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 - mon-k.-va. a ii inoumpo- a a to ra- to...
mon-k.-va. a ii inoumpo- a a to ra- to deter-aiination m air- thing to sursew ia a circus, lay in tlie atredt p&radn. If tla- tla- ra-oUe ra-oUe ra-oUe aaw a mg line of gildd wagons they went to the show. 'Hie American people, nle all tliiriit. i eti money, bvetl to l fiiinihiitcMl. I'lw Mil.- Mil.- rton how-will how-will how-will tciiti tlx '.im in thU city in Api'l. Slnrij- Slnrij- wn aniuiiU have ixvn bought for the menagerie thl winter. Mr. iun Kobireuiti. tlie TreautT of tins circus. My that fO.OO0 will bt cx-peudird cx-peudird cx-peudird ia imt.reveraenta. Comcunleationa and riraaages for thii department should bs ad4reaasd to lbs seat editor. The Louisville Chr Club meets at Paynt and G14 Commerce lmildiiig. Foucfh and Main. Routn npru at all hours. All ctisiw pluvrra wclcuiard. orre poadenre. II. C. I'.. T.ani-jUta. T.ani-jUta. T.ani-jUta. Iiul.-roiir Iiul.-roiir Iiul.-roiir s. In Hon t coiret-u coiret-u coiret-u Will te gUd to hear from you often. H. I T.. Lrxlnaton. Vinir move la de feated by I K y 3. lrohlcm No. X (Composed for the Courier Journal by A. tl. KAMrtna. av. I.nil.. .Mo.l Rla.-k Rla.-k Rla.-k (.'. m -J -J t - 1 J' i X feifi fjtH 3kl .:4 I Wtlta (. WMte to plar and niate In throe movsa. For each aorreit aolution Uiree nea-Hnaia nea-Hnaia nea-Hnaia . eijhi coiuniiis. rrobieaa No 61. IW. Cleave, In ligliah Hcchintc.l ilf I 4s ga: Kt ys- ys- kkts & OH t (White, 7. Btarlt . White to play and mate In too mm e. Solatioaa. I'Kdill.KM Ml. t. 1 Ki-H Ki-H Ki-H 5. fiolvafl J i' Tiii.,w ikn..u. Hi A. J. ('.. V. II. Kill Hon. 'luL.viila: l:lioU nin, llarllibTirs, Ind. ; IV V. U. liU seutiown; c. Jivol. fic Jlohiea. is, The Stela it . I achigsria Hatch. The renaiikable rbtNeaeM of tke aaota Is tha fciturg of lM Havana h now. Tho ln sltcraais almost at reunuulv as. tto men. iom. tt all, Uwi4euau m favoti next game. Twebth game nf the match : TWO KMOHT'S PEF1WSK. White, Stelnlss. ntack. Tolilgorbi. 1 P-K P-K P-K 4 t-P-fC t-P-fC t-P-fC t-P-fC t-P-fC S-K S-K S-K Kt B 3 -' -' Kt n 3 3B U 4 3-Kt-M 3-Kt-M 3-Kt-M 3-Kt-M 3-Kt-M a 4 Kt-Kt Kt-Kt Kt-Kt 3 4 P V 4 5 PxP r Kt-Q Kt-Q Kt-Q B 4 It-Kt It-Kt It-Kt S (Ckr Plt i 7 Par 7 PXP S M at 9 ft 4 H R 3 e Kt k a a t n-o n-o n-o u 10 CasUea 10 taaUoa 11- 11- P-4J P-4J P-4J U 3 (at 1l-Kt-kt 1l-Kt-kt 1l-Kt-kt 1l-Kt-kt 1l-Kt-kt 4 1-2-Q-B. 1-2-Q-B. 1-2-Q-B. 1-2-Q-B. 1-2-Q-B. 1-2-Q-B. 1-2-Q-B. 4 (b) li-llrlCt li-llrlCt li-llrlCt 13 I'xb l.ty y 3 14 r-i r-i r-i 3 14 Kt -Q -Q 4 lilifl 3 (e la-W la-W la-W Kt J in Q-B Q-B Q-B 4 1 ft -It -It Tl 17 a-i a-i a-i so, 1T-P 1T-P 1T-P K H 4 lStxKt fhl td) is PaB 19 Kt-Q Kt-Q Kt-Q S 1 1 3 JO K M t (el S P-K P-K P-K i St V-Q V-Q V-Q 4 (f ai-R-Kt ai-R-Kt ai-R-Kt ai-R-Kt ai-R-Kt 3 (e H2-Q H2-Q H2-Q -R -R 5 (hi 2-2 2-2 2-2 fl-Kt fl-Kt fl-Kt 4 (tt 4 S3-Q--U S3-Q--U S3-Q--U S3-Q--U S3-Q--U S3-Q--U 3 (cul L4 l-i l-i l-i B 4 24-lir 24-lir 24-lir 21 PU 4 Hi) S.V-H S.V-H S.V-H R fl.