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 - Klauber Sl Son. handsome landscape eieiranUy...
Klauber Sl Son. handsome landscape eieiranUy frameu.. - Jamc L Lemon ol bon, a handsome so-lertiin. so-lertiin. so-lertiin. - W. H. Mcknixht Sl Co an elegant Ottoman rust. W lllism Kendrick'a Sons, a sterling sil ver lwir brush. Knctt 4k Sons, a beautiful silk opera shawL The John C Lewis Coinuany. aa ele gant parlor rug. ftLimraoth Clothing Company, fine suit of l-oy l-oy l-oy s clothina. IJeppen . hen, bov s fine overeoat- overeoat- -Ilartia -Ilartia & Co., an elegant carved rocker. deiteltuLt iV Co real noiDt laoe hand kerchief. Lelfinger dc Co-, Co-, Co-, beautiful china vase. ArU,ar Kave. handaume aelecUon, of brioa-btuc brioa-btuc brioa-btuc , Iawton dt Co Dresden eliina coffee set. - liHt bovo nrticles will be 1st chrir of a committee of charming young ladies, who will offer them it sole at auction on the boat. There will be mime and dancing durinsr the eveoinsr. liefresh-. liefresh-. liefresh-. merits will he seived at moderate wioea. J U i.4 hoped thst the friends of tlie As- As- u soniauon win snow tneir interest in tue i vnfrrpriw by their preenas so as tot 4i3ko the occaMon a gaU-duy. gaU-duy. gaU-duy. . J I The coirmlrtee of ladies in Charge of the proposed boat excursion, in order ta maka it a financial sucoees, made an appeal appeal to the liquor tlesiie of Main street lor ronttihutions to defray the expense or xne oosii, etc. - lhe rerponse 'for which the ladies are very grjitetui was prompt and generous. as tne luit wing ui oi eonor win snow: Ilnrtlcy, Johnson dt Co., Paul Jones, K. 1.. Miles A Co., Bernheim Bros- Bros- Lewis Tachao, Jolin U. lioech. Brown, Form an dc Co., Tamplert 3c Ixwwiskii, Taylor ds v liuams, A. U. button, "Uld limes Uis-tillTV Uis-tillTV Uis-tillTV Company, William Patterson, W. H. Thomas P. H. Burt, W. L. Welles Sc Sons, The Anderson and Keleonv JDis-tilJery JDis-tilJery JDis-tilJery Company, it is nndernooa tne tooaeee, men do not propose to be It ft behind ia thia good work, sad that thev will also, in due time, make a bandvane cuntribuUoa to the committee. - The eenerous gtft ef $10O by the LoaiKvillo Packing Company throngh Mr. V. P. Clancy waa so highly appreciated br the ladies tihst they worked very en- en- eraeticaliy ana eontribnted very largely to maze tne opening oi ine retau oepart-mtnt oepart-mtnt oepart-mtnt of thia lust yesterday a grand sso csa, - Appreciating the werk ef the eeos. mitte Mr. R. A. Kobirvwio made- made- them a vniy liberal eoatribuu:a to the land cow- cow- King raited to defray the ex pent incideuii to the laying of the torser-blone torser-blone torser-blone of the proposed monument. , The hflies feel very greatly eneour. aped, and have reason to expect that this will be the nost largely attended excursion excursion of the sea ion i .- .- Qtumfunioaaons and sxsaanges for thia department ahould bs addresses to . tb -Tlie -Tlie LouisvtrJe Cheas CtuS meet a roams 613 and Sid Oouunarse BulldlnaV Fourth and Mid a. . Rooais open at all hour. IMl SS planer welcomed. , . . T - Correspoaeace..,' .... j; J. V. T.. Bellevae. Pfc-'i Pfc-'i Pfc-'i our solutions muAt bav adscarzied, aa taey did not reach wus ooice, :, Prebleaa We. 103. ' Firm priss tn St. Jota Glooe tourney. By A. t. Itackensle. 