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Ninth game of the lilac kbu m-.t m-.t m-.t w. tent, sjcuit; and ' notes coili.JL,iV Kaw York Trll.,, eouucuxd Inm the KUX LOPE7. White (Elacfcburuui I'UdKLafk,.,, 1- 1- P-K P-K P-K 4 2 Kt KB 3 -II -II Kt 3 P (13 g QKl-Q QKl-Q QKl-Q h.t H 7 kt Ki 3 (a) B HxKl (hi O Ctlos. 10 Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K nil 11 Il-Kt3 Il-Kt3 Il-Kt3 12 U-Kt U-Kt U-Kt a 13 1 KB 4 14 Q-Kl Q-Kl Q-Kl 15 KXP 1-P 1-P 1-P B4 17 R Kli M 1 P-KK P-KK P-KK 3 (e 1WKI-B3 1WKI-B3 1WKI-B3 2U QvKt 21 -QR-Q -QR-Q -QR-Q -QR-Q a ST.' KI-U4 KI-U4 KI-U4 3-Q 3-Q 3-Q Kt 3 aHcrKlB -P-K -P-K -P-K -P-K 4 2- 2- KI-qu KI-qu KI-qu 3 3- 3- Kt-i3 Kt-i3 Kt-i3 4- 4- P-3 P-3 P-3 :-k :-k :-k 2 Ctottex. i p Qua B- B- P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 10- 10- R-Kln R-Kln R-Kln 11- 11- P-113 P-113 P-113 Id 13- 13- Kt- Kt- Kt 14- 14- VxP 15- 15- KI-K4 KI-K4 KI-K4 1 B K 4 (d 17 P-H3 P-H3 P-H3 is-q-q is-q-q is-q-q is-q-q is-q-q a 19-KlxKKrM 19-KlxKKrM 19-KlxKKrM Cft-KR-go7 Cft-KR-go7 Cft-KR-go7 Cft-KR-go7 Cft-KR-go7 Ct 11 11 1 Kt-illKt Kt-illKt Kt-illKt QR- QR- KD 4 8rt - P - WK4 . 2 R-Kt R-Kt R-Kt q je-li je-li je-li Q 7 li l7 U H I-ilt I-ilt I-ilt SO-O-Kt SO-O-Kt SO-O-Kt SO-O-Kt SO-O-Kt SO U i 31-bl 31-bl 31-bl V'T-t.-l V'T-t.-l V'T-t.-l V'T-t.-l V'T-t.-l J es ijp (i 3o- 3o- K a 31 a Si-O-US Si-O-US Si-O-US Si-O-US Si-O-US j- j- wn ahi And after seventy move the fame wa - NOTK8. (a) o far Cvm 1 ta the Steinita-Blaek-baroa Steinita-Blaek-baroa Steinita-Blaek-baroa Steinita-Blaek-baroa Steinita-Blaek-baroa BMUob, isle. Bat we prefer 7. K K3. as pUye by the f'rsier. i fb B-414 B-414 B-414 was oeridodly prefeiable. 5t H h.J. threatening P Bo In case of B Kt2 wa upertor. , Ti K t-KW. t-KW. t-KW. foilowea by P-3 P-3 P-3 and evenU-sUv evenU-sUv evenU-sUv P QV. was, we believe, preferable. n-K n-K n-K wllck White eestred to prevent. 1. hloiii 4;u a Uf. center and a ood prpUve ttaok on the K aide U Wk eimK8xKJ appears more attacking. S Rot: If B-lt3. B-lt3. B-lt3. 27. H-E5. H-E5. H-E5. Q-KB3. Q-KB3. Q-KB3. a Hjit, wtiS a winning eame. li JatUsltng a mier!y .p"",1.0"-.-. .p"",1.0"-.-. .p"",1.0"-.-. .p"",1.0"-.-. .p"",1.0"-.