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 - Mirldle- Vin-f Vin-f Pick- dam Lizrie Chase...
Mirldle- Vin-f Vin-f Pick- dam Lizrie Chase (sister to the dam or Miss Egbert, 2:2S 3-4). 3-4). 3-4). by Mambrino l'atehen, second' ilam Jennie, by Del-monic4x Del-monic4x Del-monic4x OioiBiunlosUons aad exeaangss for this deportment should bs sdoresned Is Ut cbeas editor. The Lounjrllls Chest Club meets at roorris 613 snd 614 Commerce Biiiiding, Fourth and Main. Room open at ail hours. All ehSM players welcomed. Problen No. 7. Klrt prie twonover In twrlfth t'or- t'or- Dey of tiif lirtstol Mercury. (By II. llosey Ivts, BrUtol. Itlark (Bl. m&m mum I sWeaflStt msmssj v H I'- I'- A i i Vt i J kki ml m rri wwiiJLs 2Jtv4 bessufcj fcsM. W hite (lO). Whlbs to plsy ami mats in two moves. Kolatlsaa. TEOIILEM MO. 63. 1- 1- R-Kn7 R-Kn7 R-Kn7 1 KWioves. 2 It II 5 8 Anything. St Mate sceordlngly. Solved by A. J. C. W. H. Rlk'rtcn. Lou isville; Chest Club. HardiBtourg. Jod. : B. C. L, hub9thlowa. I'U JULRM NO. 64. TIU wxttton vm IncorccUT dven. There should be na black V ou UX Mate In two by Q-li Q-li Q-li sa. Io!Ud by A. J. C. O. W. T., LOUIS VI uc. Saewalttr vs. Cechraa. Another of tha fine Muiloa Dlayed soma tlmo am bv conespondonce between ilr. Khowslter sj4 ilr. W. C. t'oebiwi, of Cla- Cla- cuinau : VT210 CAVBIT. WTilte (Mr. ekowalter) lilsck (Mr. Cochraoi 1 1 - - fv m I a. 4 2 I KB 4 2-lxP 2-lxP 2-lxP .1 K'. Kit a 3-l'-KKt4 3-l'-KKt4 3-l'-KKt4 3-l'-KKt4 3-l'-KKt4 4 II 114 4 P Kl -('ssMea, -('ssMea, 6 11 K O-VxP O-VxP O-VxP -Q-B -Q-B -Q-B -Q-B 3 7-P-K 7-P-K 7-P-K 7-P-K 7-P-K S 7-gtl 7-gtl 7-gtl A-llxVrh A-llxVrh A-llxVrh S-kxIl S-kxIl S-kxIl -P-Q -P-Q -P-Q -P-Q 4 -Q-K -Q-K -Q-K -Q-K 2 U 10 HxF 10 Kl K J Jl (b 11- 11- Kt-n3!e) Kt-n3!e) Kt-n3!e) 11-1-H3 11-1-H3 11-1-H3 11-1-H3 11-1-H3 12- 12- OU K tq 1J vj Q q 13- 13- H-KIS H-KIS H-KIS 13 1 Kt 2 14- 14- Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K 4 14 -P-KIt -P-KIt -P-KIt -P-KIt 3 (d) 14 Kt Q 6 CB 1 K K Ir l 1 Q Kt3ch lrt K K 2 17QQeh 17 K Kt is JixKt IS Q Bso. 1-Q-Kt 1-Q-Kt 1-Q-Kt 1-Q-Kt 1-Q-Kt 8 (ei 10 It-K It-K It-K 3 aV-K aV-K aV-K K B 2-OxR 2-OxR 2-OxR 21 QxQ ch and mares in to. KOTfiH. (a) Best, 11 QxV ch : B K 3, with a floe attack. . ill) Tha black k can not to to k sq on account of 11, Q-lt Q-lt Q-lt ch, O-li O-li O-li S! US li u ! ana wins. . . lei Mr. s ho waiter thinks this move, which l his Invention, gives white the beet of the ... - t t- t- : (Uf II 14 11 B BU , ID JVI V "t r.n sq: 10 Kt u 7 en, nvn.iii ii uiu, w - sq ; is jxn.v wia (ot roe coup oocuar. The Ilavaaa Match. OtMt mm nma has besn slaved since but week, and this ww drawn, leaving the score B ail sua araws. Btxiosuw gaiue ui the match. si u i uiru. White (StnlulU), Black (Tsohlgorln). 1. rnM . r w v 8. ItttoKJia S.KtteUB3 8. f toKU S. P to GK3 4. fttoB4 4. Kl W 113 6. V to Q3 t. B to H4 A. Ptalia . P to QKt 7. B to lt'i 7. P to Q4 t 8. Q to K-JH) K-JH) K-JH) S. tsUea . . U te KKt5 9. PxP 10. PxP 10. P to 113 11. BKB4(b) 11. Q to 03 13. Itetlea. IS. SS to TtR4 -s -s 13. B V KKt3 13. B to KKtA 14. P to Kt4(d) 14. B to KU la. PtoOH4 IS. PxP - 16. QKt to Q9 1. Q V M 17. BxBP 17. jvt to K3 18. U to B4 18. B to KJ l(Sl iv. sir 10. BxQ 80. BxQ 81. Ktxb : S2. KtxBI 83. KB to Ksq 84. Kt to R5 85. P