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FASP - 2 Am»rUloGlobe-Tlm«l Thursday, February 27,...
2 Am»rUloGlobe-Tlm«l Thursday, February 27, By THOMAS THOMPSON Some color TV prospects are still wailing for television scls (hat can be hung »n Ihe wall like a picture. Remember? Several years nun t i n - TV set i" a picture frame was a well-circulated prediction. Meanwhile, Ihe furniture industry has made II good, h u i I d i n K space -consuming cabinets lo house lubes and other TV workings. M i n i a - turization evolving (Mi I of spacecraft needs has affected almost every oilier field of electronics. Are the TV set builders h o I d i n g hack Komethiiig from the buying public? T-T The New Mexico Krec Mason engages says. "If you find in this magazine il designed lo uncover inch qualities as range of interest, resourcefulness, ability to express and defend views and ease In gelling along with people. T-T Those who administer examinations to q u a l i f y for National Merit ' miKlit take a tip frmn the Department's experience. | Dim Oral examinations are more 1 trouble, but they m i g h t up better all around students, Thn T--T [reports on Another A m a r i l l o !T^TM^^ iT^Sr Silverman practice under the i confirm name of Silverman 1 Silverman. Mr. Silverman is patent attorney. Mrs. general practice! mistake of law. _ _ j was put 'I'--T ; there on purpose. We try to D K A I I TUHNSTI1.E: publish something for everybody "Brunhild?" is "his" name and some people seem to look'referring to the dog belnngm only for mistakes." to R. Wendell, "piano-tuning. T-T The NBC in depth report on why HOTC was muscled nut of 'Yale and Harvard gave several spokesmen from the faculties and the student hurtles opportunity to voice their views. All were against ROTC. The voice of those who think ROTf has a legitimate place on the college campus was not heard. NBC pointed oul that all good things have their beginning in Ivy League schools. The question was when the l e s s e r c o l l e g e s a n d universities finally would get wise. If I were In the Defense Department I would be i l j . f - r - ,,:'. Tlic s i 1 r v opera-loving, champion barber- ·shop-leiior" lleiny. Rs Indicts 8 D n B j ' |ty T (burglary. Illl'V' ·* J i CANYil.N -- Kisht. persons! were indicted Wednesday by R a n d a l l County grand j which met in the county inissiontvs new meeting rooinl$50. for the first time. Amon;/ those indicted '"as;j.io9 Rayniiui Thomason, 27, of mas. who is charged with theft) by ialsc pretext. [Beverly Thoma!"!, ,i grocer, is eu.sed of obtaining S2.52S.57 ill - f - r - ,,:'. Tlic s e r v i · c m e r ( h a n ^ i m academies cannot hope to sup- warehouses of Affiliated ply the needed officer person- Stores n Sept. 13. lie is nc'l for the Army, Navy and of sisiiina a n a m e Air Force. Pespite the profs at Harvard and Yale, and despite NBC, the average citizen and the taxpayer in this part of the country Is going to have the say about what is on the campus and what is not. A young man is not necessarily a war monger or militarist because he is his own (o t h e order. The merchandise \vn.i charged to the Circle 71 Food Store ill Tulia where Thomason !ind been employed. An imliclnunl alleging theft also w;i? returned agaii.st, a m a n , formerly of Canyon, authorities s-iid is not in cu.iu.dy at this time. liree A m a r i l l o yonlhs member of the ROTC:. 'lie i i n f l i c l M l "n charges of forcible j V1 , in .| v s .,|,, ould he just a young person who is capable and willing to defend his country in lime of need. These days the profs are getting pretty big for their britches. T-- T Another group that is Retting of Ki-ycar-olrl girl rajie Feb. 21. They fire Boliby Moyirs. 18. .son of Mrs. Jo Jones of 1628 Nelson, and stepbrnlhcrs, Steve Michael M:\rVin. 17, ami -ItK^ A l b e r l utiyton, 17, son.s of ami Mr;-. Albert Victor l.ayton of 27(11 Patterson. Other; indicted were I/ii TV prelty big for its britches is 1 Alfred M i t c h e l l , IS, son of M:-. the Afro-Americans for Black anil Jlrs. L. !,. Mitchell of-1(115 Liberation. j Oregon f r i l l in Amr.rillo, for They avc ovcr-dciuaudiuii. ' a u l o U i c U , "noger Dt.nsla? Last week down at Austin t.hc Micbaol. 