1955 Kilauea eruption

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1955 Kilauea eruption - I I I 1 A - I - I . M ' " i 1 J; - r ' . L....
I I I 1 A - I - I . M ' " i 1 J; - r ' . L. .... -J LJ ; lJ J N- o rflV An)) td V3f Two cinder cones1 on Olaa Plantation began erupting about 9:11 a.m. this morning in the Puna district of the Big Island and some families w ere being evacuated by Hawaii police, Red Cross and Civil Defense agency workers. Thomas G. S. Walker, deputy CDA director, said he did not have the exact figures on the number of families being evacuated but understood none were in "immediate" danger. The first cone blew its top at 8:25 a.m. The location was in the polio-rohoiki road junction. At 10:40 a.m., Dr. Gordon Macdonald, director of the Volcano ohservatory, reported from the scene that he believed a small lava flow was starting toward the road. He placed the eruption on the east rift of Kilauea, and said it was near Puu Honualua, one of the cinder cones there. Advertiser reporter Ron Bennett confirmed this from the scene at 10:45. ' IN HONOLULU, the first word came from James Miller, senior class adviser at Pahoa school and O Malama area, near the Ka- n 7Q O - 1 ffiiiff5i" ' jL - W, -f v, ' C Vm M UU L AC Sheen tZsrxih uutKnttt f wjris, v A shr j tvuv ti ; j wa i". 'y' ss OA 1390 ri. J ig viz Mokuawcowco 1 , xW iBriiiiaiie;: lit All t t i -v . 0 0 fc. . ... jt ft . .:. ... W J KILAUEA c Circle Shows General Area of Today's Cinder Cone Eruption L I i I I J ll ! I 1 I J I I i ' ! 1 i A ' I t ! 1 ' Z3 CCOUMTYSEjT Rainbow Falh orr vKT A fr CDLAA) MOUNTAIN VI EW (Qolf Links GLEN WOOD WOLCANO HOUSE i yfeto $&ch Park AirporfkJfeaukeha K&urnana A1 v A! lo tropin r 6 AT- t 1 Beach Lava Trses is( Warm Springs t KARQHOoPomt '"-4 i n Puna Scene i Of Legends C7 s tivity Puna, where Pele, the Poly nesian goddess of volcanoes, is expected to reign, is on the outheast corner of the island of Hawaii. It is the scene of the popular- play, Bird of Paradise, enjoyed or decades by American and European audiences. More re cently the old play w-as made into a movie and millions have seen this land of black sands. ancient heiaus and warm springs, craters and cinder cones and pic turesque shore line and lush green country surroundings. IF PELE puts on a big show. hundreds of islanders and visitors will head for this rustic area. The great lava flows of less than 203 years ago have originated fabulous talcs for native Hawaiians to relate.. There are" stories of ancient Kings and cnieis. mere s one about Iwa, cleverest thief in the-world, and another about the chief Kekawalu, champion on the papa hola (land slide) who was i eleAc

Clipped from
  1. The Honolulu Advertiser,
  2. 28 Feb 1955, Mon,
  3. Other Editions,
  4. Page 21

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