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 - ; Febre-ary cireu-lar. an a the nf He-ceipts...
; Febre-ary cireu-lar. an a the nf He-ceipts He-ceipts the deli ; ore -Hai Mext-can 5-10d. tne spar-Inriy spar-Inriy rod aao- aao- a . Communications and exchanges for thbt derarttnent should bo addressed to tbe cheat editor. The Louisville Chess Club meets at Rooms 613 arid 611 Commerce Building, Fourth aud Main. Rooms open at all hours. All chesa players welcomed. Problem Xo. 121. Second prize In tourney of tbe Pittsburgh Uasnaxcttu By Otto Fu, Germany. Black (0). r-'s r-'s r-'s a, v : i KtMsVtii-. KtMsVtii-. KtMsVtii-. sBssvaaV.ta tr aL ''tt&kjfo ' i .r'i 1 -1 -1 r: j s : fating VSSSr- VSSSr- Vs-? Vs-? Vs-? kiai. f ssara. . V(Vr s a a Eli i ;v '?- '?- - V i: . t,cct SUtr-Atf SUtr-Atf SUtr-Atf 4 P 1 ihefTs, and up to last reports had played two enmcs. of which one wet won DV each. Mr. title Ballard, of Andersen, won tbe State championship tourney. JB ay Be Jfo Foreclosure. Col. A will Vt, Join la. Danlap I and. Arthur Langbam ate bsck from Nw York, where tboy weut to arrange Btuncial mttr9 ixTtaininif to The 1 r.itunu-re' r.itunu-re' r.itunu-re' l.ujlinif. A his alreaJy lieen announrevl, their nusMotx -frost -frost oartlv buccesMfuL and there will likely be no fotwloBUio. All tlie arraegctneata have nut beon comnleted. and the ttfsa- ttfsa- tiomin irreler to say nothing until everything everything ia-a4ittkd. ia-a4ittkd. ia-a4ittkd. It is believed tlwre will be no forecIoBOie by the second Kortgaeo bondUtuUcrB,- bondUtuUcrB,- and ail win won; well ui U i.j. Financial The nrlee of nald-un nald-un nald-un tock of Tha National Building and Loan Association bats been ad. vnnced to 112 a shaie, t-i t-i t-i tuke enect aanu- aanu- rr 1. InOlt. For nartleuinrs call at Ul3 office la The Commerce, or addm&s JOHN H. LtATHLuiS. P."esldent. or U M. Pit tLi-ifs, tLi-ifs, tLi-ifs, tleneral Manager, Louisvlile, Ky. JHoaej to Lend. 25,000 to lend for a term of years at per cent, on real estate mortgagee, jtnas W. BUCHANAN fe CO., 454. V. Main st. $12,000, 85,000, 82,000, $1,000. to loan inn Imnroved cltv pronertv. 1 to 5 years, at U per cent, cPLUUlLii tattAt, 343 Fifth St. - Money to Loan. fin rood leal estate. In sums ol .svju to &!l,00V W. 11. BKOWN FIELD A CO., 420 W. Jefferson . Always sumo uuo iu ottico. . Bcrereueea by prmlMtoa: Fidelity Trust Csv, laolumDla rtnanca an-i an-i an-i araas vs W. G. OSUOltNE & CO., block and Bond Brokara, 504 Vest Sal a atrsst. We cwv and sell sec cTt ties anl rctxtUtt loaaa. Trade In New York Slock FUchange. 000 tirra 100; 1,200 to a; ieg 3,- 3,- Mca sow; .- .- dull ; ; feeders steers leea-us leea-us 1 auu o..v none; not re- re- steers. uw ... ac pacaiog t.(i5r o.acl ""-v ""-v ""-v weiners native tea White (7). . Whlta to play and mate In Uiree' moves. ? .... Solnlions. PBOBLEM No. 119. -s-L.i -s-L.i -s-L.i -s-L.i 1 U KBsq.. Snlved by Marcus Ivoliu, W. H. Ellerton, Louisville.; B. C L., Eiiutbethtuwu ; Beat o. Urake, Lexington. A CHAT WITH LASKER. The German Champion Talks oCRlind fold Play and Other luteresliug Sab- Sab- Jccts j 6ome 0IV5 asked me tbe other day bow I kept In practice, says the Oerrnan chsan- chsan- plon, LabkcT. - My answer will probably appear quite as curious to Uo general rewler at It did to tins questioner: 1 don't practice. Tue truth It thut the best preparation preparation a prolesslonai plkj-er plkj-er plkj-er