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SUINBMBOf IS0U9HTTDKILL ti FATHEB SAYS - Kaiser but Of Escaping Conllnurd from Clayton Youth Planned Murt- derof Parent Brother and Two Officials IMITATED OUTLAW TRACY Sixteen Year - Old Lad LPn9 Was Feared by Residents of Clayton Movies and a dosira to smulata racy th famous outlaw Inspired Prank Tutt Jr bad boy of Clayton klllsd Saturday In a revolver duel with Conitable Charlea Chapman to embark on a career ot crime which was to nave included the murder of four persona according - to Contra Coita county authorities who hare been investigating - the shooting L The murders according to District Attorney AB Tinning were planned for the elimination of persona connected with an attempt a discipline young Tutt for his wayward career The Victims - were to have been his fathor Frank Tutt Br his brother Tony Tutt Justice of the Peace Ous Ooethals and Constable Charles Chapman YOUTH HEAVILY ARMED Before the boys Intentions could be carried out his temper got the best of him with the tesult that m con - temolated nlan ended at the Martlnei morgue wltlt the young desperado himself the victim Tutt was killed heavily armed In a - duel with Constable Chapman In the streets of Clayton ten miles from Marttnes The killing occurred after Tutt had hunted up Chapman who held a warrant for his arrest at the latter home and dared him to make the arrest When Chapman accepted the challenge a battle fol lowed In which young Tutt was killed bringing to an end his contemplated career of crime and out lawry OUTLAW HIS HERO Young Tutts history as told at the District Attorneys office shows strange similarity to that of his hero the outlaw Tracy whom he sought to Imitate Sullen and morons from birth Tutt was always known for his violent and uncontrolled fits of temper his wild habits and general Incorrigibility He was known as Claytons bad boy and pointed iut as an example of everything that a boy of his age should not be With a knowledge of this community opln - Ion the boy early In life set his hand to plannnig trouble for the neighbors lhat he knew hated him Jfor years he has been In scrapes and difficulties of various kinds LEADER OF GANO He was the leader of a gang that t rrorized farmers and residents ot his section until they demanded protection from him from the authorities During his most violent fits of temper he frequently beat severely his two younger brothers Tony and Harry and on one occasion attacked his father an employe - of the Bay Point shipyard Going from bad to Worse young Tutt several months ago began to turn his attention to outlawry Word of his actions based upon scenes he had witnessed at movies reached tho Clayton authorities One afternoon Constable Chapman stopped him on the street and took away from him a revolver of heavy caliber which ha Was known to be carrying At that time Chapman warned Tutt that he would not be allowed to go about armed Tutts cruelties In his home finally drove his father last Friday to seek the assistance of Justice of the Peace Gus Ooethals Young Tutt received an Inkltntt ot his fathers Intention J Stealthily he shadowed him to tho home of the Justice The father suspecting that he was being watched and hi conveivatlon overheard made not attempt to fellow out his original intention of asking that he be placed on probation THREATENED HIS FATHER When he left the house he encountered his soi at the gate Young Tutt flew Into a rage and Informed h In father that he had been watching him through a crack in the blinds and that he had been waiting for him to make up his mind what was to be done Ive decided not to ask for probation for you said the father thoroughly terrified by his son You bet your life you wont young Tutt replied IFs Itnla aH n rnvnlvp ami warnMl I - 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flnnllv iin Hi PnhlnAt ni sist In Its refusal William no longer knows Taking precautions for eventuality ho is writing his defense He is gettlns ready to declare that he win do anything rather than cause by his presence a erlous wrong to the country upon which he Imposed hlmaelf without an inf ltatlon What Is his defense From what I know of his conversation It hinges on two essential points The first point Is The documents published show that when I knew ot the Servian re - ply to Austria I believed Austria had Finally young Tutt called away out Well I see youve got the papers The constable looked up Yes herald Ive got them Well why dont you come and get me asked Tutt derisively FIIIES ON CONSTABLE Constable Chapman laid down his ax I am he said He started toward the gate As he reached the fenceTutt whipped out a revolver and opened fire The tlrst shot went wild Chapman brought his gun into play shooting for the nth - lie misseu Again iuvt would kill his father JiiatlceGoelhala and Constable Chapman If any attempt was made to arrest him lie also told Tony that he had not forgotten a beating received at Tonys hands and that he would square that acpre at the same time lie wound up the threats by the declaration thatthey would never get him alive and that he would kill himself before submitting to ar - rest SPIED ON JUSTICE Saturday morning the elder Tutt again visited Justice Ooethals and told him that he feared for his life Young Tutt who had been watching his fathers movements shadowed htm to the Ooethals home Ho saw the two In conference He Watched the Judge draw up the papers that meant his arrest Lying in ambush he watched tho Justice deliver the documents to Constable Chapman who was chopping wood In his front yard When the Justice left young Tutt came down the street Directly in front ot tho Chapman home he halted and regarded the constable for a time as he chopped both lunas With a taunting de Halve grin on his face he crumpled suddenly In the road his career ot crime ended In hls pockets were found more than two dosen shells At the Tutt home Investigators found a dugout in the basement papered with literature and stocked with stories of Tracy the outlaw and other renegades of crim inal fame Here young TutrhaH made J every preparation id uw - rnuituw i - self andwlthstsridn siege at the hands of the officers of the law My brother was a nut over the movies said Tony Tutt the 14 - year - old brother He was only 16 years old but he thought he was a borrt bandit ne usea io oeai imnt ihrnuirhlon i thing awful when I was younger But j I licked him once ana n - leu me alone He said he was going to get me with the rest I am glad it is all over We have all been afraid for a long time The date of the Inquest Into the cause ot Tutts death has not been set Guardsmen Sent to

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 29 Dec 1919, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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