18. \ Kermit, ;.rid srnup siibmilteil 11 di'inands to ry Wcslle.v Fry, 21), of A m n .Pros. jN'ormiin l l a c k c r m a n o f ; b o t h sliidcms at the University uf Tcxus. The Slate Um'vetsily, charged \.illi Daily Texan had the good sense burglary to observe lhal "the H demands are a conglomeration -reasonable and some unreasonable, some SIRENS TO \VAII, F R I D warning; ' ' increase Ullilc '"' c t ' iv " Defense system will he lestcd between, "For example," said The Tex3: ' 15 ;iml 4 P '"· Friday w i t h ] an, "one unreasonable demand ·' " t a k c TMVer" signal, a longj is Uiat Uie Lli.) Library should walll "R tone lasting about 901 to San be converted to the Black · set ' OIK 's Studies Building, and should be named the .Malcolm X Black Studies Building." Olhcr demands included the dismissal of Frank Krwin and replaceincnl of other resents \ \ i l h a board of half black and; Chicano niombcrs. t h e rchiring of Larry Caroline and a v a i l a b l e decent housing for m i n o r i t y students at $50 per mouth. The Daily Texan found thai the demand l h a t "black ethnic ^Brothers 2820 Virginia Circlo IVAN, JIM 4 MIKE ·I is Publishing Co group instructors shall bc in all GILLESPIE deparlmcnts of the U n i v e r s i t y S(-rv"ir F 2 lo bn "only reasonable", wcthodnt Church However, says The Texan, "no department should hire professors just because Ihcy are black or of any elhnic minority. They should bc hired on the basis of their ijiialifu'lilions." T-T The Stale Department has ; failed in its resolve to recruit more Negroes, despite a fairly ; intelligent and a determined : effort. In 1%1 only. 17 of (he department's :i,7(W foreign service officers were Negroes. Six years later the number was up to 19. In 1%.'! the Slate Department and Ford Foundation combined lo sel tip a Foreign Affairs Scholarship .Program at Howard I'niversi- ly. Each year about in students were selected for internship in Washington. They spenl their summers attending seminars designed to help them with Ihe foreign service examinations. They spenl their winters in special programs. It didn't work. In four y e a r s 1 5 1 s t u d e n t s participated in Ihe program and only 17 of them passed I h e w r i t t e n examination. Consequently, by the spring of 1%7, there were still only Ift black foreign service officers. Still, the Stale Department hasn't given up and William Raspberry, a Negro col umnist, observed lhal "other government agencies would do well (o follow that example," In its new self-examination, the State Department (mind that those students who scored highest on Ihe written lest didn'l always make (he best officers. On the other hand, almost always those who scored well on Ihcir oral examination made good foreign service olfifers. Another pilot program has heen set up with a probing oral examination as Its basis. The oral examination is pic, SI, f : ndnv. PERCELL Bon PcrccH, 54, 1{W Ricks. wo;, held 1 p.m. Thursday, Biothers Ivv Choix). AMAMU* 6L«M TMM NEWSPAPER ! A ruLITZt-* PRIZE (For Public Service) Combining the Ambfitlo Globe esfn-; )rt i., n Wished Frb. », im. ond He Amorllloi sll ^ n i.m« established Dec. ?3. 1937. block The Globe Times Is an Indeoendent! c pj n r ?e,rs°Yi,ib""^L- 0 poTM» h ''Sho| l ' 1 belicvrs lo be rlohl regardless ol parlvj t lal pubiishcn bv tne ^ I0n 1«- Ne1 TM s !agers. ..iriov-'iit''^!'' S« ! °"iK p '° " B ?,1;?,'J' *;""''"?· T ,°iTM! ie i°d 01 Anto'iiio, TTM S . ! Officers s a w i i i T i E N B U R G . n g TLKFR.' xl A»!lfo"n7'"io T'p'rVsiden"!to HO\\AS THOMPSON, ntiitor; PAUL! MMONS, Associate E d i I o r , RK. Manogino Editor; J A C K POR 1 Moll OufiM* 300 i o' m S ' o 2s'.» rodtui o) at ' ;1 * v UK. MW' : He I.M 17-W s a.w i7.an ' S 7 0 11.40 Radius: 7.» fl.M t?.00 ?*,00 I.M 3.40 AM 1.1.00 TFR, CMv Editor; GRAOY CAMP, ^n^^ Manager; LOWELL BROWN, Ad vor1iii«q Director; TRENTON T. DAVlS, Circulation Monoorr; HARRY 3 ART LETT, Prodactlwi Superintendent. Home Delivery-- Bv Corn* 3 IS 6.in 1.AO 4.50 t.M 4.V) i.in 3.00 S'udenis J.7S 4,80 9.(iO 19.M COPYRIGHT 1969 BY GLOBE-N^WS PUBLISHING COMPANY INC. All. RIGHTS RESERVED WHY NOT BUY QUEEN AND' MATTRESSES WHCRE THEY ARE SATISFACTION Visit Our Fin Irtimotei--Oni-D«y Anderson Mattress 2 0 5 - 2 0 7 N. Tyler,

Clipped from
  1. The Amarillo Globe-Times,
  2. 27 Feb 1969, Thu,
  3. Page 48

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