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Germany and France - 1914. KAISER PLANS TO CAPTURE PARIS BEFORE...
1914. KAISER PLANS TO CAPTURE PARIS BEFORE RUSSIA CAN ENTER GERMANY, SAY GENERAL STAFF OFFICERS HERE Developments in the German campaign against France impress the army general staff here with the similarity of the German advance ae recorded in yesterday's dispatches to the move made exactly 40 years ago, at the beginning of the Franco- Pruaslan war, -with the important difference that then-it was the great Second army corps of France which took the initiative, crossing the border to attack the Germans at Saarbrucken only to re-t ceive a stunning check. By a singular coincidence. It waa on August 2 that the battle of. Saarbrucken took place. It waa followed by. the withdrawal of the French, army under Bazalne to Metz, where it was shut up for many months, only to be obliged "in the end to Capitulate to the German forces. Struck Same Place in 187O. The fact -that the German staff has chosen again to strike at France in the very same place where the victorious campaign of 1870 was Initiated has led the experts here to the conclusion that It Is Germany's intention to repeat closely the strategic movements which were crowned with, the capture of P.aris eight months later. But the .observers here are doubtful of the success of such a plan at present. It Is pointed out that the French army Is a very different fighting Instrument from the Ill-organized and Insufficiently equipped force which wen t out to defeat 44 years'ago. In artillery alone, It 'is said, the French are greatly superior to the Germans, and while the levies are not as well set up and smart In appearance as the Teutonic soldiers. It was said by a member of the general staff, who had personally visited both'armles within the last year, that the men under the tricolor were possessed of a certain loose-Jointed activity that promised to make them most formidable foes. French Proceeding With Caution. It was also pointed out that the French, while sufficiently enthusiastic, are no longer filled with the abandon which led them to destruction In the seventies, but are now proceeding with caution in their plans, and are likely to "offer a much more stubborn resistance. Experts here think It Inconceivable that the French strategists should not have made certain against^ the repetition of the terrible mistakes which led Bazaine's army to its downfall. On the other hand, the Germans have for years practiced on paper, and, as far as possible In field maneuvers, the movements to be made on every square of the war map. They are well acquainted with the strength of the French fortresses designed to prevent their advance; their system Is as near perfect as human foresight can make it, and If they fafl now at the outset it will not be for lack of the most perfect equipment that the work of a quarter of a century has been able to devise. Commenting on yesterday's reports of the advance on Cirey, the military experts expressed the opinion that If the advance is the actual beginning of an invasion of French territory, it is believed that the purpose of the German staff is to make a desperate and formidable attempt to crush through the French lines of defense before they can be fully formed and organized and mage a lightning-like campaign against Paris itself with the greater part of the Germany army. It is believed "here that the German Idea Is that this can be done before France's ally, Russia, can actually mobilize and get her vast army under way to attack Germany on the eastern frontier, and It Is said that the Germans have the best of Information as to the real resources and weaknesses of the Russian troops, and are confident that the lack of proper transport facilities equipment are certain to make the task of mobilization a. very slow and imperfect undertaking. Germany Depending Upon Austria. Then, the Germans also are counting on their allies, the Austrlans, to worry the Russians sufficiently to delay a really dangerous attack from the east, for jt Is not believed that the small Servian army can completely absorb the latent offensive powers of the Austrians. It follows 8.5 a natural development of that plan of campaign that If the German onset on France Is successful, the bulk of the army then will be immediately transported across Germany to attack so much of the Russian army as may have' been able to force its way over the powerful line of fortification a which guard the German eastern frontier. As to British and Italian Armies. The impression prevails among the experts that in the beginning, at least, neither Great Britain «or Italy will figure greatly In the military problem, even if they declare war, and that the British fleet will be fully occupied In keeping German ships of war sealed up at Kiel. Developments of the campaign, however, may draw Into the line of battle the filers of both of these countries in the later stages, and in the opinion of experts here may, as in the Napoleonic wars, turn the fortunes of battle. State Department officials yesterday prepared a proclamation of neutrality. It follows the line of previous declarations of this kind. The President, however, is not expected to issue the proclamation until the situation in Europe becomes more clearly defined. It is generally known throughout Europe that the United States win remain neutral, and the issuance of the proclamation is regarded as merely a necessary formality. It may withheld, so that all nations may be Included under the single declaration. of to to Is to of

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  1. The Washington Post,
  2. 03 Aug 1914, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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