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 - f-mensnn. qight- Ander-Kin, ' Communications...
f-mensnn. qight- Ander-Kin, ' Communications aa4 axeaangss foe tals departaseDt should be addressed ta U chess editor. The lonlsvine Cbeu CluH meets at room 613 and 614 Commerce building. Fourth and Mtda. Roomi onca at all hours. AU cheat playars welcomed. Problem If. 81. (From El PbMo Morpbv.J By i. B. Muoos, Kcw York. Black (8. ii sww( mmL ill O MM t B3 'El H3 - ElB White 0. White to play aud mite ta two moves. Prehlaw Km. SI. First prize three-mover three-mover three-mover la Keottsh Mercury. Mercury. By Cecil A. Bull. Twickenham. England. 7 U QM QKU ki al QKtSXQBt Kt Kl 0" Qt? QB KBS . WWte 0. black 4.) ;. :l "Kbit t plav and mate to tares aiovsa. :.. atolaiioas. v '- '- . PBOBIXM JTo. 77 1 l J?- J?- i 1 P B 3.' : : ' tolved. ay W. 11. Elk uon, LoultvUle; T M. Rimff, Einiueiioo ; li. c. 1 uut-, uut-, uut-, Laiics-wiae. Laiics-wiae. Laiics-wiae. lid.; J. F. Tuiey, P-ttsburgh, P-ttsburgh, P-ttsburgh, w.: X. M. llojd. vrnihtana; C. . Jacobs. -be -be atolnes, Jova. b. C. I, lixabeUitowa. -PROrLPJa -PROrLPJa Ko. 78. .. This problem has o solutions.- solutions.- R 0, Kt -A -A stkI 1 n Q tHive4 by T. i. Barney, Kmlnenca; II. C. touts, Lancvvilto: J. F. rUley. intkftburgk; a C. iU fcUatwtk-ton; fcUatwtk-ton; fcUatwtk-ton; C. S Jaeotk, Dea Aiutues; X. 11. Uoud, vyatklaaa.- vyatklaaa.- - - Tfca Shew Iter Li pschats Matek. Tne third fame of Ike -ret -ret match was begntn SaturUay, AprU 23, and at'JoaineA ever to Vlouoay, ahvn a thaw a-at a-at a-at agreed to, after Skowalloi b4 mued a win more than once. l'ls fourth fmiiis wa pUycd WmlnoMlay, April 27, vl wax von by UpM-huU UpM-huU UpM-huU on lh rwt-nty rwt-nty rwt-nty -seventh -seventh novo. f lrv KAie, played AprU iW: ' KVAK6 GAMBIT DECLINED. -V tj1 (Mr. Sliow alter.) filw-k filw-k filw-k (Mr. UpsabuU) 1 P K 4 . i 1 P k 4 -.. -.. :. 8 Kt- Kt- KBS 4 S K B a f. ' a b b a 1 Q Kt 4 B Kt 3 t i Kt a v a Kt u a CaaUoa. KUkt (ch) I 1 ti&t 7 J B 3 t Kt B 3 It Catties. 10 1-Q 1-Q 1-Q 3 lO P Q 3 11 li 3 11 Q-Kt Q-Kt Q-Kt 3 12 Kt K 3 13 1-Kt 1-Kt 1-Kt la-kt-Kt la-kt-Kt la-kt-Kt la-kt-Kt la-kt-Kt 8 Kt-K-K Kt-K-K Kt-K-K Kt-K-K Kt-K-K a. 14 ltxU ! 14 R PzB 14 P-K P-K P-K R S is U Q 3 11 P 11 4. 10 I-xP I-xP I-xP 17 RXB IT V K B 3 It-K It-K It-K B so.. 18 Q K sq. 19 P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 Itt-Kt Itt-Kt Itt-Kt Kt 3 -HI -HI R 111 4.1 B 3 SO B R 4 SI H Q B 4 SI U It no.. 2J R R q. LM Q H 3 2-P 2-P 2-P B 3 S3-R S3-R S3-R K sq. J! 4 K li R S U4 J Kt aq. 25 It Q 3 23 Q K sq. SA-P SA-P SA-P B 4 na-KtB na-KtB na-KtB a S7 B B 3 '7 H H 3 se g-K g-K g-K b a ta-Kt ta-Kt ta-Kt Kt a 20 B Q 3 Cl KlB ! an-p-o an-p-o an-p-o an-p-o an-p-o 5 no-B-q no-B-q no-B-q no-B-q no-B-q s 31 B a 81-k.t-K 81-k.t-K 81-k.t-K 81-k.t-K 81-k.t-K 4 fi Q B 3 S2 y K. sq 33 R Kt 8 3a B-Kt B-Kt B-Kt k ." ' 34 K K B sq 34 alt Q S 85 P B 3 84 B R 4 ' ; " . JUt R iR SV K B 3 30 B-t-Kt B-t-Kt B-t-Kt B-t-Kt B-t-Kt t 37 P R 4 S7 P R 3 88 B-B B-B B-B S 390 K 4 3ii0 K 3 30 H K B at SO Kt B ft 40 RzKt 41 Rxli 41 J K 3 4S P Kt 4 4-' 4-' 4-' 1 (K 4) B t 43 P Kt ft I 43 B PxP 44 PxP 44 