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 - a iucreus-In of so th- th- plana and lay 'off...
a iucreus-In of so th- th- plana and lay 'off the grounds. A regular cinder track will be made. - A fetraUht-away fetraUht-away fetraUht-away 100 yards course will be bid. The center of the grounds will he turned Into a b?ee bull aud foot ball field. The Athletic and Ln-gion Ln-gion Ln-gion Cube ill be allowed to do their preliminary (r-MStirinir (r-MStirinir (r-MStirinir on these grounds, and - tho pL.oe will be made as perfect aa poa-sitle. poa-sitle. poa-sitle. . The" Atnletio Club tournament wBl be pobtponed untU June 11. It was intended te have it In May, but the bad weather has thrown the boys back In their training, so It waa decided to postpone postpone it. The programme ia ft good one, and will be about as follows: llr t 100 yards eah. Cecoiid 'ilirowlng tlie base baU, . . TUrt Buiining tiigb Jnnip. FourU -10 -10 jurds dklu 1 11:U rutting tie klint (IA pounds). Slxta Throwing tiie acniirer (ia pound). 6eventa 440 aitls dash. . :ishthtodlng broad 'ump. Htnt 00 yants ab. Tmtlh'-Three Tmtlh'-Three Tmtlh'-Three standJiig Jumps. Klcvet lbOne aide run. Twelttti Pole ulUin. - Thirteenth Cunning broad jump. - Those members "t tlie tepon ad T. H. O. A. who intend entering should send their names to Prof. Oearhart at once, stating which events they are g-ing g-ing g-ing to eontet. Some idea of the number number who will fight for the medals ts wanted aa soon aa possible. : Tho ' following" oemtnuni cation from Prof. Hermann, ot the Hebrew AasocLv Urn, is pubUahed oat of Josttoo to- to- well-known well-known well-known athlete s It waa Stated in yotir paper on Wednesday Wednesday that Mr- Mr- K Jloraweck failed to put ia an appearance to fence with Mr. Herman Krafft The arranpementa for the meeting were left entirely with me, and in Justine t Mr. Mjraweck I must state that be kaew nothing whatever about It -Mr. -Mr. Krafft had informed tae that Le might possibly et me on Tueeday evening. aa TuesJay evening la fencing evening at our fymnasum, I did not let Mr. Moraweck know of Mr. Krafft'a intention of coming. aaJ thought he would be there anyhow W atteod tie regular cla exe. cia. and from what Mr. Krafft hl aaid 1 could not be, sure that he would come. Aa H Lnx-ne4 Lnx-ne4 Lnx-ne4 Mr. Moraweck km detained by some business of his, but he tdls me hod hi known that Mr. KraSt waa waiting for hint he would have eome nevertliolesa ratitcr tiian disappoint either htm r a iirgei crowd. :-I :-I :-I am in hopes) of. havtnij the parttea meet oa the coming Tueedy evening. In tlda connection. Air. Muro-werk Muro-werk Muro-werk authorises mo to attote that- that- ho I willing to mem- mem- acy amateur fencer in the -oantry -oantry with either foil or Urea- Urea- swura. V TV: Cenimunlcstious and sxebaegss ts this aepartiuent . should ba addressed is the cbsas