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co.or- haraionis- ev- interest- slc-tcn- laud- la 01 he color-scheme, he por- the is CouinaunloaUuns sad exchanga for thl dcDartroeDt ahouM be adrtresana ts ue chess editor. Ths TAulnTtn Chest Club meets at moms 613 and eie uotnmerce uuuiuua. Fourth and M;4n. Room open at ail aours. All ebsas plarers welcomea. Problem No. 70. FtrM rrlie three-mover three-mover three-mover in touroer of the Bristol Jlerrury. (By T. B. Rewired. DubUn.) mm m . W!H :v or1 i Hi W-s W-s W-s 'antra White (71 White to play and tuna In three move. KolallOkk. IIiIU-kil IIiIU-kil IIiIU-kil HO. 67. 1-K-KtA. 1-K-KtA. 1-K-KtA. 1-K-KtA. 1-K-KtA. Solved br A. J. C. Louisville: 3. M. B Lnbanon ; U. C U, Part- Part- ; CUo. -.-iub, -.-iub, -.-iub, -.-iub, Har-aliihburg, Har-aliihburg, Har-aliihburg, IikI. ; 11. M. P., litsm bun, Ind. ; yi.. b. Jacvbit, Glomes, iuwa aieiaila vs. laehigorss. Twentiaih gmaie of the greit match. ZUKLaiXUKf ol'tMNU. White (&:e nfui. lilac k ilsctdgorin) l-l l-l l-l Q 4 a At- At- K B 3 3- 3- P-K P-K P-K 3 4 .v 3 b-g b-g b-g Kt Q 2 (a) 5 i ' tl 3 tb 7 Cant tot 6 Si H -i -i 9 Kt K q IU 1 11 4 11-K 11-K 11-K Kt B 3 (d) liKt K 5 13 Ii H 3 (el , 14 KuKt 1 j P (4 R 3 - -li-PxP -li-PxP -li-PxP -li-PxP 17 It sl 1-1 1-1 1-1 Kt -J -J 10 K R Kt BO, "O U H !ll-RxR !ll-RxR !ll-RxR 2U 11 11 3 (ft V.:j K B 8 24 It-Q It-Q It-Q q (s 25 K Kt Ml fill KtxK (hi 27 Q Kt 9 (D K Kt sq (J) 2 Q K 3 30 5 a 3 31 P B S 32 RxP (k) 83 HXP 34-Q-Q 34-Q-Q 34-Q-Q 34-Q-Q 34-Q-Q fi 3'. K R a 37 n Q a r.M i;xa 30 HxB 40 K Kt 1 W a. U 'i. P U 4 f li 3 -P -P 11 4 ; Kt u 8 61' 11 S 7 i' a Kt 4 8 11 K.t a o ii K. 3 (c lO ' astlcs 11 Q il i iu . -g -g U a 13 v Kt a -P -P k a 1 llKt It I Xlt P 17 K ii Kt UH 18 H Kt 2 111 SI 11-h.t 11-h.t 11-h.t so. JO Kl Kq 21 Kt 4 a J RxK 3-Q-R 3-Q-R 3-Q-R 3-Q-R 3-Q-R 4 .4 a it a l! 11 U Ml 2t R K16 37 B PxKt j Kt K 5 eh jo u a 4 30 I' Kt 4 : 1-Q-B 1-Q-B 1-Q-B 1-Q-B 1-Q-B 3 ""! a a S3 PxR 4 U.P 351 H 5 (I) ::o Kt Kt e 3T-U-K 3T-U-K 3T-U-K 3T-U-K 3T-U-K 7 3- 3- P.xQ : K lixB 40 Kt u d eh 41 KixP -KIXP -KIXP 41 BesliP. SOTES BY PTErNI J"Z tAborerlated). (at An unhanDT Inrmvwlfm. (bl If P QKt 3. 7. P QKt 4. P QB4. 8. P B 0. followed by P Kt 5. tc ii u 3, r iv 4 oo'.ieea wnite to retroHt or effect a prems4iire exrhanre. (ill If P-K P-K P-K 4. 13. PxP. KtxP. 13. Kt xKt. QxKt. 14. KUQP, aoA now QxKt IS. 11 H 4. (et Waste of InnwMin time. (fi In order to plar KtxOHP If WMte at- at- taokel the giir oy 1 4 ao4t Kt Jt 4, C) To prevent Kt Kt 4. (hi The dt"awtter to which this leads not easy to fomnee. B K 3 was better, but even tV-n tV-n tV-n Whtte pa Inert by exchanging R's. his QKr roii'-vea roii'-vea roii'-vea tr.m previure. fir W H K 8, M IJH 4, MK. l)l-IKt l)l-IKt l)l-IKt Q Kt 2. 20. BxB. OxB. 30. Kt K 5 eh.. foiiowea uy uxsl ana Ktxp en. winning a (ii ir u k a. as. Kt k & en. K Kt 1. CO. QxQ, Bxa KtxP, R Kt 2. 