History 1901-07-22 SF Strike by Teamsters, Draymen; role US govt

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History 1901-07-22 SF Strike by Teamsters, Draymen; role US govt - Fifteen Hundred Men Out. Neither Business Agent...
Fifteen Hundred Men Out. Neither Business Agent Casey nor Secretary Secretary McLaughlin would give out any sion all day. The men were standing around the place ready for picket duty. A dozen or more would jump Into a wagon wagon and rush off to some barn -where the teamsters stood in with their employes', but collisions between* the opposing factions factions were averted by the presence of the number of policemen on duty. SOME INCIDENTS OF THE FIRST DAY OF THE TEAMSTERS' LOCKOUT. LOCKOUT. The Bartenders' International Union last night donated $10 to the striking machinists machinists to be sent through the San Francisco Labor Council. . The initiation fee was raised to $2 50 and six new members were initiated. Bartenders Hake a Donation. No action has yet been taken by the Porters, Packers and Warehousemen, or any of the other unions connected with the Water Front Federation. The executive executive council of the federation had several meetings during the day to dicuss the situation, situation, but was unable to decide upon any definite plan of action. The lockout Inaugurated by the Draymen's Association has placed them somewhat at a disadvantage. disadvantage. A special meeting will be held to consider the situation some time during the day. i ' WASHINGTON, D. C, July 22,-The San Francisco postofflcc will be allowed sixteen additional letter carriers to take effect August 1st. The following postmasters -have been appointed: California—Thomas C. Riggs, Amedee, Lassen County, vice Lewis A. Meyers, resigned. Oregon —Hollls McKeck. Hammond, Clatsop. vice Ellen M.Lally, removed. ' Postofflces discontinued: California- Porto, San Mateo, mail to Woodside. Postmasters - commissioned: ¦ California — Rhinard ! Mabee, Hesperia. Oregon — Amasa S. Quant, Alba. California—Pensions have been granted as follows: Additional—Jeremiah F. Hutchison, Escondido, $10; John P. Roberts. Roberts. Emeryville. $12. Increase —Horace Gardener, San Diego, $12. Widows—Eliza Murphy, San Francisco, $8. -i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i- ¦i.-i.-i-.i-.i..;.-:..:..:..:..:-!-.!.-:.-:. statement last night except that conditions conditions remained the same. A vote was taken In the executive committee during the afternoon to discontinue the struggle, but a majority voted against the propo- ! sition. The matter will come up again for discussion to-day. So far about 1500 men are affected by the controversy^ Secretary Secretary Michaels of the Employers' Association Association says that that body is wholly and heartily In sympathy with the Draymen's Draymen's Association and will lend both, moral and financial support to crush the trouble in its incipiency. A census was taken yesterday of the position assumed by each 'member of the Draymen's Union. Every firm that requires requires the use of a dray or team in the conduct of its business was requested to make a statement, and the results showed showed that a very large majority was In favor favor of giving the teamsters a. chance to display their strength until the controversy controversy died a natural death.' Uuless the Oakland Freight and Transfer Transfer Company is in position at noori to-day to handle the freight that is destined for the government's bonded warehouse, the United States Government will take a hand in the matter and insist upon its delivery. delivery. Collector of the Port Stratton does not Intend to allow any one to interfere, interfere, and ample protection will be afforded afforded the teamsters who are called upon to move these bonded goods. San Francisco Postoffice Has Been Allowed Sixteen Additional Letter Carriers. OF INTEREST TO PEOPLE OF THE PACIFIC SLOPE Waxsmith has a bad record in this county. Six weeks ago he attempted to run Ventura for a day, but was promptly placed under arrest by Constable Russell, Russell, after a hard fight. Russell came out of the affray slightly disfigured about the face. Only a short time ago Waxsmith Waxsmith created a row In the town of .Oxnard. .Oxnard. John Bottoms this morning pleaded guilty, to a charge of disturbing the peace. Judge Titus 'imposed- a.' fine of $50, which was paid. H., "W. .Weekly, pleaded guilty to a charge of battery and was released on $250 bail.-.. Sentence will be pronounced to-morrow morning. .George Gregg confessed confessed to having committed an assault upon the Mexican! Utmio Carillo. Gregg is. in the County , Jail. The examination was held in Cleveland .Hall, which was crowded. District r Attorney Ewlng/conducted Ewlng/conducted the prosecution, i : Gregg and Waxsmith, the latter of whom shot Mayor O'Hara, will be taken to Santa Paula to-morrow morning. Gregg and Weekly are likely to be fined heavily. ..-.-. Indignation grows as events leading to the tragedy are becoming* known. It was learned to-day that a Mexican had a narrow escape 'from death in -the Cerf saloon saloon late Saturday night. The rioting machinists machinists were all in this house when the Mexican entered to obtain a drink. Waxsmith Waxsmith wantonly fired, upon, him, the bullet bullet passing within a few inches of his head. The stranger - and another Mexican Mexican were badly- beaten. Constable Beard is bitterly denounced for having refused to arrest the rioters on the ; ground that he had no warrant. The arrests were finally made by citizens. VENTURA, July 22.— Feeling still runs high in Santa Paula over the shooting of Mayor Paul O'Hara by rioters yesterday, and there is a probability that should the Mayor's wound prove fatal the populace will not wait for the slow-going and uncertain uncertain law to wreak vengeance upon his assassin. The., chances are, greatly against the recovery of the wounded man. As "yet a big piece of bullet In his head has not been- found. He passed a restless night and was very weak to-day. Charles Waxsmith, who fired the shot that may cause the Mayor's death, Is still in jail here, and precautions are being taken to prevent an attempt to" take him from hia guards. Special Dispatch -to The Call. Mayor O'Hara of Santa Paula, Victim of the Rioter, Is Near Death. Precautions Taken to Prevent -Lynching of Waxsmith. VENTURA'S JAIL WELL GUARDED The condition obtaining in the business district yesterday was a tie-up more or less complete of all those industries dependent to a greater- or less degreo on tho services of the draymen. 