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Germany 1930 - Early Misfortunes of Hitler Disregarded; Power...
Early Misfortunes of Hitler Disregarded; Power Increases I F HIS attempted putsch of Nov. 9, 1923, was a miserable failure, Adolf Hitler at least succeeded succeeded in getting on the front pages of every newspaper in Germany. Germany. Furthermore, the story was made better by the air of mystery connected with it. Wild rumors circulated in Munich that he had been badly wounded when the steadfast Bavarian troops fired at his mock army. * Then Munich handed itself one big laugh, for on Nov. 11 the Bavarian Bavarian police arrested Hitler in the little town of Essing-, 40 miles from the Bavarian capital. Enemy papers sarcastically said the only wound the hero of Nov. 9 had was a badly grazed shoulder caused by throwing himself to the street too energetically when the troops started to fire. Hitler was carted off to the fortress of Landsburg, 35 miles west of Munich, where he was detained to await his trial. The imprisonment was not painful. painful. The fortress was not a bad prison and Hitler was not treated harshly. He had practically all his liberties save the liberty of getting getting away. German newspapers cynically said the powers that be in Bavaria were not too anxious to bring him to trial, because they themselves had winked at the putsch idea and had only changed their minds at the last minute. Enjoys Trials. Hitler finally was brought to trial in Munich in March, 1921. The court did not worry him a bit. Courts have never done so. When before a tribunal as accused, as plaintiff, or 4 as witness, Hitler sits as if a fever of excitement, his hands nervously twitching, his mouth working, until he looks as if he is going to burst if he does not speak. He does not burst. He speaks. And short of gagging him, nobody can stop him until he has said his say. Moreover, like Joan of Arc and like Napoleon, he has burning faith in his star. In this trial, for instance, some sarcastic sarcastic remarks were made about his presumption in thinking, if the putsch were successful, that he would be the chancellor of the reich. Up popped Hitler, eyes flashing, hands working. "I declared in the beer hall meeting that I would undertake the leadership of the political fight until the November, 1918, criminals were settled with. (It was thus he referred to the German German statesmen who signed the treaty .of Versailles). If i had wanted to be chancellor of the reich, I would have proposed the title for myself. I decline to be modest in this respect when a former house porter actually became became chancellor. I will yet take a lead in settling with the November November criminals. If not now, then later." The court sentenced him to five years' detention in the,fortress of j Landsberg. Hitler disappeared temporarily from the scene. ' But in May he got news that made him cheer. His party had polled two million votes and secured 32 seats in the reichstag. The putsch had not failed entirely after all. It paid to advertise. In the election election of December, 1924, the news was not so good. The party vote j had fallen to 900.000 and 14 seats j ia the reichstag. The party clear- ' Hero is n portrait sketch of Adolf Hitler, whose activities just now are causing alarm throughout Europe. Hitler's party scored ti big victory in the recent German election. ly needed its leader. And his fervent fervent wish for liberty was fulfilled. fulfilled. The Bavarian government amnestied him. In the meantime, so great had been the against von Kahr, that reaction he fell from power and Dr.. Held became Bavarian premier. Returns to Munich. Hitler reappeared in his favorite favorite Munich in March, 1925—once more in a beer hall. Three thousand thousand frenzied followers welcomed him back. Hitler made no attempt attempt to put a bridle on his tongue. He slammed the Jews. He slammed the government and the reichstag. He proclaimed his unrepentant nationalism. He slammed the November "criminals." "criminals." Premier Held did not like it. But Hitler attempted no putsches. putsches. He had done some reflecting, if not thinking, while he was in prison. Believing in his star, he also believed that time was working working in his favor. There was high taxation in Germany. There was business depression. There was unemployment. There was the constant party wrangling and juggling juggling in the reichstag, with, continual continual changes in the government. There was the gigantic sacrifice Germans had to make to meet the war reparation payments. He saw this would go oa increasing. The old monarchist crowd, the Impressionable Impressionable young, might all be won to