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up of of Tcn-hmm ot in in in for in Assistant unma- the is -tre the of hand- C&Bin.unlcitions and exchanges for this departmeBt should b artttresssd te. U ahess editor. ,-i - .. - . . "-The Loulsvfu Chess Club meet at rooms CI 3 and 14 Commerce Uullalng, 1'otirth and Mtd n. ' Ihihi nn at all koiue. AU eUm piajers welcomed. , , ": ; Problem K. 92, -' (By W. Oleave.) - BUck (6V white (7). Whit to play and. mate in tvrp move, ' ' - -. Koletiaas. BOBLM NO. 79. 1-Xt-O , 1-KxKt (Q 4i ( (W v Kv a feht S K moves. H Xu eeoordlnrry ts If l.-Kxkv (B 5); S. O B 3 (eh), etc. If l"BxKt; g. B B (oh). e4. Solved by W. H. EUerton. LoujrUlc: B. C. U. KkxabeUitown; J. . TUler, 11 Ba- burgo, i-a.; tK. C UuclncaU, O. . K0TICB TO EDITOBS. Editors W1U pteaae have the kSodnea to aoorest exchsoiies to Chess XALloe, ail Wfe airecainraigs street. The bkowaltcr-Lipschatst Match. The fifth ta& of . the match, playeA April S8, -vac -won by JU.-isotauu ea tae eist move. The sixth gamo, May 3, was won by lipechuta on the 33d move. Ths I eveutb gams, ilaf 4, fs aoa by bbo wai ter on tha Uttth move. Tniid game pUyed April t-a and 23. Wake (Shoaaltori. Slack (Lipaohuta). 1 P K4 ' 1 P K4 - S a.i S3 8 KJCt B3 4 Catiiw 4 Kt tU foCa.iKS 7-U-K so. a i. a '. 9 Kt kS 10 k A s. Xl-Kt-KW 1 U-aUi leuS . ' . is b a.ia -c- - 10 Kt K SO, l 17 P ua le-ttxB lw KH3 CO K Q SO. fit it KKt sa J-i Kl li SO. ta fxP i!4 Kl Q2 85 Kt K4 VIU CiPxB 57 H KB M S-rlxU 58 B it3 to Q-K3 81 b bS 8J K-KI se. 33 K H sa - 34-P Q tt 9 t tq. SO K B q. iii iv. Kt sq. . ' 8- IZU Pi. 80 K Kt .4. 40 K B SO. 4' K-Kt VI. 43 K-B sJ. 43 X Kt SO.. 44 K B sq. 4 K Kt sa. it-K B sq 47 K-Kt Kl. 44 K B .q. t K Kt so. 60 K B W. 1 61 K Kt sq, S2 K B sq. 63 P K Kt 9 b- PtP 6'. K Kt a aeQxP 67-sj H (Ch4 J rx (ch.) H It a, ' ' ' 60-K-Kt n V OJ t jKt-oa s u Kva u K sa 10 at 4 11 kt B so. lit at uo ISV-ltKV a.t3 14 i J 113 ltt H 17 iK QSO. 18 U It jm . UxB -80 P Kt' St P B . 2-P liS sO-P-Q i Ktac" (Q4) 35 B B4 to HxKt -7-Kt (Q-i) B5 , SA-ltXK . v 9K-QsO. 30- K y3 31 Kt R4 8J Q J H f ;.a M iivum-eo 34 -P Kt 4 Jo K R 2 at K-Kt 9 t - 38-Kt-B t ' S9 Kt (U 8V-E t 40 Kt-.B. 9 41 Kt (lWr-B 4, 4-Kt Kt 9 43 Kt (Kt 14 R A 44 Kv M 8 45 Kt (B 3' tt 4 46 Q Q SJ 47 fKt 3 48 K-Kt & 4W--44 B ft 6-1 K Kt 3 51-Q-Q ft Kt a a3-P-Kt 64 B PxP iv t X. , PxP 47 Kt Kt 7 9-Ox3 J 60 KB a eu-ait Kt 4 And after 77 moves the game waa drawn. Fourth game, piaved pril ST.. Tfbtte (Mr. UpschuU). black (Mr. ehewalter). -1 P-K 4 1 P-K4 K 4 Kt B 3 st . vi a (a) 4 B Kt S - Kk K 8 , tt caauea 7-P-Q 3 " B B a, Kt 8 0 BxKt a K Kt B 8 ii B K 3 (b 4-Kt-U a 6 P- e b-v 3 ' T-tl-B sq ... b tr k a. 9 V BxB 1 i. s) sq 11-B-Kt I (c) lw ai a. g 13- BxKt 14-P-U B 9 , 15- PXP It k Kt 8 '' 17 Cast lee 1 K H S r -10 P U 8 (0 ao K li Kt sq Ul Kt 11 sq U-V-B 9 (!) i s-g-Kt iu st-o-K e lw wj 8 11-P-K B 4 1 --t A 4 ' 13 Kt K 9 14-UlB IS-laJP li v a ' 17-Kt-B (d) Is Kt 4 lei 1.