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 - I THREE GAMES, ALL TO DRAWS Neither Pillsbury...
I THREE GAMES, ALL TO DRAWS Neither Pillsbury Nor Showalter Able To Win From the Other. SOME VERY FINE CHESS. Ruy Lopes Game Last Night Finest of the Three Bays' Tournament. the LEAVE FOR CINCINNATI TO-DAY. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. SHOWALTER and Pillsbury, the chess experts, have oome, seen and conquered all except each other and to-day to-day to-day they will proceed proceed to Cincinnati, where they will give an exhibition similar to that which they gave here. During the visit of the experts experts to the Louisville Chess Club they played three games, finishing the last one late last night, and in none of the games did a winner develop. Each of the contests contests was drawn after a long series of moves, and while the spectators did not have the opportunity of seeing one man defeat the other the play benefited the game of chess in this city In that it stimulated stimulated local Interest, to a marked degree. During the three days' exhibition the rooms were crowded nearly all the time play was in progress, and the members learned many a valuable lesson from the moves of the experts. The mot brilliant game of the tournament tournament was ended last night, when the third contest was declared a draw after the forty-third forty-third forty-third move. This was a Ruy Lopes, and dosens of times the spectators concluded concluded that one or the other of the players players was bound to lose in the next few moves. This Illusion, on each ocuasion, was dispelled by some move that waa a revelation to the local lovers of 'the game. When the last biu match hail been declared declared a draw last night. Mr. Pillsbury. the champion, begun a series of simultaneous simultaneous chess and checker games with hulf a dosen members of the club. Before leaving for Cincinnati this afternoon, if they have time. Messrs. Pillsbury and Showalter will endeavor to play another game, though this Is by no means a certainty. certainty. The moves In last night s tine game follow: RUY LOPEZ. WHITE. BLACK. (Showalter.) 1. P K4 2. Kt KB3 (Pillsbury.) P K4 Kt tjB3 2. B QKt j Kt H3 4. Castles. KtxP ' P W4 Kt-y3 Kt-y3 Kt-y3 PxP KtxB r. P-yR4 P-yR4 P-yR4 f-ui f-ui f-ui P-Q P-Q P-Q KxP 9. PxKt Kt-Ki Kt-Ki Kt-Ki lit. Kt yt u 11. K-K K-K K-K B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 12. Kt CJB3 I yB4 13. Kt(Q4 K2 Caslles. 14. Kt-KB4 Kt-KB4 Kt-KB4 Ft K 15. KtB4-y; KtB4-y; KtB4-y; P-QKti P-QKti P-QKti lei. KtxB , ejxKt 1J. B B4 P-KB4 P-KB4 P-KB4 IS. H Kt3 ; Q-K2 Q-K2 Q-K2 lit. P-QKI3 P-QKI3 P-QKI3 B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 2t. P-KB4 P-KB4 P-KB4 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 21. Q-CJ2 Q-CJ2 Q-CJ2 B-R4 B-R4 B-R4 22. RxK ch) Rilt 23. H-QB H-QB H-QB H-j H-j H-j 24. Kt-yr, Kt-yr, Kt-yr, B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 2... Kt B3 B It M. P Bi Kt Kt 27. R-K R-K R-K VI J2 2. Kt yr, K k 2!'. It K B yxKtP 3U. KtxKBP PxKt 31. B-K4 B-K4 B-K4 It KB 32. yxP KI-W2 KI-W2 KI-W2 33. R K i-yHI! i-yHI! i-yHI! 34. Bxl' . hi KtxB 3.',. yxR Ichi KtxKt 3K. K K2 V W4 :7. P B3 y y8 (eh) K-B2 K-B2 K-B2 KxP 39. P-Bei P-Bei P-Bei y-KBS-(ch) y-KBS-(ch) y-KBS-(ch) y-KBS-(ch) y-KBS-(ch) 4ii. K K3 y yBX ch 41. K-B2 K-B2 K-B2 y K B8 (ch) 42. K-K3 K-K3 K-K3 y H3 ch) 43. K-y2 K-y2 K-y2 y-BS y-BS y-BS (ch) Drawn. The blindfolded game between Pillsbury and Showalter. which was partially le-scribed le-scribed le-scribed in yesterday's Courier-Journal, Courier-Journal, Courier-Journal, was not finished until after 2 o'clock yesterday yesterday morning. It