can mako. for a match game Is to give up plajitig lor a start time; go to a quiet seaside resort, or bay k in tome secluded nook among the mountattii, enjoy himseU out-ol-doors out-ol-doors out-ol-doors out-ol-doors out-ol-doors aud not glvo atiy thougiit to chess. lTny-lug lTny-lug lTny-lug the gitue is a coard?A.lile strain on a uiau. aud be will liisi (at least. Ui my ex perience, 1, find) that be will play be.t alter he bis spent some time in relax ation and. given no thought to cbeis. This ! a kind of contest where you do not " train'' beloreliand. Of course I Otc tJonaliy,- tJonaliy,- in tnj- tnj- klle Benson; play a game for amusement as -one -one would indulge in came of skittles, or cani. The profes sional match tames which constantly tulie up my time tno'les than sixty-four sixty-four sixty-four this yoart give tne all the practice 1 need: and the same may' be said of other leading player;. 1 cart not Bay that ' I feel particularly nervottr or overstnuned after pteybis for several .hutirs. liut I excriTlse ordlnnry jirec-tutions jirec-tutions jirec-tutions in regard to my work, U pro-fessiouul-ofift pro-fessiouul-ofift pro-fessiouul-ofift pro-fessiouul-ofift pro-fessiouul-ofift p.a.ving can be c ailed work. Ami I do not know of any famous chtsca players who bajve RUtfered from ucrvisui pixe-tiicron pixe-tiicron pixe-tiicron aa a result of playing tnalok garni. When ltiui Morptiy was In 1m-lon 1m-lon 1m-lon and trayed apupitt too leading ejepcrts of his dav, on one uctniiti ho bit aimwst llu-movaide llu-movaide llu-movaide ten hour, without liaviri. tastol a niorssl tf foo-1, foo-1, foo-1, or even drinking a drtsp of water duririii tliat U1110. And yet, it Is aid Uiat whMf he rirso from tiie contest, wiiieh it was declared was worth of beinit - In. Kriitnl lu kucrt of cold on tlie walls of tir London Clio Club, he loxilieil. am ar-eaitiy. ar-eaitiy. ar-eaitiy. as Iresit a wiieu be bat down. iue next morning ho rosaj at 1 auu sum m friends tiiat iia was wiiling to continue the tucM'-h tucM'-h tucM'-h w,th ot-hej ot-hej ot-hej conieniits. When InuK-n InuK-n InuK-n pUyed a Wlndfofd game agnWist b-n b-n b-n a nutgijiilstis In Iynid-m Iynid-m Iynid-m he waa enfajtd witruitit iiiUMTUitJon for twelve bours, lie never rose, tvcr ato, never Htrii.k, d and. dmnk notharg but a UUla leoiouudc. Xouey to Loan $30,000 In round stuns on city rear estate mortatagc for a term of yenrs t t ler cent, uc-ui- uc-ui- uc-ui- uc-ui- AN AN 01 SON. 450 W. Main St. B. a. Ta SCn. Pres. a. IV. N1CHOL3. Oaaa Fariiul Craw Bank! Capital, ?300,000-O0i ?300,000-O0i ?300,000-O0i Surplus, f 100,000.00. P1YS ffiTEREST 03 TI25 DEPOSITS, Solicit! Yonr Acconnt. John VT. aud D. S. Green, Sstock and liond lirokors. 4114 W. Main sU LouLt villa. Ky Buy entire issues of hrst-clats hrst-clats hrst-clats bonds, whether whether ttsuod by counties, cities or corporations. We have now on baud some iirsi-clasa iirsi-clasa iirsi-clasa ee-euritbis. ee-euritbis. ee-euritbis. Call to see us U ypu wish to buy or ec u. . IaNYESTlEaNT JJO.XDS! C!tv of Louisvlile - 5 City of LuiUtviUe.... -7 -7 Louisville cty l.a iwuy nrst muri,aso-.- muri,aso-.- muri,aso-.- muri,aso-.