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 - Teeter-day; 1-000; Septeas- etreat- v7iTfr- '...
Teeter-day; 1-000; Septeas- etreat- v7iTfr- ' ,U9 v Cnmmunieattotts and exchanges tar this department ahoaad - bn oddresaed 4o the The Louis vllls Chess Club' masts at 8T8 and 618 Commerce Building. Fourth and Mida. Booms open nt all hours. yutjsrs wewosne. Prohlem If. 103. Br W. Cleavo, Londoa. Black &. - jJ isJ kk '-' '-' '-' a -rr -rr i izJ . itfi fil 'a' TtSfal" ins nl Nj Willi H n" jrljj a . . its f'Vy m"Vn fV ' I f""1 1"" 1 ymivr.'V""" White (Th White to play and mate In $wo , Sotntions. PEOIALKM So. 103. 1 B K Kt 6. S la-d la-d la-d by W. IL KUerton, DouisvUle J, F. Tilley. Bellevue, Pa. Alnpin New Opening. Ia a recent I or to Dis Dui:h!i Wocban schach, M. Alapln Mate, that tbia open Ins. which was first played by him tn serious play, is sound nod tbe dimenB, He nstuta with the letter tares games, nonotod by hitoatlf, ono ot wbJoh ia given below. Tho student will tho analvaia highly IntereaUag and in- in- Etrncthre-: Etrncthre-: Etrncthre-: White (Alapln. Bbtck (Caro). T--QKt-B T--QKt-B T--QKt-B T--QKt-B T--QKt-B T--QKt-B 8 04 ', 7 X KloTT P tvSS ; s-isaht s-isaht s-isaht 9 Bxb -- -- - .-.i-:.-.- .-.i-:.-.- .-.i-:.-.- .-.i-:.-.- .-.i-:.-.- .-.i-:.-.- .-.i-:.-.- .-.i-:.-.- naci a .- .- lu-rtr lu-rtr lu-rtr (ci 11 KtxKt 1-J 1-J 1-J B H 3 - -l.tPQ -l.tPQ R4 14 B (J a 15 Q-nl Q-nl Q-nl S (ch) lu Cardies (J ill 17 K K K sa IS g K 7 19 H B 3 50 K Kt sa 51- 51- B-K B-K B-K 4 . S3 RxtJ 84BB 8 , 10-KtxP 10-KtxP 10-KtxP (0 11 VixKt " lS-g-Q lS-g-Q lS-g-Q lS-g-Q lS-g-Q Kt (nt 13 Q Kt 8 (uh) 14 tlxts, . 15 h J sa " 10 Kt - 17 P Q B 3 (1) 19 K B J - 19 QxP ch . 80 Q B 8 tch) 21 Q K 3 2S Qxi Kt Q B a eH Ii-csxs- Ii-csxs- Ii-csxs- Ii-csxs- niri!. (il With the view of Tihjrtng P KP4. ns as to have the anvantaces of the Kn gs uamist wrnont the los rt the nawru Ibl This move and 'JKu-RI 'JKu-RI 'JKu-RI lead Into the Scotch. Oamtitt bv P 14. S P KH4 would not IMS wood on account of 3 Pxltp, P v4: 4 P-24. P-24. P-24. P-K3: P-K3: P-K3: S Kt Kh KKt-H KKt-H KKt-H 3 ; 6 B-KKIS. B-KKIS. B-KKIS. B J3 (6- (6- BK2 ; 7 P Kit 31 : 1 Kt Iti. etc. If a P-Qt. P-Qt. P-Qt. tfxr. Kht B3 4 P-Q P-Q P-Q t.P xP II- II- P KJ ; 3 P QB4. P 1'3 Pxi; KtxP; 7 B eSO: 3 KixP. and whlio has at reant en eual position. The rtatlons apruiRteg frra s KKt B3 are very Hjmpik-atoi Hjmpik-atoi Hjmpik-atoi and interesting. (A I 3 P-tvB4 P-tvB4 P-tvB4 FxP; 4 KUP, 4 Kur: s c;k3. Kt yr. .-; .-; .-; 7 ulcus, p sua s p 541 : B Kd. CxP; H ca-ith-a. ca-ith-a. ca-ith-a. ca-ith-a. ca-ith-a. B I4(ehl ; 7 K U so. cnsUc-: cnsUc-: cnsUc-: A Q Kt UX O K4: 9 Kt 01 Q Kd; lO KixB CxKt; tl P Q4. 