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stone and ,mcnt* . a way This I^iv- the entire effective, up the and $1.00 and store of -"our market Home . & do' all anv- You get Iiiv. lias'^tiioved' the Ven- Washington, D. ('. Juno 20.- In- leriiatif>ii .Tl roinaiic. ^ .in- a drug 011 the marke'!, but, an of such vi- trolit elements as -that ..f the wedding of ,Mi-is Margu -.-rii-,- I'.slelle Baker, 'adopted daughter .li a \N'ash- ngton physician, and .Mplu .11 =e Ze- aya, eldest >,iiii of the jiresideiit of Nicaragua, is rarely unfolded ou't- sid:- (be '''io -ceut thrillers. Mrs.- Zelaya left W'iisliington le^s thanFthrec months ago a bride. ,'\f- ter about six w.cks of: Npw Vok life, wber- Scnor Zelaya wa.i presumably seeking lucrative and congenial occujiation, the bride returned to her father's hous-_- and it is under- steod love's young dream is ended forever. Miss Baker met young! Zelaya last siJtnmer, on a trip to Mount Vernon. A student x>i the local university pre- .^ented him.' The littlej>lind god got busy. • Zelaya, not yet of age .h^d been 'ai West Point and was JakTng a few weeks' vacation. He haunted the Baker horns and soon Miss,. Backer was proudly "exhibiting a . handsome diamond engagement ring, In tb.e autumn Senor Corea, Nicaraguan minister and warm friand; of his chief, arrived in Washington, and heard o^ the romance. vHl- <;xpo .s';u- K'^S^^S^^'^KSILSP^S. BEAUTIFUL, AMERICA wedding continuing, he cableiiPrcsi-- dent Zelaya. • . .- .;. , Under orders from his chief .PinH- crton detectives wsre engaged aiid an abdiiction worthy the .pen. of C(>nan Doyle, was pulled ofiF.: Zelaya. while calling on his fiancee,: "was: decoyed to a cab, handcuffsd, taken to ihar the president (.t Nicara ).;iia entirely dis:ippr,ived of the niiuli, Rnniiir has it'that ;tlie 111.mud life of th' Zelaya's was lirilliaiiT if llr^•f. Th, y lived at the 'WaUb.n X^ioria for a cciuiile_ of vteks and thou moved to a less e-\piliisive li.ilt'l n-ear the park.' Letters toi the Nu aranuan pajia brought word that the coupl'; u.uild get 11 .1 welcoiie from him. lie suggested that the i young husband go to WpRK and sippbrt lii« bride. Mor-. let'.ers and calil -.-gram •> brought similar ansxvers. .-X draft drawn on his father! by the son was unhonored. , I Then .the bride suggestid that t^he young man seek Kork. .-MphonSL' objected. Maybe ,ilie miKht get som -ithing. to do. '$0 many .•\\Tieri- can girls \\-orkcd foi'their iiusbtinds. Then ths dream ol love was, shattered and Madam I Maguerite' returned hoTTii. •' Meanwhile it is rumored that. youngvZelaya ^returiied -to his own country and a rtcetu ^spatch from Panama states thq'f he is now a cc.donel at the htrtd of 200 Giiate- nialan insurgents, .aboard the .sjhjp Empire, -which now lays.ofT .^an .Jo-'e, Guatamala, aching for a fight. Indi.iit liavc Lur BlacKi', I '.niik .b'l .r F.nid, I 'lir of Park National Loins; Kansas For of Bank l'"or Atoka. of ^ For Bank '; I-'or Duraiit, CLUB COLUMN .Remember., that ,it'-rs .fjir better [1 give peri^ajitnt; watchful aind iutelii'- gent care to the trees already exi-^'.- the. Nicaragnan_ legation, and. later, j ing or plar'ed on .\rbor Day," tli:'i under guard. was transported to; constantly set, (j'li't and negfe-; - Trees 'ffc'Spond quickly to Nicaragua by way of Ne\v Orleans. In New Orleans, Zelaya 'eluded his guards long enough to send a dispatch to '^li.;.<^ Bake/r. _^declaring bis unchanging affection and liis^deter- mlnatiiiri to return in the spring. President Zelaya put his son 'co work in a big commercial house. The ardent lover, however, wrote more f<.ivcnt letters to his sweet- new trees. care and'to see that oiig which ha* been neglected is rtr<iperly cared for. guarded from injilHotis insects, furnished with fcrti[izi't, i)rotccted from cleciric wires, ,ind dlhcrwise iutcUi- geiyly handled ?,nd appreciated, is a w-ry comnieinlablij work. \',i mor,. disL -ourWgiug task cap be uiHlertakcri as th,- jiiitial effort .d a I of activity should , after positive ach • scored in other n only 'be taken up icyeincnt has been more ho|)cfiil di- re4 :tions. The indbnsistent American reverence for tbtjrights of the man heart, and shortly after Christmas he group of civic woi^cers thaij to atv fors .i .ik his home and sailed direct, |^.n,pt the abatemdiit of outdoor ad- io New .Orleans. • vertising and ijinoke; these two lines There he was attacked with appen- • dicitis, r.nd spent several weeks in a hospital in New Orleans. He finally arrived Tn Washington, and prepariEd for ^thc,wedding. : • ...c .1.1 i-^ •• that Zelaya declaredrfhat he liad 'che (h,. loose's "and iut-oi'iVenlences "e.xpi'-' full consent^ of his ffVthcr; and that rienccd by the .lar'^er number of after a honeymoon in New 'Vork those wh.^ snffci- 'from the thought they \\ere to sail to Managua. Scnof less greed of modern ".enterprise" Corea. however, informed. Dr. Bak^r has StrongL- entrtmcbed the Smoke -— . and advertising oi'eiiders. TI.MK'IS THE TEST. ^ But when smolji; and posters, and —''awied disfigurenfeijts do clairn altcn- form c^ss the 'the blousc

Clipped from
  1. Muskogee Times-Democrat,
  2. 20 Jun 1906, Wed,
  3. Page 3

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