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 - Oa':t;,un.oau ias and ifhunfs for this...
Oa':t;,un.oau ias and ifhunfs for this Oci-artment Oci-artment Oci-artment abould be addrcMod ts lti cliis edlUir. The I.oe'svllV (Tic ci!b meets at re -is -is Ci: anil 1 t'onmicrrs Ititddlne. Foarth and M-.dn. M-.dn. M-.dn. Kcoris opea at oil boi.r. All cLsttf pl:vcr wolronM-d. wolronM-d. wolronM-d. Problem .No. &i. (Comjwsl f -r -r (he Co'irte' J-irnal J-irnal J-irnal C. cstimncr Jst-oi.. Jst-oi.. Jst-oi.. lies .loinets, kiwi.) nu. a ia). 1.- 1.- .it:-- .it:-- .it:-- ' ' ' ? ." - ' ' A -rt -rt n ; Hti? ;i; , ' " " ? it,'i StihtsV-- StihtsV-- ,'. -s-i.t- -s-i.t- -s-i.t- -s-i.t- -s-i.t- VVUlie ill 1. White 10 ki) and mate la two moves. l'tii.i(ui vn 6A. (Kdwsrd Oliy. In Imotlyn staixtArd Culon.i tri 4 1 QKtl QKH Ki QU! KB4 ks (White. 7. Illacli. 4.) White to iday and i.utc In two mm (-,. (-,. (-,. Li r.uiim. In pr '.dcni No. tt'i, ot iu-.t iu-.t iu-.t n.-ek. n.-ek. n.-ek. tla' Kt on wl lie K I' a MumlJ i; a white one. The t-uinber t-uinber t-uinber of plect a-s a-s a-s i-nii.-d i-nii.-d i-nii.-d i-nii.-d i-nii.-d was tor-ret tor-ret tor-ret U . tolUUOB. riicliU-M riicliU-M riicliU-M MV 'i 1 F R 7 1-K 1-K 1-K Q 3 J -K -K ; (ch) -J- -J- -J- Kxsl U Kt - K i. 7, mate. X K B 3 2--Kt 2--Kt 2--Kt 2--Kt tK 7v-P 7v-P 7v-P ft -J- -J- -J- I'xKi I - V - K ', mate. ty.lVMl l.v ja-eph ja-eph ja-eph Wltstetin-r, Wltstetin-r, Wltstetin-r, A. .'. C, O. K.. I.oi.i-vllie I.oi.i-vllie I.oi.i-vllie : M. Kinii-., Kinii-., Kinii-.,',',', lad.; lu 1 Inn. Il.i:i:m 1'ai . I' .t ; .1. M. I... la nnlioli . :. '. L. Kli.'.aij u : . ha.. U Ja. oOs, IVs 1 1. steiaitz. i t hiitcrin Malch. The laicst report psits It IVchltmrui. H; Ftelnlt, 7. drawn, 1. I'.elow Is the lour-ts lour-ts lour-ts nth paiuc, play d Fcbniary -J. -J. TUa iiikm are alibrevUit.-d alibrevUit.-d alibrevUit.-d from Mr. btclnlu in the Ne' York Ttlbune : rcy Lri:z. White (oMnltt Mack .Tscl.lsorlnl 1K 4 ' I' K 4 ti Kt k n 3 a Kt sj i 3 . 11 Kt s :i Kt n 3 4 I" Q 3 4 -p.-y -p.-y -p.-y :i .-. .-. .-. H-lt H-lt H-lt 3 ' I K Kt 3 G-Q G-Q G-Q Kl-Q Kl-Q Kl-Q 2 frrl.-hl frrl.-hl frrl.-hl 7 Ht -l. -l. -M -M s n-K n-K n-K 4 ft O K liv R B li 11 Kt Kt 3 1 J I aster IS Q aUP . 14 '.'tKt 14- 14- 1-l'l 1-l'l 1-l'l ir 15 J-K J-K J-K R 4 1V Ivl kt - 1 7 Kt K 4 l-BxP l-BxP l-BxP iei l' k R - C- C- Pv 1 21 Q R Q Q e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t e-J-l-xk-t P It C (a) (a) :4-r-Q :4-r-Q :4-r-Q :4-r-Q :4-r-Q ' JS-Q-ht JS-Q-ht JS-Q-ht JS-Q-ht JS-Q-ht 4 ii;-h ii;-h ii;-h X 27 K-K K-K K-K 7 XA HxP d 4!tf R-R R-R R-R ' 80 Q a c. .i-i:vK .i-i:vK .i-i:vK u P rt2 QK is lU-HxKl lU-HxKl lU-HxKl v- v- l:xli eiW-I. eiW-I. eiW-I. i4 ii K-Kt K-Kt K-Kt -1 -1 K h - i4-0-K i4-0-K i4-0-K i4-0-K i4-0-K vl K-R K-R K-R J (V . -'.