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and-pens, plr.nt'- 'J-Ua- tip- Comnuinicatloii aal exchanges for thia deraitmejit should ' be addressed to tbe chest editor. Ths Lou is ri lie chess Club meet at Rooms 61 and fit Commerce I'.uildlng tourta and Main. . Eooms open at all hours. Au chess players welcomed. Problem Xo. 122. K. H Seymour, in Pitts burgh Dispatch, ; ' blank (aj. . "4 S White (. . White to play and mate In two move. Lasker In iUuutreal. Tbe following gjune was pLrred la one of -wr. -wr. uiiuir b,JM .i4laiun.ii tx.a at the ju-i.iiTi ju-i.iiTi ju-i.iiTi ciua, againu a atroog Caaa- Caaa- i?ICItIAN DETEXSE. i WH.'te (Mr. Lacker). Klaca nir. 6horL 1 P K4 Kt KB3 S f 4 Kl.e 3 I; KL3 e Kt U lt3 7 u O P KKt 10 ii;5 11 li-KK'fV li-KK'fV li-KK'fV 1- 1- KKt kUS 13 K.l-Kt K.l-Kt K.l-Kt 14 Hxiv 10 Kt QS le. KtxH 17-P 17-P 17-P KU3 llNtijs (QR) 13 KtsP -. -. KKf4' 21-Q 21-Q 21-Q K4 ' SJ Kt-U5 Kt-U5 Kt-U5 1 LT. ,M 3 PxP w V 4 .1 Kt3 k tr-ba tr-ba tr-ba 7 P Q3 8 P v-3 v-3 O-Kt O-Kt O-Kt kt lO-QKt lO-QKt lO-QKt Kt3 31 KtxKP . 1J Krvt C3 13 bill 14 BxB 1JK B 80.. 1 PxSt 17 h K1 r' Is 1 K3 10 Q K2 to- to- P KKt 2t R-Ql R-Ql R-Ql x lieigns. Ne aud Gossip. Mr. Geo. W. Child s has presented to the Franklin Chcti Chu, ot Kblladeip.'iia. an ee-gant ee-gant ee-gant .sliver chabcase cup to be competed for in s.-MiAil s.-MiAil s.-MiAil t'.KirmiuienbN oin to au PUu no Li.u l'liivo-H. l'liivo-H. l'liivo-H. . lite flit tournumeut is no- no- iu Mr. lVi:bsorin cckAJ-ated cckAJ-ated cckAJ-ated the removal of Uie t. teiertinrg CiK:s! Ciui Into iw no a ca e eant quriet by pliviiw sevn- sevn- U.n iiu'iliiiirxuLa bliodiold cuu, of which ua won loojtvXMi. Tho first laterr!'ec1ate cbeas toure. meiit beiweeu ItIiho.ou. ale. Harvard Harvard au.1 o'un t in t'oliwits, m b.'idn at Columbia t'olleps on Decemlr 117. Ths ront.t Is fi'r the elcinitt chai- chai- li'liie cup presenieit by Kie alimiui of the ton coLic.i h be piiyid for yearly, baca ol- ol- ieiio id be rtipivrtented by two r.layers. and enili nun wiu i ai two ru- ru- wiUi.llie reireHen!;ivH of tii otatr rollooes. mak lug x rouods. The Mii7;-w:il Mii7;-w:il Mii7;-w:il Ji w ne I'V Tiffany, is of -iAcr, -iAcr, fouiteeu inches bizh, a'li wolAs set n'v-fivc n'v-fivc n'v-fivc ounces. The DuMin Evening Herd anriOTincea a two arxi three-move three-move three-move tveiu comjjsing tournanienu. s

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 25 Dec 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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