Battle of the Little Bighorn

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Battle of the Little Bighorn - tliu bt-ar-iii;; K. By- itutl ruin April, imrt-...
tliu bt-ar-iii;; K. By- itutl ruin April, imrt- shall run- niv uno- ^3. Ot) ! been lliu nnii Buck Goods 1875 " Logan Tuesday, AVed Sfwa t noted ciutoin very bust Hlways and mruLaUon T H E I I D I A H W A S . Geu. Terry's OfTicial Report of the Ouster Massacre. THE WHEREABOUTS OF CROOK. Snake Indians Join Crook's Coxn- maiicl and Five Companies of Cavalry. OMAHA, J u l y S. -- Cnpt. Nk'ki-'rscni, ol Gen. Crook's stall', ivho WL-IIE nut w i t l i llie expedition, ruturiutd to Omaha yesterday. Ill- kit Crook on t )iit' of i l i u Folks ot Tonync river, 16(J nsiks Iroin F»rt FttU-r- man, and also '20C t»i!ts irimi tiiu rslilnnid. 'I'lic conimntiil wits await ny t l i o s i r r i v a l of anil reinfiii-funu'Dts, t l i c lallir con- sisti:ig of fiv« comiiuiiitv. w l i u li^k Kuit IV 1 1 en » EI :i J u l y -It!), ami i-spctUil t- i-tai-li Cruok iiltiiiit lliu 12ili. llu v.'iil uls.p lio ju'ucd nbcTiit Mmil:iy liy I.IO tSitiikuTiiiU;iiis i These 1 , will) the trOi]IM, W i l l hiclcilsl 1 H:L' n u m b e r ol incu in t h e i.-si)ei.litiini to (ivot 1,400. CniHuiii Nickwstui Jots nut tiiipru- liL-uil any ilnn^ur ID tin; fxp-jtlitimi. Crook's cumri is not over suveiiiy m i l e s from (l)t; sct'iii; of G u n . CtisUer's ni-wsiiciv. 'f'lic f u l l o w i n g if Gen. Torry'* olliuiul ru- jjort ot Rioter's cnguTMt!mjnt U'ltli tin) In- diuu?, received ;it Slicritiiin'ti liLa kiign, on t h u 7Lli nt T ] uly : JEI'AIS'T UK U.\Kivl'.\, S Lrrn.K lii: Huiix Kivi:ii, · .lunu 27, 1S7U. J Ti Ailjiitaut Oencrti! Military Division ul tlie Missouri, nt (Jlnwi^o. [ I l i m n s : It is my rminlnl duly to ri-pmt lh:iL iliu day Ijcfurc yusturdfty, t h e 2.jlli i n s t a n t , » great disnsler overtook Gen. C'uster and thu troojis u n d e r his coiinnitinL At 12 u'clouk ol t h e 22 d hi: stiirteil i v i l h liis ivliolu rudiment juid n slrotiy dcliiCii- uicnt '! scouts tinil giiiinis frmn t l i u n i o u L h oi Iht Uosc'mid. Vriiceeilinj; up that r i v e r abtiiit twenty miles, lie- sluick :i very lienvy lodiun trail, whicli hud Ijctu ijt'i-vinusly discovcrcii, ^iul ]Mi!3iiing it I'lunnl t l m l H IcJ, us it was supposed Unit it ivuilld loail, to tliu LitLlu Big i l i i r n river, l.'rro lie fnnnil ;i village ol'ulnifist uncj nulled ex tun t and at oiieu allncked it iviLli :i portiott of his iorca w h i c l i wiis inimtxliiiLtiiy nt Imiui. Uitjorliutio, w i t h three eomiianics, A. G, nncl M., of t h e regiincitt was sent Into tiie valley ol the stream nt t h o i i o i n t wlu-re the trail struck it. Gcu, Custur, w i l l i i\va cnmpiinius, C. Ji F. I mid L, attempted tu uiilcr it u l i o u l three miles lower ilown. llenn Inrtied Mic river, churned d o w n ilM tcltliiiitk. (lismnuntud MitJ loiiyht ( iu f n u i , until iiitiilly, cnmntately uvcrwhtilmuil hy uuuibers, he ivas cutn;mlle] to n n i n i U nnd rucross the rivur nni.1 suck n rtfl'ii^e on the lugli Id nil's vt'hich overlook ita riglu bunk, -JiiEt us hu had reci'issKil, O'ljitain JictHon. wlio, w i t h three eomjj/LUies, J), H and 1C, was some two miles to the left of Reno w l t e n tint aclton coinmcnccd, but wild hai! buuii orJercd