-R -'.-R -'.-R -'.-R J -I -I 1- 1- -Q -Q Kt e P K j Ct! -lJP -lJP l' 7 :1 - ItxK tl' 'chl (kl Jt'-lUs. Jt'-lUs. Jt'-lUs. NGTF-i. NGTF-i. NGTF-i. (ai Te f.rt a ti'l difference from da tw. pp vtans ffaini-. ffaini-. ffaini-. at '.hi- '.hi- os.-iai.i. os.-iai.i. os.-iai.i. ito Tne ri.ii.pleja.ii tie "e i n.-w n.-w n.-w alti-r-l alti-r-l alti-r-l alti-r-l alti-r-l lu .i'l.'e an utui-autl utui-autl utui-autl n.anner. Tl.-t Tl.-t Tl.-t xiiiiintil - etns dijcva-uaeou dijcva-uaeou dijcva-uaeou i-r i-r i-r Ula.k. 11 Kt v seems is-in is-in is-in r. but eve a then whit" c 1-1 1-1 1-1 late Instituted a-'i a-'i a-'i exioi-l-.-nt exioi-l-.-nt exioi-l-.-nt exioi-l-.-nt exioi-l-.-nt exioi-l-.-nt exioi-l-.-nt attack by Ki-Kt... Ki-Kt... Ki-Kt... et-. et-. et-. ..ti l!Kt aild ii.t l-ave l-ave l-ave retevnd 1-ltn 1-ltn 1-ltn iiiu. h i'lio t-xt t-xt t-xt mow l.ldes :i cl.-vcr cl.-vcr cl.-vcr snare. ie Much .-:;er .-:;er .-:;er than 1.-. 1.-. 1.-. Kt hd -ieat. -ieat. IU Kt 1' C- C- s,'-Q: s,'-Q: s,'-Q: '-" '-" '-" 1 -- -- K' n ' 1. i KKt4. v s) . l'l.k will be to hold out In .pl.t-' .pl.t-' .pl.t-' a I -Tin -Tin olidlui. tfi 1' KJlil was pro'.sitilv a better oe f-nsc. f-nsc. f-nsc. -S. -S. M-oii.-. M-oii.-. M-oii.-. M-oii.-. M-oii.-. r t ots R 7, R-Q R-Q R-Q a. : i!. KK-vl KK-vl KK-vl su .. UxU . j:.. KxK. K IU. with hmv dcf ndvc n- n- ur.x-s ur.x-s ur.x-s f t him k. ih. it -j:i -j:i i;-kki i;-kki i;-kki -1.: -1.: -:. -:. K K.. (J Kli i-1. i-1. i-1. . Q J7 and i. 11 St-n St-n St-n ....iita 1 l' t.-d t.-d t.-d ttt here a qtii.ker and nii'-:i nii'-:i nii'-:i pr-ttk-r pr-ttk-r pr-ttk-r pr-ttk-r pr-ttk-r iv t" t b 2S. Q-IU. Q-IU. Q-IU. K-KJ: K-KJ: K-KJ: -. -. Q R " ij 1 f.f no luorc use w 1- 1- :' ' K KKt 4. ; as white tsa.ld an-v" an-v" an-v" T ito. Q Htl. iki r-el-ks r-el-ks r-el-ks r-el-ks r-el-ks t.rewi.rV.. liew-ver. liew-ver. liew-ver. should white take with t:i J. hl-n hl-n hl-n 1; w.iuW uia: by R Js (chi nnd li-Ki li-Ki li-Ki nl.t. Chess t'allmst. Many of the'ra a-sts a-sts a-sts uHlon bold , 'i- 'i- uiettiu.-i uiettiu.-i uiettiu.-i lo niotiow -A -A little rhess (-:ul. (-:ul. (-:ul. lia Wn ornotr.-d ornotr.-d ornotr.-d r -ong -ong Uie eiuploe ef 1 1 r- r- I l.itirio Trit -Ihe -Ihe cntlniou t.mi naineut of tae flissiklvu t'lnh has start d wtth npy ll cr.tncs. Mr. Judd has tbalk npei Mr. r-hnwaltT r-hnwaltT r-hnwaltT to a return match to be plated n.-xt n.-xt n.