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PC training 2 - People in the News By WHITELAW MaoBRIOE...
People in the News By WHITELAW MaoBRIOE THIG5IOTROPISM: That Steel City area nurse who's been crying the matrimonial blues for lo these many years, really shook up her buddies when she revealed that a male friend will soon make the trek down the aisle with her. Furthermore the cat in question Is said to be right regular and more than " 4 GOOU BYE PAREE; HELLO ISA! ... Harold Nicholas and brother Fayard satisfies the "strict qualifications she had set on a prospective mate, namely, "Just let him be breathing, that's all." . . . Seems that Mon - Valley career girl couldn't live without her man, that is, until after they got married. Now the charm of the wedded life seems to be wearing off, which might be the U. . - ' my k - t 'iiwfW'i - winiii,vw:YVl''ri ') fr.it rtnKf'lQWfjj FETCHING MAJORETTES . . Dawnelle II or ton, Gloria Davis and Waynette Stewart here." . . . Wierd story of the week Involves that trusted domestic who had been employed by a well heeled Pittsburgh family for more than ten years. Seems that for several weeks, she complained to members of the household about not feeling well. One day when she didn't show up for work, the family began to investigate and found her laid up in a local hospital where she'd eiven birth to a healthy baby boy. Asked why she hadn't told them about her plight, she replied replied nonchalantly, nonchalantly, "I just didn't know a thing about it and had bo Idea this thing was about to happen. However, the tale has a happy ending, since the cherub has been taken in as a member of the household which adores him aa "the cutest sweetest little black baby." . . . Wasn't that hoity - toity society ma tron embarrassed when she confided confided to a newfound acquaintance, at a nig eocKiau bash, her Interest in a certain handsome man kibhutzing across the room. When the newcomer replied, 'Oh, that! my husband," husband," the show was definitely off for the evening. MOVIV AND GROOVIV: For the first time In mot than five years, Harold and Fayard Nicholas (better known as the Nicholas Brother dance team! will be reunited in a show for the ABC - TV. Harold, who swings in six languages, has been singing and dancing in Paris, thioughout recent years, while Fayard has been making it on homeground. Already Already the team has been inked for a follow - up stint . . . Hardhitting Hardhitting jokester Dick Gregory , . , ., wowed the young crowd at North Carolina College when he appeared on campus he - fore a CORE benefit, wearing a blue denim jacket and carrying carrying a copy of his new book, "Nigger." Gregory says he gave his latest opus such an onery title because every cracker in he country will be advertising It every time they utter the word . . . Speaking of NCC, one might well dig the eight fetching majorettes who'll he pdding a dash of glamor to the college's marching marching band during the gridiron season. Three of the headlines headlines are real lookers, like North Carolinians Dawnell Horton, (lorla Davis and Waynetle Stewart . . . Richard A. William William proved himself to le a man of many tongues during the Peace Corps training scsh at Central State College this summer. Working with volunteers who'll he concentrated In the Nigerian sector of Africa, Prof. Williams passed on to them the essentials of eveiyday conversation in such little - known languages as Ibo. Hausa and Yoruba. Currently he's a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio State University and is chairman of the language department at CSC . . . Pittsburgh bandman Walt Harper is busy preparing his Jazz Workshop for an early October showing. Since the news of this new venture has leaked out, every name club in town's been bidding for the show, k owing that Walt draws bread and crowds wherever he goes. reason why she's been seen in a few of her old haunts, as of late . . . One of the jazziest confabs to hit the Western Pennsylvania Pennsylvania area in recent recent moons was that big religious meet which saw many of the shepherds shepherds behaving in a most unecclesi - astical manner, while away from their flocks. A hotel snooper reports reports that the booze really rtowed and the good times rolled. One cleric, who was recognized while sneaking into into one of "those" places, hastily admonished admonished a desk clerk, "Justplca.se don't call me Rev erend while I'm i 1 It. A . - y GREGORY OX CAMPUS . . . Dick greeted by NCC I'rexy S. P. Massie RICHARD A. WILLIAMS ... ace linguist

Clipped from
  1. The Pittsburgh Courier,
  2. 03 Oct 1964, Sat,
  3. Page 9

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