-. STkU. 36. B-W3. B-W3. B-W3. A rHineT Pwiw Wlaaer. The following game was awarded the stlae for the mot brilliant game played In the l at tae Cafe de la Eegence: While (UtidW. Blk (Jaowald. o 5J I" Q 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 4B K3 Q UKti 7 lM-t lM-t lM-t Kt KH 0Kt KJCU 11 P-QU3 P-QU3 P-QU3 ie-B ie-B ie-B o-i o-i o-i 3 U KK 4- 4- P K3 6 K.t KP3 e R QKtst). 7 it y:i 8 K KS t?atles. 10 1' KJ1 11- 11- K It 1 ic-r-QKti ic-r-QKti ic-r-QKti ic-r-QKti ic-r-QKti 13 P JK 14 Q hi 13 15 Q KR3 - 11 Q KK4 17-iH 17-iH 17-iH K4 1A01..-. 1A01..-. 1A01..-. (ch.) 10-KtiKKlP 10-KtiKKlP 10-KtiKKlP tUl 1' K5 . 1 Pxll 2i P KKfct iJ3 PxBP 24 KR Ksq.. (ch.) S.-5 S.-5 S.-5 VxP C 2IV-0-K2 2IV-0-K2 2IV-0-K2 2IV-0-K2 2IV-0-K2 .T-l:xKlPI .T-l:xKlPI .T-l:xKlPI C H QB sq. . :to KxK 31 K QB7 (ch.) s-j-kup s-j-kup s-j-kup s-j-kup s-j-kup 33 iixKt 34 BxKt (ch.) ia g yi 14 I-QK14 I-QK14 I-QK14 15 U (Jll l. j,'Kt Kli q. TT K.t KKt -IS-H-KiJ -IS-H-KiJ -IS-H-KiJ -IS-H-KiJ -IS-H-KiJ -IS-H-KiJ 1 P KKt3 AO KtxKt fll p Kli SC2 Qxl 23 Q KB S4. J4 KPxH 25 K-VJ K-VJ K-VJ 2! KTiI" 141XP. 2Q Q3 SO KlK . 31 KKf ac3 K Q ! :i:-3 :i:-3 :i:-3 Ka i KtxJt . KeLgos. Chea Caiiiass. . -.-.,r -.-.,r -.-.,r -.-.,r match between Blackburne, -A"dMLalker -A"dMLalker is to be Ptayed at )anrdC Belfsst in .sepie"'- .sepie"'- -ste". -ste". .iotber cable match, a maTh bwa Von B,rdleben and A mU-n mU-n mU-n ,,L t iirrUn. Score: Alai'.a Z,.7Ln. Ql drawn. 1 Alaptu. " rvsn i London) -t -t J, If?,, i-ii i-ii i-ii out ot 16 to the K' jloHaT wis Meocd aud Lonun thiro. . h EnclUh master. Is now AmOk Burn. i" " "f .,.,lmiiT a 'W'?t k to kfl to hold the New It 6s.."""". to.-.i.i-i to.-.i.i-i to.-.i.i-i to.-.i.i-i to.-.i.i-i tbe u-t u-t u-t Y..rh "111V1S Tie. ..-t ..-t ..-t prominent r.!! U between PcUaar mUd ifrl I't. Chairman of the dl-T' dl-T' dl-T' J IL the- the- Club, has foncaliv Inttiei u -v-w -v-w -v-w -v-w York Kaiaiiucl. t-V.l"rt. t-V.l"rt. t-V.l"rt. rtrlPir the month the r; ol ,1kI .rrAiisemeiits Ust have ot )c:oor. r... vr. ker are w HlaVID W " " . T- T- Kaa of a of ti, elan w he an t tWaV aiarchss wit he rls-opporwmty rls-opporwmty rls-opporwmty to Pr , ufctcb ui. wtn- wtn- Ji' r-r? r-r? r-r? rime to .receive .-"Y.. .-"Y.. .-"Y.. orVverj Bg.m .TaW'TnrTu 2 b'iOoik

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 03 Jul 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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