Springfield (MO) News-Leader 11 Jan 1966 Norman bust

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Springfield (MO) News-Leader 11 Jan 1966 Norman bust - . AntUViet, tjomosexual Literature Found File...
. AntUViet, tjomosexual Literature Found File Dope, Lewdness Counts On 14 in Oklahoma U Raid NORMAN, Okla., (UPI) -Charges were filed Monday gainst to University of Okla. homa students and four former student following a raid on an apartment that produced a supply of marijuana, other oar-cotics and anti-Viet Nam war literaturt, Among those charged was Frank Phillip III of Tulsa, Okla., who identified himself as the great-grandson of the founder of Phillips Petroleum Co. lie was accused on t misde-meanor charge ,of entering a house for the purpose of lewd-ness. Felony charges of possession of marijuana were filed against the It other boyi. Two girls, both 18, were charged with engaging in lewdness. Cleveland Co. Atty. Preston Trimble said one of the girls was found nude and in bed with a boy and the other girl was clad only In red panties. The boys ranged in age from 19 to 23. The marijuana charges carry a maximum penalty of up to a 15000 fine and seven years in prison. The lewdness charges provide upon conviction for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year in jail. It was the second scandal to break on the university campus In the past 24 hours. In the other, it wis disclosed that 12 athletes bad sexual relations with a l . year old girl in an athletic dormitory over the Christmas holidays. The two events were not related. Dr. William Rex Brown, dean of students, said disciplinary action was being studied against the youths in both cases; this could include expulsion from the university. Officers raided the apartment house near the university campus late Saturday night. Trimble, who took part, said the amount of marijuana was small "You could get all of it into AWOL Sailor Begins Term for Robbery KAIIOKA. Mo. (UPI) -Larry John Ries, 18 year old AWOL sailor, was driven by automo bile yesterday to the state penl tentiary at Jefferson City to serve a five year prison term for armed robbery. "VRies, of Groton, S. D., plead ed guilty last week in Kahoka in connection with three- rob beries which netted him $.25. He entered the homes of three farmers in Clark County on New Year's day and was captured one hour later, at a roadblock ,at Memphis, Mo. Ries 'wa attached to the Great Lakes Naval Training Base in Illinois. Slow down at sundown. H'H.'..'rJ1TTl.. I (1,11 match box." Police said they found several marijuana cigarette butts, va rious boxes of anphetamenei and barbiturates and a large quantity of stimulant drug, Peynote, They also found a home-made water pipe. Labor atory testa were to be run on the pipe which officers said may have been used for,smo ing opium. The raid also .produced pot ers and literaturt against the war in Viet Nam, along with books on homosexuality and torture. The literature was signed by several groups, Including the "Committee for Non Violent Action." the "American Friends' Service Committee" and the "War Registers League." Lapel buttons found stated "Get. Out of Viet Nam" and "Don't Toy with War." Trimble said some of the boys were among those who participated in a recent anti Viet Nam war march. He said offi cials were checking to see which of the boys were members of the local "Students for a Democratic Society" chapter. All 14 arrested in the raid pleaded innocent at their arraignment before Special Ses sions Judge Tom Lucas. Two of the boys, John Arden Bateman, 19, of Duncan, and David Wilson Herr. of Nor man, both 19, were ordered admitted for mental observation. Bond was set at $3000 each in the marijuana charges. Young Phillips' bond was set at $1000 and his attorney, Ben Benedum of Norman, ar ranged for his immediate release. The other boys were re turned to jail until they could make bail. One of the girls, Cynthia Ann Sawtell of Aterton, Calif., was released on $1500 bond and the other, Jane Adams of Oklaho ma City, on $300 bond. Most of the boys accused on the marijuana charges wore Beatle style haircuts and tight fitting jeans. Officers mistook one of the youths for a girl in making the arrests. Two of the boys had long, shimmering black curls. Charged with possession of marijuana were Bateman Herr, Phillips, 18; Paul Leslie Chesnut, 22. Bartlesville; Stephen Baxter Marr, 21, J.awton; Larry Dean Owens. 23, Beaver; James Gregory Ryan, 20, Suit- land, Md.; Michael Cary Bried 19, Seattle, Wash.; Ronald Wayne Elliott, 22. Altus, Terry Irwin Abrams, 22, Wichita Falls, Tex., Robert Dean Williamson, 21, Ardmore, and Lawrence Mc- Farland, 23, Norman. Chesnut, Bateman, Marr and Eliott are former students at the university. The remainder presently are enrolled at the school. 1 rn-Tr-""'rM LUrCriMU , .Mortineiit ef pills, seeds and Jars confiscated In a weekend raid at an apartment near the University of Oklahoma at Norman. Officers picked np 14 persons, It of them university students. Also confiscated In the raid was printed matter oppoking the Viet Nam war effort. Ilenslee said marijuana was found "all over the place." Over Plane, Incident 'Shoot to Kill Chiang Orders TAIPEI (UPI) -President Chiang Kai-shek, angered by the Communist downing of an unarmed Nationalist plane car rying three Red Chinese defectors, sent warships and jets into the Formosa Straits Monday with orders to shoot any Red targets in sight. Military sources said the Nationalist .air force, navy units and the garrison forces on Mat-su and Quemoy islands had been ordered to "full alert." "Nobody knows what is going to happen," said Maj. Gen. Liu Shun-wu, a defense ministry spokesman. The situation here was considered the most critical since 1958 when the Reds bombarded the Nationalist-held offshore islands of Quemoy and Matsu. The crisis was touched off when an undisclosed number of Chinese MIGs swooped down on a Nationalist seaplane Sunday about 15 minutes after it left Matsu on a flight to Taipai. Aboard were three Communist sailors who had surrendered their 25-ton landing ship' to the Nationalists a few hours earlier in what was considered a sig nificant propaganda coup. Also aboard were an undisclosed number of crewmen and WWIMWW- f" WWW ffW "i 1 ii Nationalist officials who had welcomed them. Nationalist officials laid all aboard apparently were killed. Peking's New China News Agency said the . Nationalist plane had been on a "harassing and sabotage" mission over tne east- China coastal regions and commended the air force for its quick action. It was .not im mediately clear if tne neas were aware that defectors were aboard the craft. Be a careful driver today, not a sorry one tomorrow. 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  • Springfield (MO) News-Leader 11 Jan 1966 Norman bust

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