West Virginia Giants

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West Virginia Giants - been one of ancient America's unsolved...
been one of ancient America's unsolved mysteries Who the Moundouirders were, whence they came' and .why vanished constitute a hidden chapter the past It is already known that they had a civilization high to many respects But the discovery of coins in the West Virginia grave is believed to be the first proof of anything re- semblmg a nionstary system among them. The size of the skeleton, which that of a man about eight feet in height ts even more signincant. It true that primitive peoples always worshiped physical perfection. But eight- footers, judging from science's findings, findings, were by .no means uncommon. Persistent study has failed to determine determine whence such people probably came--whether "from the East, or West, from Europe to Asia. All Only a Relic The Bore From a Quarry in Utah. for the Carnegie of Dr J w. the Foreground .the result with George Ofeen, Scientist , With the Roy Chapman Andrews Lxpednion Into Mongolia, in the Photo al Right, Is Examining the Dinosaur Eggs Found Imbedded in Sandstone and Laid by Mother _ Dinosaurs in the Gob! Desert Long Ago. Note How the Effs the Scientist b , Holding Compares ^Ftth the Size of His Hand Compare this.rather imposing sight with the possum (scientifically called opposum) a .member of the family Didelphytdae. The possum today varies from the size of a mouse to that of a large cat. with a. long nose, ears and tail. ' . , . Naturally it might be supposed that the dinosaurs could have auickly stamped the little possum-out of existence. existence. But it is'likely that'the brainy -animal, after many hundreds of years, discovered a weakness in the armor of- the 'giant dinosaur--that the latter had: little or no. brains. The dinosaur, it seems, didn't tnmK of protecting its eggs. Unlike the ' turtle'of. today, for instance, it didn t hide the eggs in a hole in the ground- .It left them.in the open, assuming, that because it dominated the earth -no other creature would dare interfere with the GS35TS- r But the possum probably decided ' that stealing the eggs would serve two purposes: it. would provide food ana also gradually wipe the dinosaurs out of existence. . ' . ' · Scientists believe that this bit. or burglary on the pa'rt of the possum. probably went on for millions of years until at last there wasn't a, dinosaur of any fcind left. Later.on--millions of years later-came later-came man. whose superior brain . dominated everything on the earth. Incidentally an interesting, discovery of ·. a giant human skeleton ra, a mound fn- West Virginia was made recently by a rroup of University-of Pennsylvania " t - - . mi.:TM r:^ jj ?-- · »^o i-ricM-ilo tn^r l V t t y W» w * * « - ~ ' ?v-j: - · ;- . geologists This find, fer^^"g For the skeleton, neswes oaty .out significant. For the skeleton, besides being surrounded by erode jewelry and stone implements, and what must, have been woven coverings, was buried with copper and bronze coins having undecipherable undecipherable inscriptions. The mounds ot tne Ohio- -Vailey have ' .know is that there were "giants those days." '.. · · Out of all these facts, some ing, some illuminating, one point to stand out: that the race.has ta the 'Species. of fittest brains. great dinosaurs 'succumbed to the · intelligence of the little.possuins: powerful- human giants disapp'ared in- their place rose tnen of less ' stature' but with increasing brain Perhaps the importance of. evolution was set forth appropriately by Dr. Larikester, when in summing the battle of reptilian monsters mammal intelligence he wrote: "It seems that a small .brairi serve very wetf to guide the .great animal machine in established- .ways, i order to learn.new things IB its lifetime an anitaaj · must ha^e a . brain--indeed a .very big-!brain.. the kind of animal «hicn eaa that is to say_, can be educated-:--will, in the long run, beat the kind has too small a 'brain to be learning." The statement of. Dr. Jensen, Jed to the ultimate deduction that stupendous'dinosaur had bowed to insignificant · possum, throws · some on use caatian witfe whicji news of discoveries of this kind are given to- public. It betrays modesty and the characteristic seienttftc .passion- for conservatism. . . - . ' ' "A 8tj«£ of tinusiial' importaDce," said Dr. Jepsen, " in.: cfose to the: egg fragments' wsis the 'tootfr a new. type of p.ritaitiv'e!' anirnat importance of this^ d^covcry is manual remain? found is fownations Cretaceous tjm« afe extremely rare. The great development of the began in tite Lower Tertiary,, the period suficeedmg the. Cretaceous." Eggs, fcwaes and Eeett--there's story. , ' · ' - ,

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 09 Nov 1930, Sun,
  3. Page 36

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