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 - 82 R K 4 (tlitrateninR RxKt matel: 33 Kfc-B6,...
82 R K 4 (tlitrateninR RxKt matel: 33 Kfc-B6, Kfc-B6, Kfc-B6, 39-RiB; 39-RiB; 39-RiB; 34-KUQ. 34-KUQ. 34-KUQ. 31-liiQ 31-liiQ 31-liiQ Us. ch. ul wink. niickbnru v. i.ittker. The match between the vttein J. II. r.lackb'irne nd the T""JW eri-ian eri-ian eri-ian prodigy, Iturr E. lker, terminated June 14 In victory for Lazkrr, by the reraarkatle score of 0 to O, and 4 dratrt. Tclow is given the fourth cmie of the match, played May SI. ; ' OoanbUBleattoDa and exchange for tliU tepartmeok should be addreued to the hes editor. The LeaiartUe Oieu Club meeta at room. C13 and S14 Comtnrrc iiuiidlnc Fourth and Mulo. Roomi open at ail hour. rUl ebeae (lajrera welcomed. '. Prohlem No. 9V. . (From the Baltimore Nein.) "- "- By T. Tarerner, Bulton, Enf.: Black (9). it ir (Wtri rC"f id 1 izik-- izik-- izik-- ttijfli mA White (Laketl J P Ql 3 Kt KB3 3 P-Kl P-Kl P-Kl 4 P-Bi P-Bi P-Bi 5 PtP. 0 Ktr-113 Ktr-113 Ktr-113 7 Q Kta B U -f2 -f2 0P-B4 0P-B4 0P-B4 10-IlxP 10-IlxP 10-IlxP 12 P-QR3 P-QR3 P-QR3 la-Kt-Ki la-Kt-Ki la-Kt-Ki la-Kt-Ki la-Kt-Ki 14Q-Tia 14Q-Tia 14Q-Tia iv- iv- n i 1-BXP 1-BXP 1-BXP 17-B 17-B 17-B B3 18 Cabtloa i!0 P-b4 P-b4 P-b4 31-P-KS 31-P-KS 31-P-KS 31-P-KS 31-P-KS "&-B.-V3 "&-B.-V3 "&-B.-V3 "&-B.-V3 "&-B.-V3 . a t Kt black (II! Ji.kl.umo 1 K- K- -W4 -W4 a-Kt a-Kt a-Kt RB3 8- 8- H-Kti H-Kti H-Kti 4- 4- xKt 5- 5- P-1W P-1W P-1W 6-P-K3 6-P-K3 6-P-K3 6-P-K3 6-P-K3 1 Q H2 9- 9- Prp ; 10- 10- Kt Kfl 11- 11- QKI-Q4 QKI-Q4 QKI-Q4 12- 12- ;t-K2 ;t-K2 ;t-K2 13- 13- Kt 8 I t Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q q. IV-PxP IV-PxP IV-PxP lft-P-KKta lft-P-KKta lft-P-KKta lft-P-KKta lft-P-KKta 1 r castlo. ' 18 Kt R4 lt Kt Bii 20 H B.l 21 K K F. S3-U S3-U S3-U Kt 2 i 23 (J-K5 (J-K5 (J-K5 84 Kt Qi White (.. - - - - IS'hite to play and mate In two motes. Boiatioa. A PBOBLRM NO. 67. . 1 K R5. Fi4rrd by V. H. Elkrfm, Louisville. B. p. KiMtwtbtown ; C N. CloclunaU. PK0H.EM NO. 88. 1 Kt Q3. Solved by W. H rUlerton, LouisvUle; B. C L., ElUalethion; Mrs. T. 11. llaod, IDthUna; . N. 1., Cincinnati. Sho a alter-Lipseaats alter-Lipseaats alter-Lipseaats Hatch. Fifteerth and final pme. played May C3- C3- 8V-R-KB 8V-R-KB 8V-R-KB 8V-R-KB 8V-R-KB ." 8-P-Kb4 8-P-Kb4 8-P-Kb4 8-P-Kb4 8-P-Kb4 27 ItxKt . 27 PxB 28 Kt Kt SB K HO l. - 20 Kt 2b KxKt 30- 30- QxR 30 Kt K0 31- 31- Q-KtS Q-KtS Q-KtS 31-ixQ. 31-ixQ. 31-ixQ. 3 RxQ M-KtjR M-KtjR M-KtjR 33 KxKt 33 B-lr B-lr B-lr , 04- 04- B O-l O-l O-l And black resigned on tt-e tt-e tt-e fcOtk move. -Cheae -Cheae collint. Goeta won the champioiibH at the Cafe de la Rccenee, Janownke second and tfttenfeW UarO. The June tnmbcr of tt American Che! Mrvrvtv. I to a hla-hJr hla-hJr hla-hJr tntarastiiiic B4imber. The came depart merv. aas Vfen tnaen cnanre ' bv Mr. J. F. Hurry, who jNvee a -feaM -feaM to tin lovers of that, branch of tlw noble came. The nw deimrtmeBt Is fre-h fre-h fre-h and tpark- tpark- ItDtr. and a tmoiber of Cne problin com plete the losue. - " AMUSEMENTS. KChttc (ShowUer ' 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 - 8 KKt-W KKt-W KKt-W . ' 3- 3- b-KI.. b-KI.. b-KI.. 4 K K4 -' -' let r r Q- Q- 7-B-KU 7-B-KU 7-B-KU 7-B-KU 7-B-KU 1 -6PaP- -6PaP- -6PaP- 9- 9- kt-KtS kt-KtS kt-KtS JO UxKt 11-Kl-IVl 11-Kl-IVl 11-Kl-IVl 11-Kl-IVl 11-Kl-IVl " 13-Kt 13-Kt 13-Kt K3 13 BxKt 14P-KR4 14P-KR4 14P-KR4 - 15- 15- P-fc3 P-fc3 P-fc3 - 16- 16- Kt Kta 17- 17- PXP ja-p-bs ja-p-bs ja-p-bs ja-p-bs ja-p-bs w l!