was begun at 7:30 o'clock Friday evening, and the exports played continuously for over seven hours and then a draw was the best they could do. Despite the lateness of the hour, most of the members of the Louisville Chess Club remained up to see the finish, and. while they were a little disappointed that neither man was able to win, all were dellKhted at the scientilic play. The gunie was what is known as a yueen's Gamhit Declined, and they wye unable to arrive at a result after fifty-four fifty-four fifty-four moxes. The various moves follow : QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. WHITE. BLACK. (Pillsbury..) (Showalter.) 1 . P y4 P y4 2. P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 3. yKt-B3 yKt-B3 yKt-B3 KKt R3 4. B KKti B K2 5. P K3 yKt Q2 6. Kt KB3 Castless 7. B Q3 P-yR3 P-yR3 P-yR3 S. PxP PxP . Castle-s. Castle-s. Castle-s. 1 B.I 10. Kt K., KtxKi 11. PxKt Kt Kt", 12. B-KB4 B-KB4 B-KB4 B KM 13. B KtU y K2 II. B-y2 B-y2 B-y2 B-IU B-IU B-IU I.'., y yl P-KK13 P-KK13 P-KK13 Pi. P-KB4 P-KB4 P-KB4 I: y 17. yu-K yu-K yu-K n-B4 n-B4 n-B4 IK. y-y y-y y-y Hxi; ik. yxB y-nt y-nt y-nt 2M. B i B-Kti- B-Kti- B-Kti- B-Kti- 21. P-K1U P-K1U P-K1U KtxR 22. QxKl It-y2 It-y2 It-y2 23. Kt K2 y KlJ 24. Kt-yi Kt-yi Kt-yi '-yB4 '-yB4 '-yB4 2T. Kt B3 ViR y X. R y P B3 27. PxP BxP 25. R y2 R-K R-K R-K 2i. R(KI-Q R(KI-Q R(KI-Q y-K3 y-K3 y-K3 20. K K yxf 31. yxy Rxy 32. KxP Rilt 33. UxK I'- I'- B.. :;4. R-y2 R-y2 R-y2 p-qkm p-qkm p-qkm 3.,. K Kt P yB4 i. K-HJ K-HJ K-HJ R-K.". R-K.". R-K.". 37. P-KK13 P-KK13 P-KK13 P-Ktr. P-Ktr. P-Ktr. R yB2 P-Ktl P-Ktl P-Ktl 33. PxP PxP 4"l. H: P R. 41. Kt-Ki Kt-Ki Kt-Ki KxKt 42. J'xli K-K2 K-K2 K-K2 43. R-K". R-K". R-K". K-K.-. K-K.-. K-K.-. K-K.-. K-K.-. 44. K- K- B3 R-yp.5 R-yp.5 R-yp.5 it. K K3 P R4 . K-y3 K-y3 K-y3 R-B7 R-B7 R-B7 47. RxKP KxP 45. R R." ch) K-B3 K-B3 K-B3 4!.. P-Kt4 P-Kt4 P-Kt4 Rx! SO. PxP P-KI4 P-KI4 P-KI4 l. R R (ch) K B4 il. . R RT. (ch K Br. 3. R K4 (ch K-KB K-KB K-KB S4. R-KK14 R-KK14 R-KK14 Drawn. Tj Flay Chess In Cincinnati. Cinc'nnatl. Dec. a. One of the most interesting interesting events announced for t'hristniaK In Cincinnati is a chess and i-heeker i-heeker i-heeker tournament. tournament. The great feature of Ihe chess tournament will I a match- match- between the elebrated chess masters. Showalter and Pillsbury. Chess Results At Vie an a. Vienna, Dev. 23. The fifth round of !he Kolisch memorial tournament was concluded concluded to-night, to-night, to-night, rcsult'.ng as follows: Popicl and Zinkl adjourned In an even position: Prock lost to Wolf: Brody and Albln adjourned in an even poaltiou; Ma-rocay Ma-rocay Ma-rocay and Alapin adjourned In favor of I the former; Schwars lost to Kortie and , Schleohte-r Schleohte-r Schleohte-r and Marco drew. Anatomu.! , V. .. .iv.. r t tha, fun- fun- pet I tors up lo date: Won. Lost.! Won. Lost. Alapin ; 2 Poplel Z I Albln z'i Prock 0 5 Brody 3 ;Sehlechter . 14 Kortie 2 J ,Sehwars 2V. 2H Marco 1'4 3V Wolf 3 2 Maroczy .. ..2 1 ;jnkl 2 I Louisville Revolver Club. The Louisville Revolver Club held .Its regular meeting last night, and in its two regular Saturday night matches some excellent excellent scores were made. Mr. H. 9. Gilbert Gilbert won both events. The scores follow: follow: TEN YARDS. H. 9. Gilbert 184 J. L. Miller IS Dr. Harris Kelly. 