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 - Inn inu m. ' I Im i rrli m KfttK if which...
Inn inu m. ' I Im i rrli m KfttK if which oecasiorur inxtrttction are given in the method at votincr under tlie nront election law. S&MOCBAXIC inADQt'ARTEUS COMSTTt TKik UOOX. The Garfield la the lending Republican club in tlie State. Tliey occupy a handsome handsome and well-fnrniahed well-fnrniahed well-fnrniahed clulvhouse- clulvhouse- at 61 S Sixth street, just square below the Wattereons. It is an old. well-established well-established well-established llcputlkan club, and comprises among its members the blue-veined blue-veined blue-veined wing of - the rrtv in this city. The name of .the club biasoned on a large-metal large-metal large-metal plate on tho door, and both Democrats and Kepublic-aru Kepublic-aru Kepublic-aru are invited to attend tlie school of instructions and speaking, which, since the campahrn opened np, are held every Tuesday night. - Them are the only pelitical cluim in the city maintaining regular club-houvj club-houvj club-houvj hut? there are-ilosens are-ilosens are-ilosens of otliers that ilo f-plendid f-plendid f-plendid serviee, notably the ISnnUana wX tlie Uevcnth-wurd Uevcnth-wurd Uevcnth-wurd Kntorpn. Dcmocxarie Clubs. StuWtihJ' 1 Communications and exchanges for this department abould be addressed to the chess editor. The toulsvllls Chess Club meets at Rooms fiia and 611 Commerre Itnildlng. Fourth and Main. Rooms open at all hours. Ail cites plsycrs. welcomed. . . , - . . , . : Problem No. 112. Third prize in tourney of the Hackney Mercury. Uy W. Cleave. ,. . ' BUck (7). I.'';-. I.'';-. "'Sf?1tA IWi ..V.i, r i : f x -y, -y, r . i Q f iy-4 iy-4 iy-4 ! i - '4l VVJiita llOi. White to play and mate ia two moves; Problem Mo. 113. ' ' Second 'prize in tourney of ' the British Chcas. Utjutiic ..... By A. F. Vackeozle. . ......... x frrt (5(. . f t - s. ill it i ... IS: ? .5 i x '. Ha 5?: K.sf 'i fcAwJI w LitA i:oi. - IWhite to play and mate in three moves. Solutions. PBOBLKM NO. 109. T. O-OKt O-OKt O-OKt 1. Solved liy lk. 1L Ellerton. Marcus Kobn, Louis1U; is. C. Ut iJlssiKWiow u ; Uea ts Drake, -iugton. -iugton. . LaskoV Still Victorioas. Afttr tliree weeks of play against the bsrtt players of New York, Mr. Linker has besa defeated hut once. On Wednewtay, On. toter 19, he began the sscond round of his series of matches by dafradag 1. U. liuird. On Tbiu-iday, Tbiu-iday, Tbiu-iday, Bysn was for the tecond tlmo a victim, and on Friday Hod;ca failed ta repeat his performance of beating the Ger man champion. Saturday tdglifc iir. LakJf ' ! r(lj Sir J.- J.- I ' played Ave Eimtiltaneous games, wlnnlnf ail in an nur aim ttiriy mviui. isi .moii-ay .moii-ay .moii-ay he vron lrom llanham, Tuesday front Mmouson id weanesasv lrom lt.lniar. Scorn up to preseut writinc: l-,ker l-,ker l-,ker woo. u. I'-rnt I'-rnt I'-rnt l. n rw i.. j-onuwins j-onuwins j-onuwins Is lita gaoio wllh JuaJ. Hanbam, phoed crber -4: -4: -PIllLIDCB'e 1KFEC- 1KFEC- Whlto (Mr. LakM). Clark (MaJ. llanham) . 1 i iv i r K- K- 2 KKt B3 2 P QJ a-M' a-M' a-M' 3 3-I- 3-I- 3-I- 3-I- 4 K.t.l' 4 P Qi 3 f Ki t I' VK3 - , H L2 P J1J4 7 KXI-B3 KXI-B3 KXI-B3 7jKt It3 b l-Wlc l-Wlc l-Wlc h II K: . - ! H It K s4 ' W B 10 Kt 113 lO P JKt4 11 4' QJ53 11 Q 12 KKl KU 1-2 1-2 1-2 BKt 13 HxH . .i:j I' U3 14 11-41 11-41 11-41 sq 14 KKt KZ iaPm li Kt Q5 l. P K3 10 Ktxll ' 17 KtK 17 M-yi M-yi M-yi t ;i 1 . -castiea -castiea 10 P QKt4 VJ PxP -0 -0 PiP UO KB Q sa 31 KtiQP il Q KU 11'-' 11'-' 11'-' Uiij O H Mi ;jlKH3 i':tKt-r.4 i':tKt-r.4 i':tKt-r.4 4 ii ita t4 p Kta 1.5 KtxKt 1:5 BxKr J'V-QxKP J'V-QxKP J'V-QxKP . Vl-K Vl-K Vl-K Q7: , J7 1 ktJ iT7 HXP So b s 1:. a p-h p-h p-h ' -. -. l-j l-j l-j q Bfl - ao K-ra K-ra K-ra ::o qxi?p 31 QU g SO, 31 O KI3 aj u Ki gn Sa-H Sa-H Sa-H Q-t Q-t Q-t :3-B :3-B :3-B brt :4 Jli K3 4 K 1W a& r ns :i5 o ii-j ii-j ii-j 3 U Kesigns. ' A Correspondence tiem. The Baltimore New translates the seors snd not on to the following flue game played between tlie Eublin and Cambiide Cluba, from V Iteutsches Wochenschach : , 6ALV10;aCURAN i AMBIT. Wh to (Dublin). Black (Cambridge). 1 ' K. 4 , 1 P v 4, li P K B 4 ii-PxI ii-PxI ii-PxI 8 Kt K li 3 a P K Kt - 4 II U 4 , 4 P Kl i , - 6 Kt K j S Q K 5 (rh.l O K It mj. O Kt Q H 3 IS) i 7 P.XP tru.) (t 7 K K a ?r KtxKt tch.) 8 Q Plit . f HxtvW it-1 it-1 it-1 r lotlJ i 10 y K Mi id) 1 P Kt 8 1 1 ! 4 4 1 1 P 11 6 - . 