Kate Baker and Henry J Bishop wedding

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Kate Baker and Henry J Bishop wedding  - BOUND. V Fast in the Fetters of Lave. Tkt...
BOUND. V Fast in the Fetters of Lave. Tkt Wtddlno if Mr. Henry L Morris U. Mttt Kats Baker, j : A Ketablg Kaptial Ertnt Watt levtsta ItiMt-ni ItiMt-ni ItiMt-ni Bride The orooat xaa .Ceremeay The Gaests and : ! j tae rrtMii -V -V r t An elegant affair In Wett End society waa .the wedding yesterday afternoon of Mis ' Kate Baker, the handsome daughter of Mr. Frank T. Baker, or the Board of Councilman, , and Mr. Henry J- J- Morris, which took place at the residence of the bride, No. Si5 Wtt 8ev-. 8ev-. 8ev-. enth street. All day long the ana had been struggling to escape tbe dark folds of threatening threatening cloada, and abortly before two o'clock the great orb burst forth la all Ha power aa the King of Day. end when, fifteen minutes - ; later. MJss Baker was declared Mrs. Morrla a r bright ray of light shone through tbe cur-; cur-; cur-; talned windows and cast Its resplendent shadow upon the fair bride. ' : ; : THI CUUC09T. The ceremony was short, simple and lm- lm- pressive, the beautiful rites of tbe Episcopal l. ' Church being rendered by the Key. Dr. Joyce, - pastor oT St. Paul M. . Churob. Tbe bride . and the life partner of her choice occupied positions within the boundaries of the bay window which faced the thoroughfare with- with- out. Hanged behind them, was a rare floral embankment of pal ma, ferns and pot plants. - - j TBI owmx. . ' The groom, a young man well known In this city, a member of the firm of Bishop "Broth-, "Broth-, "Broth-, era, on Race street, was attired In the oonven- oonven- tionaloutrUof a prospective Benedict. . ' " THI BRIDK. The bride, a bright-eyed, bright-eyed, bright-eyed, handsome young : lady, petitedn form and of graceful carriage, wore a very elegant costume of cream satin. . made with court train, short sleeves, with sur-- sur-- sur-- pllce neck and pointed corsage. The petticoat ' was trimmed in a wealth of beaded peer la, . 'end pearls were the only ornaments she wore. A bridal veil was looped In place by a spray .of natural flowers. She carried in her band a pretty bouquet of rosebuds. There were no attendants. attendants. The ceremony was witnessed by .only the relatives of the bride and groom, who, to the number of fifty, tendered their inoerest congratulations after the ring had been slipped upon the finger of the former, and the magic words which made them man and wife had been pronounced. ! j THI CIHMONT. To the reception which was tendered the the couple, from three until five o'clock, four ' hundred Invitations bad been extended, and, thoug-h thoug-h thoug-h a - few regrets were, ' received. ' the majority met with acceptance. During the hours of . the : afternoon carriage after carriage drove up to the palatial borne, and. depositing their precious freight, made way for otber guest to follow. Tbe parlor ' was beautifully decorated with the choicest offerings the Kingdom of Flora afforded. "Conservatory" the parlor could almost have - been called. A number of very handsome designs found place upon ihe mantel and piano. Over the entrance a great horse-sboe horse-sboe horse-sboe - bid the guests welcome and good luck. The wedding supper