183: T. P. Taylor 15 TWENTY YARDS. Dr. H. Kolly 1JG.J. L. Miller 1H H. 9. Gilbert 144 T. P. Taylor 112 FIFTKEN YAHDri RA Pit) FIRE. H. S. Gilbert !7, lr. H. Kelly J. L. Miller ; T. P. Taylor 79 Loving Cup For the Manual Team. Mr. Earl Ferguson, a former member of the Manual Training School football team, has presented a championship loving loving cun to this season's eleven. The cup bears tne; Inscription: "To the Champions, the Manuals of 18." Mr. Ferguson la a brother of Karl and Willie Ferguson, of this year's team. He Is farming in Bourbon Bourbon county, but is still a football enthusiast. enthusiast. RIYER AND WEATHER LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE OF LOUISVILLE. Latitude, 38 15'. Longitude. S5 46' West from Greenwich. Reports of maximum temperature and precipitation during the twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four hours cnde-el cnde-el cnde-el De-cember De-cember De-cember 23, at 7 p. m.: Stations. Tern. Pre. Stations. Tem.Pre. Pittsburg .7) TiMncinnati 42 .52 At Inn t;i . . . .Yl 1.7il Indianapolis .38 .14 Montgomery .S .M Chicago . ...44 .V) New Orleans. 18 .HChattanooga .44 1.40 Galveston . ..V .00 Davenport . .46 .00 for. Christi .m. North Platte.. 54 T Palestine . ..If, Omaha ... .54 .u icksburg . .41 .82 Kansas City ..44 .00 Little Rock ..4e .w Iodge City .vo Memphis . .12 .24 Oklahoma IX .00 Nashville . .4H .57 Amarillo . ...4 .0 Cairo ... .42 .34 Abilene ... .62 00 St. Louis ... 44 .10 El Paso 5S .00 T Trace rainfall. BI-DAILY BI-DAILY BI-DAILY OBSERVATIONS. rOfflclal Louisville, Dec. 23, 1S. 7 a.m. ? o. m. Barometer 29.911 2S.6S Temperature 2S 4i l'ewuolnt .W 43 Humiditv K Wind, direction E W Wind, vclocliv 4 12 Weather Lt.Rain Cloudy TEMPERATURE AND PRECIPITATION. PRECIPITATION. Constants and Normals. lOfflc'alj Louisville, Dec. 2S, 18. Maximum temperature 45 Minimum temperature 37 Mean temperature 42 Normal temperature 41 Depariure for day -el -el Departure for month n-15 n-15 n-15 Departure since March 1 224 Prevailing winds BE Mean liarometer '. 29.7S8 Mean relative humidity si I'haracter of day ., t Cloudy Total precipitation .iS Normal precipitation .11 Ienarture for day .47 Departure for month .W Deiwrture since March 1 . I.W ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES. City of Louisville, from and to Cincinnati Cincinnati Big Kanawha, from and to Carrol Carrol I ton Tarascon, from and to Evans- Evans- vllle Bellevue and tow, from lower coast George Matheson, to Cincinnati. Clifton, to Pittsburg. BOATS LEAVING THIS DAT. City of Cincinnati, Capt. Bryant, for Cincinnati at '. a. m John K. Speed, e'apt. Dan Marr. for Cairo, Memphis, ejrecnville. Vlcksburg. New Orleans and ail Mississippi river landings at 10 a. m. RIVER. BUSINESS AND WEATHER. Tho rlv-r rlv-r rlv-r was on a stand last evening with 8 fee-t fee-t fee-t 3 inche-s inche-s inche-s In the canal. 6 feet 1 inch on the falls and Pi feet 3 Inches at the foot of the locks. Business brisk and booming. Weather cloudy with rain. DRIFTWOOD. More coal coming The South leaves for New Orleans next Sunday The Tarascon Tarascon had a big trip out for Kvansville last evening The Ragon will be up today today and return to Kvansville to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. The Bellevue goes to the lower coast to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow The John K. Speed leaves for New Orleans this morning The Tell e'ity will be up to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow and return to Kvansville Tuesday The Kalis City for Frankfort Tuesday The new Government Government Kauge at the foot of Fourth avenue should have the marks cut upon it to show the stage of the water on the falls and not In the canal. There are already canal mailis e nough- nough- What river and sttamtKal men nam to know is the stage of wat. v in the Indiana chute on the falls. correspondent asks: "What boats was Mark Twain a pilot on when he was a yuiiVK limn?" Wtll, Mark Twain never wes :i !iiin:-ii !iiin:-ii !iiin:-ii or any other kind of a pilot on nry boat. Me tried to learn with 1'apt. Horace Bixby, and, foi innately for 1 j mi. he fa led to be a success and quit Th. re is not a pilot out of Pittsburg w ho beat ":i; t. Gus June handling a His nre and judgment are re-murkaole re-murkaole re-murkaole . . . Rivermcn are superstitious and the diraster lo the Kansas has put every owner of a steamboat In a diBlurleed frame of mind, and there will be no relief for them until two more steamboat losses oceiir, and every owner fears that his lioat Is going to be one of the unfortunate craft Pilot Eugene Hanlon went South on Capt. Brow n s Troubadour from Ev-atisvllle Ev-atisvllle Ev-atisvllle Mr. John B. Mesker, a millionaire, millionaire, died last Thvrsdny. He owned the lirst steamboat that plied between Cincinnati Cincinnati ami New Orleans. In IM4 he embarked embarked In the stove business at Cincinnati Cincinnati and made a fortune, and went lo Kvansville in It.Vi f'&pt. Bryant's lieau- lieau- tiful slue-wheel slue-wheel slue-wheel City of Cincinnati leaves for I'inclntiatt at 9 o'clock this morning api. Ian Marr. of this city, unc 'of the best biaimen and most popular men on the. river, is in command of the big fine steamer K. Speed, leaving for New Orleans' Hi's morning Pilot Jeff Thomas, Thomas, who has l'-n l'-n l'-n il! lor some time, will resume resume his watch at the wheel of the City of e.'lnclmiail next Tuesday The Buckeye Buckeye Stute went out of the Ohio Friday loaded rlat for New Orleans Coal tows are leaving i'ittsburg on the recent rise.... The O'Nell anil Joe B. Williams are coming coming from Piltsburg with big tows of coal for New Orleans The Arthur Hider and tew passed Memphis Friday going dowa. ....Ch'.i. Walluce. W. Iamb, one of the oM st and best known Mississippi river nearnl oairneti. died in New Orleans De-1'inikr De-1'inikr De-1'inikr 17. I. aged sixty-seven sixty-seven sixty-seven years, of paralysis, with which ha was stricken last June." He nun a native of this city. In 1'..V aged sixten years, he stood his first watch as a pilot on the Oe-ri. Oe-ri. Oe-ri. Barber, plying plying l'i iween Bowling Green ami Loulsv.lle, and afterward learned Ihe river between St. i-cuis i-cuis i-cuis and New e Orleans. He served luring the e'ivil war In the Confederacy. He iea'.'-s iea'.'-s iea'.'-s a wklow. one son and two daughters The Bellevue brought three barges e.f lumlier, etc.. from Ihe lower coast yesterday It Is reported that chic" of Portland, a deckhand O:. i lie Raymond Horner. r"ll overboard below below .Sew Albany ntghi before last and wa dn.wned. He left here on the John A. Wood and was transferred to the Horner with the Woed's crew... The George Math-e-son Math-e-son Math-e-son Math-e-son Math-e-son and Clifton arrived with tows from anov- anov- yesterduy. and returned with empties empties The snaKboal A. E. Woodruff waa due up last evening. RIVER TELEGRAMS. j 1'ittsliurg. !.c. r;. -(Special. -(Special. The Mo-! Mo-! Mo-! r.cnfKlnIa river from Sre-n!ed Sre-n!ed Sre-n!ed an anl-j anl-j anl-j ma rd sepi't-aranoe sepi't-aranoe sepi't-aranoe to-elay. to-elay. to-elay. Kvcry packet ! th!t arrived at the; eharf was loaded wltii poultry, the majority of which was coii-rigi: coii-rigi: coii-rigi: d to tlx- tlx- Pittsburg comoiiKflon houses. The heavy fog. which hung over the river valleys during the morning hours, caused the; majority of shirt-liners shirt-liners shirt-liners to get In late. The fos was also responsible responsible for the nonan ivai of the coalboats wiU tows that were expected to -, -, in. 1

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