- JluCalo bbreet Railway, cons, niort. goid..Vt ALMSTEDT BROTHERS, CIO W. Main tt. Louisville. Ky. it. V. Avery & Son's Stack at Auction. On Monday; December 1-9, 1-9, 1-9, 1893,. at 12 o'clock uourt, I wlU sail, at tlie Hoard of Tradev at auction, to tl-e tl-e tl-e bipliott boiler, for casli! Jor whom it niuy coiiwrn, tilty rdiartw of stock in the B. F.,Ayriy Sous coiiaaratkiil, J. J. B. iilLLIAitlt. MEDICAL. HOnLEYSSdaSiPAniLLi la the rrt rit;ui ttreu-ikr. ttreu-ikr. ttreu-ikr. La-dirt La-dirt fftildrca liht lU Carta ki. acy LiTtr Irdublss, remeraa lace liiolches; maiiea tlesy Clteeks. iaQniXSON-PiaTTXiT iaQniXSON-PiaTTXiT iaQniXSON-PiaTTXiT CJ.. ( Wholesale Aeenta. ffsrssv ww rw trul tw ssrnys r nr. r Bsrtrts I it 1 P M-ll M-ll M-ll aussrr !. tlsclrt TmM. a llssss Bt, atna. mwisii, aucs. aad Wil- Wil- Industrial formed Indus waa ot and first his ur- ur- yw-tenuty yw-tenuty An who the pro vote tiie negroes or-ranize Ihoth-erhood Ihoth-erhood pro-poN pro-poN org in-izi in-izi the certificate ov-r ov-r ov-r in. the organisation of tlio orgaa-UtUua orgaa-UtUua ESLXXTTEL LACKER, flsvtnn- flsvtnn- criKS till nd folded, llho mcett won- won- deri'iil'Uilnes In tiro worl-l. worl-l. worl-l. 1 not new. The Arabs pbtyr-t pbtyr-t pbtyr-t in lids way as early as the snventk centnrv : at that time Uie chess board wan not laid out In hlw k and whlto squares, and It must Imve bttn more dilii-cult dilii-cult dilii-cult in reuicinboi tire tuoves than it la mt. rrainL Wriin T pl.iv. sltntiltnixxmsly, several, nlin.ifoiil c.nir-i c.nir-i c.nir-i of clicks, tho reauite num ber of boards plact-il plact-il plact-il on a kirge tabln. each bc-trd bc-trd bc-trd heirins a number and repre-.-iillnij repre-.-iillnij repre-.-iillnij repre-.-iillnij repre-.-iillnij nna of 4Le nlsverv with w hom t am cotitctrlbiir. A "tciiT, or clerk. rlinrir.i. One of tho players mokes a moves which the ttller names, and directs me t- t- play on .uch a oootil. ami 1 reKismd uy tnm-liur tnm-liur tnm-liur my move, uccoi-ding uccoi-ding uccoi-ding lo the English r,..n..i of nanilnc tiie sounres nlready re- re- fmred to: 1!ie csir tc-ing tc-ing tc-ing purute.1 wit tlio otlier lx-ard!i lx-ard!i lx-ard!i as their players maKO moves and their numriers ar? raiicit out.. It Is not possible. 1 suppose, to explain how Minilfold chess Is nlrtvcd an- an- tiH)-w tiH)-w tiH)-w than tt It possible to explain why oue.nina writes poetry uitd Mrotlier doe noL In other words the nhillty ti play ches bllnd-fftPI bllnd-fftPI bllnd-fftPI mav he considered as a iliecial gift. To- To- play die bllmlfoW to keep In mind ;ioi onlv your osin nioves. rvit those of your nr.noiw-iit nr.noiw-iit nr.noiw-iit reoulres a ltecullsr turn of mind an excellent memory for location. Nor u it ncri-lhln ncri-lhln ncri-lhln t cultivate tins- tins- i-ower i-ower i-ower to nny irreat extent bv liracticev If you nre nit .nii.,il vclih lr. at Ihe outset (nt lea si, In seme dcgnil there is no u.-e u.-e u.-e In trying to cultivate 1L The common adage tliat " lwe-makes lwe-makes lwe-makes nerfwC so tine n to nearly all Hie eflort of life. Is not anr.licrtlile to i.nvi.m chis hl'n.ifo'itl. encce-s encce-s encce-s In the M i not co nnish a matter of nt 'mory, It cotnes from Intuition. Someone, In tv ver-ltig ver-ltig ver-ltig with I"aiil Jbtrphy about reailltig eV..s liioraritro. wsa surprised to Hnrr that t'ie dlstlnpuk.'tcd pl.nyer had read vei-y vei-y vei-y HWlo on the subjc-U subjc-U subjc-U in l.-v-t, l.-v-t, l.-v-t, l.-v-t, l.