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Coffey Hall with a Joseph Coffey mention 10011897 - ( HOHDS ABOI'T THE HALL. (Iliirna Maalfril a...
( HOHDS ABOI'T THE HALL. (Iliirna Maalfril a Ueep latere In tie Oilromr. As early as 7:20 o'clock crowds began to gather around the corner of Halsted and Sixty-Third Sixty-Third Sixty-Third streets. In anticipation ot tha atreet-car atreet-car atreet-car men's mass meeting, to be held In Coffey hail. Although the meeting was not advertised to begin until 10 o'clock, much interest interest was displayed and everything pointed to an enthusiastic meeting. Of the 1.000 men congregated probably very Tew were street-car street-car street-car men, but curious people aeeking excitement. Newsboys crying "Extra "Extra All about the great street-car street-car street-car strike." were doing a thriving business and the noise they made was only exceeded by a Salvation army band, which seemed to be a center of attraction. Everybody was orderly, with only one policeman policeman in sight, who did not seem to know what to do with himself. Coffey hall contained about Bfty people, who tad planted themselves in seats, preparatory to holding them down until the hour of opening. opening. Although many of them were not directly directly interested, they expressed themselves in sympathy with the street-car street-car street-car employes, and excited groups cast reflections of no gentle character upon a corporation which presumed to say that its employes bad no right to band themselves together for mutual protection. Popular sentiment was with the men and lo man it was stated that they would stand by them and assist them financially, if a strike resulted. Nicholas Kllgallon. one of the executive committee of the Amalgamated association, with a number of assistants, was bustly working working among tbe crowd, singling out tbe streetcar streetcar men and discussing the situation with them. He said: "We are going to have a rattling good meeting. meeting. Every one of tbe boys is alive to the situation and will do his duty. It Is rumored mat tne munr will attempt to pack the meeting, but we are prepared for them. It wHl be left to the boys to say what shall be done. If tbey say strike, strike It will be. Tbe talk that we are not prepared and that auch a move will be premature is not true. .We are well organized, much better than is generally supposed, and the lines could be tied up on short notice if we wouM but give the word. I am In favor of fighting. It is time to stop bowing down to these people." Taiaka the Mayor Erred. William Moore, former secretary of tbe Pressmen's union, one of the speakers ot the evening, said to a reporter for The Inter Ocean before the opening of the meeting: "Mayor Harrison made a great mistake in going; Dciwe z-miucu. z-miucu. z-miucu. ...v... j . . tki.n with ttim mn fhn mavnr jlUKt-u jlUKt-u jlUKt-u ...... -' -' e a large city has no light to take sides agaicst a corporation. He should, at least, w - r.r.. nui until tha situation de manded his attention. However, it bas happened, and the apparent snub will do the company no good. I'nless there de- de- veloDs tome good reason why the striae should be delayed I cannot see how It can be avoided within a day or two. It will certainly develoo tonlcbt what the result will be. Personally I am opposed to a strike, but I will not attempt to stand in the way. "An injunction restraining the company from interfering with the men organizing has been seriously discussed. A number of able lawyers maintain it would hold, and this may offer a loophole to avert an immediate strike. This, however, could not affect tbe men that have already been discharged, which seems to be the bone of contention. "It is a very serious situation, but the men are In position to make the strike effectual If it seems best. They now. to my knowledge, have 80 per cent of the men enrolled, and most of the balance are sympathizers, so that the organization is quite strong." T. C. McBreen of the executive committee arrived from secret meeting of the committee committee at 9 o'clock. He said : "You can depend upon It that there will be no strike ordered tonight, but the union will be maintained and a strike will not come until the company forces it. ronp.wrs motto .o si hrexder.- hrexder.- C'aafereare Betweea Officials and the Mayor Prstves Fr alt less. President Wheeler and General Manager Bowen ot the Chicago City railway called on Mayor Harrison at 3 o'clock yesterday, in rV-?r- rV-?r- rV-?r- rV-?r- vr luest three days ago. j- j- with the mayor for ray officials left by a order to avoid being i' : . . taking a statement for - - - ... bo .3. ! ultless," said Mayor The railroad officials Harrison afterwara. simply said that they would not confer with committee of their employes and would not They gave as the reason for their refusal that 'there Is nothing to confer about.' " '"Did you try to get them to agree to meet committee of the employes T" "1 certainly did. I used every argument la my power, but to no avail." "What answers did President Wheeler make your arguments?" "He simply reiterated that there was 'nothing 'nothing to confer about with the men.' " "What did Oeneral Manager Bowen say T" ."He only spoke once, and then he said that the men were discharged for 'fomenting discord.' I bad said that the legal right of the company to discharge the men for Joining a oatoa would probably be contested. I said plainly I dlda't think the company had a right do so. It was then Mr. Bowen declared the men were discharged for 'fomenting discord.', discord.', not because they formed a union " "Do tbe officials anticipate a striker' "Mr. Wheeler said the company would ex-gteet ex-gteet ex-gteet police protection In case of a strike " "What answer did you maker "What answer could I maker "You might have said they wouldn't get It," was suggested. "Well. 1 didn't say so." 'Are you pleased with the attitude of the Official toward the employee T" "I am not. I am very much disappointed." Will you make any further effort to bring about arbitration r Mala. V W .4.a.a. .11 V - a ... . - "' s is. that line. I'm aorry to say." After tha railway officials left Mayor Harrison Harrison received the committee of tha street car men's unioa. President Hugh Carr and Je-aeph Je-aeph Je-aeph Coffey and John A. Gibson, members at the executive committee. The street-car street-car street-car men were also greatly dlt-- dlt-- appointed when I told them that the-offlclals the-offlclals the-offlclals fcad refused to meet them la conference," aaid tha mayor la describing this visit. , "The atreet-car atreet-car atreet-car men IcAA tne thev dLtf mat want la

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  2. 01 Oct 1897, Fri,
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