Jazz cabaret review 9Oct1920

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Jazz cabaret review 9Oct1920 - TATLER (Copyright.) n - fell to talking of...
TATLER (Copyright.) n - fell to talking of things theatrical as they Happen nere. Miia one: "So and so played here last week did you see him?" f, Said the other: "No, I did not. I heard nothing of Bts , fu ., t trf - notices in the papers, you j don't know whether ihe theatres are open or closed in this town .... no fuss is ever made beforehand .... a few weeKs alter the appearance of some really good actor, you will hear in a camjal, matter matter matter - of - fact way, that he npared here on si)i h and such a date. I'iii yuu ace him? No ! - ail, too bad !" Which is true; rather amusing: pathetic pathetic in a way. and a black eye for little old Vancouver. Oh! these "showers for brides". I'm tired of reading about 'em. Why doesn't someone someone commence a "shower lor wives"? I'm sure the need Is greater. j IsISHOr A. C. 11 Al.h, of Vermont. U. S. I who attended, the Lambeth Confer - j errce in Kngland, spoke, while there, strong - ! ly against the American divorce system, j "A hideous condition of things, " he called j it. What is more, the ISlshop said some - I tiling really worth while when he gave ut - j terance to the following: j ''You won't cheek divorce by preaching against it. What is wanted is a much plainer teaching about marriage, marriage duties and marriage respniisihiltl ies. If! you teach true marriage, you don't leave I room lor divorce. I here are too many hasty and thoughtless marriages. truly, and if my mood gets the better part of my Judgment, don't forget to come back with one of your prand slams. We fellows needs a bracer now and again. I remember remember reading recently your longing for the hmk - lo - natiire life. .Now it so happens that 1 have exactly what you long for, only that 1 am not living the pure and simple life through choice, but through necessity. All night long I breathe the pure ozone of the country. The fragrance of pine, and fir fills the air. not a sound, unless occasionally the hoot of an owl, the mooing of a cow or Ihe shrill notes of a train whittle. I happen at present to be a nlghtwatchman out here In a little sawmill, sawmill, which accounts for the above. 1 re - rnemtMT last soring, when at the first lrm of dawn, the members of the feathered tribe began to twitter, at first an occasional - hint, increasing in volume as ttie si;y brightened up. until the full chorus was sending lis Joyous song to its maker fat t 1 liked to think so) .... I leave work at 0 a.m., and, as I come home, my very soul delights In the purity of this undisturbed undisturbed country life. Civilization, no doubt, gives ii s many luxuries; but it can never produce anything so grand in its scrculiy ;is the fn - shiH'ss ,,j .. (i,lintrv morn in summcri line. Vet, liu,. most other things that lite lets to otter, we irrou' wearv sotne - t lines and pine fur cmitriist. Well, this desire t.,r contrast rurrli'it yours humblv up to ain onvcr re. i ntly. anil, as I had only n few hours at mv disposal, 1 may say I crammed them with all the sensation I imld. Well, dear 'lutler. wiial do you think was the greatest desire of mv holiday? holiday? To visit a carburet"! So in 1 wvnf. A colored orchestra was busy making the welkin ring. The d:irk mrls ami features features of the pianist, outlined against the while sheet of music, made a reallv striking striking contrast. Indeed, 1 thought it was on ideal study in black and white - - and, O Hoy! you should have heard the notes oine pattering from that music box lost i tiaiisioncs railing I he trombone player also took mv with his alternate puffing at a hitr gar and blowing out his jazz - notes. a wailer who of bows and ; like roof. fancy black ! I was ushered to a seat by i emeriaineii me to a series i ND n:iK WK HAVE an Arnerlrsn s"!,.,'",1 ,wbllp handing me the il . ,. . . . i i Nothing more sensational, professor, Iir. Illhben. head of Prince - ! i,,r," jf yml hnv(, ,llu .,,,. the menu. .Now, "Tnt - lice In r.Miit an ton University, laying at the door of the I far. you'll know that I enjoy your weekly American woman the