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 - 18,- traax- errtifl-raise hick-eat at at pot...
18,- traax- errtifl-raise hick-eat at at pot and and of quanU-ty 400 at 8.- 8.- fair to 85-80B ra na-Uva. na-Uva. OeaxniiiBle.tlons and exchangee aepariateet be Tha lonlsvlUe Chess Club meets at 61 a and Old Gomtoeres Building, Fourth and Mid a. Roomi open at all kours- kours- avu coses yuiyers welcomes. Problrai Ho. 94. (For tteghiBflrs.) - Compwted fnr the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Chan. a. Jacobs. Das Moines. Ia, Black t. White (8). White to play and mala In two moves. Probleam lis. 93. MOTTO. "POO LABI." First prise in tourney of tke Chess Association. Black (7). 7 f'xl tos4 fcgyr taf ,.;: urn aUtsAdiri m 47 s wt uAsitM Lai !. -.J -.J - dk . MkBJSSST, I. A :1 Wklto (8). White up play aod mala In throe moves. Ma.aitoaa. PBOBLEM NO. OS. 1-O-Bd 1-O-Bd 1-O-Bd 1-O-Bd 1-O-Bd Solved by W. H. Kuertun, Louisville: Mrs. T. It. lluuj. Ky. ; B. O. L-. L-. L-. ElizaueUitoan. Tilley. PifJabuish. Pa. M. B. F- F- Cynuilaua, By.. J. t krae la .lirawklya, Au Interacting game vyd In the recent cdMjnpioiukin tourney of tu riroH(iyn Chew Club. Fiom tko Baltimore Sews. - TWO ILMUlirti DEFEixE. 1 P E4 5! Efr- Efr- KU3 a-B a-B a-B B4 A Kt-lKt Kt-lKt Kt-lKt 6 P QJ B KKtS 7- 7- J-4l J-4l J-4l H kt-5 kt-5 kt-5 9 Ettk (CkJ lu u KJ U Pxl QmU would ba reply. Kt-Ua. Kt-Ua. Kt-Ua. 1 P K4 J-Kt-C!U3 J-Kt-C!U3 J-Kt-C!U3 J-Kt-C!U3 J-Kt-C!U3 3 At evxtd 4 11 U4 6 P i3 8 Kt K3 7 KI K.I3 8 P 113 W PxKt lu BxU bad on account ot the 11-PKB4 11-PKB4 11-PKB4 JIxP 13 B K3 14 Vt KU 15 Uxl! Itv-Castlea Itv-Castlea Itv-Castlea (QBJ 17 P KK3 18 J K3 IB Kt K3 CO P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 21 K Kt SO,. 23 QR-KI1 QR-KI1 QR-KI1 q, '23 Kll-Kt Kll-Kt Kll-Kt sq. 84 Kt B S J- J- 1 KI3 S VU 87-J-kJ 87-J-kJ 87-J-kJ 87-J-kJ 87-J-kJ 12-PxP 12-PxP 12-PxP i:tp-Kt i:tp-Kt i:tp-Kt 14 BHtleH (QB) 13 P KE13 10-PxB 10-PxB 10-PxB 17 KB B sq. Id P aU14 li-a-rUl li-a-rUl li-a-rUl li-a-rUl li-a-rUl S0 K Kt eq. 31 Kt-i2 Kt-i2 Kt-i2 2J-B 2J-B 2J-B B3 li:i yR KB mi 84 J R ssa u Kta a -p -p ttft 7 Q Kt, 5W B Hi A bad move. which places several piece In false psllto- psllto- or wmcn Mr. Htdges taken unerring nuvnueo. 2 ItP SB-KtxP SB-KtxP SB-KtxP jOfQR4 UU P Q.B4 A fine winning coup. ai JmR 33-HxP 33-HxP 33-HxP (ck.1 -''--Kxll -''--Kxll -''--Kxll -''--Kxll -''--Kxll i 33 Kt QO ckj :ct-KlxKt :ct-KlxKt :ct-KlxKt . 34 Q-Kte Q-Kte Q-Kte (ch.) 94 K-R K-R K-R sq. 34-QxP 34-QxP 34-QxP ch.l Se-OtKt Se-OtKt Se-OtKt ch. 3oK K sq.. And Black won. Ckeae Callings. It to said that a triangular match be tween lAsker. Tachlgonn ana ivrec u Hkety tobTplayed at tke exming Dresden eaamraanahip Tourney of the Braofe- Braofe- rva Cb PoHook a dut W Beany ow. n. n. gets Act prise, and R. Kr"T Thirl place kaa not been doc idea. The Hew York rUate meeting wBi ne Earcauetos. jwuguax fTT gramme n-smoi n-smoi n-smoi . n,n- n,n- mar ana ttouitaa, - - rlJaatxettuos; trophy ami a hamllcap tour- tour- "ZjTha seierttoa of tka next plsns of axee. Ing of the Kentucky Ajaocasiloa was left totke Executive Camnuttea, but a far they bava dona noGuug. It to almost Unw Uto aext mceUng piaoe was decided ot and steps tokr-n tokr-n tokr-n to nnvke U a auerwasfal one. m b m e n n fsi n hi O i E3 y i I i iltll fc'j ii I T. 11. ot and tke 1. per t f of at ta e - ! rat

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 17 Jul 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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