-Kt-RJ l!-Kt-RJ l!-Kt-RJ l!-Kt-RJ l!-Kt-RJ -SO -SO P Kt3 . r 81-Kt-B4 81-Kt-B4 81-Kt-B4 81-Kt-B4 81-Kt-B4 , B2Q-Q3 B2Q-Q3 B2Q-Q3 I 83-QR-K 83-QR-K 83-QR-K 83-QR-K 83-QR-K S4KKfcl S-R-K2 S-R-K2 S-R-K2 S-R-K2 S-R-K2 .. s Kt-Rs Kt-Rs Kt-Rs ' 87 B IUJ - S-lixP S-lixP S-lixP (11 .' HO--K HO--K HO--K HO--K K3 (J) , ll-Kia ll-Kia ll-Kia Blrk fUpscuulsl 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 S-QKt-U S-QKt-U S-QKt-U S-QKt-U S-QKt-U 3l-git. 3l-git. 3l-git. 4-Kt 4-Kt 4-Kt Ii3 P QKt4 7-r 7-r 7-r Q4 fe Kt-Jta Kt-Jta Kt-Jta (a) D-KUKI D-KUKI D-KUKI 10 P QB3 (hi 11 It K3 (CI 13-Q-HJ 13-Q-HJ 13-Q-HJ 13-Q-HJ 13-Q-HJ ,13-lixB ,13-lixB ,13-lixB 14 P Kt3 d 16- 16- (stlea IKE) 1 P ua 17- 17- RxP 18- 18- PxP 19- 19- R K3 . 20- 20- B-KB B-KB B-KB sq. 81 B B sq. 22 R tH3r-B3 tH3r-B3 tH3r-B3 S3 B 134 ea. - 24 K R aq. 25 B Ol -tl -tl R Kt3 (f 87 P B4 (gj SH-Q SH-Q SH-Q H3 : 29 P 05 (dlb. Ch.) 80- 80- RxB (hi 81-Q-K5 81-Q-K5 81-Q-K5 81-Q-K5 81-Q-K5 NOTES BY W. STEIN 1TZ. ' (a One ot Aooeranen'a beautiful ideM and a Dioneerinc more of the modern achook, n remorea a tooae piece nd upprte the ' ranter. Tata, aowwver, almost lulled, r ' B K 3 can "be easily demonstrated Interior, Interior, aa-White aa-White aa-White wlU anawer P-Q P-Q P-Q B a, fc4- fc4- - Sowed aooa by Kt Q 4 wit a atronf at- at- - tack. b Ot more eonervtlTe atrenth than F Q B 4, wh u.ed to be the "on formerly. w StelnlU tn a almllar idtuaSon In the Menna toornament, and has since become atan. dard In most variation of thl opeulng wrhcit an opportuiilty for It artw. (ot Premture at k-at, k-at, k-at, or prrhapc lil-choseo. lil-choseo. lil-choseo. Q B 2 first was minerlor, and Iks eouM rrerve the development of this U u O I r K B 4 eventually, where it would be lens liable to attack. Id) The natural consennence Of ElarkTl eleventh movo, and ereatln? a hole on the X side, which leave an opening for the Ojdver e attack. ' le Inpenlon. eonderlnR the difficulty which th orrrent experience In prenerv-Ids prenerv-Ids prenerv-Ids the P Mcrlficed. .. (0 Tie same ifB 3 w. we believe, more Siprroprlale. The P ahewd was his chief v siren gtn. ana no suouiu mc mc ""(rt Hardly sound, even against the actual Ib White eould nbo have Uten the OP, o. Jr. 28-KtxP. 28-KtxP. 28-KtxP. 2-o-n 2-o-n 2-o-n 2-o-n 2-o-n :i: ctw-p-B ctw-p-B ctw-p-B ctw-p-B ctw-p-B 4. 2- 2- PXP: 30-Q 30-Q 30-Q B 3 ch, 30-K-Kt 30-K-Kt 30-K-Kt 30-K-Kt 30-K-Kt sq : 81-QxP, 81-QxP, 81-QxP, nd the B could come to the tescue at Kt 3, soon followed by K Kt sq, with a strong at- at- tack. ' U Quite safe, as cubsequent examination examination ahow?d. in x calamitous error. After 30K Ktsq. 30 B KtS: 31 B B3, Black eouM Dot support his attack, and the fim was rather in White favor. If Black attempted the sarrlBee of the exehana by 31""HxB rA'hlte would take and Uiea escape with hut XUnc on the Q side. (k) An easy method to obtain the victory (or an expert, and one which no doubt Sho-waltrr Sho-waltrr Sho-waltrr would have avoided with little hrita 4Jn If he had played under conditions less aflo-tins aflo-tins aflo-tins his equsniirit jr. ft glMDg to bo dune. II 33 Q U 2, Sosasaer Opera 1 lie second wk of tio Summer "Opera will be inaugurated Monday -night -night with a Krand production