editor. , Tfis touisvine Chans CtuB snaeta at CIS sad SI 4 Oomaiarce Building. Fourth and Xuln. Rooms eraa at all hours. All cits plarars welcomed. ;: Froblea Ae. S3. Flrrt prlro ttree-mover ttree-mover ttree-mover in first tourney of the Elustraied Aniertoan. - (By K. EtaL) - "-i..:. "-i..:. "-i..:. ' Black (UK . fan; . e i 5 Msa ill - u A P. " f ' : fHl frti Li L E3 a LI m t m 1 KS Oil . Waits (ID. ' $Tblb to play and mate In tares mores. . Prokless No. 04. feeond prise two-mover two-mover two-mover ta same tourney. (By C D. P. Hamilton.) Blae (0). 1 kMm ,. - ixv I t J V 1 2 i i i 1 r i QM2Mm - ' 'Wlilte till. White to ply and mats la two moves. f -; -; Solatiosa. FBOBLEM Ka AO. 1-E 1-E 1-E & ft. Solved tr W. II. Ellfrton, LatilFni ! T. It. Hood, CvnUibwe; H. C. U. Klicabeta-towu; Klicabeta-towu; Klicabeta-towu; C ft. Jauobs, Dea Molnea, la. PROBLEM JfO. 61. " 1-O-Q 1-O-Q 1-O-Q 1-O-Q 1-O-Q 8 1-KxR 1-KxR 1-KxR (a) (b) (e) a y-u y-u y-u (eh.i a-K a-K a-K iLt 8 B n a. eta to. ; (a It 1" PxB: &-4Ct-Q &-4Ct-Q &-4Ct-Q &-4Ct-Q &-4Ct-Q B i fch-J. fch-J. fch-J. etc. 0K-U 0K-U 0K-U 1 PXKt: 8 K Q B 8. etc. (c It 1 B i0e; 8 R eheeks, etc. Solved by W. IC F.llerton, Loulsvule: Mrs. T. H. Hood. Crntlilana; J. V. U, Ins. I b Chamamuthip latrh. . llpseliuts continues to gain on PhownHer, muoi- muoi- t tl si-iprin si-iprin si-iprin ol Uie DiHjorttv of c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. c-.wn-play.-i-R. n,4 tlrtng now l-uk l-uk l-uk err tine lor m Keotuel vlnver. Tha elg!iii Mmo, pUyed JJsy i vu drawn. Too niutY Hay I wit ret by Lip--huu. Lip--huu. Lip--huu. Lip--huu. s was t"nth. plnved May P. The ek-venth. ek-venth. ek-venth. It. wa dramn. 6core! Llpschuta. 5; f-uwltrr, f-uwltrr, f-uwltrr, l; drawn, 6. In vrler to wl.i tLs match hhfcW alter wUl bas w dttyacaoe hi lent lo text match wfth Judd. when tut fcoa fcJL out of seven derlued kkiuos. . I'lLh aaino, played April 2. White tShowilter). - l-l-h4 l-l-h4 l-l-h4 l-l-h4 l-l-h4 8 vlR B3 ' a tv ua fr Klii- Klii- ' 6 B K3 (C) " ft Ctuues 1 KR4 (d) 10 Q-V- Q-V- Q-V- Q-V- ' 11- 11- 1" iit -"'.; -"'.; i j Qu Q sq ia u a - l-lKt l-lKt l-lKt ' QiB ' li h o . !7 KKU 1 -, -, JJ IS Kt Q9 0-PxP 0-PxP 0-PxP ji b Kta ii'J Q-B Q-B Q-B ta H-K13 H-K13 H-K13 Xt-PXU Xt-PXU Xt-PXU 25 K-E K-E K-E ViK4 . '27 U K S4 0) , bHok (IJpschato). . J t (Jit QKtr-b3 QKtr-b3 QKtr-b3 ' ' - KKt3 (a) PaF 6 B-KB B-KB B-KB 6 f lb) 7 Kir Hi . CasUss . ' to b ll-Ktr-n ll-Ktr-n ll-Ktr-n ll-Ktr-n ll-Ktr-n sq (e) 11 0-U4 0-U4 0-U4 . 12 u-i u-i u-i Kl 13 KUKt tfl 14 bxU eh 15 Kt Kd j B fc3 17 Kt K3 1 P KKta (g) -Q.Q -Q.Q 4 SO-Kt SO-Kt SO-Kt et kv q ea-BaKt ea-BaKt ea-BaKt fc U b4 ss Q-pa Q-pa Q-pa ; 87 KKta- KKta- VB y tj -K -K IV II 2 Rig soJKB sqQ) 29 K B VI HO O Kfl ; HO K K SO. 31 ESP 31 K.IXM as itiKt fki . 