- 1-B 8 80 P K K 4 si p k a - iv H g Sa-Kt-H 4 . .-.. a tai es k k. a SC-Kt Kt 0) ur u u a Jli resigns (k) . AUtE si n. giu.iii fal Introduced by LouC Paulsen tn reply te a .. . U wfc 4 8, but new in U.e pee- nt altera uoa of toe oefens. to w-aica usually the attack answers P K B 4. (hi Uather an awkward devetopmeat. P 44 B a, followed by P 1 4, was, we bet eve, th correct pixy bare. (O) IDCUOilMent 1 1 il uo iiiwiunawie Surpice of Biacaa rvcnm move, tuci s ought to have now carrlei out by 11 , .. b B e. .Tbe -adverse King's Bltbop beromea sularqiKDtly more aangnrous to bim than the Knight at th excuaegs, of he now makes aim. ,r l We bceve thst White eould bave ebtataed here a powerful attack by a brill. it lur-.tiM i a Book, thus: 17 UxP. 17 BxB i 18-BK 8, 18 Q B 9 ; 1911 B 8. and be game was naeiy 10 proeeeo : 19.. . B B 8; SO BxKt, b, followed by Kt Kt 4 and P Q 4. (e) Preparing me aavuncej 01 un iv n (ft This is bad,-(nit as game was not good, under any o-rousnstaiices. u a, lollowed by i w S, waa, however, his best rcs'uroe. . v .i j ' -' (gl B Kt 9 CO. joiow nj v an a more prouiB .c"-. ... (hi li eoukt tiave better aeeured bis I snotory by 4 K-a sq., for if 84.. . QxP, 85 Q B K 0 sq. followed by kt kt a ead.-VrB..11-. . - til A Oisai.roue mrrvr. mw , followed by v Kt 4, would have given him a gooi defense waxh we likely to lead to a draw. . II) tvtrucauy inere ia cm aoiw vu this powerful ergttmenK- n- 1X1 r Or 11 . k v-- followed by B B 6. and mate in a few moves. fierte mate In two 1 .0W1- outly threattened. : . Cbess at the Local Clab. elaw U.glTaa-th fourth gyna al thai m m m m$. pa t St Tnaf"? 13 El t2$3 820 West Xala Street, Batweea Third and fourth Aveauea. match betweea Prof. Tactos and Mr. Me-Sery, played at the rooms ot the teiaevul Cbeas Qub! '- ETAXg O AMBIT. VaHe Otr. HeSeryW ' - Black (Prof. Tbelsa). l-e a 1 P K4 8 KKt BS 8 B b , S P QKU a p Ba e Oaaues. . T-P-J PxP P-QR4 JO B QKt 11 B UU4 la QiCt B3 18 P-Q5 14-B big 11-PxB : l p B4 17 P B 11 B Kg ItV-PxB 80 KBsq. SQKt B3 - B B4 UxP ft B B4 . p ia 1 Pip f B-Kt? ' ft Kt-KBS 10- p-caa 11 CaaUea (KB) 13 B kKt 18 Kt K4 14 BxKt 15 Kl (B3V-Q3 . ie-Et Kt3 17 K fcj iabxB - 1 P KB3 sO-Kt-Baq Sl-Q-K.2 55 KV-B4 sa Kt Kt3 84 Kt B5 56 4i.t K4 e.i Kt ia g7 Kt Kt4 S8 P KRJ SB Kt Ril 8V-KU-iKta 81-Kt Liq 83 P