Moroni Skeen shot October 3, 1893

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Moroni Skeen shot 
October 3, 1893 - MORONI SKEEN SHOT. Joseph Mooney of Slatervllle...
MORONI SKEEN SHOT. Joseph Mooney of Slatervllle Settles an Old Feud. Skcon Receives Ttiroo Bullets, None Nec- eisarllr Fatal-Cold Blooded Atralr- Moonoy Gives Hlmsolf Up. As the result of a long standing feud, raused by a law suit, Joseph Mooney last night shot three times nud aeriouuy if not fatallv wounded Moroni Skeen of Plain City.'Tlio shooting created tho greatest excitement in Slateryille, where it occurred, and at Main Citv. Skeen has three bullet holes in his body, one in the back ot his head, another in the shoulder and still another in tho thieh. None of them, however, are necessarily fatal. Mooney is occupying a cell in the county jail, having given mmsolf up to the officers. The preliminary examination may bo tomorrow, or it may be postponed unlil Skeen is able to be about again or there is some change for the worse. * , Tho readers of tho press will remember 'the suit planted and prosecuted u-y JMoroni Skeen against William Skeen and Joseph Mooney, to recover damages alleged to have been sustained by the lormer on account of tho latter turnjnz off tlio waler from his farm and growing crops. After the suit had been passed upon by a jury in tho Fourth district court, judgment had been given to Moroni Skccu and an appeal taken by tho defendants had licen - disposed ot in the supremo court against tho appellants, an equity caso'wtis instituted and tried before Judge Miner and this, too, went in favor of Moroni Skeen. The judgment has been paid although Skeen and Mooney declara that it was fraudulent. In all it has cost them over $3,000. Tho thoughts of lhat suit and its final outcome have so preyed upon Mooney s mind that it has evidently tecome deranged upon Una particular matter. Theconlinual brooding over tho case has made him peculiar m several respects and when last night ho met face to face on tho Slatervillo road near his own homo, tho man who he thinks has wronged him ho must have become temporarily, at least, unbalanced, for ho drew his revolver, a 14- calibro- Smilli t Wesson, anil Qred at Skeen. The htter" was driving in a wagon nnd was headed forborne, having hccn to tho city on business. Mooney called for him to stop, but instead of doing so Skeen whipped np. in an attempt t» pass the old man. Thi first shotThad grazed the back of Sicen's head and at the report the team startol to ran nway.''Mooney opened lire Bfrain, this' lime selecting one of the horses to-bis- victim, and -dropped the animal; in. Its tracks. This, of coarse, stopped the team and Skeen .;v-a«attho mercy o! his enemy. Jnrt . how became to fall froao.the wagon isun- kcown, but it must h»ye been due totho force of tho bullets, tijo more'of which Mooney sent Into Slcconla body, one in the shoulder and the other in the thlgli. Two of the six cartridges in tho revolver refused to cxplodo. and to this doubt- lets Skeen owes bis.lifc. AseoonaihU victim struck the ground tho old inai rushed up to him, with the evident in lention of finishing his work, ami just what caused him to desist is unknown except for his own statement, which i: to Iho effect that Skeen begged for hit life on account of his children. T\V( gentlemen from Plain City, Messrs Itichardeon and Kaet, wcro .armni homeward along the same road just 03 hind Skeen and when they reached the scene the two men were very close to each olhcr. They wcro separaled and the gentlemen placed Skeen in thei wagon and toot him homo to Plan City, where Drs. Conroyand Powers ar rived a short time after, having bcei summoned by telephone. A tele phono messag'e also apprised Slicnf lielnap of the fact of tho shoot ing, and in company with Deputy I.impert ollicial at once drove out Plain City, tho message being to the «I feet that the shooting had occurred a Moroni Sheen's. When he reaclifi Plain Oily ho found out the mistaki and made a search lor Mooney, but th old man had already been driven to th city nt his own request nnd made cverj effort to find the sheriff. Meetm Jailor Baxter of the city j'ail upon tin street, Mooney gave himself up and wa taken to the city jail and later remove by lielnap to the county jail. When seen at the city jail last night aSr(XBABB reporter Hoonoy was vor; close mouthed about tho shooting am did not desire to givo any particulars further than that he had shot Skeen be cause ho was n perjurer and robber there was no justice in the courts. Hi manner seemed very peculiar, .althoug ho was far from being excited. II would harp upon Iho fact that the la\ suit had gone "gainst him and th amount of money it has cost him. The Pupils Debt Statement. . WISIII.SOTOX, Oct. 2.--The public deb statement shows a net increase, les cash in tho treasury, during the mont. oi September of $834,793. There wcs reduction of $408,277 in cash. The in tcrest bearing debt is $585,037,640,11] debt on which interest has ceased i $1 981,770. and the debt bearing 1.0.11 terest is $374,364,264: Total, $961,386 'certificates and treasury notes offse by an equal amount of cash in the ury, show an increase during the mont of $4 610,482. The gold reserve stand at $93,582,172. . , . Tho total receipts of Mire Kjvernr since July 1st have been if 79,379,1-',-- fhe expenditures $98,459.127.. In th same time the receipts from carton" to off over $13,000,000 compared with th corresponding pwiod of 1892 «·*«-««· tcrnalreyenue .receipts nearly $6,000 ^The expenditures for . pKisions for these three months were'about $3,500,. 000 less than the eame tipie .oat year, ^·ho total increase In the circulation national bank notes for the past year has been ,35,611,254. ^ r · Washington--Tho amount, of silver offered for g .alo at the traasur-'depart- mont today aggregated 420,000 oifnccsi at Irom74Kto 78 cenU per ounce. All offers were declined and 1V cents per ounce waa tendered. amendment Ihe bill. bo inline enough increase addressed possible primarily tnd gold York of In banks Ihcir and prohibiting Ho plan in of floor cause of In said been and and A official when Down the y were

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  • Moroni Skeen shot October 3, 1893

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