to Q 114(h) se. P to H3 87. B to Kt3 88. P to KtO i K KU to QsqCtl 80. P to B5 8I4 to Q6 92. QH to Qsa 83. P to Kta 84. BxPI Si. Kt to Ba 84. BxKt 37. P to K7 88. K to QS : SO. KtxB(0 , Cl. KtxP 53. VxKa 83. P to B 54. KB to yDiq(l) US. R to B3 HA. Kl to KB3 S7. K to Bsa 8ft. P to QU4 80. B. to Ksq 30, PxP 31. R to Sbq ' ' 1 83. Qtt to Usq.tjl : 33. Pto B5 34. K to KUq 55. KtxKt . . se. Kt to Ksq 87. h to lu . :i Beat gas. . K0TK8 BT STEIXTTZ (5osensd).. I (si Anderson . always . played 8. PxP against sionmy. .... (bl Probably B at S was better. m ma (o) Tbe auack oa the Q aids U a good object. In consequence of Black's early advance advance of tiio pawns on that side. ' 1 If Kt-kl Kt-kl Kt-kl a 10. U-H U-H U-H 6, U K3, 20. B 16 wlih tho advantage. e If BrK. 81. BxKt, with s pawn ahead. ... (U U a.txp. as. Kt-QZ Kt-QZ Kt-QZ wius the ex-changa ex-changa ex-changa at least (K) Mrongcr than 25. Kt Q 7. Ex P. 20. P li 3, r y Kt 4. followed by H U 2. (h SU. Q B-Q B-Q B-Q 1 was aiucb better. (U Illnck's piVoa are paralysed. If Id P. 33. K-J K-J K-J s cl.. Kt K 1. 34. UiKt eh. KU sod mate la two moves. 4 I best Calliaga. A new ehess club has been organized at KlUabeth, N. J. The " Ktiiten Islinder" now has a cheat eotumn edited by toe well-known well-known well-known computer. Gustavo A. UsrU-, UsrU-, UsrU-, Will Lyons now runs two cl ru columns, one In Itu U-vlnplon U-vlnplon U-vlnplon Leader aud Uio other tn the Newport JournaL Baltlmors baa accepted Albany's ehal-lenKo ehal-lenKo ehal-lenKo lor two correspondence aames. A trieicrapfc maU h u uuw M.-udiug M.-udiug M.-udiug between Albany and lltufleld. -Tbo -Tbo ItrlsLol Mercury announces IU tlilr-leeolh tlilr-leeolh tlilr-leeolh J.roulem tourney. It Is for two and three stove direct mates, two and three utova Mil mate, uj u oin to Uii world. -The -The Xew Jemey Association hcM Its annual me-ting me-ting me-ting February 2-J 2-J 2-J at tlie rooms of the Newark Chess Club. S. LlMncr, ot Uoboken, took first ptise; N. liyutea, second, second, and A. Yorrath. third. iTbe annual mectlpr of tlie New York I Association was held Fcbruarr a la hew York city. llodes and Oily dn;w for liHt and second prUea. and were t pLar ou tlte tie yesterday; IXlmar and Kcrb-s Kcrb-s Kcrb-s divided third and kmrtt prim; hlimmvin, Muigau and VoiKht took 111th, sixth and eetti-uth eetti-uth eetti-uth tespectively. The following officers were elected: ITciJent, V. A. Ullberg; Vice VrtshaviU. t nderfalll Jni.uh and Jents ; hjodretary, II. J. Uosers; Tteasurer, F. lluw. J , ' CXILES IN ARCA0T. a CAuroKaiA wixna, I (Katterlne Van Ilarllncen.) ThJ hvided sky rurfllls Its lover's boast ' Ky lu perpetual mimicry sf trlux : But while It marshal aU the meadow hott la one unoroken march oi bl' shomlriie. ofeiethlnK we aiias who othnrsbore Late ' , nMiod. flbe ireSMUre of the year's flrst violet. OH even the sudden srwei.lnr of the rronrxL with swift-wrought swift-wrought swift-wrought broidery of eowkllps set. Hers la ao muUc like the earliest tons Carnilled from vibrant boughs of buibled eiss. 11 era Joy, that dotb Its day too aisch pro- pro- lontt. Kvea with Uarlf Itself doth overwhelm. we TSce these level paths with lacking feet : liough ways o'ec-tiodden o'ec-tiodden o'ec-tiodden make smo-. smo-. smo-. tfa-ways