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 - . ppeak- ' tary Welles quotes unco in as uuaiiy...
. ppeak- ' tary Welles quotes unco in as uuaiiy saying saying that he " was surprised that las object object and tlie movement had been so generally generally unsOisistTued, and under the cir- cir- eeeuing should be abandoned.1 Ia the meantime Lee's army bad sur- sur- twiidered, and Lincoln was given a rea sonable opportunity to stop ine proposeo meeting of tlie Virginia Legislature; and on the 12th of April he wrote to Gen. Weitrel tJutV aa the proposed meeting had been mUcous trued, and that as Grant had slnoe captured the Virginia troops so that tiiey could not be withdrawn by the lr-gltua lr-gltua lr-gltua Legislature, his letter to Judge Campbell should be recalled, and tbo Legislature not allowed to assemble; but if aav had come in vursuauce of tlie order, to allow thetn a bate return to their homes. In his interview with Julge Campbell and others, in relation to the proposed ametui'liog or the lrgima u'j-Ldature, u'j-Ldature, u'j-Ldature, Lincoln had distinctly agreed that if Viririnia could be pi.'aoeably re- re- Stored to t-ne t-ne t-ne Union, confiscation should be remitted to tlie people. 1 tie evidence is multirlied on every side that Lincoln intended to give tlie Virginian exemp tion lmtn all tlie retributory laws of ar. including. amnesty to all who obeyed the Government, jus as Slierman provided in lus terms of surrender witn jonnston ; but he was baited in his purpose, as he v.a halted in his proposed compensated emancipation, by the bitter resentments of the time, which prevaifcvi no oniy in his Cabinet, but Uuougliout the country, liad he been able to e Sherman after he had revoked the authority for the TreinU liegisUtnrt to arMvnhle, he would doubtless have modified his in-atructiona in-atructiona in-atructiona to him, but Lincoln never strain communicated with Sherman. Two . . - r . L. . IT;.-.I IT;.-.I IT;.-.I aan alter ins rrTorauun 01 ut 'tikb ord-T ord-T ord-T he was aasassiniued, and four days after Lincoln's aasiKonation Slsmn m made his terms of surrendtT with Johnston. Johnston. Had Iinco'n heen alive when Sherman's Sherman's first report of Johnston' surrender vu reri ved in Washinirton. his experi ence in absenting to the reambling of tlie Virgiida State Government would doubt lew have marie lam dianiove tlie terms acceded to Jolinstcn in oisdience to line ln's instructions to Slvrman ; but lie would have cast no reproach upon tlie htriHo victor ot Atlanta and Savannah, Savannah, and would have manfully assumed his full share of n-sponsibility n-sponsibility n-sponsibility for Sher man's action. What policy of recotistru taon Lincoln would have adopted had he lived to ccmplete Ids great wrk, can not be known ; but. it is entirely safe to assume assume tliat, while he would have yielded to tlie mandatory sentiment of tlie nation, he would in the end have taught tho country that, " with malice toward none; with charity for all," he could a&sure the world that government of tlie pcopk', by tlie people, and for the people shall not periih from the earth." A. K. M-CLUtL M-CLUtL M-CLUtL Probleaa No. 62. First prise three-mover three-mover three-mover in the congress Of Xtxe B-iheuilin B-iheuilin B-iheuilin Chess Avsorlation. By J. HUneny. rikick (71. .jmss v- v- fr"M f-.vni f-.vni f-.vni tU fcaJ x Est , m m m w i lit,-..-. lit,-..-. lit,-..-. lit,-..-. lit,-..-. u'4 Mi its. (bav: ljk?i LJ tWi mm R P White (71. White to play and mate In three moves. l-i l-i l-i each, correct solution ttusa aesiiaaj per ciicu coiumus. Solutions. PROBLEM SO. 60. - '.. n KB sq. fiolvee by A. J. c.. W. H. K, LsotovfTtot Cbcw tlub, HanUnsburg, lad.; J. T. TUsyj bellcvue. Pa.; B. C. L-, L-, L-, Ellsaoatlxaowm i (k t. Jacutra. Lies Moiaea, sa The Match at llaraaa. Play has beeei pe riT.sln-lai riT.sln-lai riT.sln-lai of lite, only oue game having seen ptayet in unc iai wera. boors, racUcarta. ti Ktciuiix, 4; drawn, 4. IVuaa game, played January SI. TWO K"IU1IIS' DKFKNSsV. White iStelutUi. Biaek (Taoblcwtax, 1 P K4 1 i K4 - Kt KB3 kll QB3 3 11-U4 11-U4 11-U4 8 Kt B3 4 K t K 15 4 I' Q4 6 PxP a Kt-QB4 Kt-QB4 Kt-QB4 It Kt3 (cL) e P Ba 7 IIP 7 PxP 5 H