(chl ii-K ii-K ii-K B 3 V-r V-r V-r K 0 (Chi Kcaigus. ROTEH BT W. feTKlNlTl. ta) 11. T g a, a played In the tilth gaae of that motet, or eh Kt II at this point, with too view of eu:banirlac the advents advents K Kt waan as vnUra at U 4 ta woo-ably woo-ably woo-ably the boat plan. th) A premature counter, whir does not take into anflirient account his weakened position en the K. Me. P Q 3 was laueh better. ic A not Bar WMtk atose. R tl ao. fntlow. eS r kt U , was atens hkeJy to retksvo Bk tu Thar was hardly at y Ulna; ssUeri U Kt B 3. l'-K l'-K l'-K 5: IX It-Kl It-Kl It-Kl -2. -2. OiP ch : K I! su. Kl U Ii 4. wtrh u lrrf.!Li- lrrf.!Li- bls attack. (i V lute's ri' ri' ri' la mi'tc Heebie, ao. Kt II mi. K-kt K-kt K-kt 3 rh: 21. K-K K-K K-K i. 1' U 0 ; '22, P It 3 waa much more boiiefui. m Ar.iin m Kt a was niorv proiiilsinir. I I; la. k rc.iiflnrts the auack adnil.atilv Me uow thrc-itens thrc-itens thrc-itens j K a rh or elae yxP, lollnaed by R Kt j ch and II Kt 0. (Ml Tlie. attempt to brine succor .-to .-to .-to ihe klnc by y K -2 -2 U most ingenioiisiy foH.-a foH.-a foH.-a by Waek. i i apital rlav. which totally destmvi whiv la-i la-i la-i U'f'-n-lve U'f'-n-lve U'f'-n-lve U'f'-n-lve U'f'-n-lve r.-Miiin-i-. r.-Miiin-i-. r.-Miiin-i-. r.-Miiin-i-. r.-Miiin-i-. r.-Miiin-i-. r.-Miiin-i-. " for if tim httler ire-wcr. ire-wcr. ire-wcr. QK -2 -2 they follows U Kl ii ao.. u:rf.e in io more movw. IJI Wlilte Ims no sen Iblc d"f.-ne. d"f.-ne. d"f.-ne. kl Ttie otiier ioiK corner in il K si with a ch'-K ch'-K ch'-K and Mark either H.i.te it li K T, r. If tn- tn- kuluht liiUi-oodni. liiUi-oodni. liiUi-oodni. he ins L) r. 1 Kt. A urlottr. K-.'ii: K-.'ii: K-.'ii: t, RiniiiManeoiitt aranre bv lr is,i:.rk at Ihe llililmire l lub. Tlirough :ie iiiiiinioK miii-1ii miii-1ii miii-1ii News. K1M -S -S t.AMl'.ir III I.IVKD. Wlirte w. ll. K. i'ollok.l l.l:irk i.Vvialsur.l 1 -I-. -I-. -I-. 4 1-T-S4 1-T-S4 1-T-S4 1-T-S4 1-T-S4 2 - P Kl- Kl- t 2---i 2---i 2---i 2---i 2---i a 3- 3- KKt I; U -'vki -'vki il 3 4- 4- H- H- I! 4 4-P- 4-P- 4-P- 4-P- II S 5- 5- 'a-fr. 'a-fr. 'a-fr. 5-P-Ktl 5-P-Ktl 5-P-Ktl 5-P-Ktl 5-P-Ktl --K --K --K -It.-. -It.-. -It.-. -It.-. fl-XIr fl-XIr fl-XIr Qi 7- 7- KuPl 7-nxQ 7-nxQ 7-nxQ win,., ma to la ttro. ( hen ( nlltnga. Mr. Pfferson liar. is nded his bright roliiHin in Yeii.iaine'H News. - The .mimal of the Tew Jery AsiuK-lattoti AsiuK-lattoti AsiuK-lattoti will b; hold Febntarr 22. TVi RiiMiklvt, and I'rov ideuce Cliba are anainrtnc for a tao-S-mie tao-S-mie tao-S-mie tao-S-mie tao-S-mie rcaWh by tcictihop. The winter ruitlnuoia tournament -f -f the Hronklya . has nat efV-d. efV-d. efV-d. nmn wen ) laved. Juau Sahat.T eantarini! the target iiisnber. art 7. A. K. Rlarkmar got Uio l"-i l"-i l"-i pcc-entagi-. pcc-entagi-. pcc-entagi-. pcc-entagi-. pcc-entagi-. .... Not nine t heard of the Vorlda Flr Interotlonal Toirn:incnK. It ia renot 1l hat iiMiimltteea are at work, and that tha (htrairo chkb U eTirlnorrlng tie c-bc-re. c-bc-re. c-bc-re. c-bc-re. c-bc-re. -t -t m hetr Mmeininp