was served by Keppler upon the cutest of tete-a-tete tete-a-tete tete-a-tete tete-a-tete tete-a-tete tables In the dining, ball. -Over -Over a center-table, center-table, center-table, npon which was to be seen tbe mammoth wedding-cake, wedding-cake, wedding-cake, a allee Of which was presented to each guest, the monogram M B" depended from .the ceil, lng the "B" In tube-roses tube-roses tube-roses and the "M" In scarlet geraniums. To the right of the entrance entrance to the dining-room dining-room dining-room waa a lemonade fount, and to Its cooling depths the warmth of the afternoon called many. Mr. and Mra, Morris received their friends standing In the alcove, near where the nuptial knot was tied. ir. and airs. Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Morris were both congratulated, the one that they had gained a son and tbe otber that danghter had been added to the household, Tbe costumes but it la impossible to begin to note .any were many of them rioh and elegant. The majority of tbe ladles wore afternoon reception toilets with bonnets to match. Quite a number of tbe yonnger ladles Were attired In. white, and becomingly so, too. 'I THI FHE8EKTS. ? Tbe presents and Mr. ana Mm. Morris re- re- , eetved many were displayed la the suit of rooms which Mr. Baker had fitted up for tbe use of the bride and her bus band upon their return from their bridal trip. a. magnificent ; chamber set of furniture was Included in this parental gift. The groom presented his bride , -wun -wun a pretty little cottage at loveland. which Mr. Baker will at up tor their oocopancy dur-' dur-' dur-' lng tbe summer. Among other of the pres ents were: - - Handsome ebony cabinet from Mr. and Mrs. i J. C. Morris. i ' Silver and gold card receiver from Lutle B. Morris. &old necklace of beads from Mr. Henry B. : Morris. - -': Stiver toilet casket from Mr. John C. Morris, ! ?un. i - j . silver water pitcher, saiver and gobleta from Mr. and Mrs. W. U. Hindersman. i Haif-dnzesi Haif-dnzesi Haif-dnzesi silver tablespoons from Orand-- Orand-- Inotber Baker. , Silver and gold fruit spoon from Mr. J.W. . . X uusuuu. Lkrsen silver and a-old a-old a-old dessertspoons from . Mrs. E. R. Mtnaball. ! SUver and crystal fruit apwl from "Aunt - Jennie." ' I Haif-dosen Haif-dosen Haif-dosen silver spoons, butter knife and augar ahell from Mrs. Win. Oibeon. I Silver and gold berry spoon from Mr. and jMrs. H.T.Atkins. Silver and gold fruit spoon from Mrs. John j SUver sirup pitcher and salver from Mlas Mvuete atoms. I. Uold and aUver cake knife from Mra. Chaa. B. Lewis. v L.Go',M,d?IVrr at casket from Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Jones, i Decorated porcelain and silver fraltdlsh tm,Messra. fc. L. Lew'ls, p. B. Wiborg and H. J W lborg.- lborg.- i-i i-i i-i r Kir ui awacea, cauuetann an d card basket ' bilver and gold parlor ornament (canoe) from Mollie. i . ' Painted plaque and velvet frame from Mrs. vvuigi w. Arowuriuge. Ivory dressing-case dressing-case dressing-case from Mr. and Mrs. Ai-fred Ai-fred Ai-fred De Lang. i Toilet set from Mrs. Oeors-a Oeors-a Oeors-a Mr C.mmmm Pnrwlkn muuui l ...kri w.T a i rfnie Ca7rlck. " , Parlor bronis lamp f rom'Vn. B. 8. Cooper. " WW UVHIAUHSi XiOtts and Ltua Taylor. Chambers' Encyclopedia from'The Hls-if Hls-if Hls-if bb 'mui'M. E. Church. Mr. and Mrs. - R. