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JesseJamesAsHowardFamily - =THURSD:SYrDECEMBER 30, 1920. Hew The...
=THURSD:SYrDECEMBER 30, 1920. Hew The friendship and patronage you have accorded accorded us are worthy indeed of our most hearty and •"SINCERE •"SINCERE THANKS as well as our best efforts to rightly serve you during during the coming year. The Concordia Creamery Company Hotel Republic Block \ DANCE 1 FRIDAY-AND SATURDAY SpTecralrSaturday- Each Saturday night we will„_give_ free admission to the show to those buying dance tickets. Saturday Show "THE BROADWAY SAINT" Admission- to- show .25c. Admission, to dance and show 50c, He Traveled With Jesse James C. W. Miller, Sr. of this place tells xis' a jriost interesting story about traveling in eastern Kansas, visiting -in_Ind&Dejidence. Parsons. Cherrvvale and Neodesho with a "Mr. Howard" .as his traveling companion, who rep—resented-himself rep—resented-himself as -a— fellow-travel- —ingman„selling lumber. Mr. MiUer -at-the-time-was-a .traYeling ._repxeses.^l tative for a farm machinery company and had his headquarters^ at' Kansas City, Mov, where his family lived. On his trip, of which Mr. Miller -speaks he. and Mr. Howard at diji- ner at the notorious Bender "home near Cheri-yvale as did travelers in .going by stage from Cherryvale to Parsons, or other points along the line. Mr. Miller sat" with his back against the canvass sheet in front of ""which ~so-many-ofthe-Bender-victims- received their fatal blow. Upon returning returning to Kansas City Mr. Miller discovered that .his traveling companion, companion, 'Mr. Howard" lived but three houses north of his residence on Forest Forest avenue, and there he saw him many times during tlie succeeding -"Weeksr" --- — - "The "The last time I saw him" Mr. Miller said, was the evening he and his companion swooped down and robbed robbed Jthe gateman at the Kansas City; Fair gaMmd' the da .y- Flrira' Tprrifilei was a most pleasing person for a traveling companion. I shall never foi-get how he would drop a buzzard ever now and then as we drove from Independence to Neodesha that first llayrusing his bhre=faarrcled Colt re- voiver. r think he must have killed] ten, at a distance of 25 to 50 yards^, [ shooting from, the buggy as the team trotted along, and he didn't miss~a' sihgle time. He would say" "Now watch me drop that fellow" and down come Mr. Buzzard. He was a small sized man of pleasant appearance- Ellis News. •thefamous^facing-mare-of-New-¥oi=k- had made a record on the Kansas "City track: It-happened—that—I—was - •rstaiiaing'^but'five feet "from the tre urer who had the.monye box chucked chucked under his arm, and you can imagine •my surprise' when I saw "Mr. Howard" leap from his horse and grab the box, dashing away with his companion. Bernard L. Ewing, a Sherdahl 'ar- mer and gardener and ownov (,f Gold Mine farm, has gone on the rnad as a traveling salesman for brooms of his own raising and manufacttiring. Mr. Ewing's 24 acre farm', located on the | •banks -of -tbc--Republican-rivnrra sliort- distance from Sherdahl, this- year; produced over two tons of broom corn besides . his . . vegetables .r nd. -.g.av.den truck'and he conceived tl idi^n of going going out and selling hi? ' oms to the regular trade between Concordia and Prosser on the Central, branch of 'the "Missouri "•Pacific -Tailroad~"instead' of going from town to town by auto, ap he has done heretofore. He will hereafter go., by rail and carry his sample brooms and take orders froni th(V mprclVfints. His lii-ot.Hpv in law |~John-BeeeheiT-a-=fa-i-mer,-near-Wayne, will also sell his brooms thru Mr. -Ewing.—5 . Mr. Ford and it was then that 1 und• und• erstood that the Mr. Howard I traveled traveled with 'as a lumberman'and whose -ma-rvelous-marksmanship-l-had-scea. demonstrated on the trip turned out to be Jesse James. "That was the last we ever saw of _ the Howard ' family. Jesse James Bank Deposits 514000 Million TOPEKA, Dec. 9.—Deposits in 257 Kansas national banks increased approximately approximately 8-.million in the period.! from June 30! to September 8, according according to a report issued-tTKlH^-by^WT-W; Bov.-man , secretary of the- Kansas Bankers' Associatiibn. Total .depos- .its _aeLiitiiro .bia—8-j>\Lere !? 196,548:000^ The last state bank report showed deposits in 1013 banks totaling $300,511.000. $300,511.000. The combined deposits reached $.'il4.050;000. I

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