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a In- closed- a live- S-5 4-5 4-5 awa-4 053-5 053-5 3-3 3-3 3-5 3-5 2rti-i 2rti-i 4-5 4-5 - 2- 4-1 4-1 2-3 2-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 8-4 W. n. Rodenbaush. Dole vault. 11 feet 5 3 4 Inehe. This niake tho year the most wonder ful ia the history of sttiietic. Severil of the recbtds brok had frtoui for yeara. The 1 ornti. are booming. The new insiructor is doing a rufthtng buniaen The elMea have all Ht thtt the junior ela ba ei tiiviued. Tl boys irura five te twelve years are tauy! 5 ia the afternoon std thoe Irora twel to eirfiteen at night. A Indies' c! i s will be atarU-a atarU-a atarU-a next wedneMlay nipt: r. The Indies who till enter the eliss w .l meet the instructor at the h ill Weilnt-n- Weilnt-n- Weilnt-n- Weilnt-n- lav niirht at 8 o'clock. Arraiiffmen' are bin(t made to start a fetviu cL . and as mm .u the weither s euld t cl.its Tviil be orsaruw.l. the kt; r cLiMiej have al.- al.- been l:irs1y att.'n 1. The rv in t'lictj r is a f n-T. n-T. n-T. ,.'., l.,- l.,- .! .... c n a ad is duitt ueut wcrk. . . The Pentathlon games of the Y. JL C. A. were not as successful as it was boned tbey would be. The best mn failed to take part, which accounts for th small scores wade. The games were popular, ana tiw nexc z cduiiuiuu win be quite an athletic event. Lrnest Morsweck will attend the Ath- Ath- Vio Club regular lv from now bn. He is a tine all rouml atnute, and toe interest he takes in the club will do it rood. II there were a few more members like him the club would soon be booming. Henrv Watterstm. Jr.. and Harry Mc Donald will box in the boys' class at the exhibition. Solalioas. PK0FLEM NO. 107." 1 Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q aq. Solved bv W. H. Elierton, Loulavtlle; Een b. Crake. Lex I net. m. .PKOBLEM XO. 108. 1-K.t-QIU. 1-K.t-QIU. 1-K.t-QIU. 1-K.t-QIU. 1-K.t-QIU. folved bv Ben S. Drake. Lexington: B. C. U, i.liibetiitowa ; w. 11. Eilectnn, Uw-liiw. Uw-liiw. Uw-liiw. ... . The German Champion's Victories. ' l"p to the present writing only one of ths New York players hat succeeded In wresting a ftt-no ftt-no ftt-no rroia Mr. Laslter, Mr. Hodpp belnir the lucky man. On October 1 Mr. Lattker fi '...i'. l Dr. Uaaoen. on Fritt' lr. Hotly? n him, nd on fctui- fctui- y Mr. Delniar i -i -i . ThU week -asker -asker dafeatcd ( : ' I .,;iirleMng tlie nrt rij-uij. rij-uij. rij-uij. oX nil tmti J ma itlie. Score: LttsLer won 7. lost 1. drew 1. 'Below ia given the gantu Mr. Modgw won. Seers and Botes (by La&fctT) from Mew York Sun. BUY LOPEZ. Whits (Mr. Latktic). Black (Mr. UodgwK l-C-hl l-C-hl l-C-hl l-C-hl l-C-hl a Kt yea The men who are to take part in the all-round all-round all-round tournament have beun work Communications and exchaages for this department should be addressed to toe diets editor. The Louisville Chess Club . meets at Rooms ftlu and 611 Commerce Ruildlng. Fourth and Mam. Rooms open at all hours. All chess pbyers welcomed. Problesa No. 110. Flrti prize In tourney Ko. 1 of lbs Holt tanaian voecs Astociutioa. By 11. Mendes Da Cota, Amsterdam. Black (7). 0 r fTT1 fi ?3;"t II LI., .tl White to plT w:d mte tn t-wo t-wo t-wo b ovcm. .3 Prbleo. 111. First prte. ex-AequiA, ex-AequiA, ex-AequiA, tn tourney of the ly A. Wheeter. . . Prll t5) ? ' r- r- i Ti l H n n . pri n n 1 i 1 P K4 3 Kt K.B3 3 B Kll 4 K-H3 K-H3 K-H3 V-.atj V-.atj V-.atj 7 D K.t ft P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 10 p ?.- ?.- 11 P-KK3 P-KK3 P-KK3 Ii Oxtt la-KvP la-KvP la-KvP 14 Q Kt4 IV-11 IV-11 IV-11 Q2 1 h gj IT Kt K4 IC1 1SQR K. J 19 Kt K3 20 Kt Q SO. 21 H ti' 22 P QKtt 2-J 2-J 2-J B-Kii B-Kii B-Kii -Q -Q OU4 2.V-P 2.V-P 2.V-P H4 (e 2rt J KH S:7 QxRP -2r -2r QiP . j . i tia ... rv L n 1 1 :b K4 (a 31-Q 31-Q 31-Q 154 - aj b-K b-K b-K U3 3:1 KxKt 34 Q K4 ' 35 KtiKt' $lMxO 37-KL-n3 37-KL-n3 37-KL-n3 37-KL-n3 37-KL-n3 . 