1 K 8 45 RxR (rti) 4 BzB 40 BlK (ch) QR 471 xP 47 Kt K 4 4 B-O B-O B-O (1 4-K 4-K 4-K R S 40 B K a 43 QxP 50 QxQ (ch) 60 KxQ 51 K n 2 61 K Kt 4 52KKt S IW Kt Q S 53 B Q 8 53 K B S 54 H-rli H-rli H-rli 3 64 K K 4 55 -K -K Kt 4 65 Kt B 4 6rt-K-Kt 6rt-K-Kt 6rt-K-Kt 6rt-K-Kt 6rt-K-Kt 5 KtlP lch) 57 KXP 57 Kt Q t 5 K B 7 B KtzP 5" K K T 5B KxP 00 K-O K-O K-O 7 aopB- aopB- S 61 PxP 1 PXP 62 n Kt a .jpKt 4 63 1 K ft 63 K B 4 64 P H 6 64 Kt-Kt Kt-Kt Kt-Kt 3 (Ch) Draara. Second came Of the watch, played AprU 2I OrKKTS PAWfT OAMK. VHH Ofr. il.ovaltet.) P4" 'r. UpschvtJ 1 P '1 4 P O a 8 K Kt B S ' 55 t-R t-R t-R a 4 r-k r-k r-k a 5 Tastier. 1 Kt 8 T-Q T-Q T-Q kt Q S (d) 8 II Kt 8 o-PxP o-PxP o-PxP 10 P-9 P-9 P-9 B 4 11- 11- P-Q P-Q P-Q S3 U B 4 Kt B S K a (a) -P-C -P-C -P-C -P-C Kl 3 (b) , 7-B- 7-B- 7-B- 7-B- 3 (e) 1 8 Ot.tlen (c O FxP o n-Ktt n-Ktt n-Ktt 11-R-B 11-R-B 11-R-B 11-R-B 11-R-B tq 1-3-Kt 1-3-Kt 1-3-Kt 1-3-Kt 1-3-Kt K fl (f) 13 Kt Kt 3 14 Q--K Q--K Q--K Q--K a IV-PtP IV-PtP IV-PtP l i K R sq 13- 13- R a; n 14- 14- P Q Kt 4 15- 15- RxP fR) lo-B-K lo-B-K lo-B-K lo-B-K lo-B-K B si 17 -P-Kt -P-Kt -P-Kt -P-Kt 8 iB Kt JC Kt B S 17- 17- C Kt Q 4 18 K R Q si 10 TV-rt TV-rt TV-rt 3 it) th BO O R 4 : ct-O-Kt ct-O-Kt ct-O-Kt ct-O-Kt ct-O-Kt 3 ? R-Q R-Q R-Q B q S3 RxP. -f4-0-h4. -f4-0-h4. -f4-0-h4. -f4-0-h4. -f4-0-h4. -f4-0-h4. SKtxQ m 2 K Kt K 8 87 Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K 3 - . eg KteKt -nn -nn R O fl - 21 ll-Kt ll-Kt ll-Kt t. 0 sa-Q-B sa-Q-B sa-Q-B sa-Q-B sa-Q-B sq (k) S3 RxR eh 84 Q Q B 1 Si Qx(T 2r f K B sq 37 Kt K n a-k a-k a-k Ft-B Ft-B Ft-B 8 SO KttKt savp h.s si k n na k K a m PKt a-k-i-q a-k-i-q a-k-i-q a-k-i-q a-k-i-q a-k-i-q a-k-i-q a . S5 p-q p-q p-q a 4 ".v au-pxP au-pxP au-pxP no Kt R 4 " :11K K 39 KtzKt eh v 33 B B 4 34 I K B 88 .. , 9V-B-0. 9V-B-0. 9V-B-0. 9V-B-0. 9V-B-0. 8 sa-rsP sa-rsP sa-rsP Draa-n. Draa-n. Draa-n. SOTXS BY W. STEIxm. (Oondensed.) (a B Kt S, as plsred by Stetrdts In his Jt an&toh a-lt a-lt a-lt Taubitforla, Is, r belleva. aU-onger. aU-onger. aU-onger. (hi Aeenrdrnr to eld praetlee, but wa lak that the blocltrnt of the Pawn has Its aaw-tank, aaw-tank, aaw-tank, amt White ban better prosper leaving leaving she Pawn on ihta wine trnmoved sad then forralnit M aMock on the Q B file. lev We pterer B K S In thU opeolnf, as this B may be made use of at K B 8, after removtne tha K Kt (1) Out of lto usual tura and Infurtlrimia. (el wnits mirn save now ooiaaaa advantaes la POklttoa by 4. : I ifl Kt d M. a waa am aoMl Sk ia Q atOa eetack. i (ft) Tbs usiari asovev BxP, iroold have saved U ma ht Via Tins the other Kt Q a. an ardrr to advMiee B K B 3 evcntaaUy, waa mors likely to ratals the attack. ' uetver pointed vu 19 TQ R 4. 