'Where hundreds hundreds of trucks daily rumbled, few were to be seen. On thft wharves large shipments shipments of fruit awaited removal, but the teamsters refused to haul them and it •was found necessary to send large quantities quantities to Oakland for sale over there. Anybody Anybody who had the means to carry off the stock could get fruit for a mere song. Demonstrations by Teamsters. . Early In the day demonstrations were made by the teamsters, and some of the men driving wagons and trucks left them in the streets without delivering tho loads. Secretary Renner of the Draymen's Association telephoned to police headquarters headquarters for assistance and officers were detailed to escort the wagons to their destinations. Even this precaution •< did not prevent a general stoppage of business. business. ' , John Law, an old man, who has been employed as a teamster for many years on the water front, endeavored to move largo lot of goods. At the. corner of East and Market- streets a heavy case fell As a result of this ukase, President Tilden and Treasurer Fuller took off their coats and managed to move a quantity of goods, but their efforts would not win them distinction as teamsters. When the matter was called to the attention attention of Collector of the Port Stratton yesterday, he notified Charles L. Tilden, the president of the company, and J. V. Fuller, the treasurer, that the goods must be removed from the wharves to the Appraiser's warehouse at once, and If necessary the United States would place guards upon the wagons to prevent any interference with the drivers. UNCX.E SAM may be "Casey at the bat" before the trouble between between the teamsters and their employers is settled. The Overland Freight and Transfer Company, which has a contract with the United States Government to haul bonded goods from the wharf to the warehouse, has been deprived of .its usual force of teamsters in consequence of the disturbed relations existing between the Brotherhood Brotherhood of Teamsters a/id the Draymen's Association. . The Federated Steamship Painters, which organization does not belong to the" Water Front Federation, had a .controversy .controversy with, the Marine Painters' Union. The former does the finishing work on the interiov of the- cabins while- the other union does the' outside work. The members members of the Marine Painters', Union 1 refused refused to work with the Federated Steamship Steamship Painters and began a strike. After being out for several hours, the Marine Painters' Union made overtures to the Federated Steamship Painters' Union for an amalgamation. It is v expected that this will be effected yery shortly. - An effort was made by some of the larger business houses to utilize the smaller express wagons to handle the freight coming in and going out. but the wagons were inadequate to the task. At the Southern Pacific depot at Fourth and Townsend streets a long line of drays were drawn up, but the lack of knowledge of how to ship goods congested the sheds. The pickets from the Brotherhood '¦•¦ of Teamsters. were on hand,' and by deriding the . efforts of the expressmen succeeded In practically nullifying'thelr efforts.y..-. efforts.y..-. Secretary Renner of the Draymen's Association Association says that about 500 men were discharged : during the day. . "We are meeting the men at all points," he said. . "If they do not want to work for Painters'" Unions May Unite. The American ship Emily F. Whitney, which has been waiting a load of freight at Oakland, could not be. loaded. The vessel vessel was put on the drydock to make some needed repairs pending a settlement of the difficulty. At the Pacific Mail dock and at the Oceanic Steamship dock nothing was doing for the reason that there were no steamers either to load, or to discharge. Several are expected in within the next forty-eight hours, and it is anticipated that there will be more or less trouble when they arrive. Considerable difficulty was experienced along the water front in the loading and unloading of various vessels. The British British ship Allerton, af Main-street wharf, the British General and King Edward at Howard-street wharf and the John Cooke at Beale-street wharf could not discharge their cargoes on account of lack of help. off his wagon' and he was unable to replace replace it. He asked some of the bystanders bystanders to assist him, which they were willing to do. but some of the strikers' pickets Interfered and it was only after considerable tro~uble that he obtained the assistance of a few sympathizers and succeeded in loading his wagon. THE SAN FRANCISCO CALL, TUESDAY, JULY 23, 1901. United States Government, Interested in the. Movement of Freight From Wharf to Bonded Warehouse/ Insists Upon Full Compliance With the Letter of Its Contract and This Puts New Phase on the Controversy STRIKE OF TEAMSTERS IS CRIPPLING THE BUSINESS OF THE ENTIRE CITY — . - . • us on their own terms they can quit Just as soon as they please. When the people of San realize the injustice of their claims they will rise in their might and stop all this foolishness. It Is nonsense nonsense for any man, ! or set of men, to attempt attempt to dictate to their employers how this or that business may be conducted. We might as well fight the issue, to a finish first as last. We are in the fight to stay and propose to teach the laborers a lesson. A few days of this *kind of business business will rouse the whole State to -action and the end will soon come. The "people are getting tired of these 'Eastern-Induced strikes . and as it ¦ strikes the pockets of every man, woman and child In the community, community, people will realize that the most determined stand that can be made against these, aggressions' is the only one that will finally win out. That business should be. tied up in -this manner at tho present Um,e is a disgrace to the intelligence intelligence of the people 'of California. The instigation of the strike was trivial. Business Business agents who have nothing to gain qr lose are pumping these men full of. hot air. They do not give it In hypodermic injections, but make ,them swallow it just as they would a dose of castor oil. As soon as the froth is- off the steam beer that is supposed . to conceal the taste of the castor oil they will find out just 'What Happened to Jones.'". i ' ' ' At the teamsters' headquarters, at 672 Fourth street, the executive committee of the Brotherhood of Teamsters was in ses- 1 ; . - | MEN! 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