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esui- Bel- Dox- um-briotita. Vocai-HK..114; ilobm- I ' r 2 . III,' . n Communlcatlona and exebangps forlhla depaHinent should be addpeMod to the die its editor. Tim atirt pliy-mclans. lia-ea.n 7 to and Problem Ifo. 109. Another of the souvenir problems sub mitted at the dinner of the New York City By F. M. Teed. . ( -Black (01. A I At swk .... ! ir 1 .: - LdB'Ji 3 fy ; 1 ;. r 'm4 iiavli t I ( iwaacwesf vJt ; " - iiw-I kuj kfait! r"tr-" t, , . -ffrS i The White 17). White to play and mala in two mores. Solutions. '-". PROBLEM XO. 10A, f ! l Kt UKia. Solved by W. H- Ellerton, A. X. C, bouls- rllle; Ben ti. Crake, Lexington; B. C L-. EJlzaoethtown. B. St, ; ; Laaker I Kew York. Mr. Losber bean his sxlilhitlon at the JlanhHtiaa Cbaaa Ouli, In New York, October 8, and alnce Uiati tiuie ha .won four sU-alctifc gnmea, defaatlng successively Ettllligtr, 11 anb uu. Simouwn and D. O. Cuilrd. The last fame la given below, aita Mr. l.aJier'a notna In the New York bun: sna tat. I ARSIS. nnica-llon is K. II. at sompli- of law. ered will irk. the misleading. has otiier-wiee re-dreM haa-not and of in even open White (nalfc) J 1 K-t C Kt- KT.3 S P Qt lU 4 KlP B-KtxKt -s!il ichl T-H JI14 td) 8 1 Kt: loi ft-Kl 113 10 U-Q -2 . , 11 ta-tk (QB) (fi 12 tl K2 1 'S V 1 Ul l-ll-IO 15 1 li If, KxKt (h 17 P KKU 1 K K2 IV kit tit aO. S0-P-KIU Bl-BxU .! U Q a 23 KtxH 24 P Kta . 5 Kt ra 3l-Kt-Q3 (k) 27-K-tJ sq 2ft KXB (l 26 V Kit BO-K-02 . 31 PXP 32 P Kt5 S3 B-M4 (m) 34 H KO . 3-K-K aq 30 B Ki3 ' 37 r.xP 38 K Q sq . ?t K B q (n) 40 P Ri 41 B Kid 4-i ti-B4 . Resigns. Bluctc (La. ker) 1 P-)4 (a) 2 Kt-vib3 -PxP 4 P KKtS ' i-Q PxK.1 tC) O-KiQ - 7 Kt B3 5 K K q a tl-Kta . 10 Kt QJ ll-P-VKt4 " 12Kt itta . 13 l-K.l 14 Kt 1;3 15 KUB 1H K K2 . 17 B RiJ (ch 18- B K (I) lr)T:P. tto KB Q aq ?1-Kxtt fl2 Kxlt XI-H -B4 4 K Q3 2I F Kl a SO B QU3 27 KxK. 1!H R !!8 ; CO K H4 - :o k ' , 3'BPXP , 32 f n ! SJ-P-Li " 34 P-ll rh Ai B-Kt7 5 'j .-,ok ko ; 37-BxP 3 -lt-B7 -3 B B4 4i P-kj (o ; 41-P-XO - ; 42-PSP people there all will and easy even details take la and aim, but all old yen to . of bits ot XfrTES. i tk simijui dreme sh played by La-ker In hla nnie awiiua KtUnpir. HU It U .-uerllv orefwred ft delay this Biova until the Q K t developed. in Bettf r uiau lib i xivt un . (e Kt H 3 looks more pronilning here. (11 6olk-iting tlw sdrw tik . (cl White ajimrenlly haa tout ground. wnd tt 1 hnrd to s-e any newer conunuuuuu. but threeten wun a w'uinor .it um 3 m Aha. to be cortdetd asr. Bui, taw i-- - , , 1.1 k K i sq as toco vuiu im yi.. ( the following- achano. (j PxB, leaving B'a of opposite color on the board wouid have given hUn better figha. 5 m) w one nan w rm wo j j t n r. 1. ir -oJitof aucstion on o- eount of the simple rejo'uder B B 8ch. (o) The winning move. A Brillient Pros Berlin. It Tina been some time aJore Hcr liar- monhit, ot Berlin, fcea been heard of In the ehess wii'l, but the following harming -.;. mkii-k -rui-rf3 recmiv in a wny '.- -. T--i.- 1.1- J ... I doubt I Je Ca'e KaiWhoff in that city, l I hihwearoHiUetrt-dt4hoMuii lea Akane- one works -to of will en- in- eum- Jw.rt. fur May. would aceni to uiow tnat his ones iiauu nu nv u cunning; Blark Ilorr ti. A-eian. Say Leary, Company, question had Telegraph one has are " and been two ? ' 1 F 1 ti k-i - i 1.4 s luJTwJ 1 A -Vfi 1 nm ri rs'i rr ... ?5H - rsi a rsn i ?- -t i White Iterr Max Harmonist. ' White havlna to play, tha conclusion was : 1-Kt tQil K4 J P-KB3 il Kt-!lli e 0-11 sq. (a) 3 KUKltPI 3-KKt 4 R K7 lih 4 KixlV 5- -KxKt (ch " 5 KR.1 fl Kt KOI . 7 R 112 7-Q-K41 . , And Ulnrk rci'cns. i-il 0 Q KKt-'i. Instead, was rroP- er hers. Nc Orleans Tiniel)enocit.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 16 Oct 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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