troni you. Brother Leleniaun. rYob'eni have been well e-Tl'resed e-Tl'resed e-Tl'resed a the pewtry of rhe.'' but to bo a proW'-m proW'-m proW'-m nrs-iniaa nrs-iniaa nrs-iniaa ftimenltv to he overrone. mw take the t wn klcaa batether and vou hav s Uic 1.1c. 1 nruhloin. To partlrnlajtxr. the re- re- qnireinenta ar. : Firt, beauty iu all tSt maKev ina romiwui' n or meme. orxinamy aa far as p.lble. variety, that Is eAuptng toeether oMer le.i in a rieaMnc poetic manner, eeimowiy of ftacc no u to ttae tho taster ntner l)aa the butrher's cleaver sonitnirtam. (rrace of arratMrosienT. wec- wec- nd. at a twin 4sierja cwen fltnwiurv u oue nfoblem ran aave all tbem BTaees. Mtrii mo be sems tontatre. uti cois- cois- Urs an'.ul the laiscr un. .Ml doieut much Wl - Le:if of the ao'flng. The much diamond will nei-er nei-er nei-er he tuity appreciated appreciated till the lapidary and the goldsmith Irtve done tt-e!r tt-e!r tt-e!r eerfert work. Of dl.Ile.tilty It ha been truly said : " One most ' be purzled to be vleaaed. ncriexct in he charmed, charmed, bewilder d to la- la- fasrlnated." Yrt mere difficulty does not expre. a rhe problem; it must lie combined wltli besuly. (Wati-Ingtoa (Wati-Ingtoa (Wati-Ingtoa fciar. Slaters Daraca To Ornth. ( hailotte. N. Feb. 13 Mrs. Greg-orr, Greg-orr, Greg-orr, a widow, was making sop at Wei-ford. Wei-ford. Wei-ford. S. C, yeaterday, wlicn her clothing' clothing' eancht 6 re. Mrs. Uregory'a sister went to Iu-r Iu-r Iu-r assistance, and both w aiiea were, burned to d.-etli. d.-etli. d.-etli. .Mrs. tlretrorj' bnre three children, and her sbfter hnren ix. SKINS With Agonizing Eczemas and Blotoit Skin and Scalp Diseases by s single application of the Cuticura nently, and economically cured, when physicians, hospitals, and all other fail. Cuticura Remedies are the greatest skin cures, blood purifiers, and remedies of modern times, are pure, and may be used in the treatment every humor, from the simplest facial blemishes to tbe severest diseases of the skin, and scalp. CUTICURA The great Skis Core, instantly allays most intense itching, burning, and inflammation, permits rest and sleep, clears the of crusts aad scales, speedily soothes heals raw and irritated surfaces, and the hair. Cuticura Soap, an Skin Purifier snd Beaattficr, is indispensable in cleansing diseased surfaces. Cirri-CERA Resolvent, the new Blood snd Purifier, and greatest of Humor cleanses the blood of all impurities sonous elements, and thus removes dies cure every disease snd humor of If' How n Ctnts Pnuus or tks Skis. S page, joo Diataaca, 50 lthutranooi, no Tastus- ClmcraA Kimkoikj are uld lhtourVxt th CancvBA kssoLvaar, $t. Prapaiwdby Porraa Pimply, Blotchy vaaesa4 carajhy Cuticura Sosp, frhak mBiac ia ocBeacy aad aarjuiaiae ia Ta sap, wmUtmt4 tStl a. awl Aa ay lbs porta, taa caasa of pasyha, MnViaahy saag

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 14 Feb 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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