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1 I I tsJu-eaaa mid- ordl- a at at of sf ra a. e and ; ; Csmsaualexnorta and oxrhnnges for thts WSWUHBI The Lewis vlUs ChswS CrnK CI 3 sad Old Oonsseren bulldlnc Fewrth and Mala, Rooms nsra at ail haurs. All shsw ayer weluuBKid. . PreMens N. 97. CompriHed for fb rowvietsf nwrnal by Chat. 8. Jacobs, lea Moia, lows. (Bfart 184, r"i XL U gdWdrJSJ pg svssanssy- svssanssy- i t Widts (111. White to play and ants in two saoves. hatattans. last week It was stated that la Mr. Jacob's problem. o. f. fas whits Kt should be at QU3. It should be at K3. The .solution Is withheld to give solvers a chance at toe pretty position. PKUULLM SO. OS, 1 B RS 1 Kt U xS 3 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 (ehj S KxU 3 Kt nld lusie 1 BxB 2 Q-KO Q-KO Q-KO U-atwvTM. U-atwvTM. U-atwvTM. 3 d or Kt Bates. Solved by W. H. FJIerton, Loulavin; jcaiariea S. Jacobs, 1M Moines, Iowa. ' A Fia Correspondence teniae. Tha aUowlnK gams was played by cor-respsshdtnea cor-respsshdtnea cor-respsshdtnea besweea Herr J. Uerse sod M. Horha, th celebrstod protileinvwts. aad. Boles lnm tha Londea tiiaa liirt. BL'IC LUPU. White (M. Sorli Black (tlerr Berger) 1- 1- P K4 55- 55- Kt-MI3 Kt-MI3 Kt-MI3 3 Kl U 4 KtoP 8-P 8-P 8-P siR3 (a) 6 P tit T-K T-K T-K KlUS 8 QxP 9 I-Bd I-Bd I-Bd 10- 10- PX1 11-ti-Ql 11-ti-Ql 11-ti-Ql 11-ti-Ql 11-ti-Ql 12- 12- OaiM 13- 13- HxKt 14-hUF 14-hUF 14-hUF 16- 16- 4tK SS) 10 H g3 17 XR is K Kt na 10 K Hiq igl SO Kt 114 21 J La 22 d KI3 23 it K H aq , 24 P KB3 U4 irsKt . srli-Q. srli-Q. srli-Q. ita 27 1 KKA ' 2-! 2-! 2-! Q-K.3 Q-K.3 Q-K.3 Sir Q hi SO. 30- 30- -B -B a 31- 31- -Ql -Ql na si-K3 si-K3 si-K3 , 33- 33- 4JXRP 34 tixKtP (k) " 33 Q Ktd 56 vi-hltS vi-hltS vi-hltS 37-G-t.3teh 37-G-t.3teh 37-G-t.3teh 37-G-t.3teh 37-G-t.3teh 3d Q KtT ao-y-cjoKh) ao-y-cjoKh) ao-y-cjoKh) ao-y-cjoKh) ao-y-cjoKh) o y iu 41-P-Q4 41-P-Q4 41-P-Q4 41-P-Q4 41-P-Q4 si Q At SO, 4,1 p Q3 44 Kt K I 4-K 4-K 4-K B4I J R K 47-Q-QU 47-Q-QU 47-Q-QU 47-Q-QU 47-Q-QU WJ 44 QvKtebf A'-Q-Q4 A'-Q-Q4 A'-Q-Q4 A'-Q-Q4 A'-Q-Q4 50 KtQ 51 P-Ktt P-Ktt P-Ktt i-P i-P i-P Kti 03- 03- K Kti id hr-B3 hr-B3 hr-B3 1 f e. 4 2 Kt KB3 3 B CU 8 P , e u-t3.:bi u-t3.:bi u-t3.:bi 7 P Bstcp 8 rBPxP 9 U K 10- 10- Uxhlt 11 1-4 1-4 1-4 113 lit-lxP lit-lxP lit-lxP 13 bKt5 14 4xltid) . 15 id- id- K3 13 Uxl' 17 sUKChfel 18 Kt K4tf) 10-K 10-K 10-K Km !K Q Q3 21 P KK 13 (Jt 2i-K 2i-K 2i-K Kttl 23 P U3 24 B-Od, B-Od, B-Od, 2 KUH - 1 B H4 27 tt Hf -2 -2 P tiKttfQ 20-P 20-P 20-P JK 30- 30- J rid. - - 31 11-31 11-31 11-31 a-Q-cl a-Q-cl a-Q-cl a-Q-cl a-Q-cl 33 R cilieq( S4 R Ii7 35 rt K3 3rV-K 3rV-K 3rV-K K4 87 It-Cj7 It-Cj7 It-Cj7 . 