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 - OT head-lamb, d1-lowed whic-H tow-line offl-eer...
OT head-lamb, d1-lowed whic-H tow-line offl-eer s-chiet Sr-C-ant a at-temoa. some kind, and tbe ehanoe waa not long wanting. The world was ringing with the name ot Diaz, and toward distant Maxioo we tnrned oar faops. We were to join Gen. Carbajl at Monterey, but we go no further than tan Marin u. Here strong) forces of the enemy in our front) compelled as to turn our laces back, toward the Bio Grande. ear Camurgo, 1 learned how quirk a reg meat of Mexican could disperse. I was riding at the hood ot my command, conauvlng cf 130 Mexicans and thirty-six thirty-six thirty-six Texaua, along a wide country road lined on either side with a growth of chaparral. We know the 'enemy was in our rear, bua we weie es Dec tins no danger in front. Suddenly, upon round-i round-i round-i tag a sharp curve, -we -we came full up i two eaonon poed in the middle ot the ' read. The piece were discharged, but i the balls went hiffh above our beads. Before the artillerymen eo&ld reload, I CABDENOS. ordered a charge, and galloping down Uie road, we move them away and captured the guns. I reined in my hurae to survey the iield of victory, and the only men I saw were my thiny-MX thiny-MX thiny-MX Tex-ana Tex-ana Tex-ana My 4aC M.xio.t& hud. datap-peared datap-peared datap-peared as completeiy a if the earth hd swallowed them, ana from that day to this I have never laid eye on them. -1 -1 can not recall any person now living who was in cither of Lo po's ev-podiuons'' ev-podiuons'' ev-podiuons'' taid Mr. Harney, a he wound up hi tale. If there were any In LouiBville 1 should be pretty likely to know them. At any rate, all tlto most distingu shed Kentuekians who were engaged in -the -the undertaking are now aeadr - Communicitlon and exchanges tor this ucpaj uneni auouia be Mdresaea to the ciicss editor. - The loutcvlile Cbcst Club, meets at rooms 614 and ei Commerce budding. Fourth and .Midn. Eoomt open at all noun. All cba plajers welcomed. CerresBoseeaea. F. T. W., louisvinc Tn Problem Ko. 7 n u is Qcfotcu y V K. Kt &. . . C, ClncionatL Correct. - Problem Ko. ?. Third prise tn tmimcy of the Hackney (By 8. M. Joteph. XatarU.) Black (5). . i Whit (7. Whit to play and mate In three moves, aolatiosa. - PRO?LLM SO. 78, 1. R B 7. olved hj V. H. iaiertoo. LooU villa; aCa. t,s J fcs-aif fcs-aif fcs-aif ifcaWi I I fe?v . 'iJ$&4 sJni'A E. C. Cincinnati: Chaa. 8. Jaaoba. Dm Miune. u, u. aauaoeuitown rROUULM Ko. To. X. K-n K-n K-n 2. -. -. Solved hv F. T vp ve IT riMMi o. ."""i una Aioinai. Thais, .a. JteBery. TEla frlcnSIy rcalch waa becun at the rooms of the Meal club, April ie. Before adjourning tbe match seven -games -games were (area, to acore being 3 to with one draw, owing to btuincss Interfering it will be some time betoie any mors games eaa be piayea. ixaow is aira the lUth game of tne ma urn. FONZIAXA. Thlte (TheiasU liok fMcBerrt. i-e-M i-e-M i-e-M i-e-M i-e-M 5- 5- KKt-B3 KKt-B3 KKt-B3 a na 4 VXV 6 f-K&td f-K&td f-K&td e Kt tu so T Jxf a s-Kt5 s-Kt5 s-Kt5 (ch) 1 I- I- QXl HZ f KB , 5 r-ka4 r-ka4 r-ka4 ; i . !, ft Pxi j 7 Kt KB3 (a) K Hi ; 0 B US (hi lO-H lO-H lO-H K SO. 5 U P Q4 IS B ja 13 U-H. U-H. U-H. so. a . u ms ' 3-U 3-U 3-U RS ' f lfi It K Kt St, i ' 1 I' VK - t 10 b KKtS 11- 11- Kt-!J Kt-!J Kt-!J J , 1J I" KUa 13- 13- B Bd 14- 14- txKt (chV 15- 15- i-Kt3 i-Kt3 i-Kt3 ie u Kia 17 castles (QR) 18 Q K-t K-t K-t (C . li-Kt-H3 li-Kt-H3 li-Kt-H3 li-Kt-H3 li-Kt-H3 20-K 20-K 20-K Kt M . 11) 1 M- M- 'JO 1 KI5 . 21-H 21-H 21-H K5 J 21 H-B4 H-B4 H-B4 23 Kit K aq (d) a RtxKl 24 UxKt (ehl 2i n K5 tch 2l Itxll (cat 22 1 Q5 TU KtXkt l C4 K Hi (e I 25 K B Sl ' Ert-Hxtt Ert-Hxtt Ert-Hxtt . ! 27 QxB ! . 28 J K4 . 2 p-Jit6 p-Jit6 p-Jit6 SO-K SO-K SO-K Ki a-J a-J a-J QxKt 33 K B a Kesigns. 