by (Jen. OnsLcr to r u t u r n , came to tlie river, and r i g h t l y concluded tliat it xvasuscleas Tor his lorce to n t t c m i i t to rcnc^v Lho light in the valley. He joined lie no on the blulls. Ciqit. MeUutlgall, w i t h couipany 13, ivna at lirat at smile Llist.iticein the roar, w i t l i a tr.aili of ])uclc mule.H. J I u alst came u p to Keno. Snnn this i i n i t e i l foi'co was nearly surrounded by Initiaim, mnny »1 w h o m , urmttd with rifles, oc'-tipUit! positinns which commnrirU'd the g r o u n d held by (.lie cavalry -- yrotmd Irom x v h i f l i there waia nn csc.-ijn;, Jtillc i)ils wuru dn^ f , dud tlio light, was m a i n t a i n e d , t h r j i i i j l i with heavy loss, from uboul h u l l past, two o'clock oi the 2.1111 till (i o'clock ol tlic 2CUi. when the I n d i a n a wi Lli drew from the valk-y, taking w i t h them their villago, Oi the movements ol Gcucnil Ouster imtl the live compttuiL-s Bunder his i m m e d i a t e command, sturdily a n y t h i n g is known from those ivlio witnessed ilium, for no nlliccr or soldier who accninpaniiid l i i m has yet been found ftlivc. His trail from the tlic point wlicre Item) crossed the stream, pusscil nlong niid in the rear til' thu crests of the blulla on the right bank for nearly or quite three miles, then it tomes d o w n to' tlie bank oi t l i o river, but at niicu divcrgos from it, as if lie had unsiicci^rnlly iittempletl to ertiss, then t u r n s upon itsult", almost completes n, circle and censes. It is marked 1 by the remains of officers and nieti. and the btidiea of I i i u horses, sotnu of them hobbled nlong '.lie j i a t h , o L l t o r u Jicn|:l wiiere Inilis up pear m hnvu been mivdo. There is abundant, evidence t h u t a gidltml resistance was fifTf-rrtl by t l i o troojj?, but that they were beset on all sides by uvcr- TJio filliccrs k n o w n I'j b« k i l l m i sii-e ( S u n . Cuslcr ; Captains Kcoh, Gatea :ind U u s t c r ; Lieutenants Cook, Stuilli, ^[clntfUjli, Cal- h o u n , I'nrlcr, llodgfion, Ktnrgcs and U i l c y , of the cavalry ; f/ieut. CritLcnddii (if llie Twentieth Lniantry, rind Acting AsKistant Surgeur, He Wol I'. L i e u t e n a n t lluttistin of tlio cavalry, anil Acting Asfi!H(n»r Scrguun Lord are misMng. Capt. IjCiilen and Litiut. V a r d m n , of the cavalry are s l i g h t l y wiiuiid- cd. Jlr, JioHtoit Custor, a brother, aii'l.llr. Heed, ft nephew, oi Uen. Culler, were w i t l i him and were killer!. No oilier ofliccrs t h a n those w h o m I have named are unions the k i l l e d , wounded or missing, it it) impossible, as yet, to obtain ft n o m i n a l list of the enlisted men who were killed awl wounded, hut the nunilrer ol k i l t e d , i n e i u d - iig uflicra, must reach two h u n d r e d and lifty. The number ol wounded is fifty -one. At the mouth of tlieHosebud, 1 informed 1 Custcr that I should take the supply sLcum- crFarWisst n p thu Yellowstone t« ferry Ccn, Gibbon's column over the river; that I should personally accompany that, column, and that it would in nil probability reach the mouth of tlic Little Jiig Horn, on the 36 lh inst. The steamer reached Gen. Giblwin's troops, near the mouth of the Itig Horn, early on the m o r n i n g of the 2-Hli, and ivt 4 o'clock in the al'ternoon n i l his men aud ammnla