reenonslblllty of all the grave unrest with which that country Is now afflicted. u a corrugated I Dr. Hihlien, who knows his country from one end to the other, doesn't mince words, either. Speaking of Ihe modern dance and the dancing frock, for Instance, he says: "it is the same in the west as in the east, in the north as In the south," lie says. "Kvery where there exists the same barbaric barbaric licence in women's dress, familiarity In manners and barbaric licence in dancing. The modern dance is an orgy, and women expose themselves shaiueiessly and invite a ramlllanty which Is shocking anil repulsive." repulsive." lie was asked : "Whose fault is it men's or wotnen'sr" Tmhesitatlngly he answered: "Women's. They half - undress themselves aud fling themselves at men's heads." "What do you think causes this?" he was next asked. In surnrbdng tones the arrest education ist replied: "it Is not the young women, rne Kins: u is tne mothers, the o iter gen eration." He suld : "Two years ago the young men Went Into the army. I'or two years there were no young men for the girls to marry. marry. The young men came flocking back and the mothers wanted to cutch up thoso two years of lost time. They undressed their girls and drove them out to sell their charms to the men. Mothers force the girls to do It; yes, and they do It themselves." ACCOM) I N TO LATH RE - OilT. the nriee of floor is droo ping, so, maybe. Mother will git busy baking bread, waffles and good old - fashioned fashioned fashioned Johnny eake again, umi thus restore the moral tone ot the natiou. Between ourselves, ourselves, Jane, I feel sorry for the modern woman. She hits too much time on her hands. Now the olii - fiishlomsl wile was so busy keeping her John out of the bur or the club, diirulug socks for her brood. and sewing for the heathen blacks, that she never had a chance to Jazz, or wander down the path which is called broad and Jolly. Hut rumor Is that hard times are coming, and, for lny part, 1 have an Idea that It may do good. We have gone a bit wide and wild ; wat we need In the chastening chastening rod. PALE CHEEKED WOMEN TOID ABOUT RESTORING A ROSY COMPLEXION cuius immensely and wisti you all snrts of I A good wishes. "WHI.I, WIS 1 1 1 : It." I Tllho. Kdmonlon. Alia. - You lose The i man was here for a few months; Is at pros j ' I J jis , levied I I in i so, in, to 1 Woman' a as a I do the A few ye'ars ago the pirl with pale, liawn cheeks scarcely knew what to do in order to restore her fading ap pearance. At that time there was no blood - food medium made that really would put color and strength Jnto systems that were more or less worn out. Today it's different. The blood can be quickly nourished, caji be made rich, red and healthv. All you have to do is take two Ferrozone Tablets with a sip or two of water after meals. The effect is almost magical. Molliets, look at your children. Are they ruddy and strong do they eat and sleep well, or are they pale, weak, ami anaemic? FKRROZOXE will rebuild them. Take your own case is your blood strong, and rich? llavo you that old - time strength and vigor, or ate you somewhat under 'the weather? FKRROZON'K will supply the strengthening elements you require, it is a blood - forming, nourishing tonic that makes every ailing person well. FERROZONE is a marvellous remedy, remedy, it contains in concentrated form certain rare qualities tiiat especially TI1K MAIL IIAO Well Wisher," Longley Prairie, writes i fit In cases of anaemia, poor color tli In blood, tiredness, and loss of weight. Every day you put off using FER - ground. Oct it to - deal - In part: "Hear Tatler. Ho you think ynn'll find I time to listen to the woes, joys and opinions opinions of poor me? I'm an old World sub - scrioer umi isko it ror grameu mar your noON'F vou losi rir" VT' : Vl '.h.v, sold I. 60 cent boxen by ting off their surnlns steam." Ilnf don't I era, or by mail from the Calarrliozono look for any flowery epistle from yours ;t'o.. Kingston, Ont. adv. P. an

Clipped from
  1. Vancouver Daily World,
  2. 09 Oct 1920, Sat,
  3. Page 26

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  • Jazz cabaret review 9Oct1920

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