-xt 1H-cenibur 1H-cenibur 1H-cenibur 01 Jantuiy. aad Mr. tditiwalur ha accepted. Tho vcr-i'riK vcr-i'riK vcr-i'riK t'oniuiiitee cf the New Orleans Club : ppolntcd a .s il co.nmn-u-r co.nmn-u-r co.nmn-u-r co.nmn-u-r co.nmn-u-r to take In ' -uid -uid the pp tosed New Vorks New Orleans l- l- rr L inati h. and tiicy ni s.-nd s.-nd s.-nd lUo Jia:iL t-.tan t-.tan t-.tan I'lub tormiti ihai-k-'.ipc ihai-k-'.ipc ihai-k-'.ipc ihai-k-'.ipc ihai-k-'.ipc Tbcp tippCi" 'o if CixhI pr.t pests of a -Nov -Nov altt-r-lipscli' altt-r-lipscli' altt-r-lipscli' altt-r-lipscli' altt-r-lipscli' i iiuilt li. lie- lie- latter refuse refuse to plv c e t Bt tlie Manlmtlttu V . ('., but a- a- iir. sh, .valur I anxioas to pluy he hit- hit- 11" ,u f t'c-e t'c-e t'c-e ut-d-r ut-d-r ut-d-r ut-d-r ut-d-r certitiu rot-ditlcti!-. rot-ditlcti!-. rot-ditlcti!-. rot-ditlcti!-. rot-ditlcti!-. If Lips. -but, -but, an --Tits --Tits --Tits ibe maU It will piuliuMT lieK.n urxt lP-s lP-s lP-s 11 tut W. 11. Lyons says thai as there -re -re plenty of funds !n t;ie tpsa.-uiv tpsa.-uiv tpsa.-uiv it tlie Kttitutkv s(h isi-.m. isi-.m. isi-.m. tl.eii- tl.eii- xv t LI be no dues to pay tins vein'. It seems thit It would be e,(Hi j.oll to rcll-st rcll-st rcll-st tho d-aes d-aes d-aes mid Ue-iu Ue-iu Ue-iu in proodlaj, pritcs. I'nul It hs reimlsr tonnianioni the ..ssorlatl.-u ..ssorlatl.-u ..ssorlatl.-u will never amount to natch, and without prizes there can not be ewces-did ewces-did ewces-did tourria-ti tourria-ti tourria-ti cuts, tin- tin- pln-. pln-. pln-. r- r- t.,.i u-l-ii: u-l-ii: u-l-ii: u-l-ii: u-l-ii: willlii,' to plvr Uie time without chance of nuiiinera-llou. nuiiinera-llou. nuiiinera-llou. ROBBING THE RCOSTS. Band of bicken Thieves Suppose 1" lie tlorkint la the Xt est End Ptvpl'i liv'n-r liv'n-r liv'n-r in 1V nciBhlio'-hooc nciBhlio'-hooc nciBhlio'-hooc if Flfteath nrd Sor.thca'e str-ots str-ots str-ots have CWt a yniit d'-al d'-al d'-al tsMs-ntly tsMs-ntly tsMs-ntly by nightlx-raids nightlx-raids nightlx-raids of chicken t!U-es t!U-es t!U-es Alioilt eliht tuonths aio nearly ru hundpd chickens nop- nop- fWol -n -n from tht same neiKhborhoJiil. Shotpnn were loaded for the thieves mid the tmuble xvas abated for a while. Friday niirht and the nijtht -fore -fore John Nunon lo.f eiirhteen chickens, while tint coop of William Cney was robbett of a rio7en. Other oooiplaiiits afv also beuia tnude. 7 - Mles S-P S-P S-P si 4 Q C a ia) 10 I'- I'- Kt a iu 11- 11- F.-H F.-H F.-H u 1 . lxP ! KuvKt I - Kt 2 Ki K -J -J tl v- v- k r. C-U C-U C-U -J -J d' t H 4 ll.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 21 Feb 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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