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thome, Mr. Mrm- Mrm- Ueorge H Thompson, Mrs. Wm. J ood. Mr. and Mra. Joseph ball. Mr. and Mra. Jieury HolUinger. Mr. and Mra. W. F. Tnorne, Mr. and Mrs. K. Dymond, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. tbersole, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Oosling. , The Pireaide Encyclopedia of Poetry from Mr. A. U. Bryan. . nanwma ft auver elasped, appro. riately Inscribed, from Mr. and Mrs. U. V. IMorrla. The Poetical Works of the Cary Sisters from Miss Jennie C Sparks. Ebony dressing-case dressing-case dressing-case from Mr. and Mra. J. J. Hart. - - - . Bronzed mirror from Mra. B. Roth. - Crystal berry-dishes berry-dishes berry-dishes cream-pitcher, cream-pitcher, cream-pitcher, salver, etc., from Mr. and Airs. Prank Hart. Ebony Aral 1-bracket; 1-bracket; 1-bracket; from Mrs. J. Wood- Wood- Tete-a-tete Tete-a-tete Tete-a-tete Tete-a-tete Tete-a-tete set from Mr. and Mrs. W. 13L Millard. Doaen china plates (Japanese from Mra. w. " Epericne card-receiver card-receiver card-receiver from Bootbuate. AIOMOJ. Mr. and Mrs. silver caster from Mrs. Samuel L. Yonrtee. Dinner set of china, douniiid fnn. - Vi tal her of the bride. . . ' Pair or sconce from Mr. Asa W. Waters. LDlnu, eittamiltAh.. mvm w i w fpaige enaelbm from Mr. and Mrs. Thoa. nrvnsedtoilet-glaaa nrvnsedtoilet-glaaa nrvnsedtoilet-glaaa and candelabra from Mr. and Mrs. rank N.Megroe.ee Miss Stella , Plaque and bronse stand from Mlas Kau Morris. t 'r ff alrvar and porcelain vases from T. Row bU from A FrUnd. , Mtth:rrTu"ae -iw -iw i-Dosen i-Dosen i-Dosen decorated chlha fruit plates and sal. , Ver from Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Hawkins. VTo."t8k0f crackle-ware crackle-ware crackle-ware from Mr. Harry Ice-cream Ice-cream Ice-cream bowl (oraokle-ware), (oraokle-ware), (oraokle-ware), from Miss "-.J "-.J TH mo CIST. ' Among tbe Invited guests were: I Mr.and Mrs. Morrla, father and mother of aue groninu Miss Etta Morrla. . Mlas Adete Morris.' ; Miss Maude Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge W. Bishop, -r -r Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Dixon. S - Mr. and Mra. U.K. Duckworth. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carry. Mr. and Mrs. A. Cary. Mr. and Mis. S.S. Cooper. -: -: Mr. and Mr. John B. Hart, , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hart. - , Mr.and Mrs. J. W. Gosling, -' ; Mr. and Mrs. Ebersole. 'etr .Mr. end Mrs. C. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Blew art. ' Mr. and Mra. J. W. Hall, ' Mr.and Mrs. -Henry -Henry Hoi tain gar. . Mr. and Mrs. Thoa. K. PosvgeT . Mrs. Yenrlty. Miss Lollie Csrriek. Mr. and Mrs. v. S. Csrrtck. Mr. and Mrs. Morton. Mr. and Mrs. . W. Baker. ;. Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins. , . Mr. and Mrs. f-outbpale. f-outbpale. f-outbpale. -, , Mr. air-) air-) air-) Mrs. W. H. Millard. .; . Miss kronson, of New Vori. , Mrs. Cora E. Blackburn. . Mrsjj.oiore. . ' ' ;- ;- Mr. and Mrs. D. Jone. . .... , M las Lotus Tsylor. . - M las Lin a Taylor. - ,-. Mr.and Mrs. Vm. Smith. ; Mr. A. J. Stoker. , ' M rs. I orton, of CovlngtOB. - AUsa Lamer ttriaui . . Pr. and, Mrs. T. O. Barron. ' .' v -Mra.Deva.neeMtMHabbeIL -Mra.Deva.neeMtMHabbeIL . Mr. and Mrs. Pr. Elmer . .LoyV ' -' -' Mr.aad Mra. Gibson.. . . - Mr. and Mra. B. Koth. " Mr. and "Mrs. Charles Morton. . , Mia foale Griffith. , Miss Eva Bishop. : - . ' - - Mr. Will Bishop. .,. , . v . Mr. Edward Bishop. . " ; Mr. Harry Cooper, "r Mr. George Msrtln. - - r-. r-. r-. Mv. William Harknaas. '. . "r i Mr. and Mra. ft. C Bnodgrsas Mr. aad ' Mrs. T. N. Luptua. , Mr. J. W. Punshon. Dr. and Mra. Charles LeBouililler. , Mr. Eocene Davis. . Mr. Frank Wlborg. - . Mra. M. I. Avery. , - Mr. and Mra. J. P.