30-q 30-q 30-q na ; - 33 RXBP (1) 1 83 R J BP eh ' !14-K !14-K !14-K KI3 ' 84 C6 eh ;j K 1(4 80 Q K8 ck a K It , ' 36-KxJi 36-KxJi 36-KxJi Cb 87 lR 37 VtxQ nrxQ s-4: s-4: s-4: at7 (mj P fcJU 39 K M no. 4,K K4 I 40-P 40-P 40-P Kt3 - i r-xta r-xta r-xta 3 4i Iw-ku Iw-ku Iw-ku 4.H4 (nl 'W kT io) r.a p 43 b sjatr 41 K- K- K'.a ; -t -t Ki f Ht-f-HS Ht-f-HS Ht-f-HS Ht-f-HS Ht-f-HS 4: R KBS 45 K'4 - 4 P K3 47 K K.4 47 P Kt 48- 48- lTtP 4 PxP Q5 4!-B 4!-B 4!-B QEff 50 P K t5 ' frO K H4 0& bl-Kh bl-Kh bl-Kh 61 P KtA 52 P It 6 el 5 K Kt SO, 53 P Kt7 63 P K 64 K ICt3 ' " 64 BxP (qj awn r-7 r-7 r-7 clt 65 k in , 6ft K Q3 - 66 B KtT . 7-K-rt) 7-K-rt) 7-K-rt) 7-K-rt) 7-K-rt) 67 P Kt; . 69 P KIS OH V 6 RP 5i-RxR 5i-RxR 5i-RxR ch M-KxB M-KxB M-KxB iHT-RxP iHT-RxP iHT-RxP Bo K. Hi -5.. -5.. 61 K C3 ' el KxP 1.01,14. ' ' ' NOTKS VT W. BTEIKTT7. (a) ItuHi Paul see and fth" brother viH-fre viH-fre viH-fre ta recent yejrs brooxht this ante mslv. ioru It is much, better than P K3. whlcb tbe' on aHtnten ami atialyjM aovorikted at taia j'Titauro, for It avUds W tieaker points at (bl The podtioA rtsemMes now oe arrtr- arrtr- tag (Tom ouo liuaa opening, which is gteut. ii nkvomo D? ixaarain experts. (c) bmArr una B KtV which some mas. ten tl to pear al thl point. hi) KoC eotimiMUiiible oa DrtDy.t4e. If he waobNl tu develop Q Ci si1 Mint afraid ot KV-h.K KV-h.K KV-h.K us preveouoa by p aut aweeel live pnrtatoe. te Wa consider this kua Of tlWO. Hs shutud bawa itruoeedeit wikh E OH eo and xixr opmHooa oa tu Queen's aule utual 1 tttls npMMD. (0 The exrhanrea acre,ed were i-mpultlc. i-mpultlc. i-mpultlc. Ids was a sood prnUy r -J -J ' T, ' J ' fa.. ., (k Aa ermr whte enebt a Pown. (hi U 1" QxQ. SO KtxPch, 20 K RJJ CI 0x0. -l -l nki: SO KtJtO wlUt a Pawn heo-l heo-l heo-l tuA an cxcoQera piov. i rie eouia imm m once proe-ea proe-ea proe-ea wian O 1S on account ot 27 JitKt3, and U 34 P KR4, 2a Q-K. Q-K. Q-K. - (Jl Uireateiiltvg a teainllul mate ry SO CxIV-h. CxIV-h. CxIV-h. 30 KxQ, 31 KxKtnh. 31 K Ktsq: :vi it BOrh, aod the other Koek mates next move.- :.- :.- - ' 0(1 The saeriflre ef the exehanre tra CMlte warranted and 'very olever. By rtghta, Whl'e nhoout aow win. (1) But tt'jm at so awrm error.. - EXP instead instead wtmiM lave won with- with- eae. tm line play u ordor to g.vo Wlilta BO ce for P 1U8 aod K GO . In) K Kti waa undoubtedly bc.ter aod ml rut aavo gtvca aim good prosptcts of WiMHaf . - io Exceedingly clever. IX Coders His adverse B tva. and this becomes ot girat buportarieo to hint later oa. (n tt eoierse the only movo.- movo.- If 43 B Qi. 43 R K4rh. f nil wins. j) ConohM4v aod erVlentiy provided for tar abend sa Black's ealeulaUoas. ' BLxth gaire,plaTed My. White OUpacauU). Hrk IShowstter) 1 P K 4 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 8 ft-P-Q ft-P-Q ft-P-Q ft-P-Q ft-P-Q 4 8 1-Q 1-Q 1-Q 4 3 Kt O B 8 K t Bl 4 P K 5 4 K K6 Q f 6 P K B 4 ft P Q B 4 6 PxP O CxP 7- 7- Q Kt 4 : 7 K Kt S . ' 8 Kt K B 9 Kt Q B a , ft 1-Q 1-Q 1-Q B 8 ft Kt Q 5 10 B Q 3 ' 10-KtxKt 10-KtxKt 10-KtxKt (eh) 11 OxKt 11 w o a i 10 KV-Q KV-Q KV-Q n iaP Q Kt 4 13 B K 8 13 Q H st 14 Outlet 14 B KtS 16 BxB - 15 KtxB 3AKt B 2 . 