0311 ut w us: ia b kknt: iz uxkt. P.B: 13 B-KB8. B-KB8. B-KB8. n-K n-K n-K so; 14 B 33. and win. B 8 P KKt. -cxP: -cxP: 4 P 03. Kt-Bt Kt-Bt Kt-Bt - o nch. 3 p kit. KtsP: a KtxKt. PxP, 7 Q-rk Q-rk Q-rk Q K2loh; 9 Kt K21 3 PP. P-33: P-33: P-33: 8 I- I- ai. Kt K3: 7 C-33 C-33 C-33 8 KB4 : S QRt-32. QRt-32. QRt-32. P-4; P-4; P-4; 9 Q KtS(chl. airfi wniie wv'.n a pawn. Id 3 P-KBt, P-KBt, P-KBt, P-Q4: P-Q4: P-Q4: 4 PXKP. EtlP: 3 P QX Kt-Ut; Kt-Ut; Kt-Ut; 8 P-34. P-34. P-34. K K5: T QKt Via. n atixnt. bfxKt; 9 Kr 114. u hut: to --st, --st, --st, p rj; it PxP, Pa P. i-j i-j i-j O Kta. nod white wiu. rt Vera veat-iroome. veat-iroome. veat-iroome. Sil"r m 3 P Q 4. PxP: 4 KtxP, QV-B QV-B QV-B S: 5 n-K n-K n-K X Kt Ua: P QU3, or 3 P-tJBS, P-tJBS, P-tJBS, p Q4: o nc, s?xp: a f si. rxt: pip; b OKtS tch.: 7 OKt B 3, QKt B 3 : 8 P JK3. BxKt; 9 Txlt. B Kt 3 : 10 Kt B 4 Q OR 4 ; 1 1 B K 2. nod whit was a good potation ut Qxtr cu; ij u I1 itettet H 4"KKt B3; 6 P Q 8. UKt 119 to 'K.1 Kt3: P U4L II K13 7 P-KR3. P-KR3. P-KR3. Kt KB 3: 8QPxP. KtxP: 9- 9- v k 4 ;cn.i ; e-r-tii e-r-tii e-r-tii e-r-tii e-r-tii a, Kt h ; 7 p KKt3,e40. (el If 10 P K S. Kt K 5- 5- It Tlaaltes. Kt K: 12 H B 3. Kt 114. etc. f Ilettrr Is I-C-iii: I-C-iii: I-C-iii: I-C-iii: I-C-iii: 11 Oslk-v Oslk-v Oslk-v KlxP: 12 B B 3. P QI13: 13 KtxKb. PxKt: 14 O Kt3, BxPich.); 13 K d sq-QKt sq-QKt sq-QKt B 3 : lit B Q 5. et. irt If 12"0 K.1oh: 11 K BS. and If 12-Q 12-Q 12-Q Q!tChj: 13 B us, Q a 3 ; li B K 2. etc. (hi If 14'TJXKIP: 13 Q K2ch. K s.; 1-Ca,iies, 1-Ca,iies, 1-Ca,iies, QxQPjcj.1; 17 K aq., Witt a slrmg attack. 411 Jf 17'- 17'- It B 4 : 16 B KKt 4. B O 3 lfiKtX Kt Kt.3: SO K-Ktsq.. K-Ktsq.. K-Ktsq.. P Cltil; 21 Q Kt3 (ch.). Q R 3: 22 B QK 3, Kt B 'S-' 'S-' 'S-' VV' 2.J Bxu (rhj, PxB: 24 BxKt JTTT; 23 Q.Q ch., I"xQ ; 24 B Qtt 3, nd wins. . New and Uowip. The championship tourney, of the cily C. C, of Kew York, began Thursday. At the third National Swisa chess Coo- Coo- Kre-"C Kre-"C Kre-"C wbi'h timk place recontlT. Corn idi ot Zurich, woa tint pnre. Bird and Lacker a:e eneased In a match of Ave exne up at Nerstle-on-7vne. Nerstle-on-7vne. Nerstle-on-7vne. Nerstle-on-7vne. Nerstle-on-7vne. La-dter La-dter La-dter will not take part la the proiwscd tniancular match at Beltane. Dr. Mints, of the Manhattan Chess Club. has received a letter from Mr. C K. Youiat. AHisiaiit So ret-arr ret-arr ret-arr of the Wot id's Fair, sar- sar- tiiK titat aa auxiliary reniuit.tee has been orsanired at C!d?o for the purpo-e purpo-e purpo-e of or ganising an International Chess (nngresA at the Fatr; Mr. Harvey S. Hopkins to chairman. li I rJ t-jttt" t-jttt" t-jttt" I H

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 18 Sep 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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