31. B k 1. u 14 -a. -a. Kt Ki e, n u 1. jx. ux P, etc. (jl If K K 1. 30. B B S ch. P Kt 3. 30. KtxKLP WHO a grrAt attar k. (kl Blwck was belple. If Q-Kt Q-Kt Q-Kt 9. wnite wouia answer yxi- yxi- wm aeamy ei- ei- (U TO avoid p rol 00 gat ion by B Kt 3. CkM al t. g. A set of celluloid cheat men has been received from P. Catlln. box 3650. Kew oric T&e ma ooea not ruo on taese. M sax. The Phode Tsland Asoclaaoa held a Tfsry micccsftul meeting Pebtoary 22. In te tournaeut Mr. A. K. Cunningham w in iirM pnie. The Msnhattiui Chess rtub Ties aecDtV ed the challenge of the New OrVns Club for a teiegrwpi:lc matea. and pla wlH nrob- nrob- aoiy oean Jiarca ia. Tho adjourned game for the ew 1 orl Mtift cbamplnnslilp was won by Mr. A. H. HndzM. living him first Drlze. Mr. Edward Oily tak-a tak-a tak-a rec-vna rec-vna rec-vna pi lie. The Ohlc 6Ut Association met at Toledo Fetnisrr 12. Mr. V. laxae CutU on the rbamploaslup. Mr. W. C. Cochran, of Cuv cinniu. was i-eienen i-eienen i-eienen iTfuatnu Do vou belong to the Kcntnckr Cness A'Soc'ntionT if you live in Kentucky and do not, though a chess winter, you should Join it om-e. om-e. om-e. The next meeting will be a h thl? InteteMing one. and every Kentucky dxe player viioufi oe frweuv. An addition to chess Iltemtur U the American Chess Wonthly, published at Bos. ton by morse h. wairott. it I handsomely goticn up, and hwk hill of interesting mU tel. There ought to be room for a good rhe-4 rhe-4 rhe-4 magazine In these bioad Cnltel States and If meiit wins the Chess Monthly will get were. St. Paul P!oneef-Pres P!oneef-Pres P!oneef-Pres : Chem Is wit ol rbe nilet pastime ever Invented bv the wpeuiaiy 01 man, out it is, as LeibniU. the ni4twoMier. aeciarwi. a Mieace, More bo-jk bo-jk bo-jk have heeo written upon the trubjeot ci cne. 1 11 11 11 uiiuu aoiy oiner except uiaft of the lUbl'. It Is rosiuo poli tan In ita character. It 1 not couflned to tbe Binlta 01 nnguxge or niuonaiur. tverv nlvlllxMl narln beneath te tun, and even tlie seml-borharlc seml-borharlc seml-borharlc are anions He devotee " Protu tlie steppea ot Ruda to the mountains mountains of the Cape." Every ' level la life k rvreeute4 among the l.vers of thla ntxiis creauon. urvat poiiosoptiers. kings. tatesmcn. travelera. scholars, lawyers, ota- ota- tor. generals, doctors, divine. poeU and peaaaoU swell the lint. Lr-iboitx. Lr-iboitx. Lr-iboitx. Charles vie loran, uoeuie, rrantun, apoloon. Dr. Kane. Buckle. Olsdst ne. On.a vie. torla. Lord Rnrd Iph ChucMlU nisrnarvk. Von Moi:ke. King A nude us. prof. A ri der? sen. prol. eweotitb, 8ydner- 8ydner- smith Burr. D-vt1 D-vt1 D-vt1 Chrlbtla Muitbv. Count Von der I ... Lincoln and hundreds mora of tits wor.a.' great nsois. to v, i-qually i-qually

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 13 Mar 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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