-Epj,y P.-Epj,y P.-Epj,y " Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Evarts. ' Mr. and Mrs. HiggiBbotham.' ' MissJullaD.Uaswell. Miaa Fannie Coilinwood. : - Miss Mary J. Clarke. Ij. O. Tlllot, of St. lnnls. ; 1 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bansford. Mr. and Mrs. John Alio way. Miss Mary Chamberlain. Mr. Thomas Bowman. -' -' Miss Llda H. Urabener. Mr.and Mra. Payne, of Delaware, Ohio. Mra. C'barlotte-Caasman. C'barlotte-Caasman. C'barlotte-Caasman. Mr. 8.C Oood win, of St. Ionia. -. -. Mr.C. A. McUibbon. . Mr.K. K.Hweeney. - Mr.Ueorge W. Boyee. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dicklnaoa. ' Mr. and Mra. Van Anda. . Mr. and Mra. Norwood. .. v Mlas Mills. Miss Maggie Thompson. A miss lua inonai Mrs. Blevens. Mr. and Mrs. Will Lemznon. Mlas Carpenter. Mrs. C. M. Murcb. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Pleree. Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, Mf-Bw1iJier:,w-J-M-uordoa-, , Miss Belle Duhme, ' . Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pierce. , Mr. and Mra. J. K. fete wart. Mr. and Mra, H.U. Brennemen. Mr. and Mra. John O. WUia. of St. Louis. Mr. and Mra. R. p. Bishop. Mlas Emma E. Cost. -Mia -Mia Alice A. Cost. Dr. Thad A. Beamy. Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. MoQraw, of New Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Mr. end Mrs. Gibson. 1 , mtm. nooen joiips. Mrs. Cox, of West Fourth street. Mr. Charlea O. Hall, of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Perkina. Mr. and Mrs. a. D. Johnson, of Washington. Mr. and Mra. Bimpkinson. ( Miss Ha vie. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Crane. Mr. WUhUatea. Mr. Al Clark. Mies Ida Crane.' Mr. Cbandlfer Harper. Mr. and liii W.KTborna. Miss Thome. ' J TBI HOIflTMOOX. Mr-end Mr-end Mr-end Mra. Morris left tor Chicago over the Big Tour" Line at aeven o'clock last night, where they wUl attend tbe nuptials of Mr. Harry Cooper, of Walnut Hills, and Mlas Bertie Bevana, at the latter'a residence, on Michigan avenue, to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow evening, upon their return they will take np their realdenee at the borne of the bride, spending the summer summer and their honeymoon at tbe Camp grounds. - tAKIKO JDOCTOM. Conenae meat Knercisea eftsie EeleeUe jgoeUeaa College. The Commencement exercises of tbe Seventy-third Seventy-third Seventy-third Seventy-third Besslon of the Eclectio Medloal College, corner of court and Plum streets, were held In Robinson's Opera-bouse Opera-bouse Opera-bouse laat evening. There waa a. lane attendance of the friends of the students, and the programme rendered was an exceedingly interesting one. The following following waa the order of exercises: rsOOBAMMK. March . rfi-r rfi-r rfi-r Bach - Orchestra. rt"ii:znkT Orchestra. Keport of the Sentoa. - Coa,.rrla, n.grei-0' n.grei-0' n.grei-0' ,0b' aa-ier aa-ier aa-ier BoraotTrT . - Orchestra. ' --t --t --t Valedloery Address-The Address-The Address-The rbyslelaa Op- Op- wCiM""!!; rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" rr-r-K-Yncr..