-v-t, nn sua uiat jorj fnw hook' livt bt-en bt-en bt-en of much value to liltn. fir. i,..liinc nt t lie nroi lenn be whs tun- tun- trisd to find that they were con,l1f;-rd con,l1f;-rd con,l1f;-rd novel. " Ik-caiise." Ik-caiise." Ik-caiise." salil ha. " I had already w-riuiirht w-riuiirht w-riuiirht out the Kin.e ded-rctlors ded-rctlors ded-rctlors myn.f, fninitivolr. n-t n-t n-t nocessarv coneneiic .-omell .-omell .-omell iiia rdnillar o-. o-. o-. ciiir'd tn the experiences experiences of Newto-i, Newto-i, Newto-i, t'.e KneHsh phil';.ho,-. phil';.ho,-. phil';.ho,-. who. It Is said. dcmo:ibLraie uie pruoisuri ... E,.iiri in ii-.a ii-.a ii-.a enme wi:v. Whether a man play quick or slow is a matter of I have always neeu ut K:li wllile I USUllilV ill lV rattl l ranie there ai occasions when I am quite ueiiueiaie m News. very roeagsr reports have coma from .i iii.m nos-'Inir. nos-'Inir. nos-'Inir. held at Iyiennf-port Iyiennf-port Iyiennf-port lst was. Sir. lassker 4,a sUfi feiivw.aautf aara B.ATT.-ROAD B.ATT.-ROAD B.ATT.-ROAD TIMU-T TIMU-T TIMU-T AB LES. 1 nTHSYlllE SOUTIiERIIfia AND Oueen&. Crescent route: The Thrcugh Puliman Car Line. LOUISVILLE To Cbattanoosra, Home, Xacen, jetsnn and Atlanta, FLORIDA SHOHTLINE I.y.ini:tMi, Iticbinonil. hclbyTlUe, Juncliou City. kuoxTllli, Cliatu-noOg-a. Cliatu-noOg-a. Cliatu-noOg-a. Cliatu-noOg-a. Cliatu-noOg-a. Connections maue at Lexington lttirifin with yew Solid Yestibulc Trains Canrying Through Sleepers. To New Orleans and Jsckeunvlllo, via QUEEN AKU CRESCENT EOOTE. FREE PARLOR CAR LINE lie t TV reU s LOUISTILLE AM) LEXIN'HTOX. All OoTsnlences of Modera Railway Trarel. C H. WOOnWET.L, nistnet Pas. Agent. a. wHtLKJN. City Ticket and Pass. Agent S16 r eurih Street. LonitYllle. GJtaV'tif..stiatfiitTsiJHtAeo it.ia. X rail is arr.Te nsr'depart from Untoa tteu, ieuln snd Bro4ay. City ilcaet uur.av.sst cr.tcr rtiurca snd Xiiaet sts. .Uag, Laiayctte and reucn lacs,, fast man. leaves at at a. sa. and arrives ; :10 p. ra. . Ch.'a an Northwestern Express, leaves :10 p. ni. and at 7 :lo a. m. Libera! ii gion JC-d JC-d JC-d rreoeh Lick ac common. Hon !. ar .35a P- P- nu and ariive at iio.t iiaily. llially except Sanday. Puiimsa Paiace Yssbbuim bieepevs ea n'sn. usins, sua frtmng tsrs snd isretr tars on so ut irnt ii.-m ii.-m ii.-m Mintou. Chicago without -changs -changs of cart. ST. LOU IS AlH tlaiuvius.!,ui aud St. Le'ils cons, a-dstrd aJt-lTrtsd aJt-lTrtsd aJt-lTrtsd t.ouipany) s. W. earner TmrJ Mala sta. liepov Pens-sylvanis station, ourvrcnth sod Main liaiu teavs and at 1-uu.avUi: 1-uu.avUi: 1-uu.avUi: tn. 1 u. . tj-ouie. tj-ouie. tj-ouie. tsavea as o .oa in. 'iiIa'ulI t oieSt leave, st 0 :15 p. m. 'iivii-t.Ue'aiiuHiidersoa, 'iivii-t.Ue'aiiuHiidersoa, 'iivii-t.Ue'aiiuHiidersoa, kwvs at M " leif U-SSt U-SSt U-SSt VsiVe-Itoa. VsiVe-Itoa. VsiVe-Itoa. k've. as 8 a, alik" T.UVUisrJtw fivausviii; arid valine.ton, .ve. at f in. sul arrive, at Illj-O Illj-O Illj-O a. . m. ' 'LeTiyV lUsliy except bulbar, lvtML't KY L.M0.N UAILWAY liainiiton P. nean, Itecearar. Suing East Lmve Lsaaugtaa at 3 p. Wncn:-ir Wncn:-ir Wncn:-ir aHi p- p- aits city --4ti --4ti --4ti .p. ttamocr a a-u a-u a-u ctaioa West-Leave West-Leave West-Leave Jacksoa at Lcaibir Poutt d uo a. aw ; ciaj or . Wir-lestcr Wir-lestcr Wir-lestcr i a. m. avrrlva Lsxlug-on Lsxlug-on Lsxlug-on H . , a. Twrfsf3ifl aaflaai Jar If I"'arLuoVr Por.ta-ljs Por.ta-ljs u. 11. mjll. & I.UU1 1 I mmwnrr T T tlsavsjvitw. O.A-.A O.A-.A O.A-.A

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  2. 18 Dec 1892, Sun,
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