tfa-ways tfa-ways more sweex: And spring la cheerless save It rate a a Lul aueea ctarm from memories of wluter t. Our window opens toward the aouf-tamod aouf-tamod aouf-tamod land Of ro-rlch ro-rlch ro-rlch gardens and ansU4owed SkMS. Oh, weary prospsctl Yes, I nndervtand. Dear heart, the meauJuig of your wutful MM. taey see where, our owa winter Balds outspread outspread Thnir long white slopes thin set with frost-brow frost-brow frost-brow oed stalks : Or wbere snow-weighted snow-weighted snow-weighted braochs overhead Traiungurs with new (race onr wluter waiiu: Or down the long road, braving the thick alorni. They see the Bake-Aecked Bake-Aecked Bake-Aecked pool of ruddy 11 1: lit That from the dear home Ingle, waiting warm. Flows through dark panes Into tba deep oi night. If heaven were Indeed the land they say Of rhlllcsa summer and undarkened day. ilow from its fields would we ycam back I to thee. Oh, winter world I j oh, days of stress and sirile i Oh. ebbing, flowing, sometimes storm v sea Of cirvumatauce, or change, ol aestlul Mel 0EATH DEFIED. (T. B. Aldrirh.t There dwells one brurht Immortal on thj earth Kot known of aU men. Thev who kilos' her not (Jo hoove torsutton from the House ot life. eons of vbllvlua. To her once came That awful Shape which all me hold In . , dresA. And ahe wia'-i wia'-i wia'-i steadfast eyes recanted him. IM'ii heavenlv eves halt sorrowful, and then dihied. sod passed bv. And who are thou. t tie cried. That liokcst ort me and art net annUlcd. That secmest so fraaiie. yet dellest IVath 1 Hot Must do mortals face met What art - them Jlut she no nvwee made: silent she stood Awhile In hotv medltatltm stood. . And then moved on thro'' the enamored air. rilienc with luminous oounea brows-Tlme's brows-Tlme's brows-Tlme's staler. Daiuthter of Etenusyv. Peaths deathless eneuar. whosa men asms love. It TWO PATHS. i ' it f . fFor the Courter-Jaurrstl.l Courter-Jaurrstl.l Courter-Jaurrstl.l i.rjnswervinc as the winging ot tbe awraitow . I baxaraca niv wsv uus morn, ana now . In brestalsas ttiaaipk oa lb s hhlork brow, 'TJhok back aeroas the wlMerneaa, and follow My toilful progress over knoll and hollow. And ssark how faint a trees the heights eisjw, Ilow clear amid the slowly -forded -forded slough The murky trail of palnlul bait and wallow I Xssr-wesry Xssr-wesry Xssr-wesry eyes look down the other path. The dovtous-long, dovtous-long, dovtous-long, the dreary -a -a adulating, And h I from peaks whence white aope- aope- gaiieoas tail. Tvhai trivial renown yon upland bath I Ilow stem the memory of the careless waiting - py dark, strange trncODtontmenbi la the FRANK WALCOTT IIUTT. UNKNOWN BARDS. (Tjt the Courier Journal.) Its who feels thrilling In hi areata, Harare's dees mtste and unrest, . Cho bobs but Ued and he may know !t - The' sue ace seal sur aye his tongue. AM we Kress soi-g soi-g soi-g oa never sung. Is none the leas a Met I cuIATiues Hamilton uubXiBOVK. . " I Wine I' IW ok Oook'i Kxtrm Dry ,Chsm-nasme. ,Chsm-nasme. ,Chsm-nasme. Wine I Pure lulce natorslly fermented. Wast , Of forty years record, . Try it.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 28 Feb 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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