-" -ays. -ays. m. . aavu edley oh. How Delightful. ..CaUiu Orchestra. Address . Professor W. J. lecke. M. D. .....iuoti liiverUsssmen Benedletloa Orehe Wails AOs asm Kaase In die Wall oroaesira. The Dean reported an attendance of SIC daring the year and a graduating class of 113. Tbe valedictory address on the part of the cl waa delivered by Jamea H. Hayes, M. D. : rujimisnr vipportumues. The address on tbe part of the Faculty waa The following are the names of the graduates: graduates: Ellerton W. Aldrlch, Ohio; Tbomks P. AsUe, Illinois; Dsvid Ashum, Michigan: Cbarlea Beaver, Juu Csnsds; JobBH.Bar-nett, JobBH.Bar-nett, JobBH.Bar-nett, Ohio; Robert A. Bnneb, Indiana; Joseph B. Parker, Ohio; Benjamin F. Beane, Ohio; Dennis J. Brannen, Illinois; benjamin F, i niueKy ; ciari K. Urother, Ohio mer, Illinois; J. Louia Beaty. Illinois: J t,rtamore, Ohio; Josepbua D.Crnm. Mlchlaan Jasper Clifford, Indiana; Alexander Camp- Camp- Il.II UUkl....7Vk . . . . : Ran: August Chance, Jnou, Ohio: Albert H Col Una, Arkansas: George G. Case. Ohio Arthur M. l.'llne. Ohio: Ueora-e Ueora-e Ueora-e M. Oni. TunnJ 7 VT -rne, -rne, maiana: Scnuy- Scnuy- ler C. 1) rolling r, Indiana: Henry ll lirurr New Tork; W. Carl DIUanbauKh. New York: Samuel H. Davis, Indiana; Abel L. Darling, Illinois; Samuel L. Downey, Indiana; John A. DowelL Ohio; Norman W. Darrow. New York; Simpson M. Ekermyer. Ohio: Ward a.. ciuiriu. r-ennsyivanta: r-ennsyivanta: r-ennsyivanta: Uorland r. fox, Canada; John H. Frits, Ohio; William B. Forden,- Forden,- Iowa; Daniel C. Farrar. Missouri: Ernest C. Oengelbach, Indiana; Joel B. tier reuaon. r-ennsyi r-ennsyi r-ennsyi vanla; Arthur A. Gel in Massachusetts; Thomas H. Hicks. Tennes l- l- Hopkins, Massachusetts: W. Frank riarsbberger, Pennsylvania; Lon Hockett. Illinois; Charles M. Hodson. Illinois; James 8. Haves, Iowa; John C. Helper, Mis swun; juni n. nasen, Pennsylvania; ueorge a. owniawr, vura: riiva r. rxowea, asassaenu-setts; asassaenu-setts; asassaenu-setts; Havllle.C. Hobba,. Indiana: Wm. A inskeep, Illinois; Maggie T. Johnson, Can. w m. w. donea, 10a, rtew York; Wm. A. Johnston, Indiana; Ueorge D. Kimball. New rone: Frank A. Klleves. Ohio: Charles 8. Kellogg, Ohio; Cyrus P. Lenhart. Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania; Charles H. Lovell. Indiana; Joshua jij.u,i, l,w jersey; ueorge w. iar olistt, Indiana; Daniel Million, Ohio; Elliot U. iaw, nsHssansBiu; a. imatlaat, MlrsBOs, Ohio; Alfred S. MaCaskev. Ohio: Biahon Ma. Mlllen, Ohio: Wm. Mitchell, Ohio; Albert C. S, ir "iJ?" "S'vy nsauox, atissouri : Wm. ii. MeKinney. Tennessee; Tboa. H Mat. , K: wl Alexander T. MeMartry, Missouri; John McUarvey, Indiana; Andrew O. Miller. Indiana: Chaa. MeTaggar, Indlaaa; Svlvester i ewitn, inaiana; nut K. Newland; Nevada; PhUander P. Outland, Ohio; William A. Perrinar- Perrinar- Massachusetts; Wlnrield S. Boea, Ohio: Will K. Rlcbarda. New York; Albert Reiehard. Maryland: John IC. Rosa, Ohio; John Rotter. Indiana: Eusene K. Rice: xitiDois, xvuwara i. eniio, onto; John J. Hhaner, California: F. Clayton Smith. New i i Bsmuci snniveiy, Missouri; John R. . v u r nw ij. bum, Massaebu. setts; Homer F. Stoddard. Illlnni.