B sq (a) 6 i XR3 Kt KK3 I u li ni.a lO-Q-Ki lO-Q-Ki lO-Q-Ki lO-Q-Ki lO-Q-Ki 10 Catties. U-P U-P U-P t.U13 11-B 11-B 11-B Kt3 1- 1- P o:i i9- i9- Kin.i l.lKl-K3(b l.lKl-K3(b l.lKl-K3(b 13-K 13-K 13-K Kq 14-B-QJ 14-B-QJ 14-B-QJ 14-B-QJ 14-B-QJ 14-B 14-B 14-B KB 16 I'aMJes (c 1 5 K Kt sq (41 jh p KKt 16 B Kl3 17-11 17-11 17-11 Kta 17 11 ou 18 Kt B2 18-0 18-0 18-0 Kt3 1- 1- I Kt4 id 6 k't SO B K4 so o R5 -l-K-Kta -l-K-Kta -l-K-Kta -l-K-Kta -l-K-Kta -l-K-Kta SI H K4 2 Hxli j in 11 H-QKt H-QKt H-QKt fwj E-'i E-'i E-'i BQ3 J4-KK-QBWJ J4-KK-QBWJ J4-KK-QBWJ J4-KK-QBWJ J4-KK-QBWJ 84 H Kl3 nKR to. i KB Kta 'It MS S'V P B4 rr o ki or Kt it na trt QlKtP (e) 2 PlP I'xP SS Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 30-P-KKt5 30-P-KKt5 30-P-KKt5 30-P-KKt5 30-P-KKt5 if) SO Klr-KS Klr-KS Klr-KS JfOTES. (a) Oue or the - novelties' invariably ts troduced by Sietnlti during ota wiatehsa. Aa usual. It li cnnadratly worse taaa Was more "-Impruved "-Impruved "-Impruved up r.. . (b) Observe the beautiful poatttoa ef af white Kta. 4 icl forced on account of K K B a. 11 Beginning ai once a vlgorsas asji tbrnht uii t tie wraic Q-idde. Q-idde. Q-idde. (e) An excursion which Black saa HI allord. Hi .-imply .-imply .-imply a btg blifndcr. etctatar rue 1 tliat ha thought hat uu kaa all run; out. - j Iliatorroftks V. 8. C A. Thl- Thl- 1h the title of a neat Utile pamphlst hich has been Issued by the Praatdant at the as.M-lailcii, as.M-lailcii, as.M-lailcii, Mr. J. W. Hulas, of aa. Louis. It gives the history of thm aninta-tion aninta-tion aninta-tion from Its start, and shows the good It bas done. There is now a oiembarahlp at J1-. J1-. J1-. and this should be trebled. Tba eh fleers it. Ire to place the asraclatlaa en a linanciid UskIs that will enable U to furnish Its own prize funds, etc., and not eotnpal the cities where the meetings are aaat ss do this as well as entertain Ik Kvsry ana Infrevd lu the good of the association and every chos player ahonM be will hers by carefully reading thea suggaatloas, ana Uicn acting on then. : KirM lay your dues promptly. fvioixl .et one or mora of your a quaintAiiceH lo join the association and rs mil Iti lr dues. Thlrd-levclop Thlrd-levclop Thlrd-levclop any talent that may Biam4 fest li-clf li-clf li-clf In your nciiibortiood, ant see that an opportunity Is ottered for Us eia billon nt a national uiurncment. fi.iu tti send tlie Secretary a list cf all the chexs plovers in your neighborhood. Hfili I'lAt-e I'lAt-e I'lAt-e tline circulars where ty . will 1 th- th- iimst good. All Inquiries and remittances may se ad orced to J. W. Hulse. PrtsMent. la, UhiIs. Mo., or Warwick H. Klpley, tsera tarv, Indlnnapolls, Ind. duH are but dbe ftolair per pans. which every one can spars, and yen wat receive your money's worth ka tale aailnaat report, rnnlulnlng the ehatiipswasbsp g snse Send vmir name snd does to the Cum, uaai jy aod Induce your neighbor o do so. - Chess Calllags. -Mr. -Mr. It. O. Volght won flrst prtse tn the rnnrrviment of tho Franklin Cfaeas CliaV, ai rhll-.Ktclphla. rhll-.Ktclphla. rhll-.Ktclphla. T) - nr flnlkAm CliMi rSiiH will am a tournafnoiii soon. There have beea atgav teen entris. -T'ic -T'ic annu.d meeting of taa Hew Tor Aksim-U'I Aksim-U'I Aksim-U'I in wll. l eid February SS, at 64 I'nUra square. New York. Browns-m's Browns-m's Browns-m's chcs Journal acaaoaaees Hi slte'iilh pciblfyo tourney. It Is tor sui-niat"s, sui-niat"s, sui-niat"s, aret t -o -o v ji ia of books ar a'sefd aa piUiri Addies O. A. Krownaust. Bea dale. Iowa. -Baltimore -Baltimore News: Herr XL Iaaker Bewi fllows the noble game In Loooon. la otho er vorli, le l kdng through the aalll, rtlackbiirjic and Qunt.herc " hoid Ma eQ bv tMt slakes, fei other werda, IKey aww. that lepiitatlon the Muleslent ef pounds, shilling snd pence Losker eouM prabse bl y beat anr ef the others except atari lll gemua may, therefoPB. etares m the i j -. -. , ..1-,.,,, ..1-,.,,, ..1-,.,,, tw A of the prob'.emlst as agsaisai ttoe paayer the runner oeen never nun' weariness ot rallownesa. anaer atewty. beea yaays'

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 07 Feb 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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