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eoaat- 37.- mu- st - 84 tat Can- Ii- Ii- gi-s; ; Ce-ml CemgiuaicattoB aad exchanges lor this deparUuent thouid be edtLrenaed te Us ctiea edltur, The Louis vUlo chmd Club meet at rooms 613 and did Commerce Building. Fourth and Main. Booms open at ail hour. All hent ylajrars welcomed. Problem So. 100. Fourth ptisa In tourney No. S ot the St John Globe. (By John O. FUgg.) Black UO). m, )cvxt JP-J JP-J JP-J . .1 1 1 1 kJ, . . kaSLd. --...a- --...a- --...a- --...a- p -4 -4 t.i r : i 1 --. --. --. 1 m - f-y f-y f-y White (10). White to play and natp la two moves. Solutions. PBOTtrmMretn- PBOTtrmMretn- 1 E ii. 3. Solved by W. II. EUcrton, LoultviUe; XL Drake, Lexington. . Uerr Albln Beat Vr. Tarraaci. The only game lost by Dr. larrasek at the recent Dreadep tJougreBS. bcure ruid notes fnw the Baltimore New. UUIOCO PIANO. White (Albln J Black (Tarrasch J 1 P it d 1 P- P- d S-Et-KB3 S-Et-KB3 S-Et-KB3 S-Et-KB3 S-Et-KB3 3 EV-QBS EV-QBS EV-QBS a li H d 3-11 3-11 3-11 B d d P-B P-B P-B 3 d Et B 3 5 p a 4 A very letrtaaulBg reminiscence af old-tune old-tune old-tune COCaS, B-PxP B-PxP B-PxP O B Kt 3 (chJ 7-KtxKP 7-KtxKP 7-KtxKP ( 8 KtxB 9 KxB e-PxP e-PxP e-PxP 7 it Q 2 8 lixB hxP fch.) 10 d Kt 8 (eh J 11 h.t K h (ohj It r at 11 K B 3 Max Lnnge U responsible dor this trouble, but the olhor atiuaaua ara also uuiavUaiuclory. ia QxKt ia u d 13-sj-K4 13-sj-K4 13-sj-K4 13-sj-K4 13-sj-K4 13 Q-K0. Q-K0. Q-K0. id-sJ-Q id-sJ-Q id-sJ-Q id-sJ-Q id-sJ-Q 14 Maaterlv dUt. for U now rar 10, r n followed by QxP, k-avo k-avo k-avo Black much oin-Uariasaed. oin-Uariasaed. oin-Uariasaed. ' 14 Kt Ittd u.- u.- w. iii vast -resource -resource Is P KKtd. Im mediately followed .by k Kta. J 5 p Bd 15 H.t k.8 lr Kt 11 a . . Tbrentening mass en awn lumtnuas Jft-l-KKt8 Jft-l-KKt8 Jft-l-KKt8 Jft-l-KKt8 Jft-l-KKt8 I 17i-KtxP0hJ 17i-KtxP0hJ 17i-KtxP0hJ 17-K-Kta 17-K-Kta 17-K-Kta 17-K-Kta 17-K-Kta 18 CaaUe. Id I'xP We prefer Blayuig tiu at Ana. . . . . .1. -n.-K.iul.aeb -n.-K.iul.aeb -n.-K.iul.aeb -n.-K.iul.aeb ainrfresie I KUUP with ,o.uiie n ss'". - to It. . 19-P 19-P 19-P BBt 1-K.t 1-K.t 1-K.t HI but of no vwn Bgmnw aa lnsplmtion of genius. SO r- r- no tonj " ,T- ,T- 111 Kb KT Ul-tJ-KM Ul-tJ-KM Ul-tJ-KM Ul-tJ-KM Ul-tJ-KM Our German eonlaporary prwent t-. t-. t-. bufi what about : iu see repxy, . t 1 !-QxKt !-QxKt !-QxKt - K UO cxi-B-Ksq. cxi-B-Ksq. cxi-B-Ksq. cxi-B-Ksq. cxi-B-Ksq. . VHi-iixir VHi-iixir VHi-iixir 87 w 1. i ir. 1 Herr Albln plays at ttle Hke true eheew ...r.frr uf- uf- L-lnr L-lnr L-lnr mlrht have beat In HiwktBO clear, and tru to the working out of the ptootem. VI kji ie-a ie-a ie-a "A R K7 ch.l 1! K B St. '"j-KxU '"j-KxU '"j-KxU SO-KxB SO-KxB SO-KxB 3-Kt-B3t 3-Kt-B3t 3-Kt-B3t 3-Kt-B3t 3-Kt-B3t : t-H!r t-H!r t-H!r ai KxP r 3i K BT 8d-M-47. 8d-M-47. 8d-M-47. 8d-M-47. 8d-M-47. 33 Kt-Kdi Kt-Kdi Kt-Kdi " A benutUnl, winning stroJte.-83 stroJte.-83 stroJte.-83 RxQKtP 84-B-B8K) 84-B-B8K) 84-B-B8K) 84-B-B8K) 84-B-B8K) l?r7hT,' aj-sblV-QQ aj-sblV-QQ aj-sblV-QQ aj-sblV-QQ aj-sblV-QQ Beskgim. . News aad oesip. u. tom i.n ixin rlvin stmultaaeoue exMbitions at Newcastle. He vot 63, tost K and ctnnW n SO UUtB BUa a. n vtw mntAi-d.Tnnlm: mntAi-d.Tnnlm: mntAi-d.Tnnlm: Ttvd most en- en- tortttinlndPMi ol " New York handicap asSt the ptoytng of the jronng 1ml. v'uninakL not vet thlrtcea year ot ; to ace dxiie hov smau with at hich aad wtii-saoveaopen wtii-saoveaopen wtii-saoveaopen r .T IZi.i, x ran aida of the beard. r-""". r-""". r-""". 1 -,la -,la ...k. ftair nr.iao. aa.1 Idh to lliin "SB d wsvessa t lTVun .wfl vlttislnf -vm -vm ViYT lflLfiRSUrft llthB II "1 at 1 sa v h pi a . The boy plsycd good game sgstoto a rent'eman over -to? -to? 7- 7- -- -- -tt -tt in a losing game eleveriy trapped the) old gentleman tnto a sawesinor. - 5 , 1 1 ' : - To On to In Ill and In I - r I . - -

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 21 Aug 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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