of "A - Trip to Africa." . Suppe has a fondness) for Oriental ubjects, which Bttua to inKpire fiitu to hi beat effort. Fatinitia' has proved one of tlie most aacoeaaXul works of iU kind, and ten yearw aao' A Ttlp to Africa" followed. -Marie -Marie :Gejstiner. was the origin! Tltania, and aince then Lillian IiuMeU and , Vernon a Jarbedu hum firnminrntlv connectt.'d With the performance, the volatile - French Binzri mentioned being identified with tne roie oi tuns. a. " ovhihita much local culorins. and Orientul oiwinnA u in " Fatin.tra." Tim " Trip to Africa" contains munh dance hut la alan .MKMtrilcted With a vuw to dramatic expression, and the finolna of thn tm acts aTO BtTOn?. nnnixllv tho firat two. Several waltea. a love duet and some ensemble numlxrs exhibit Suppe's great capabilities. The story is interesting, the dialogue crisp, and the music brilliant and exhilarating. The libretto deals with the adventures of an African traveler, who, however, succeeds succeeds In cetting as far as Cairo only, where lie boards at tlie best hotel tlie new rabet without paying nta mus. Which Includes nr.ucn champagne. But a Neapolitan heiress and an Egyptian pashi assist him in pacifying his land-ford. land-ford. land-ford. A native prince, an Ahytwinian slave, together with an Italian milliner and her companion, complete the list of rincipals. Ml&s Bertram, as the mil-ner, mil-ner, mil-ner, sing and act- act- with deliglitf ul ,nu vl v jcitv She possmges much of the chic so neeessiry In such por-tvfcln por-tvfcln por-tvfcln The rest of the east will be equally strong, and chrnus and orcbesrr will oe all wia ran np iv-Birr-u. iv-Birr-u. iv-Birr-u. iv-Birr-u. iv-Birr-u. iw MtnniM. too. will be of Oriental splendor and thn staire st-ttinff st-ttinff st-ttinff in keeping with the lavish display ted. The entire performance will be of high erder. The following will no ur cutiiu-ir cutiiu-ir cutiiu-ir Tltania Iwfsnl Fanml Pasha., Miradillo Aiitirsid. ...... Tesx Bitrcitcetta... 6eb?l Per-llcs. Per-llcs. Per-llcs. ....... NsKId llosh. A ' Mussen... A Msroulte.. Flrt a.. ,MIs Helen Bertram. ...Mr. Uxhard tarroll. ..Mr. John J, RatfaeL ..i....i.Fr. Robert Donlim, ...;..Mt4 Betlna tlerard. ....'..Mlfs Cwce Athnrtm .........Mlw Minnie leltne. ........ .Mr. C. W. Sdiuster. Mr, Henry Stanley, .........Mr. John E. Vnore, Utr. Melville StewaK. Mr. Carl Hartbwg. ..Mr. uie, 8 lave traders, muleteers, dancers lUron- ItM. Oreeks, fuests. OHntl Danrp In set n..ns GuMe Coenn Synopsis of soenerv Act 1., Act II., Cairo Act 111. liiwnor oi Ainea. On Tliurs.lfiy. Friday and Saturdiy the ever popular Paula''., will be given. Triennial Clab t ameerta. The Urst floating concert of the 1892 series, given under the auspice of tbe Triennial Clab, takes plaoe next Thurs day night on the new .excursion steamer Columbia, which hat been chartered, for the season. The club baa arranged for ten concerts, beginning June 23, and continuing, continuing, every Thursday thereafter, Including Including the last Thursday in Aurust bichhorn's full orchestra will furnish tbe inMrunvHital mneic. and Prot. Xuuwi'a Imnn will furnish tne mosie for danrinr. Tlte Wat vocal tkut to be bad will bo

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 19 Jun 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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