QKtl Kesigna. Si H-aKsn is-U C'aMM 2a B L3 tt if lii It B3 87 if-KKU sa c-iite S0-P-KBt 3-Kt Ka 81 Kt 1 12 fcvtr-K.4 tt-WKt 4 B 117 (eh) WOUKDE0. (lor the CocnerJoornalJ It was m Aujra.t that they brought er news Of his bad wounds: the kg t&at ho must. kMMO. And Anffu passed, and when October raised Bed, rebel standards en tbe hah) that blazed. Xhey brought a haggard wreck that did ab-iee ... The youth whoae strength theft vmag . had imuei. . An slltng speetre of the bappy hvi!. The five months' Uisbsnd whom his country tart. ...... KnBitted strong frr war: retnrnlrr this, Whoso broken ccuutenaic she feared to kii-, i While he Ith's rrmambnnce stood be- aide htm sad. And vtept fir that which was no kmger bhk Tbey brought him on a tttter: ejtd 4b day Was glad and beautiful. It seemed that May In weodJaod ramble bad forgot .her path Of season, and. Uiiroblng for a bath Bv tbe autumnal water of soma bay. With K r bUe nakedness had won Fair wrath. Far otherwise she wished it: wind and rata; The sky, one gray commbierstlve pain; Beet and the t'orrtv drLt ot fi-antlc leaves; UarxlL frost and mlseay. that one Pereefve Has Mt (be haset nf her hair regain Jits carved grave care around her mouth . that grievft. . , Theirs a mute sneering of tbe eyes; she sooped And klwd aim once; ope long dark sidekick drcopsd . Its braid against tbe bsnoar of bis breaat; With (o. J i an'U he stroked It and earrsed. Then. 11 bis aappioeu in one kwk groop- ed, aVylng. "Now I am home; I ctave but rest Once It was love I but then the bsttle killed Ail that nonsense of bis youth, ana ailed Tbe heart with sterner beauty Ah, well I Poae Must blot It out with patience, whose sur reaas It ne.'ar hasty Yet, s Cod fcsfh wiOedl With war or peace Who shapes wis ends at cake.. What else for them but, where their mortal lot Of weak existence dragged rent ends, to Knot The frail unravel tret Leva, stnl afraid Days wtf Increase the burthen ea It laid, Seeks eono!adn thai eonaoleth not. And sM by ski with sorrow wait the an ti e, VAMSOV CAWVJX. $ I 9 ONLY $ 9 Far new Improved Mlgh-arnt 8ew- lag Xsckine, with all attachmtata, aeir-ttireaaiss; tksttie. etc KJaMUCU. I will sell rest Slaver, Domestic. White, New Hem. lUuseaeld. w, W. . 9, SUadarsi or bt other mk at rock-boiUm a....! Sia u Oii I- ,h- - tu prices. - liepairlug, ate, CiSH OR EiST PATBEMTS. R.C.WHAYtJE SCO FOCBTli ATEXCE. V O-A TT disposal. ' ' mm hi.'i iniau "5TOTJ Tn ture trom customers.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 08 May 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 15

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