1 Black (5). 1' ; fi- fi- O- O- E - VsMhiss ViUMa .TT..'f MHC " Li . L J i inn l i f ; C?0 JOJEL-P JOJEL-P JOJEL-P L White Ulk wnito to play and state is two aaovav I ,,,. -.. -.. ,. Solationa. . .. - : - PBOBLE3C No. 100. -1-B-U -1-B-U -1-B-U -1-B-U -1-B-U -1-B-U Kt 6. Solved by B. p. i", W. U. EHmton, tiouis-vlUe: tiouis-vlUe: tiouis-vlUe: J. F. TIUdt, Ueu vua, Fa.: B. C. U, aUSahcthtowm; Uea Ci. bntki lexlngtos. The Dresden Ceagresa. , . . A fine game Between innawer and Von Ben lebea. - Score and notes Iron Saw York Tribune. FOXZLVNA. Whi e ity Wlnawerl Ui ck rm lianleleben) 1 1 K 4 1-P 1-P 1-P K S 3 K KtB 3 3-UKI-B3 3-UKI-B3 3-UKI-B3 3-UKI-B3 3-UKI-B3 8 P-B P-B P-B 3 3K. Kt U 3 ( V-Q V-Q V-Q K.IXF 6 i' u a o K.t Kt m. (b) B 4 3 S Kt u a (c) 7 KtxP 7 Klxll (ck) (d) 8 KuKt 8 PQ 3 Q 11 3 (e U li a " " 10 H K :l 1 I 'Mtltrs 11 Kt Q 11 Kt si S i a ivt K) tn j a Kt k 13 KtxKt i:t-PxKt i:t-PxKt i:t-PxKt 14 Kt Kt 3 15 1' 11 4 ieQK a (h) 17 1 1 a IS J IS. Kt 3 . 10 Kt Q 2 'JO-l'-K 'JO-l'-K 'JO-l'-K 'JO-l'-K 'JO-l'-K Kt 4 (1) Sl-V) Sl-V) Sl-V) R Kt 84, 2SJ PxP " 24 F a 3?j) 1!5 K.UB k) S-Q-BS(1) S-Q-BS(1) S-Q-BS(1) S-Q-BS(1) S-Q-BS(1) V17 i Kt 3 . 24-K-sl 24-K-sl 24-K-sl 24-K-sl 24-K-sl aq. 29 RXH 14 U-sl U-sl U-sl 3 a (g) lt4Kt3 ' 17 B K U4 1H VI Hi 1 H Kt 2-l-K 2-l-K 2-l-K 2-l-K 2-l-K 11 3 Jl lxi 2a P-K. P-K. P-K. 5 it l li K 1Q, S4 K H e 2i-PxKt 2i-PxKt 2i-PxKt 2'i-R 2'i-R 2'i-R K 5 J7 1!XP eh) -l,'xKt -l,'xKt P i.D Qx :to n Kt a (ch) 31 si U 4 (ru) 31 K SI so. . I ' . HOTEH. ' i (a Authorized is tho books, but not mucS tried In hard Dlay until it was adopt ed by Hit WVm aniiixt TbChigorin In tn Us nuUok ot the stAih Anierlcan cucss snst.H of lf.-. lf.-. lf.-. J ' i 4 is more gea- gea- erally favored and w beUtrva tt deserve ta pnxerenoe. (til uf Uae alternatives. Kt K 3 or B B 4, Un former is quite MUe, but regards the latter, which involves the eerifiee of a piece for lw pawn and nonie temponMV lm-envenlence lm-envenlence lm-envenlence to wutss aung. sxperience has piovea. that the value of toe material suined bv White outwalghs the chances of the eouater attack. icl As in the aoL-omi aoL-omi aoL-omi Kaaw of the aoove- aoove- Baaied tie unteh, while in the first S Kt B 3 was pla ed by Herr Welas. (d) We have nevor - aeen 7 P Q 3 tried at thisi juncture, and this Is probably due to toe fear ef s H-Kt H-Kt H-Kt S (ch). But we believe that the vealur wonia ac ry the- the- cost of the experiment. tw alter Q Kt -Q -Q 3, it seem te as that Black wltt eotala a goon game, so- so- mmw mmw too voimOLtiti but cottuaue. The text move helps White to obtain a hatter post, for his ajught. M1 TavKlvnrtK hM ulaced S Kt 4 '. the strongsr text move, was adopted by hu waller apalnst Judd. (f The King wouki have bsee safer oa the other wing and we ess se no prospect-tve prospect-tve prospect-tve advantago for the apparent eorrepoita-tngrtok. eorrepoita-tngrtok. eorrepoita-tngrtok. (g) jl eeewiy raea -rwfis -rwfis - Sly te While's Ul-coiJo-red Ul-coiJo-red Ul-coiJo-red Ul-coiJo-red Ul-coiJo-red lt nxtve. ih If lrt P B V 1 sV-U sV-U sV-U B 3 (ch ; IT K Kt sq, 17 B Kt 5 : 18 Q-Kt Q-Kt Q-Kt 3. 