27 KxH J-Ktr-K4 J-Ktr-K4 J-Ktr-K4 J-Ktr-K4 J-Ktr-K4 29 J B3 SO 1' 3 31 K-K K-K K-K SO. 3 Ktx f (em I 33 Q Q5 (rh ' QxB (cbt (a i Terr bad. KKt K 2 would have given blm lha better ganie. (bl PUcfc hern (.Mtched Oie R with, the Intend r of going to B 3, overrnoUiig tbat tiie hostile R cotumanded that square. H Kt ti -would -would have been better. (r TtUck th.eatened B-B4, B-B4, B-B4, fUowed by OvBP. Mi Aa cxvellent move, tbe' foroe pt wmcn utaca aia not reanre, : ) Ot course he ran net tak th R on account af IS-B IS-B IS-B a (cbt. Th Champieaa Ip Xatch. The Bhowalra-Iipschula Bhowalra-Iipschula Bhowalra-Iipschula match began at the roomt ot the Manhatton Chet Club, New Yoik, April SO. Aa be tore stated, ttva match la for 7SO a side and the Cham- Cham- PwOfiooip ot America. The match Is to go U tbo first winner ot seven games, unk- unk- each player sboaid art six, when an audi, tiotial match ol three game is to be played. Play (lay are Monday, Wednetkliy, Thuis. day and Saturday. D. B. Baird will be umpire. umpire. The first frame, an Kvante Dnclined, opened by Sbowaltur, waa played Wednesday Wednesday end drawn on the sixty -second -second move. The second, a Queen's Gambit, wa playnd j Tliurausy, aad diaara on th. thirty-sixth thirty-sixth thirty-sixth mova. Ches Calliags, ; - Both Ountberg and ntackburue he ehalk-nKel ehalk-nKel ehalk-nKel Lacker, winner ol uie two recent Lnooa tournaiueuta, and Uasarr has promptly promptly acoepted both. . A match by telegraph between the Manhattan Manhattan Chrss Club, of -Now -Now York, aud Uie Pianalu Ibcsa Club, of Philadelphia, waa arranged for yesterday. The New Orleans Chess, Checker and, Whist Club ejected otl'ierh aa follows: Pro-tldeot. Pro-tldeot. Pro-tldeot. Trio. JU lloaeh; Mee PrHldents, Geo. If. Vennid and t.haa. F. Buck; Treaa-uier, Treaa-uier, Treaa-uier, Frank e. PiUrry. The wUverpeoJ Vei-cury Vei-cury Vei-cury state that th only urvlvln daughter of too late Capt. Kvsac ts resiaing near fiverpool, and U In very reOicd circumstance. The nucleus of a fuii already exist In the bandr o(. a srcll-known srcll-known srcll-known shipowner, and nny subscription from admirers ol capt. Evans, and. Uie hillitanr ram bit. which bears bis name, will be gliwltv reeelvnd by the Cbnaa editor of th Weekly Mercury. t A WA REMINISCENCE. Crippled Peddler. Who, When a, Uiat.agaished UisaseirOa th Battle Field. (To th Editor of (he Courier-Journal.) Courier-Journal.) Courier-Journal.) Tboueands of the bravest and the best who rallied to their country's cause. today today fill unknown graves, and if the deeds of daring and acta of bravery which carried carried them down in battle could be known what a volume in history it woul bill. Whore thousands of the best and noblest lie buried, alain in battle, ia not known, perhaps never will be known to their friends and families. This is particnlnriy true of the Southern soldiers, lhe Bower of tbe youth of the Southern States rallied to their country s nag and became martyrs to a cans tbey believed to be richt. We have one instance In our city whose deeds of bravery 1erve to bo perpetuated in history. jnousarKis or oHinle who nasa the corner of Fifta and Market streets every day have probably noticed a crippled man, on crutcues, who ells newspapem, eipare, tobacco and fruit for a living. The stand is inst at the foot ef the uteris of the Louisville Banking Company on tbe Fifth-street Fifth-street Fifth-street entrance side. The name of this man is W. W. Beaeley. At the breaking oat of the war be knlisted in the iourth Alabama regiment, regiment, one of the finest the South ever sent into the service. He served as a rrivate soldier in Dawson's company, le was a good soldier, always prompt in th dihar; ot every duty. At- At- the battle ot the Wiklernewa in 1 8G4, Beas ley made himlf a hero, and, although now poor and practically unknown and ne dy, ekinir out a scant living by the profits of his little stand, bo is of the Muff ot which all true heroes are made, whether It be tbe gr?at General in eom-mand, eom-mand, eom-mand, who marches to victory amid the

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 24 Apr 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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