were ncross llie Yellowstone, At 5 n'clock (.be column, c n i i M i a l i n ^ of fivccompftnics of the Seventh Infantry, four companies of the Seventh Cavalry ami ft battery of three GrtUin guns, marched out to and accross Lullc-r's crock, ritartiny soon nfter 5 o'clock on ilm i m i r n i n ^ of tin; 2olh, the Infantry made a mnrnli of twenty-two miles over the most difficult country that I have cvor seen, in order that the scouts might be sent into tlie valley rf the Little Big Horn. The cavalry, the battery, was then pushed on thirteen or fourteen miles further, reaching camp at midnight. 1 he scouts were sent outsit Iiftlf post four on the uuiriiiug of the 26th. They soon discovered throe Indians wlio were first supposed to be scouts, but when overtaken they proved lo be Cmws, who been with Gen. Ouster. They brought first intelligence of the battle. Tlicu 1 story was not credited. It was supposed tlm't s Jim. 1 fijiliting, perhaps severe light iu t a k e n pltiec^but it was not believed disaster cvm Ul liave overtaken so large force sis twelve compuniesof cavalry. i n f a n t r y , w h i c h had Ijcolccii early, suou came up suiil tlie whole entered aud moved up the valley of Jjittle IJiy Hum. D u r i n g the dlYirls were iimdc lo send scouts through to what was supposed to be Ocil. pnsitioii, and to obtain itifurmatioa of (tonditioii o! itffairs, but those who were sent out werj driven buck by parlies Indians, who, in in creasing numbers si'eii hovyrimjin Oen. Gibbon's front. At twi'uty iiiimitus before nine in tliccvcning. t h e i n f a n t r y had marched ty-iiino iitid thirty miles, Tlic men were very \vu irj ami Jay-light was fading. column wns i h v r c f u r c "halted ;U a poii:t about eleven miles in a line aliiive the i n o u t l i of the muriiitii;; t l i u movement was resumed, after :i march of nine miles Major Itunu's untruiiclmd posit ion wsis reacheil. The withdrawal of the Indians from aronud Reno's coinmniKi and from the valley undoubtedly eansfld by the appearance Gen. nibboii'ii troops. jUajor Kuno and Captain TJenton, both of whom are utliiwrs «f great uxpcricnce, ai'£;ustoiueU ti) st'e largo masses of men, estimated the n u m b e r «f }f:is:«il at not less than twenty-live him- druil. Other ollicors t h i n k tlmt tliu I'L'i's v.viv grcitlertliun tiiia. The villagu in i l i a valley was about three miles li'ii.irtli m i l l about n m i l e in w i the lodfros proper, n great, number of yi.Jrury brualivvdOil shelters were found in it, iiuViuaA,in» tliut, m a n y men besides proper iuliabUanlsliniA guUiurcd, together there. Major llcno is very ooniideut Unit there were n n u n i b r r of w h i w i t h the Jndi.iii3. It is believed that loss of the Indians was large. 1 have yiit ri'ceived no official reports ia regard t h o b a t t l e , buL what, is stated gal hereil from the officers who were ou Lfriivtml then, and from those who luivc been over it since. ff. TMIIUV, r Gcncrul, NKKT8 A N » NOTES. Kgyptian troops nro being s-jut to Cou' The Survittns have issued ;\ forccii currency. . A i l t f m i n fiarili, the well knO'.vn uf singing, SB dcml at tuples. Il:ije8 btiK written hid letter of aceeut- 1 , which will be published on A. yellow lever vessel is at the Eew (juarantiuc. Two dciiths have