^^ ^K^f^l ^•^issttte^^ p n tu v rt pro- :hi

Clipped from
  1. Alton Telegraph,
  2. 29 Dec 1865, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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