- Illlnni.- u-ii.. u-ii.. u-ii.. r. j . . iv. w. ocaaeier, Indiana; John B.ySmiUi, Indian; Jacob U. Tayior, Pennsylvania; Lewis W. K. Traeev. Ohio; Alfred W. Trevltt, lows; Tbeophilus n norn.unto: Jss. .""rs.'T oei rj. . wuson. Kansas: Kansas: AlmiraC. Wood, IlUnoia; John Madison 'L"T:.rraMKi Jolu c- c- walker. Ohio; n.raviiij nuns XT. W Sll' man, Pennsylvania; Joels h Youm. Ohio. frlxea werm r nn h, rfc VUM..T,. r-i r-i r-i i -ri, -ri, ' w.vavM . iuuvwui geouemen: Uolo. medal farhMi vMnAMi Albert A. Richard, of Maryland. ouver meaai tor second beat general axa lnatlon, to Pitts E. Howes, of Meseaehuae Aoatomicat auss, to J arose 8. Hayes, of "wa, iw ui, tan ssswauosi examine uoo. . a taciixiD kid m ifk. Careaer ateaseMc deawst PTavetletna; MeeHclae Wltaveatt "sleaa. -. -. Coroner Bendlgs held aa laqaast yesterday . t. mwm ui aoien aso, wbo died at No. oissusay at ood ay morning, about o ciocx. Mrs. J. M. Miller, a midwife. rmmiA lng at No. Ul East Front street, administered a bottle of medicine' to' the deceased, for which she oharged $1 25. Mrs. MUler. in her baBJ. said aha gave the medicine, an ex. tract from herbs, for the purpose of relieving the woman from pain. Mrs. Miller fnrth.. said that she had a diploma to practice aa a midwife from some school In Germany, but diploma had been buraed onihe oo- oo- -T77 -T77 r T. " worning oown while re-aid re-aid re-aid lng in Pennsylvania, she said she had no ,?!I?n,,J,tl ""edielne, and aa tbe laws ..H.Uo.'0.ro1? any one to presort be medicine without having diploma. Mra. Mill-, Mill-, Mill-, h.i Millar baa "wwii iiaoie io arrest, rendered the following verdtet Tbe Coroner f iwui mwwmr ano, witnonl nmiwi, ? atlenttaoTT 'further flndthaAIre! US 'Jilii Tw1 drrln of eeuanre toiut tag medieltae withoot the neoeasary knowl. College." aOBf diploma from a regular ite Cwoirt Iteans. ' K. "W. Oxaru waa appointed administrator - - iin. r srBonaity.guioo. 4. .ssAstrxsT was appointed admlnls- admlnls- HswruenB. MtrtiB. Personalty. tiJOn. THI will of August Harlflnger waa y aster. day probated. Barbara Harl eager waa an. pointed axanotrLx. M tim. wmm ap se) s win. mt iamrmvm. vwem orongns as netiosj again st Jacob Andreas to recover $VOW damagea for aavBuigt upon nis wire. The testimony of the plaintiff waa heard ay Judge Burnet and. a Jury yesterday. Tbe other eldVaande no defense, defense, and the Jury found s verdiatf gSliT assessing dnsnagea a aiGO. anuty, . as i lutrr Giaks Excoiatojf to Nlanr. Fait. and Toronto Monday. Jane Sotk, lea via a- a- u. elaoaU at 1 p. m Dayton at jOs.n, vU New, York, Fednayivanta and Ohio Rail, road. Cincinnati to Niagara and return, eg. Dayton to Niagara and return. S5. To Toronto and return U more than to Niagara and re-turn. re-turn. re-turn. Tickets good for stop-over stop-over stop-over a Lakeweod (Lake Ctutatanona) on return trlfv , Mirrtwe) of the Polo Bkntlns- Bkntlns- Clab of the Highland Bouse will be held to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow ! at f 'oiaMkt g4 Dm fiibjoa Boaaa, m, .

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 08 Jun 1881, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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