3ii H Q3 3 H 114 4IV1UB 41 KS-KtV KS-KtV KS-KtV 42 K Kt3 ttesigas. a-p a-p a-p 4i.i 4 B UJ 5 KK-R3 KK-R3 KK-R3 (a) kt Kt3 , 7 B-Ktf B-Ktf B-Ktf ' S 4'ailes b Kts JO Kt M ' it bxKi 12 P-KB4 P-KB4 P-KB4 l:l Kt U1 iP 13 Kt Q-J Q-J Q-J 1 P KKt3 17 U H2 lii Q KB l 19 P JK3 20 Q KUJ 21 OR KB SO. 22 1 Q q. 23 Kt lt: 24 Kt R4 SV-P SV-P SV-P QKti (a) HKfK-2 HKfK-2 HKfK-2 27 KtxHP 2-Q 2-Q 2-Q K3 . 2 i Kt4 . 31Kt B4 31 Kt Ktfl . 32 KtxB 3:1 34 KtxP CB - :w RxK ck - S7-K-Kii S7-K-Kii S7-K-Kii S7-K-Kii S7-K-Kii ' 3-i 3-i 3-i P K5 . W II l'J lixB 41 P-Kt. P-Kt. P-Kt. 4J-R-KT 4J-R-KT 4J-R-KT 4J-R-KT 4J-R-KT 43-R-KKt9 43-R-KKt9 43-R-KKt9 43-R-KKt9 43-R-KKt9 (a) b move. STATES. Xot snod : Xt n 3 weiiM be better, I-ms I-ms I-ms of tc?e- tc?e- P Q 4 WMt the proper Acrin los of time; Q R K sa at onc would h&ia saved two moves. (d) A trap. Of course mnlte dare lt win a knight by P K Kt 4S under, penalty of Bute. ' (e) p Kt 3 wt uM Lave been mors cao- cao- tinus. It was bad J'Ktmeo' on fuie purs tkt whltn to chance tin center of sctlvtty at a time when hi clock was fvA approach- approach- liiit tlie second hour; nn a meoroicu jxilnt of view white should have ttnorged with the better Ki me lt) It K ii, s instead, then SO PxP, filliwe4 hf T K O. . wins. . (i Made Tinder pre-ur pre-ur pre-ur of time. ' It kse th e.':cli.-se. e.':cli.-se. e.':cli.-se. K Ii a aa ihe bet reply, vr hereupon white Kbould win lih. hi--, hi--, hi--, hi--, rassed K P. Alter tho wen p.oo ab-we, ab-we, ab-we, black Sfdsbes Jit with a few pow erful strokes. .. , Gossip of the Clabs. ' A tonrnev wm to bccln si tliS St raid Club October 15. Tiers a a good H ,t of entri m. Irof. r. Melaavi, J number of the BMtiinore '!?. won a J,oou prue ior i Ooh'tubua Cantata -Vr. -Vr. A. W. MboOcid recently played fourte-jo fourte-jo fourte-jo slmulranoc us rune at tb Balthuore Cbe Club, wlnni'.g nine. Mr. lacker wa boocted to play six mulaoeous bllndttl4 rme at tl! Mo- Mo- katts.ti 1 leb last pip.UU It was set a.-1-lj a.-1-lj a.-1-lj a.-1-lj a.-1-lj s ladles' nieht. Th- Th- contlnii rti H-urivnent H-urivnent H-urivnent of the Eroofc- Eroofc- lvn Cluh h. iOfX closed. ?'.! W. le Vlsartr ma;le the best per cent., 85. and Mr. J. Sabatrr played toe tuont games, snv. r,roorlvn fctaKUrd-lnlon fctaKUrd-lnlon fctaKUrd-lnlon : VilllaiJi Stetnlti ba been at the Ma'diattaa Chess riui neveral Mine d urine the pant wee. The oliwip oh appears 10 be In excellent ilt-otiditioii. ilt-otiditioii. ilt-otiditioii. biiijhieir ati1 more tnercetic tha:t at any tints dunng trie uxi kw years-111k years-111k years-111k oiilcrne- oiilcrne- tti an.Oyzlai; remarksble. the In tries le seeming 10 unrtvel with the giatt ei'o, and hl.s JudKeoi or osiuon is verr u ie. I OUT CF TOWN. - White TRTilts t play sad aiat la tw moveaj (Tlirrf RnmalnA 1 The old house var a dismal afr. 'A'lth trot: door roughly Loardcd, A H tv uy, " I fiiird with cam Thc-w Thc-w Thc-w U easura micu fauwxled. Cld tawi, JeeK anc'CLt mti, KkU hanglriCH. soft aod s'wny, A matchi? irdwi mc I No ahrogit A mu-hesi mu-hesi mu-hesi Uuliio Uet:l. Ah. n. tor me yxir door U shut I - genuine Old Mate-i, Mate-i, Mate-i, So e Irt W tut lolm. uiwu . Can nike Ir y 4ieart bet favter. I w t uo vaae of voaHhed jade, No Wi.rre-.irr, Wi.rre-.irr, Wi.rre-.irr, kjirn and pve.ltsj I only wnt tho Utile maM Wit.- Wit.- leit jcu old and ciic?r;e

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 23 Oct 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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