10 PxP ; SO BxP, as H tended to olear the Q wmg ana to et n&.s toe advene Q B. whieh formed a nvlr proiecttoa for the isolated isolated Q P. (J) A Pawn la left to be taken, but K Is raar to are that BLw.k wmtkt tax the Q by R R q, U he teU ink the trmp. , (k) Keeprac an ere i the attack by B Q B 4 should Blat-k Blat-k Blat-k rernova the , hut, of eourse, this was not likely. - - tit By wits clever move. Black ahrewdly fbraes the Oiling of the caa tmt might have been daceenms to hint In rh ending. Otherwise Otherwise White, after eschaoirliiv pteees, would have had the proapeet of entering at Q 4 wtth has K effeotlvolr. - Chens Celllafs. ' A "Cbass Crank," hcariff of the pro-posM pro-posM pro-posM aaaie of Livit:u; "A'hlut tUnka a famo of Living Cheat would be a good thing. Xbe ausMtukn b rctmrx'd to the LonUvlllo Chea Club. An exUUum of U kind would be a aoveky and vary lntcreanlog. ' The AcrU number of a Pablo aforehr. SeRor Vawiucj'a Havana. Msgasine, is Just a hand. iift9iBii.ig over wiui gooa unrips, fienor Vaiquea get p one of tlie ana eueas atacaxlnos puUi-Jicl, puUi-Jicl, puUi-Jicl, ai.d every sue who re-vl re-vl re-vl ApuiUbh aiamM have It. i An' aasorlaUm of AmeHean problem Sompoaers baa beea foimcd, with the object of promotingsinterw-t promotingsinterw-t promotingsinterw-t Id eouipovmg, and solving, to eatabtttd:, laterpirt, aud apply rulet for com position, to tnroll the composers composers and aolvcrs of Uie country, sod to provide for toupehing and wiving toriroeys. aanii'rj ijuj v. tit ac i om, u rrrarairat. aud f. H, Teed, of Bruoklya, Secretary. I There win be a game of ban between the night and day operators of the Western fnton Telegraph Company, at Thirtieth, and Walnut atresia, to-day to-day to-day at 8 o'clock. Vandeveer will pitch for the day nine and Hilly Ctolp tor the night, men. George lndiaib will umpire. I O. E. Blvens aad Klu Dixie Lea Saer Were Kan ted by thn Rev. Mr. Bow at his realdenea. at Twentyaecood and Market sbreeU, yesterday aOernovn.. Mr. and Mrs. blvens left lat night tor a short bridal tour. CITT FEATURES. Drira Oat the Uraad Baalerard. The Park OommUstonera have Jailed to put the aoadway through Hoose of Refuge In good ahape for driving to the Grand Boulevard, Boulevard, which Is now In perfect condition. However, parties driving eaa turn off to Fourth street at House of Refuge and gat on the Boulevard near Baos Course They wUl from there oa Bad the driving perfect. SrEAi60AT&. 'tail' riNI INKil'l A'IAa. fe. li.-Mr li.-Mr li.-Mr m "jafCJfc lsva Ssllv snl huaaay as a. lBSa raraaao.. myositis si. lacaoiaa aiaaia haria aad (al Soa aaul eaaa. Caeaaet at tMalaaat wua ad saralag araiaa aad aa-eiear aa-eiear aa-eiear paeaata. ' - IQ lAAiWHA -a. -a. a. saajLM, wiu. a aara, taaa, tst XoTiat iLta v Akairil.l.K MAILCU . i ii urn -im-i"T -im-i"T -im-i"T -im-i"T I tl V ol o LKshC Bo l rrulr. 4 a. au. i.i t4 aa aikMfilla PAukVf COMPANY. far iTaiuwUKiPadoeah. Cairo ani Meraphls, L-Vrra, L-Vrra, L-Vrra, Capt Jiawtoo. wiU ! oa Saa- Saa- . Iim auaiDsr J K. Spaed wth follow Tharsday, lHoMAO tilU Agaak JUat brand I xeursiea of tha heasoi j - TO 5EW ORLIASSj 0 " -.-I -.-I -.-I -.-I ' . Oa the Palaea Paamgar Miaamar Q- Q- .TJ 1 D 1 N G -STAR -STAR ' . fr a. - Leaves Soaday aooo, . rr.7rrv c.a.iiVDkj.T. laxDhoaa 416-1 416-1 416-1 i7 rsarta aveaaa, Wua 8. bUts, Pass. Agaat, I . ui(M, ar fcTihtaaaa Itaull. art, to7 rSrB sva. rKSK Ualka, aapa

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 01 May 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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