occurred. The Servians wore beaten n u a r /.atir, and sullcreil a lasa of J,COO killed w o u n d e d . Curl Schm^ iisillcil ou Hayes Friday. K i i p j j u r t of t h e Kepuhlican regarded as cfrtain. The Emperor ( p f A u a t r i n , sy, the Cutir and tiorlsehalcnft' have gotte Lcipii, Ijolicmiti. The cnnlereiiee eoniiiiiU*c in the di[ilu- iofl.lic nnii cniisular iippropritition bill ngriin ftillej; ti) uiirtic. Tlio wngys of from i0,DOO to 00,000 uashite ^Kiighind) cotton operatives are be reduced JO per cuiiL The miners in IVigan and Tyledtslyjlis- tricw ol Wules have struck against 11 red u c t i o n ol lij per cunt, in wages. (jiuori*!; ]{ingri|i.l and Mies Jewctt ap- pe;ireJ nt the Kew York A.cadcmy of sic SaUirdny niglit i n Jtomcn iind" A Kew York truckman named John Smith waa murdered a few days ago proteritiiif; a y o n n f j woman Jroni rowd iea, Tlie nuirdcrs committee! by the Turks Bulgaria, is csd mated at from 12,000 250(JO- In one village 40 women were burned alivi.'. The bcrvian army nf Prina lias been completely beaten by 12,000 Turks at riincn, w i t h a loss ot TOO men. Subsequently the Turks met a repulse, "Does Uiia razor take hold well?" r u j i i i c i l the u n h a p y victim, well, but it, d o n t let fio w j r t The Iwas on exchange to the Indian e r n m e n t in eonscijueiicc to tlio silvfrrciichcs $10,500,000, urn! then: is gnat consternation f among -ICiigiish pro- TUc Democratic Cuntrnl Committee in O l n i i Imvu iidiliid cx-Coiigresamfui noy mid Jftiiirjs H. Clroll to the executive CommiUuu. A vifrorinis cumrmiyu v/ill iu:uurl nboiit Lliu m i d d l e ol '['lie President lias nominated Wm. J. U'riyht, JI. i)., consul ;ifc Snnto, Brnssi), T l i n i n n a W. I'rnsli, Postin;iatcr at WuBiiingliiii Turnlnry, tinci J n h u J. at:t!i nj'ciii (or tlie Yunkton Sioux ol kola. Stttunlay's biink stiitumcnt-- Loans in cruns'j §8,770,000; specie incrciia«. $3,330,800; legal tundnrs rlccreiisu, §1,307,300; dejMisH increaw. $7.017,1)00; circulation increase, §2-1,-MO; rcscive incrcjisti, $2,0-19.373. EH^IHCK, t toilerTM nittt M I M H Lfnisur, Cfitiltiiora ife Co., 139 to M Q alrccl, Cliicngo, cull lUlcntioii to their M i l l H , AniitlgiUtialitiH J'nns, Crushing Iftrs utid Alacliincry ior M i l l i n g mid Cunccutrating ores. ITRMS. \Vc inakfi ^ ppcciftHy of manufacturing nht inijirovcd mncliincry lor M i l l i C(iiii;untriilitig,Sirn;ltmg and jVnialgannttinK K ' l l ' l i silver and cojpcr orus. Arc Af;:nt.9 lor ·'Diamond Pointed Rock Drills," manufactured by M. C. Bullock, u n d u r Luscliot'a pntent." Tliese Drills superior to any other manuftictiirc, ant] specially adapted for prospect!ng, aa produce n core of strata rock through tvhieli Utcy drill from any desired deptli, Ol-ll 3MK1.TINO JtACKIXaRY is of uir-st approved design. Wo last acuaon jnrnishcd an outfit for Messrs. Ofililcr, Armstrong C"., Olcndnlc: JI. which included a " \Vfttci 1 Jacket lilnat Furnace; 1 * which has given most perfect srttisi-ict;ni. We rclcr to these gentlemen, also to Ilr-nry K l l i n g i f c Co., Co., and Oil A3. Dalilcr, ol Virginia l j !iillti Shcnon, Estj., Jiantiack; Samuel Jonca, liaq., flelctia, and Mr, Mason, Cliiaago Reduction Works, JcffcrsonlCity. M. T. , U-

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