1- 1- P K It 3 (O) 1 B Kt (f) l-y-K l-y-K l-y-K l-y-K l-y-K 3 13 K Kt 3 IS) 14 P Kt 3 (h) 14 It B 3 15 Q K sq. 15 15 B 3 j.iUK 3 (chj (I) Irt K J 2 " 17 Q-Kt Q-Kt Q-Kt 4 . 17 PxP (eh.) And nule In three moves. -NOTES. -NOTES. - -'fa) -'fa) Strlnitx considers this the best d-frnw, d-frnw, d-frnw, wnlle BaruL-lobeu. BaruL-lobeu. BaruL-lobeu. laUr arguus equality: 0 If 7 KtxB Black replies B B 4 or P It n -with -with savaniae, white nelliier (4 nor KtxKt P are pood for Whlld. tci We repaid BKt 3 as superior bringing bringing the Kouk into play thus can scarcely ior-ard ior-ard ior-ard AVuiti's game. td Kauken give here IO P Q 4. let A nersary prefauilon against PxP (cbi, with Us unplea-aut unplea-aut unplea-aut conwieuces. if! Much hotter ik thn PxP (eh.) (gi Mhite can now do nothing to meet fH .double thrrats of R B 3 and 11 H 3. The tet move Is murh more eiMrgeUa tbaa the Ilaodhuch move 15 P B 7. (h If 14 PxP. P-Kt P-Kt P-Kt 7 (ch.): 15-KxP, 15-KxP, 15-KxP, B R 3; or If 14-Kt-Q 14-Kt-Q 14-Kt-Q 14-Kt-Q 14-Kt-Q 3, B-8 B-8 B-8 3; 15 Q 11 3 (ch.), K Q 2, etc. Ill White Is lost. If Kt BtcB. PxP (rh.) 1 KxP, B B 6 (ch.); 18 KxKt q.. Px Kt 7 ; 1!-Q 1!-Q 1!-Q Kt 4 (cb.i, K Q 3; SSO B-& B-& B-& 2, BiP; -1 -1 It Kt S. BKt xq.. etc, . .. , r Oysters. - (Prepared tor ttie Courletslournal by Mrs. H. - r . B. Parker. 1 Oysters form an impoitant article of food, being very nutritious, as well m offering muny deiicacits and dishes for cold weather, while it is generally thought oysters are very easy to prepare for tho taVe. few things are spoiled as frequentlyin cooking. Overdone they are tough and tasteless; underdone tliey are until to eat. Great care, then, is neces sary in order to serve tliem properly Oysters Served in a Bl k of Ice. Take a square block of ice. weighing eight or ten pounds, mark the space out with a rod-hot rod-hot rod-hot iron, in the center set class dun and fill with fresh raw oysters ; garnish with sliced lemon. Oysters on tlie Halt Shell. Wash the shells, open and take on tlie upper snen, loosen tlie ovt,ter Irotn the lower, but do not take off; lay sue on an oyster plate for each person ana serve wxtn fcuoea lemon and pepper sauce. iiroiled Oyiier a. Select largo oysters. dry on a solt napkin, .-aon .-aon .-aon wit 11 salt and popper , heat tno grid-iron grid-iron grid-iron and lay the oysters on, e over tlie nre, irown urs. ou one side and. then in the otner; take up cn a lieu ted d-nh, d-nh, d-nh, pour over melted buttor and dredge with pepper and salu. Fried Oysters. lake larse, fresh oys ters, have ready & Plato 01 traieu crati; era, mix in a teaspoon of tail, dip one o"ster at a time in it and lay on a ooara tor fifteen minutes; then dip in beiten egg and roll again in toe cracker meal; let stand half an hour; have a lrjinp pan half full ot boiling fat, drop in tho oys ter, frv brown and serve very hot. . Stewed Oysters Drain four dozen fresh OJM.T8 and put tlie liquor in a saucepan, set on the stove, let come to m nail, add a pint of milk, rub a tabletpoonful of butter butter and flour each together and stir in the milk, toason with uttle mace ami an- an- pice, add the oysters, stir until tliey be gin to cook ; ao nut show tiicm to uou ; add salt and pepper ana serve. Maryland Oystor Stew. Drain the liquor from five dozen oysters put it in a saucepan and let simmer live minutes, rub tho yolks of three hard-boiled hard-boiled hard-boiled eggs and one spoonful ot flour together and stir in the liquor, with half a pound of butter and the juice of one lenii.n; let com to a boil; add the oysters; when heated through take up. Fricajed Oysters. Set four dozen oyster oyster in their own liquor on the tire with a pint of soup stock, let simmer twenty minutes, add a bunch of parsley, thyme and sweet marjoram ; season with salt a. id pepper: skim ; mix. a tablespoon lul of corn starch in a cup of cream and add to the oysters, with an ounce of butter; beat an eca and stir in ; take up awl a:ve very hot. Clysters in the Shell. Open the Bhells, melt some butter, with a littl? pepper and salt aided ; roil the oysters in it and lay back in the shells: add a squeeze if lem-n lem-n lem-n Juice, em inkle with Hcely-srated Hcely-srated Hcely-srated bread

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 30 Oct 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 22

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