his banner If he knew how to cash in. Finances a Mystery. He conferred with clever men. They decided upon a method of organisation that would blend fascism with some of the methods of the German communists. Like the fascists, he would garb his black shirts. They would wave in the air blood-red banners with black swastika crosses. Like the communists, he would have storm troops and his own police force. But all this takes money. At various times it hrc been alleged he was staked respectively by the bolsheviks, by Mussolini, and by the industrialists of the Rhineland Rhineland and the Ruhr. The latter is the more likely. It is known he visited the big industrialists. It is believed they saw in his organization organization not only a means to combat socialism and communism, but to help them in their efforts to conquer conquer the independence of the German German working classes. The story of Bolo money falls of its own ridiculous ridiculous weight. The Bolos are too busy financing the communists. cried. "Please strum and as you go along, we'll try to sing a little song, bad. We tried. It may be good, or may be won't know till it's (READ THE STORY THEN The serenade was very nice. In , fact they played and sang it twice j and all the Tinies clapped real I loud. "That's great," one of them, The man who had the big guitar replied, "All right, Jads, here you are. I'll simply play a lot of chords and you make up the tune. I'm sure that I can follow you. It really isn't hard to do. I've learned a lot of tricks since I have played this old guitar." And then he started off, "pling, pling!" and all the bunch began to sing. "Four happy Tinymites are we, just journeying in Spain. We came to see what we could see and we're as pleased as we can be. In fact we've seen so much we know our trip's not been In vain." The Travel Man cried, "Say, that's grand. I really cannot understand understand how you make up the he should'decide one day to adopt j the republican idea, no one could reproach him. He had not delivered delivered an ultimatum to Rupprecht. .; Count Soden, Rupprecht's chef <le cabinet, told of a telephone talk with a representative of Hit- j ler, who specifically invoked the authority of his leader and said ; sharpest attacks would be urged : against the crown prince unless j he signo.d the ^manifesto. Soden j said, before he hung up the tele- j phone receiver, he said to bis in-1 terlocutor: "Herr Hitler can go to the devil!" devil!" The story of Mussolini money has been fought in court. Hitler brought two German editors to book on that. Indeed Hitler, who takes the gloves off when he taiVa about other people, is very sensitive sensitive himself and is quick to run to the courts. For instance, last year the Hitlerites partly fathered a scheme to submit the Young reparations plan to a plebiscite, was alleged by some German papers papers that ex-Crown Prince Rupprecht Rupprecht of Bavaria refused to sign a public manifesto in favor of the plebiscite and that Hitler then retorted retorted with a threat of a public offensive against himself and the monarchist idea in general. Sees Power Coming. When the case came up, Hitler Hitler did not. Instead, he went to work. He formed his cells. German He organized hia storm troops who were paid wages. In May. 1928, his party polled 800,000 votes and got 12 seats in the reichstag. It was only a small bag. But Hitler worked on. Last | year his party got the majority of the seats in Thurtngia and Hitler- ites got the most important ministries. ministries. On Sept. 14, Hitler found that time and hard times had, indeed, indeed, worked for him. His friends admitted the princes' attitude was j a severe blow to him and he, therefore, naturally considered the question of his future attitude attitude towards monarchy. He was young followers in brown shirts, | free to take his own decisions and won 107 seats in the reichstag, thus becoming the second party in that body, the sociaUsts being | first. With, a black winter in j front of Germany, Hitler firmly believe, the time is coming when he will be arbiter of the country's i destinies. flavor ,„. c its Ufe hpans. j Buenos Aires.—The Argentine i en• bureau of statistics has estimated j the average life in thirteen cities.' They are: Buenos Aires, 38 years; j don and Washington. 53; Vienna, 61; New York. 49; Chicago, 48; j - i as distinctive from the Italian answerable only to his party. If ' janeiro"23. Paris, 47; Montevideo, 35; Toyko, I 30; Leningrad, 27, and Rio de;

Clipped from
  1. The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune,
  2. 31 Oct 1930, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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