19 BTH J i kmk; is UxB. is vh-K vh-K vh-K t (chj; so BU, 'JO B K -1 -1 Km HbuuM win. - . (1) Ho may haw entertain1 eome vapie netton of 6hutlii out the adverse Q. bttt he Is only eSerina a caewntent tarcet for the advene counter-stuck. counter-stuck. counter-stuck. -JO -JO Q K B sq. was le-a le-a le-a ol)J tlonu'ilo un the face of it aud probably quite safe. - - U) A efU-a efU-a efU-a haptiens In similar sttaations: a aurvrlse is sprung -on -on waiting tactic of rfretty nearly forecl. U 25 BMJ 4. 25 K U . etc. Or If 25 B-B B-B B-B 3, 2i BxP; ltd PxK. !M Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q U tt lh.) ; 27 K s so., 'Jt u aith a. wlnniDK not.ition. Aain, U 25 KtB sq-, sq-, sq-, 2S Q U K B sq.: loUowcd siokUy by B B 3. with a strong attack. U If 86 Q Q B 3. 2rt B K 4 ; ti7 K Q 2 (we see noUdng ltu;r), 27 B-K B-K B-K 4; 24 Q Kt 4, 2 P-B P-B P-B 7 ; 2 ExB P, 2 B B S ith.) ana wmn. - - ; imi a irruhie tiamdiiaUon to a powerful ly somhicted mteo: :lack threatens JS -Kt -Kt a fra.), imio- imio- " 5r"-i- 5r"-i- 5r"-i- 5r"-i- " . " M (HJ Kt ft the nnbwer 3d Q J tA.) wins obvloutiyr r - .v News and Gossip. A new periodical, to be called the CTeSs Fortnight!, - win Kiioruy don b Herr Lacker. , --.v.. --.v.. --.v.. In the tournament of the Counties Chest AsMjclailon. at Brighton. England. BiaSe won first nrire with S 1-S 1-S 1-S out ot 8 ; WiLnod second, with . and Butler third, with S 1-S. 1-S. 1-S. The frra gnme of to mh hetween MaJ. Hanham and Mr. Hodge to decide tie for third prise tn the tournament of the Hrrcklsn Chess tiuo wa won oy jnx. Hedges, i A curat hetwsea Walbeidt and Tarrasch, in the Uresden tournament, wa drown In a manner which occusionod much comment, and no wonder, M there I a rule that both nu-Uas nu-Uas nu-Uas must Dlay us to their full strengih. This, however, tboy may have done. The mcvM were 1. 1' K4. P- P- Ki. a. P U4. P Q4. 3. PxP. same. 4. Kt KB3, same, 5. B sl-l. sl-l. sl-l. seme. e. sasuta. T. B KKtS. same. a. P B.T, unte. S. JKt-03. JKt-03. JKt-03. s-ae. s-ae. s-ae. 10. Q B2, same. Draw agreed oa. The exact aeoneno of the moves varied slichUv. as we write from memory, put the pusUions were left, above, ex-actlv ex-actlv ex-actlv "even." a la " medlaevsP or 'one- 'one- round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej round-tlme-lirBitply-to-th-oorej system of toumamfiut. t Baltimore acws. - - Oar Aggreakle Prospect. (Memphis fAmmordal.) ' It will probably bo forty years before the hest lawyer In Kentucky will have a intelligent comprehension ef the new Constitution Every section of It will have to he hetvily annotated with refer ences to aupremo Court decisions as guide to the feet of the luckiest individual who undertakc-e undertakc-e undertakc-e to plod tnioujrh it. Leg islature for yeur to eome must k-gislnte k-gislnte k-gislnte In the dark. 1 be courts will be uowded with litigants and the lawyers will reap a bounteous harvest until the courts, by main rtrength and awkarilness, shall have hammered thu snapeicss and mcan-inirksa mcan-inirksa mcan-inirksa mus of verbiage into intelligible form. i - If mere erer waa a apentSe tor any oae np! lint, wjo Carter' Uule Live Pius are a spVclflo for sick ln-ad ln-ad ln-ad bo. and every worn- worn- en hHid know -thia, -thia, Trytbeea. Only one pUl a eoa. l

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 04 Sep 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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