1 P it R 4 17 Ov-K Ov-K Ov-K S . 17 R J B t JS Kt B 3 -.-; -.-; -.-; -.-; 18 K K. S 10 Kt Kt S 10 KtxB . : CV-PxKt CV-PxKt CV-PxKt -to -to Qn 7 91 B B a - SI QxQ JT3 RxQ E2 It B 9 , Sit Kb-B Kb-B Kb-B 8 . S3 K B Q B SO 24 Kt Q 4 84 R H 4 S5-Q S5-Q S5-Q B K sq S5-IWI S5-IWI S5-IWI 8 (aj H Kt K 8 Sfl B Kt 9 2T KtxB 27 RxKt " : aR) a . 08 P U 4 Cfl K B a ' 9 P Q a 3ft-Q 3ft-Q 3ft-Q B K B ' : 30 P K 8 , 81 B B 8 ; 81 RxR 32 RxB E3 PxP - S3 PxP . flealgns. , - KOTR. (a) rp to W va.ot Illnelr naa condneted ftta nme In a 1rhtT fukaafmrtorv Tn.n n9 but tlita la a terrible blunder, whlca loses at ooco. - . "" Ches CalUnts. Tflscktnrrn and LasKer begin tadr match nay io. - R. Xaxlier, tlie youn German player, win vtwt jew xora m vN-noimr. vN-noimr. vN-noimr. TwUtfconn haa iluiIlenfcU StetnlLs to another eaiue matca hi two games. The rew x ra amk L-Ul L-Ul L-Ul win hold ft rvnmer nwunr mucusv is to 23. - Th Chlea?n CI ev. Club has Instit uted a ckid nocitv in the shape ot a living enees wunwy, wmca ia ntia at the casino, One or aaora sawes rw t tared every Lt. and it ts adl Uie tottrnamemt wl'l continue tinta aner too world's Kair. The ple am reprMena-d reprMena-d reprMena-d oy ys and the pawns by Firis. - ine oostumoa are saia to as vary fine. ... , The Amerleao Chess MontUy auncinces its npt proniem tourney, it at open to the wo4t. Compor viuy enter noi more Tain wiie uireuvmaie, uneonuitjoual. ortpmal two-ntover. two-ntover. two-ntover. fcach problem Runt nave a motto, witea mum be Inclosed with ins author nvne snd acidrexe in a srparetv sealed Prices amounting tu r-40 r-40 r-40 aiw 3neiTd. Address . American Chavs uonuiiy, Boston. -The -The 014 Pol a i Comfort Excarslea. ' The exeurdon to 'Old Point Cornfort wis toe oeauunii u. and o. fur Juno 7 will a most deughtful trip., several parties of lanies ana renuemen bars been formed who will take a-lvauiape a-lvauiape a-lvauiape ot the stop-over stop-over stop-over privneges at 'Wami bprlnss, OM fe'weet, White Sulphur aud others of the grand cht tlrxuila resorts, and ef the 15 rat, fce- fce- err tmn now at 20 tminri avenue. v;:::::3rs facial soap tmmutt or Ss 9mmn iiisriaM. ff1 r saal kF M. ai tarmfMsi TaMsi avswl teat - a;- a;- w ruiavtAto f and fceBi InsftwHaaasl; m rV-.s. rV-.s. rV-.s. a. . . . v spw Piifftsra atHi Wlr t-tma. t-tma. t-tma. itlsrn Mitk srrra kf ek,.. Wart a Itwtiat ! atal fw4sr Marat, rn, Tmimf, mm aaf Brrsasu-C Brrsasu-C Brrsasu-C iH I air, -.a-Cersa-tjaathMsa -.a-Cersa-tjaathMsa -.a-Cersa-tjaathMsa -.a-Cersa-tjaathMsa -.a-Cersa-tjaathMsa -.a-Cersa-tjaathMsa tf, u jsr T Bttaui. Pol. i mta-, mta-, mta-, nm ii t. or

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 15 May 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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