38 0 K4 S-4-tlh S-4-tlh S-4-tlh S-4-tlh S-4-tlh 40 4J K4 41 B-Hi(l) B-Hi(l) B-Hi(l) 42 Q Kt so. 43 QKtrt 44 K in 45 Q Kia 4rt.jK7in 47 Q-b Q-b Q-b 4e 40 P Kt bO-CxO bO-CxO bO-CxO M K Kt3 . &i hV-111 hV-111 hV-111 63 hi Kl 54 K-1 K-1 K-1 U ilebign 0 NOTES. (si Kt Q3 would be followed by TxP, iKtiKt, l-xht; l-xht; l-xht; Kr-Ci-Ki. Kr-Ci-Ki. Kr-Ci-Ki. Kr-Ci-Ki. Kr-Ci-Ki. with a slight advautajm tor wmre. htd itxkA OPxii: 7 Q Si!. B--KB4, B--KB4, B--KB4, B--KB4, i eve game, I - c( u 7;xu, luack replh exinaBy rt i Rkxs; 8 BxKt, nu; vwh Jr" ... w! c-.c c-.c c-.c viKrS. Ire favor of Klack. (d 14 PxB would be snwrr d by B 4vi, leav.Tut White with aa Inter gsuse, l7-B-:4 l7-B-:4 l7-B-:4 l7-B-:4 l7-B-:4 weans prci.slv. Cktrvtouw- Cktrvtouw- ly "isek eiMiid not Mply kt-B7, kt-B7, kt-B7, because wf 18 Cr B7. eta. if) UU (juli obvious why Whlto. cannot cannot capture ua KnighL (g Had limck Busied Kt B7. the en. tlrtuaLon wwil-1 wwil-1 wwil-1 nave beau SO Kt B4. Bt tt" 21Kls(Keh. KV-Bq; KV-Bq; KV-Bq; 22 Kh-hilsiB. Kh-hilsiB. Kh-hilsiB. "S" Weahenlng. 81-B-B4 81-B-B4 81-B-B4 81-B-B4 81-B-B4 should bav "Tl 21K seema w-w w-w w-w SeAr n. v-The. v-The. v-The. Bisaop Blrht thm havs- havs- aa outlet ( QK-i-U) QK-i-U) QK-i-U) QK-i-U) QK-i-U) Too Uangerou. The ait-rnaUva ait-rnaUva ait-rnaUva ld have N J'r-'t-H'q. J'r-'t-H'q. J'r-'t-H'q. J'r-'t-H'q. J'r-'t-H'q. llJlZT Kte -fMit -fMit O 03, heosues Ot Kt h.BCk L t, mr . - o. tl ivr ana Ikl The winning move. Black haying sow tw psssed pawns. Ia. a fsae by "rre- "rre- should no hsv ewkroAed ths Ion of his pawn. , ill White could bnre torred exrhartge nr Beakr wlTh !-. !-. !-. B7, RxB : 44 t tn (eAl. Q Kt; 43 Qxii, which oarred Bar Ciniil'f d OTP, Blark weald p!w the Ho- Ho- trVto tPk and sa Trslyw Whlte foross aitocether. Bvldeutlv he could not move his KKtP; bersusci of RxP. write. Z Whit o W hito the deeply-hidden deeply-hidden deeply-hidden trap Uld by llerr Berger la grvtog an th Queen'a pwo. Tbe eoml'lnat.ori is a preuy as a pnsdern. e. at.: 4d t)xr, Qw-QBa: Qw-QBa: Qw-QBa: 47 R Q; P KtWehlj 4 K )jy Jtt K "7tchi: 40 KiP. !i K. asata. (ol Jfth Q. than V-Kt4: V-Kt4: V-Kt4: b Ii Q8. and tsTtwiTpsw, wis. White' Blshv op la quits powerless. Haw and via stp. After the flfteanlh round fa tbe Tx dsa conrwcs TarrnscA and Marco lead wtU 8 each, Mskowlt and Ilardeieben had 8 1-8 1-8 1-8 earn. WDbtwea ana Blaesbui-n, Blaesbui-n, Blaesbui-n, 1 1-8 1-8 1-8 eaoh. -A -A tnatrk between Bird and Lnrdar. to b played st Nswesu-ta. Nswesu-ta. Nswesu-ta. ha bees aianged. Aa extenslv esngraaa af South AMeas ehaaa payer was, iwcentry held at Cape Town, according to th Mew Oi lcan Tim. lieroocrst. la tha shasnphashln tourney tessTs. B. ntonert. of Cap Town, and A. J. RivertA tlsd or first place. ii iHi ii infl to of tn 1. ot at In 8 af ot 1, B,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 31 Jul 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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